Cat Health

Health is wealth, just like how the old saying goes. A cat’s health is important too, just like how we value our health. Here are a series of articles that are going to be your cat health gold mine!

When do kittens start pooping and peeing

At such an early age, a kitten’s nutrition solely relies on their mother’s milk. At that amount and no variation at all of the food intake, can they already poop and pee?

Why do cats sleep so much

Ever wondered why cats sleep so much? Do they have some secret life that you do not know of? Find out here!

Cat vomiting white foam

Uh-oh! Vomiting has always been a sign of something wrong going on inside the body since it is the body’s way of purging out foreign elements that found its way in. What’s more alarming than a cat vomiting white foam? Should you be panicked?

How to put a cat to sleep at home

Goodbyes are always the hardest, but it doesn’t have to be hard for your cat. Make your cat’s long slumber ahead blissful by knowing how to put a cat to sleep at home

Cat wagging tail while purring

When a cat wags its tail, you better watch out, ‘cause often it means that they’re not pleased. But what does it mean when they start purring as well?

Why does my kitten keep sneezing

Sneezing is our body’s way of expelling unwanted elements that got inside our body by propelling it again right outside the nose. But what if it happens more often?

Cat throwing up food but acting normal

Checking in on our cats immediately after they show signs of ailments like throwing up has surely become a habit for us. But what does it mean when they seem to be acting normally after showing these signs?

Kitten not gaining weight

No matter what you do, your kitten seems to be not gaining the weight it should have. Should you be alarmed? Well this is a important blog post for kitten owners

Do cats have baby teeth

This has been one of the most popular questions we get here. Many before you have asked if cats have baby teeth, and you are just about to find out!

How long do cats stay pregnant

Dogs stay pregnant at around 2 months or so, rabbits have about a month, hamsters less than a month. What about cats?

Cat lump under chin

You can keep on guessing what the lump under your cat’s chin is, or you could read this article instead to find out!

Cats with asthma life expectancy

Is asthma a disease that can affect your cat’s span of life? Well, let’s find out how well do cats with asthma alive

Do cats get headaches

Headaches can become troublesome. How much worse can it be for cats who can’t even tell us how they’re feeling if they do get headaches?

When do kittens eyes change color

One moment it’s this color, the next it is something else, like magic! Nah, there is actually a certain time when a kitten’s eyes change its color to a more permanent one. Discover when!

How many kittens can a cat have

Did you know that approximately, there are 600 million cats in the world? With that, can you just imagine how many kittens can a cat have in its lifetime?

How many claws do cats have

Claws are important to cats, it has functions, more than one. Do you know that cats claws are very sensitive and a slight cut can damage them forever? Well, how many claws do they exactly have?

Why do cats lick each other

Cats lick each other for a purpose. You may have seen your kitties lick each other, their legs, their backs, their tails and everything! You better read to the end and find out!

Why do cats pant

This time around, it isn’t prey, your cat is catching, but its breath! Know the reason behind why cats pant! Can there be something wrong with your cat?

Why do cats have tails

Tails have been a physical attribute of most animals including cats. But why, what’s it for? What would happen to a cat if it had no tail? Will it still be able to do the same things?

How long can cats go without water

Without water, most living things will die. Water is also as important to cats, but how long can they last without it? Is your cat feeling ill and just drinking water?

Is Neosporin safe for cats

It is quite safe for cats to consume human food (but cat food is still the best for them), is it the same thing when cats are treated with human medications?

Acromegaly in cats

Sounds complicated am I right? Have you heard about this condition in cats? If you haven’t, now is the time to learn about it!

Why do cats chase lasers

Cats and lasers go together, they just love chasing that red dot! But what is the reason behind this fixation with red fast moving dots?

How many bones do cats have

Humans are said to have around 206 bones, rabbits have 222, dogs have 319; what about cats? What makes cats bodies different from other animals? Well, you will want to read this!

