Cat Toilet Training Kit

As a cat owner, we all know that cleaning the litter box is not the most pleasant thing to do. This is one of the most common reasons why there are cat owners that can are curious about the idea of training their cat to use the toilet just like how we deal with our own business. Cleaning the litter box can be a mess and takes a strong stomach to let go of all the smell.

There are many cat owners that are looking for cat toilet training kit to help them out and avoid wasting time in scooping the stool of their cats every day. Actually, litter boxes should not be smelly and messy. If you want to train your cats in using the toilet, there is the only one thing that you should not expect, and it is for them to flush it.

If you have babies in the house, you’ll surely expect that toilet training your cats can be messy as well, but it would be worth it once your cats have properly learned the steps of using it. If you want to get the right cat toilet training kit, make sure that this decision is final to avoid wasting time, effort, and money. 

As a cat owner, we only want the best for our cats, and this means that even their cat toilet training kit should be the best one available. It is hard to determine which one to purchase at first glance, but understanding the pros and cons of each can give you a better idea with your options, and probably choose one that you think is best suited for your cat.


Best Cat Toilet Training Kit Comparison Table

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training KitFits All Toilet Sizes16 x 16 x 2 inchesTraining Seat, Training Insert, Training Guide, Catnip1.5 lbClick Here
Litter Kwitter Toilet Training SystemFits All Standard Toilets3.2 x 15.8 x 15.8 inchesStep-by-step training DVD, Full color instruction book1.4 lbClick Here
Cat Kit Kitty Pet Toilet Seat Training System13 x 17 inches17 x 1.7 x 0.11 inchesAssistance goods, Knob Sticker, Gift 2 lbClick Here
Zehui Cat Toilet Training KitFits Most Standard Toilet Seats40 x 40 x 3.5 cmCat toilet trainer900 gClick Here
How to Train Your Cat by Rio CenterFits Most Standard Toilet Seatsnot specifiedFour Rings for Toilet, Toilet Training DVDnot specifiedClick Here

The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit is one of the most recommended training kits available because it can be used by both kittens and senior cats. This is designed to help you in getting rid of the messy cat litters in the house and get started in teaching your cat how to use the toilet bowls. This is very easy to set up and your cats will be fond of using it.

It comes with tips and guides that you can use to easily let your cats learn the process. Some of the included products are the training seat and the catnip. This can make your cat excited and interested in using this. The training kit is made for older cats and kitten.

This is also ideal even if you have multiple cats in the house and there is no need to buy a bigger litter box to accommodate them all.


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It is ideal for a kitten and senior cats.
  • It comes with catnip to get the attention of your cats.


  • It can be too big for a small kitten.
  • It can be tricky to use for some cats.

The Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System is proudly made by animal behaviorists. This makes it easier for your cats to use is as it has been designed according to their behavior and needs. If you are someone who doesn’t like cleaning the litter box often, then this can be a great option to consider.

The kit comes with a DVD, three training seats, and instruction cards that can help you know the right steps to follow in using this. There are also three plastic inserts available that come in different sizes. This can help you fit the seat in any size of toilet bowls in the house.

This is recommended for cats of all sizes and there are no problems with your cats going up and down in it. However, older cats may require more time and patience to learn how to properly use the toilet bowls.


  • The instructions are very easy to follow.
  • There are multiple inserts available for training.
  • It is designed according to cat’s behavior.
  • It is recommended for cats of all sizes.


  • It can be tricky to use the different colors of inserts.

Are your cats stubborn? Are you having a hard time in teaching your cats how to use the toilet? If your answer is yes, then this product is for you. The Litter Kwitter Training MultiKatKit is designed to help stubborn cats in learning how to use the toilet. It is made of durable plastic that can last until they become seniors and the design comes with small hole that could make them curious.

Cats are naturally curious and can be amazed at the simplest things, so you can expect them to use this out of curiosity. This kit is ideal for cats of all sizes and is a great investment for all cat owners. The holes are small enough that even a kitten can use it properly.

There is a different transition between the discs and it is recommended for multi-cat households. This feature makes easier for your cats to learn using the toilet and guide the nervous ones to easily overcome their fears.


  • It is durable and can last for years.
  • It comes in bright colors that can get the attention of your cats.
  • It is affordable and can be perfect for average cat owners.
  • It is ideal for cats of all sizes.


  • There are only two extra disks available.
  • It can only fit certain toilets.

The Nabiugi Cat Kit Kitty Pet Toilet Seat Training System is truly a game changer. It is a toilet training system that is designed with a hard-plastic insert that you can easily use. It fits perfectly on your toilet seats and is a great option in training your cats in using the toilet over the sifting litter box.

This is a very durable training system that you can use for your cats’ different life stages and is recommended for a multi-cat household. Any pets can easily learn from this system. However, it may come with an expensive price tag, so make sure to check it our first and determine if this works for you.

The hole is small enough and will not let your cat feel anxious about using it for the first time. You can be guided by the instructions provided, so make sure to read it properly.


  • It is durable and uses a hard-plastic insert.
  • It is very easy to use and introduce to your cats.
  • It is flexible and soft for your cats to use.
  • It can be ideal for a multi-cat household.


