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Most of the cat owners are using clay cat litter. It is cheap and is known because of its good absorbing capacity. This is beneficial in so many ways, but unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. Despite the price and the great benefits, there are cat owners who started to look for cat litter alternatives.

There are many cat litter alternatives that can be safe and more convenient depending on you and your cat even if they live outdoor. Currently, cat owners are becoming familiar with the use of plant-based litters that are great alternatives because of better benefits it can offer. These litters are commonly made by wheat, peanut hulls, oat hulls, alfalfa, and corn cob.

It’s helping the environment and maintaining the litter box clean as well – more like hitting two birds in one stone. Good thing, there are different cat litter alternatives that you can consider and we’ll help you get started on that.


Cat Litter Alternatives Comparison Table

The Purina Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is unscented and can absorb 3x of the moisture than any other clay-based litter on the market. It is great in controlling the odor of the litter box and helps you to easily clean up their mess.

There is no added fragrance, so you don’t have to worry about your cats having allergies from this. This has been designed for low-tracking and does not come with small particles. That means that it is safe for a kitten, as they won’t swallow or eat it.


  • It can absorb 3x of moisture.
  • It helps control the odor of litter box.
  • There is no added fragrance and won’t trigger allergies.
  • It is designed for low-tracking.


  • Some cats may not like this on their paws.
  • It may require time to remove the used litter.

The Rufus & Coco Clumping Corn Cat Litter is made from biodegradable corns that have been formulated to have great clumping technology. It helps control the odor of the urine and waste of your cats. It is also free from dust and can be a perfect choice for all cat owners out there.

According to the company, this can absorb up to 4x of its own weight and it has been recognized as 2017 Hot Diggity Award Winner. This also very easy to pick up and lightweight enough to fit your needs. This is also flushable and convenient for the needs of most cat owners.


  • It is made from biodegradable corns.
  • It helps control the odor of the litter box.
  • It is free from dust and recommended for all cats.
  • It can absorb up to 4x of its own weight.


  • It can track around the house.
  • Some cats don’t like the smell of the corn.

The sWheat Scoop Fast Natural Cat Litter has been formulated to be powerful and can maintain long-lasting odor control in the house. It can easily clump and can be scooped without problems. It is safe for your cats and recommended for cat owners that won’t have time to check and clean the litter box most of the time.

There are no added perfumes or dyes, it is highly recommended by many veterinarians and it is 100% biodegradable. It is an all natural cat litter that you need. It is highly absorbent and won’t let urine mess up your cat’s litter box.


  • It is powerful and maintains odor of the litter box.
  • It can easily clump and be scooped right away.
  • It is safe and recommended for many cat owners.
  • There are no added perfumes and dyes.


  • Some cats don’t like the texture of it.
  • It is not ideal for kittens as they can swallow or eat it.

The Healthy Pet okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter provides 7-day odor control on your cat’s litter box. It can absorb up to 500% of its weight and is highly recommended by many cat owners out there. This is known to be superior when it comes to clumping and help you manage the litter box without problems.

On top of that, this cat litter is flushable and biodegradable. The texture has been made to be soft and safe for the paws of your cats. There are also no artificial fragrances used for this.


  • It can absorb up to 500% of its weight.
  • It has superior clumping capacity.
  • It is flushable and biodegradable.
  • There are no artificial fragrances.


  • It can track around the house.
  • Some cats don’t like this.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are not hard to find. They are being sold in many stores and Home Depot, and you can actually use this as an alternative to crystal cat litter. This is traditionally used as fuel for wood-burning stoves. It is cheap and safe for your cats. It can control their urine and waste without problems, and it gives a woody aroma to your house.

Wood shavings can be a great help as it can easily absorb the urine and maintain the odor of the litter box. This is more recommended by many and you can also have ready-made for you.

Newspaper Litter

The cheapest way to easily fill the litter box is to have your used newspaper inside of it. You can shred up the newspapers and soak it in water. You can mix it with baking soda to have better results, or you can try up commercially made newspaper cat litter such as Purina Yesterday’s News Cat Litter.

Corn Cat Litter

We all know that the smell of the cat urine is not really good for our health. We can use corns that makes it easier for us to clean up and maintain the litter box. If you do not have access to corns, then commercially made corn cat litter can be best for you.

Wheat Cat Litter

You can purchase whole wheat from different health food stores. You can simply grind it up yourself by using blender or grinder to have a finer texture that is soft and ideal for the paws of your cats. However, there is also ready-made wheat cat litter you can purchase on the market.

The Round Up

There are different cat litter alternatives like cat toilet training kits that you can consider, but the most important thing to know before anything else is the needs and preferences of your cats. Saving money from cat litter won’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase the cheapest cat litter on the market, but you can be environmentally conscious and offer natural cat litter.

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