Crave Cat Food Reviews

Mars Pet Care is one of the leading brands in the pet food industry today. They have a number of brands under them that are recognized in creating quality and nutritious meals for both dogs and cats. It hasn’t been that long when they have presented another brand under their line. This new brand is Crave.

As a new brand, checking out Crave cat food reviews can greatly help you to be more familiar with what they offer and if they are worthy of your investment. Crave is a brand of dog and cat food that are creating recipes to nourish the pets with a high level of protein, meat as the first ingredient, free from grains and is similar to the diet of their wolf and wildcat ancestors.

According to their website, all the dogs and cats share a connection with their wildcat and dog ancestors from their natural behaviors to their nutritional needs, so they have created meals that cares for their instinctual needs. Almost all of Crave’s formula have similar ingredient quality and nutrition. They have formulated different recipes that can be appetizing for the needs of your cats and satisfies their overall needs and wellness. For better guidance, check best Crave cat food reviews below.


Crave Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
The Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – Salmon and ChickenChicken, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Split Peas, Chicken Fat40%16%6%Click Here
The Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – Salmon and OceanSalmon, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Split Peas40%18%4%Click Here
Crave Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Salmon PateSalmon, Chicken Liver, Chicken, Pork Broth, Chicken Broth12%5%1%Click Here
The Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – ChickenChicken, Chicken Liver, Pork Broth, Chicken Broth, Chicken Heart12%6.5%1%Click Here
Crave Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Chicken and Beef PateChicken Broth, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Beef, Pork Plasma9.5%4%1%Click Here

The Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – Salmon and Chicken comes with the quality of protein from a perfect blend of salmon and chicken. It is prepared for the needs of indoor cats and is suggested to cats of all life stages. It comes with real chicken and salmon as the main ingredient and gives cats the tastes that they will crave for!

This is a grain-free cat food that was inspired by the natural and ancestral diet of the cats. It helps your cat to have the right energy from quality carb content. It offers a higher level of protein that is vital for proper development of muscles, aid their digestion, and supports the overall immune system of your cats.

This recipe does not come with chicken meal, corns, wheat, soy, and by-products meal that can trigger allergies of your cat. Lastly, it has a good texture that is crunchy enough for your cats to chew and digest.


  • It is formulated for special needs of indoor cats.
  • It comes with a blend of chicken and salmon.
  • This meal does not come with grains and additives.
  • It is safe and comes with a crunchy texture.


  • Some cats become addicted to this.

The Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – Salmon and Ocean Fish is formulated to have real salmon as the main ingredient. Modern and Wildcats would thrive on a diet that comes with high level of protein and this meal makes it possible for them.

It is being sold as a pack of two and comes with a magnetized feeding guide to help you with the right serving. There is no chicken by-product meal, corns, wheat or soy protein added. There are also no colors and preservatives to worry about, which makes it all natural and ideal for your cat.

It comes with quality carb content that gives enough energy for your cats and this is inspired by a natural diet of your cats and ocean flavors that they will totally love.


  • It comes with 40% protein content.
  • There are no chicken and by-product added.
  • It is all natural and similar to the ancestral diet of cats.
  • It uses real salmon as the main ingredient.


  • There are cats that don’t like this flavor.
  • Ocean flavors can make some cats finicky.

The Crave Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Salmon Pate is available in a twin pack of serving. As the brand tagline, “satisfy their nature”, this formula uses real salmon as the main ingredient. It is a premium natural cat food that comes with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that is important for the overall wellness of your cats.

It does not come with grains and no chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein. There are also no artificial flavors and additives to make it all natural and complete to satisfy the needs of your cats. The protein content provides more energy to your cats and supports lean bodies.

The cats will enjoy the taste and nutrition from their diet as it is very rich in protein. In addition, it comes with quality carb sources for energy and it satisfies their desires. Before serving this recipe, make sure to check if your cats are allergic to the flavor to avoid triggering it.


  • It comes with added minerals and vitamins.
  • It is grain-free and no by-products added.
  • The protein provides more energy to your cats.
  • It satisfies the inner mind of your cats.


  • There are cats that won’t like this meal.
  • Some cat owners may like other types of packaging.

The Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – Chicken is another recipe from the brand that focuses on offering real chicken as the main ingredient. It helps a cat to have the natural flavor that fits their diet. It is rich in protein and gives more energy for your cats. This recipe is inspired by the natural and ancestral diet of the cats.

It has good carb sources that are balanced and complete for the desires of your cats. It has added essential nutrients that can help develop muscle, aids the digestion and support the healthy immune system of your cats.

Just like any other recipe for the company, this does not come with chicken by-product meal, no wheat, no corn, and no soy protein. As claim by the brand, it is more than your average cat kibble as it well balanced and comes with a crunchy texture.


  • It offers natural flavors for your cats.
  • It is rich in protein and offers more level of energy.
  • It is balanced and complete for your cats.
  • It aids proper digestion of the nutrients.


  • There are cats that are not interested in this flavor.
  • Finicky cats may need stronger flavor.

The strong blend of chicken and beef makes the Crave Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Chicken and Beef Pate delicious and enticing for your cats. They will love the taste and smell of it, especially with the quality of nutrients added. This meal is rich in protein and offers energy to support lean bodies of your feline friend.

It has a great taste, and do not come with soy, grains or corn and wheat. This is comprehensive and balanced to fit their overall needs and support better nutrition. It has been crafted to mirror the diet of their ancestors. Cats instinctually desire a diet that is rich in meat because this is what their ancestors eat in the wild.

This is a premium recipe that has extra vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This is sold in a twin pack for easier serving your cats. You can keep the other half refrigerated for next mealtime.


