Cat Howls After Eating

Cat meows are by far the most common cat noise we are used it. It is because of its frequency that we, cat parents, have grown so accustomed to it. So much so that most of us are unfazed by the sound. But howling is an entirely different matter. 

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Howling, as opposed to meowing is irritating. This is especially when your cat does it right after its meal. Speaking of which, why does a cat howl after eating? In this piece, we seek to explore some of the reasons why this might be the case.


What is a Howl?

To better understand the phenomenon, let us start from the top – what is a howl? I should point out that it is very easy to confuse a howl with a meow. They sound almost the same with very small differences.

Here is the thing, a howl is longer than a meow. It sounds more of a drawn out moan. Cat’s meow for various reasons but one of the most common reason is that they are expressing their happiness. With a howl, they are expressing their distress and discomfort.

In the event you have not heard a howl from your cat, you can perform a YouTube search. You are bound to find lots of videos that cat parents have taken of their cats howling.

Why Do Cats Howl at Night?

Now that we are on the same page about what a howl is let’s proceed to look at some reasons why cats may howl/moan at night.

Now there are numerous reasons why cats may make this sound. Most often than not, a cat will howl to pass a message to fellow cats. See they cannot talk. And where gestures and physical communication fails, the alternative they have is to howl.

1. Cat on Heat

Another reason why your feline would howl is to signify that it is on heat and that it would very much love to mate. The female cats will readily howl at night under cover of darkness to alert all male cats that will hear its howl that it would like to make. Think of it as a flirting for humans; only that this flirting is broadcasted to any available male in the area. It is quite funny when you think of it in this light.

Once the male cats receive the message from a female, they will respond quickly and rise to the occasion. But in the event, a female cat wants to keep things under wraps, and one male catches wind of her situation (being on heat), it will howl to signify that they can smell the scent on her and they are coming to get her.

2. Warning Cats Away

Another reason why cats would howl is to alert other cats that they do not want them to be around it. It is a way of cats expressing ownership of their territory. It has been noted that some males will howl as they prepare to fight over a female cat.

3. Get your Attention

Some instances, cats howl to get the attention of its parent. In the event your cat howl around you, there are high chances that it is looking for some love or wants to play hide and seek.

Last but not least, cats can howl just because it feels like it – for absolutely no reason. They probably are bored.

Now, does one differentiate what a howl mean? Well, we can’t exactly understand what a particular howl means just by hearing it. However, by observing other behaviors, one can tell what a given howl is for.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Cries After Eating?

So take a scenario where you have fed your cat, and you are sure that he is full. Immediately after, he starts to howl. You just fed her, so it is obviously not a communication of hunger, it is not on heat, it is not seeking your attention as you are right there ready to tend to its every need. So what would be the problem?

Before we delve into the possible reasons for this, you should be applauded for keeping your cool, being patient and caring enough to google what the problem could be. Trust me; I know how irritating and annoying the howling can be especially when you have no clue what the problem is.

Now without much ado, below are some of the reasons your cat howls after eating.

1. Express Satisfaction After A Meal

One possible reason your cat howls after eating is to express its satisfaction. Your cat probably loved the food too much, and she is howling to express her gratitude. Yes, she does not have to rub all over you or purr next to you to express her gratitude. At the time she wants to ‘speak’ it out. All this time you have been getting irritated and mad when your cat was doing, is expressing its gratitude.

In the event this is the case, there is no reason to worry. As a matter of fact, you should be happy you are one of the best cat parents in the world.

2. She Wants to Catch your Attention

If you have been keen enough, you probably have noticed that cats are very communicative animals.

Most cat owners have gone on record stating that their cats howl as a way of asking where their master is – sort of keeping up with its master. Yes, we love keeping up with the Kardashians, but cats love keeping up with their parents. How sweet is that?

In the event your cat howls a lot and not just after a meal, it is a sure indication that she is looking to get your attention. Translate the howl an invite to play hide and seek. If you are not in a position to play with your cat, I suggest getting him/her some play toys. Consider the Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack and the Cat Roller Toy

3. She is Sick – Has Uremic Gastritis

Last but not least, your cat might have Uremic Gastritis. This is not exactly something that would pop up immediately when you hear your cat howl, but it is definitely a possibility.

Uremic Gastritis is a condition that has stomach inflammation as a symptom. The condition can cause discomfort and severe pain to your feline which could explain why she is howling. In this case, she is trying to express her pain.

What causes this condition? Well, while it may not be a condition you see in cats often, vets have to deal with it regularly. It occurs as a result of severe kidney failure. You should bear in mind that the main role of the kidney is to filter toxins and wastes through urination. When the kidney function becomes impaired, the wastes remain inside the cat’s body and cause deadly effects.

Excess acidity in the stomach can result in a reflux in the esophagus. It is more like heart burns in humans. And from experience, I know this is very uncomfortable and is irritating. This is probably the reason why your cat howls and is distressed after eating.

Now, since you cannot confirm that your cat has uremic gastritis, it is important to call in a professional vet to diagnose your cat.

Wrapping Up

Howling in the night is a common practice for the cats of all breeds, especially when they are marking their territory or when they are on heat. But when a cat howls when eating, it is very different as it is most likely expressing appreciation of the food provided, or she just wants to have some fun and games after the sumptuous dinner she/he has had.

That said, it is still very important that you visit a vet if you are convinced her howling is as a result of a serious underlying condition.

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