How Much Does A Cat X-Ray Cost?

Is your fur ball friend quite the active one? Always moving around, sneaking into places it shouldn’t? Well, we can’t stop them from doing so because it is their nature after all. But when something unfortunate happens (something that one can’t handle), whether caused by them or by humans, there is a need to have it checked by a professional. Now, do you hear your wallet crying out? We’ll see if indeed there is a need for your wallet to cry out!


What Does an X-ray Do?

In the human world and in simpler terms, a cat x-ray usually shows us a photo of our bones. An x-ray is a specialized medical process that can take images of things that cannot be taken by normal cameras.

Normal cameras can’t take photos of our bones or insides, can they? That is why x-ray exists! They usually take images of bones and other body organs – and this is to say that an x-ray does not require a doctor to cut up a human body in order to take the photo! That is the plus side of an x-ray.

In the feline world, an x-ray pretty much functions in the same way. It takes images of what lies below a cat’s outer body covering - to see if there is/are damage and injuries that your cat may have.​

How Many Bones Does a Cat Have?

244 Bones in the body
60 Bones in the vertebrae
20 Bones in the tail

Can Cats Go Without X-rays?

Well, if this a question of: is getting an x-ray a luxury or a necessity? Then I am telling you that it is certainly not a luxury. It can be quite costly but in certain situations, your cat could really need an x-ray.

Cats can go without x-rays: yes, that’s if your cat is not feeling any pain. But if your cat seems to be suffering from an injury then you might want to consult a vet regarding the situation. This is especially if there is no external sign of injury and yet your cat seems to be in agony. Observe if your cat is limping, if your cat seems to does not want to move around like it used to, if your cat refuses to eat, if your cat seems to be unable to put some of its weight in certain body parts; look for unusual protrusions and curves and many more (Read: How to know if your cat is in pain).

If you see your cat exhibiting any of those then you might want to bring it to a specialist and have it checked to avoid further damage and to administer some relief.

What are the Type of X-rays that Cats Usually get and Need?

Well, the type of x-rays that cats usually get and need depend on their health condition. Let's say, for example, older cats that might have developed arthritis would have to undergo an x-ray of the common spots where arthritis occurs.

In addition, before you have your cat undergo getting any of these x-rays, you might want to have your cat temporarily sedated, in order to avoid unnecessary struggle and further injury. Calm your cat down and soothe your cat so that he/she will not panic when the procedure is going on.​

Types of Cat X-rays

Digital Radiology

The digital radiology is just like your usual x-ray. It gives you an image of not just a cat's bones, but it can give us a glimpse of a cat's internal organs like the lungs, the heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines, and the likes. It is used by veterinarians to help in the diagnosis of a cat's health condition. Furthermore, it will be able to show you the severity of your cat’s condition.

It is also used as bases to see if there is an improvement in your cat’s situation – maybe your cat is recovering from a heart condition or an injury. Digital radiology exists to make a more precise and accurate diagnosis of the situation.

You can also use this type of x-ray to create a health and wellness plan for cats. It helps to fit any treatment that your cat needs into a more specific and appropriate remedy.

Of course, the effectively of an x-ray will still depend on the skill of the veterinary reading the radio image. The x-ray may be clear but if the interpretation of the vet is faulty then there will still be a problem. You must also be careful in choosing the veterinarian that will examine your cat and your cat's x-ray.​

Digital Dental X Rays

Digital dental x-rays exist to show if your cat may have any dental problem. There is a possibility that your cat developed a dental problem and you will be able to know it only if your cat will undergo a digital dental x-ray. There will be tell-tale signs but of course, a much clearer diagnosis will be supplied by a digital dental x-ray.

There is a lot of information that we can get from getting a digital dental x-ray. It shows a high definition image of a cat’s tooth pulp, roots and crown and other necessary information needed to have a proper diagnosis.

Cats do not usually exhibit physical signs of an impending dental problem. They may seem normal on the outside but on the inside, there is actually something wrong. So an occasional dental check up will not be so bad.

Cat Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are used to check for little kittens in your cat's belly or check up on your cat's internal organs. It will show you if there are unnecessary fluid in your cat's stomach or lungs. You will also be able to identify any internal bleeding that may be occurring in your cat's body without you knowing.

Video What to Expect During a X-ray

Why Should your Cat Undergo an X-ray?

There are a lot of reasons as to why your cat should undergo an x-ray. There are a lot of health conditions that are difficult to diagnose and cure without having to look at it thoroughly. As what has been mentioned, injuries and health conditions that occur inside a cat’s body is in need of an x-ray.

You will be able to better understand your cat’s condition if you are looking at an x-ray, compared to just feeling it up or having a blind diagnosis.

How Much will an X-ray Cost?

X-rays can be quite costly depending on the institution you are going to for help. Private institutions and clinics will of course charge more than public institutions. It also depends on the x-ray that is required from your cat. If it will be difficult to get an x-ray of a certain body part then it would probably cost more.

You would also have to consider your vet's location, a vet near the heart of the city or in the city itself would probably charge more compared to a vet located in the city outskirts.​

Dental x-rays usually cost less than chest or abdominal x-rays. Expect an approximate of $100 - $250 for chest and abdominal x-rays and an approximate of $75 - $150 for dental x-rays.

What Can I do to Minimize Costs?

Although, do not lose face. There is still a way for you to minimize these costs. The answer to your problems will be a pet insurance. If you have a pet insurance then you can use this to water down any healthcare costs.


Cats need proper medical attention too, just like us. X-rays are essential to finding out our cat's real condition, accurately, to avoid any misdiagnosis that might eventually cause more damage and pain to our cats. Let’s not think of it as a burden but as e really big help for our beloved feline friends.

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