  • It can easily entice your cats.
  • It fits the overall needs and nutrition of your cats.
  • It is mirrored in the diet of their ancestors.
  • It has added vitamins and minerals.


  • There are cats that won’t even taste this meal.
  • Some cats throw up after eating this meal.

The Crave Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Turkey & Duck Pate are sold in twin packs that comes with two servings of the recipe for your cats. This feast offers real turkey as the first ingredient and offers a high level of protein that is necessary to help healthy growth and development of your cats.

Cats crave for the natural flavors of diet that is rich in protein, and this meal comes with that. There is no soy, grains, corns or wheat added to guarantee the nutrition that your cats will get from this. It has added nutrients, vitamins and minerals to complete their nutrition and avoid complications later on.

This meal helps to maintain leaner bodies, stronger muscles and aids sensitive stomach of your cats. This has been formulated for cats of all life stages and is a great option even for cats that are suffering from sensitivities.


  • It offers real turkey and 12% of quality protein.
  • It has been formulated for cats of all life stages.
  • There are no grains and fillers to worry about.
  • It supports the overall needs of your cats.


  • Some cats won’t be interested in this meal.

Why Choose Crave Food?

Currently, the Crave cat food offers a regulated selection of dry and wet cat food just like Simply Nourish and Merrick cat food. All of their recipes come with real meat as the main ingredient and is designed to mirror the diet of ancestral cats. It can be a great option for pet owners that are sensible with the overall health and wellness of their pet. Aside from that, you can check the following below.

  • Meat-based recipes - All of the products of Crave comes with meat-based recipes. They use quality meats from salmon, chicken, and turkey as their main ingredients and it offers the right level of protein essential for the health of your cats. They believe that cats need more protein to thrive and support their desires. 
  • No artificial ingredients - The brand always emphasizes that they are not using grains, by-product meals, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, soy protein and artificial preservatives on their meals. All of it is natural and safe for the complete wellness of your cats. 
  • Affordable price - Despite having a premium quality of ingredients, the brand offers all their formulas at an affordable price. Their products are widely sold through many online and major retailers, so it won’t be hard for you to purchase this. 
  • Positive reviews - There is a lot of Crave cat food reviews coming from reliable sources and pet owners that have tried their products. It gives peace of mind to other consumers and makes them confident on their investment. 
  • Reliable parent company - There are no second thoughts that Mars Petcare is one of the leading pet food manufacturing company on the market, and they are known because of the overall quality of their ingredients and meal.

What Should You Feed Your Cats?

Too often, many cat owners are making mistakes on the food that they will have for their cats. There are many theories about the right meal for cats, but the truth is, they want animal protein to survive. They are obligate carnivores, and this means it is hard for them to digest fresh fruits like grapes and any kind of vegetables.

Cat owners often believe companies that having fresh fruits and vegetables can help equalize the meals and diet of their cats. It can be true, but it should not exceed the percentage of the animal protein on the meal. Cats are healthiest when they are consuming a diet that is similar to the diet of their ancestors.

When buying cat food, you have to notice that some products come with potatoes, wheat and cranberries, but that’s not for cats. Cats will have a hard time in digesting plant proteins, and it is not recommended for longevity and overall wellness. This is where Crave’s cat food comes in.

The mission of the Crave brand is to offer meals that are paralleled to the natural diet of the cats while they are in the wild. They focus on adding a higher level of protein on their meals by using real meat from chicken, turkey, and salmon.

Crave cat food formulas includes Indoor with Protein from Chicken and Salmon, with protein from Chicken, from Protein from Salmon and Ocean Fish, salmon pate, chicken pate, salmon and trout pate, turkey pate, chicken and beef pate, and turkey and duck pate.  You can find their products sold through major retail chains and some independent pet specialty stores.

Crave Cat Food Plan Quick History

Mats Petcare is currently considered as one of the largest company in the pet food industry that offers a variety of meals divided into multiple brands on the market. Nestle Purina that is behind popular brands of Purina Pro Plan holds half of all global pet food sales.

Mars Petcare is behind several pet care brands such as Whiskas, Pedigree, Cesar, Nutro, Sheba and Royal Canin. Mars Petcare had launched Crave in 2017. Yes, it hasn’t been that long since this new brand started to offer their products.

The Crave cat food offers nutrition that is based on fresh meats and the brand is now popular with their tagline, “Satisfy Their Nature”. Their marketing and formulas emphasize the importance of honoring the dietary needs of ancestral dogs and cats.

In one of the interviews, the Marketing Director of Mars Petcare, Eric Huston mentioned that Crave offers specialty-quality nutrition with a price that is designed for the needs of the consumers. It is affordable and convenient for all pet owners to offer a protein-rich diet that can satisfy the inner animal of their cats and dogs.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Recalls

Crave cat food is still new on the market and you won’t be surprised to know that they don’t have any history of recalls. If the brand manages to stay recall-free for the next years to come, then this will strongly boost their reputation and it can be a good sign that they are following a high-quality manufacturing process.

On the other hand, their parent company, Mars Petcare have received numerous recalls in the past. Some of their past recalls affected other brands including Pedigree, Cesar’s and Royal Canin. This can be relevant to many pet owners as the company uses the same facility to manufacture Crave cat food.

The Round Up

Every dog and cat shares a connection with their ancestors and Crave strongly believes on that. According to many Crave cat food reviews, the brand has manufactured recipes that fit the natural desires of the cats. All of their recipes has real meat as the main ingredient and comes with great nutrition to fit the necessities of your cats.

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