Cat Swollen Bottom Lip

While it could be amusing to look at our cats, sporting that Kardashian look because of that almost too swollen lower lip; it can actually become a point for concern. A cat swollen bottom lip could be a condition called rodent’s ulcer – and mind you, it is not a condition caused by rats!

Quite intriguing? You better start reading this article and together, let us find out what this Kardashian-like ailment is all about!


Is it really about the rodents?

Nope, definitely not! Your cat’s swollen lips is probably a condition called eosinophilic granulomas.

But, here’s a fun fact for you! Did you know that during the earlier years, where medicine is not that advanced yet, they actually thought that a rodent‘s bite is responsible for your cat’s swollen lip? Thus calling it rodent’s ulcer!

Ulcers are usually linked with stomach problems, but apparently, the word ulcer is actually a generic terminology referring to the disruption or a "break" in the membrane of a body organ that obstructs that particular body organ from undertaking its normal functions.

In this case, the swollen lip of your cat is a form of ulceration that was brought about by many probable causes. We will know more about these causes in the following paragraphs!

What Causes Swollen Cat Lips?

Allergic reaction

This happens when your cat is bitten by a parasite – like mosquitos, fleas or mites. The saliva of these parasites alert the cat’s immune system.

Change in diet

Some cat parents would share that one plausible cause is a sudden change in diet. Especially if the shift is from a high-quality natural, grain-free cat food to a cat food of significantly lesser quality. Albeit quite a rare occurrence, when trying to shift your cat’s diet, it is best to closely observe their reactions to the introduced cat food.

It’s in the genes

They are yet to have a full-blown knowledge regarding this condition but some researchers will tell you that this condition can be hereditary. Just like the previous item, getting the condition

You are your greatest enemy?

This occurs when your cat’s immune system is just trying to do its job – in this case directly affecting your cat’s mouth. Your cat’s swollen bottom lip is simply a sign that your cat’s immune system is at work, except it overreacted a little bit there. In more scientific terms, this is referred to as an autoimmune reaction; wherein the cat’s immune system mistook other parts of itself as the foreign body.

What can we do?

This condition can vary from being ulcerations to being sores, blisters, and may sometimes even cause some cats to be disfigured. It is an extremely painful skin condition, especially in its more severe forms. So here are some tips on how we can help a cat swollen bottom lip:

A trip to the vet

We’d always say that in any scenario, it will always be best to consult with your vet regarding your cat’s condition. In this case, you will be prescribed with a number of medications and antibiotics for your cat. You will encounter these labels: Prednisone, Clindamycin, and Clavamox.


Severe cases may require for a surgery to happen in order to cure the ulcerations. It is also important that upon onset and initial appearance of sores, blisters or ulcerations, avoid delaying consultation and immediately seek expert advice.

Long-time therapy

Cats who were immensely affected may need long-time therapy where close monitoring is necessary. It would be helpful if you have already identified what caused your cat’s swollen bottom lip, this way you can also avoid its triggers.

A proper diet and hygiene routine

In order to combat other external factors, ensure that your cat consumes a healthy diet and always check for fleas and other parasites that may be living off its tiny body.

Other causes

While we may have discussed rodent’s ulcer in quite a detail, we are not discounting other causes such as the following:

Dental issues

A swollen tooth may cause infections in the cat’s mouth. It is a different condition altogether but it may still bring about your cat’s swollen lip.


Since feline acne is a condition which causes the swelling of the affected area, we should also not discount that this could be the case.

Round Up 

Well, perhaps that's about it then! Perhaps the key here, or in any condition, is be quick to act according to your cat’s condition. As soon as you notice anything strange and unusual, do not simply brush it off.

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