Why do cats arch their back

We always see cats with an arched back, don’t we? Is there a special reason behind? You may have seen the arching cat book, which is a good read! The answer lies further ahead

Low white blood cell count in cats

White blood cells are the body’s first line of defence against diseases. So what will happen to a cat with a low white blood cell count?

At what age do cats stop growing

Watching our cats grow has been a delight for us cat parents! We love to see how far they’ve come from kittenhood, but do they actually stop? Of course! You can find out when right here!

Cats eyes always dilated

Cats’ eyes can change from dilated to constricted from time to time. What’s the big idea if it happens all the time? This mostly happens when something is wrong with your furbaby.

Do cats go through menopause

Can you imagine a cat going through menopause? Is it actually a real thing, read it here! We go through the cat’s cycle and reveal our findings.

Diabetic cat not eating and drink water

We need to eat and drink to keep our bodies healthy, right? What happens to a diabetic cat who refuses to do so? Can this be an alamring sign?

Why do cats live longer than dogs

Do you think a cat’s nine lives has something to do with their capacity to live longer than dogs? Find out if there is a secret in a cat’s long life!

Congestive heart failure in cats when to euthanize

There has long been a moral debate on the subject of euthanasia in cats. Is there a right time to do so especially if they have a condition like congestive heart failure?

Best heated cat beds

Most cats love anything warm! Surely, they would love to have one of these heated cat beds! Maybe you should get them one!

Best air purifier for cat allergies

Got some allergies with cats? Not a problem with these best air purifiers we’ve got for you! We reveal all the best smells so you don’t have to do the buying.

Why does my cat snore

Who knew that cats are capable of snoring! Do they snore for the same reason as humans, better find out! As a snoring cat can mean it has problems that need to be sorted asap!

Why does my cat have dandruff

Oh no! Having dandruff can be quite a drag. Can it be the simple case you need to get a comb or can changing your babies diet help? Read about why your cat has dandruff

Why does my cat eat plastic

I would understand if a cat devours food. But, plastic? It’s rather odd for a cat to eat something like plastic, let’s investigate! You will want to read this as there are hard-hitting facts!

Cat has diarrhea but seems fine

Diarrhea drains not only the water in us but also the energy, so how come a cat can look okay despite having diarrhea? What are the alarming signs and should you consult a vet.

10 interesting facts about your cat’s tongue

Tongues are not only for tasting the food! Don’t believe me? Here are 10 fascinating facts about a cat’s tongue!

Can cats have down syndrome

Can genetic mutations like down syndrome affect cats as well? Is there such a possibility? You may notice us humans can have down syndrome

How often should a cat poop

Has your cat recently won the nickname, poopy-pants? Is it healthy or not? You may be on the fence about getting a kitty and may want to know this before you buy one

Why is my cat peeing a lot

You noticed that your cat frequents the loo to pee. Is it unusual for a cat to pee a lot? Can this be a serious case and do you need to consult a vet?

Do cats fart

Definitely, cats must pass gas too, right? I know you’re aching to find out! Like us humans, cats give out different air and it’s usually a stronger smell!

Can cats be autistic

Is there such thing as a cat with autism?  Learn about if there’s a possibility of autism in cats!

Best cat exercise wheel

Exercise is not only for humans! Cats can and should also engage in exercise to keep them healthy! Like us humans, cats also need to be running or they get obesity and affect their health.

Melatonin for cats

They say melatonin benefits your cat in ways more than one. How about a closer look at melatonin made for cats!

Cat breathing fast

What happens when your cat catches it breath more than it catches some prey? Here are things you should know when you notice your cat breathing fast

Do cats have periods

Cats are mammals, and they reproduce with cute live young, so they must have periods right? Start reading about it here!

Best cat vitamins and supplements

Cats need vitamins and supplements too you know! Check this out for recommendations on the best cat vitamins and supplements

How much does a cat x-ray cost

X-rays can be a bit costly, but here is a little something that will help you in approximating your expenses when it comes to your cat’s medical needs