  • It is hard to set up for the first time.
  • It does not come with a litter pan.

The Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Wet Cat Food is known because it offers high quality and fresh ingredients that are formulated to offer natural flavors that your cats will love. It is a great meal that supports the overall needs of your cats. This comes with the right water content that makes it easier for your cats to digest and absorb their meal.

This uses rabbit as the main ingredient and as the single source of protein. This is a unique and great protein source and is highly palatable. Just the smell of it will make your cats hungry and go out of their caves. It also comes with amino acids to support and boost the immune system of your cats.

The addition of rabbit liver can help offer fat source and is also a good source of protein. Overall, this meal can be appetizing and is ideal for cats that are prone to losing their appetite.


  • It can fit in most sizes of the toilet.
  • It is made with high quality of materials.
  • The trays can be removed easily. It is easy to set up and clean.


  • There are cats that don’t like to use this.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then the Vo Kitty Whiz Transfer System is for you. The Vo Kitty Whiz Transfer System is durable and comes with a price that can surely fit your budget. It has a heavy-duty ring with foam that makes it comfortable for your cats’ use.

There is a clear bag of herbs added that can make it attractive for your cats and let them be curious about it. The first step in letting them learn how to use this product is to actually make them amused by it. This kit is recommended for cats of all age and sizes, so it won’t hard to introduce this to your cat.

However, you have to be careful in using this with large and obese cats. The plastic is not that strong to hold their weight, so you may want to look for other available options if you have bigger cats.


  • It is easy to use and is comfortable to use and ideal for cats of all ages.
  • It comes with a clear bag of herbs to entice cats.


  • It is not ideal for obese or larger cats.
  • The plastic can be shaky.

The How to Train Your Cat by Rio Center is a great training system that comes with a standard seat that could be perfect for any toilet bowls. You need to check first if this is ideal for the toilet bowl that you have in the house before making a purchase. This product comes with 30-minute DVD that guides and helps the cat owners on how to properly use it.

There is an information on the step by step instructions and how you can clean the products after. This training system is recommended for medium to large cats but not for smaller kittens. The hole is big and they can have a hard time in using it.

The manufacturing company is kind enough to create an e-book that you can read and check out for more information and to have more assurance about the product.


  • It comes with a standard seat to fit most toilets.
  • It has 30-minute DVD to guide you in proper usage of the product.
  • It is ideal for medium to large cats. It is easy to use and set up.


  • The hole is too big for some cats.
  • It is not ideal for a small kitten.

Important Points to Consider

Not all cat owners will consider toilet training for their cats, and because of that, there are only a number of pet manufacturing companies that offer cat toilet training kit. It is best that you check most of your options first before purchasing to avoid having future problems with the investment and can immediately look for alternatives like a flushable cat litter.

  • How it works: You have to fully understand how the toilet training kit works before you purchase it. There are steps provided on the label or on box of the product which gives you a better idea on how you can use it to get the optimum results from it.
  • The price: Compared to other pet products, cat toilet training kit can be expensive. You have to get one that can fit your budget, but make sure that the quality will not be compromised, and that you can easily use it for your cats.
  • The materials used: Most of the training kit that you can find is made of plastic, but there are others that are made of stainless steel that is more durable and ideal for your needs. However, stainless kits can be heavier and more expensive.

Can Cats Be Toilet Trained?

It may sound like a very challenging task to do, but the reality is, you can train your cat in using the toilet. It will surely take your time, patience, and effort to make this possible, but it can be a great choice to help you in saying goodbye to cleaning your cats’ litter boxes and the awful smell that comes with it!

There are different things that you need to consider before you purchase the right cat toilet training kit. This isn’t suited for all cats, and you must make sure that this is really the best option for you. If your cats are already in their senior years and have a hard time in jumping on a toilet seat, then you may need to reconsider.

Also, if your cats are still small, they can fall inside the toilet bowl and drown. There are cases of anxious cats that pees a lot and it is not recommended for them to be trained in using the toilet. It can be difficult for them and you can be stressed out with the whole process. You need to be careful in making this decision as you are the only one who knows if your cat can be easily trained in using the toilet or not.

How to Know if Training Kit Works?

There are mixed reviews about the products listed. Some cat owners said that the products worked for them while others said it didn’t. The decision still depends on the cats that you have in the house. We have different cats that have different characters as well as different behaviors. If you are making a purchase, you have to manage your expectations depending on the personality of your cat.

The cat toilet training kit can help in guiding your cats how to properly use the toilets but the result depends on their character. They hate changes in their environment, and it is best to introduce this kind of process while they are still young. Most of the cat owners need to be extra patient with this process as it can take a month or longer.

If the system that you will use works for your cat, then consider it as a great investment as it helps you to save money from getting rid of thousands of cat litter and the hassle of maintaining the cleanliness of whole house.

The Round Up

Many cat owners are deciding to get a cat toilet training kit because it is helpful for them. It can be tiring and may take a lot of time to clean a messy litter box and if you want to have a good alternative, then this can be a great option for you or you can also try out the dust-free cat litter. Just make sure that you totally understand the process and that it is worth the time and money that you’ll spend in training your cats.

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