Cat Grooming and Care

Here’s to helping our cats by keeping themselves clean and tidy all the time! You will find various topics on essential cat hygiene knowledge you should know as cat parents!

Best cat litter box

What’s a cat litter without a good litter box? It comes in all shapes and sizes and special features! Come on, you’ll be amazed at what each litter box can do!

Why does my cat keep scratching ears

Itch, itch go away! That’s probably what your cat would say! Here’s why your cat is uncontrollably scratching its ears!

Cat litter alternatives

Out with the old, in with the new! We bring you, nothing but purely cat litter alternatives!

Best Cat litter for multiple cats

Having a lot of cats at home can become a real challenge, especially in terms of maintaining their good hygiene. Don’t worry, we got your back!

Best outdoor cat house

Cats love to wander around, that’s why keeping a cat house outdoors is a good idea! Here are only but the best of the outdoor cat house you could ever get!

Best crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter has its perks, and that’s also probably the reason why you’ve been out looking for the best crystal cat litter! Look no further!

Best cat litter mat

Things can get a little messy when our cats have just finished using the loo. Check out these awesome mats to keep your cats’ waste area clean and ship-shape

Best litter for kittens

As you potty train your kitten, it is also important to have them use the appropriate litter at an early age. Check out this list of the best litter for kittens

Cat toilet training kit

If traditional ways of potty-training your cat just isn’t working, maybe you can use some help with these cat toilet training kits we have reviewed for you!

Best cat food bowls

Give your cat a different dining experience with these amazing cat food bowls!

Best litter for cats with asthma

We never know what can trigger a cat’s asthma, so here are litters your cats can use, worry free!

Why do cats roll in the dirt

Are they playing dead or perhaps trying to get your attention, it could be anything! You can find out here!

Do cats shed their whiskers

It’d be weird if cats had no whiskers, do they even shed their whiskers at some point? Well, let’s see!

Best cat stroller

Taking your cat out on a nice day at the park? Here are cat strollers to keep your cat comfy and snug!

Best cat litter for allergies

Some cats can get really sensitive especially if they have allergies. Here are several cat litters you can choose from if your cat has allergies

Best tick repellent for cats

We don’t want bugs thriving on our cat’s body, don’t we? Have a look at these tick repellants and see what suits your cat best

Best cat tree for large cats

Cat trees are made for your cats to relax and unwind. Choose the appropriate cat tree for your big cat baby!

Best cat brush for shedding

The shedding season can become a nightmare for you and your cat. Here are only but the best cat brush to make the shedding season more manageable

Top entry litter box

Some cats prefer to use top entry litter box and we can only infer why. Here are some top entry litter boxes that can give delight to your cats!

Best gifts for cat lovers

Looking for the greatest gift for your cat-loving friends? Here’s a list of the finest of presents you could ever give a cat lover!

Best cat carrier reviews

Bringing your cat out with you? Here are cat carriers to make your cat’s trip day out hassle free!

Best carpet cleaner for cat urine

Accidents happen and sometimes we can’t help it. No more soiled carpets with these best carpet cleaners we got for you

Best cat window perch

Make your cat ecstatic by getting them the best window perch in our list!

Best sifting litter box

Here’s for an easier life for you when dealing with your cat’s litter. Take a look at this list of the best sifting litter box

Best cat dewormer

Get rid of cat parasites with these cat dewormers!

Best catnips

Give your cat a different play experience by introducing catnip to keep them active!

Best cat harness

Keep your cats safe and secure with these cat harness!

Best dust free cat litter reviews

Here’s the next big thing in town! Check out our review of the best dust free cat litters!

Best cat nail clippers review

For a stress-free nail-clipping session with your cat, use one of the nail clippers you can find here!

Best vacuum for cat litter

Clean up after your cat with nothing but the best vacuum for cat litter!

What to feed stray cats

Give stray cats some lovin’! Here’s what you can give them when they come asking for some food

Best cat toothpaste

Cats need a good dental hygiene too you know! Brush their teeth with one of these cat toothpaste here!

Best dry shampoo for cats

Keep your cat refreshed! Try one of these dry shampoos out!

How to give a cat a bath

Do cats and baths go together? Here are some tips for you when giving your cat a bath

Cat smells like poop

What is worse than your cat smelling like poop? Read up on what you can do about it!

Best over the counter dewormer

Here are some of the best dewormers you can get over the counter

Best litter box for multiple large cats

They just grow too fast! Here are the best litter boxes to accommodate the bigger cats, more than one, in the house!

Best cat water fountain reviews

Make water accessible to your cats at all times with these cat water fountains!

Best cat litter for odor control reviews

Can’t stand the smell? Well, there is cat litter designed specifically to tackle this foul situation! Check them out here!

Best cat flea collar reviews

Cat flea collars are now becoming a thing. Read our review of the best cat flea collar you can get your cat

Best flea treatment for cats

Fleas can mean hell to some cats. Here are the best flea treatment to give your cats

Best automatic cat litter box reviews

Make your life easier with these automatic cat litter boxes! See if there’s something you’d like!

25 cats that don’t shed

Shedding isn’t going to be a problem with these 25 cats!

Should I shave my cat

To shave or not to shave? Well, find out here!

Flea bath for cats

If your cat’s flea situation has become nasty, there are flea baths available for your cat!

Best non-tracking cat litter

Say bye-bye to unsightly cat litter by turning to one of the non-tracking cat litter in this list!

Best flushable cat litter

Get rid of cat waste in an instant, here are the best flushable cat litter!

Best cat shampoo for fleas and allergies

Do you want to flee with all the fleas? No need! Here are the cat shampoos that could be the answer to your prayers

Best interactive cat toys

Nothing beats a great interactive cat toy! Check them out here!

How dirty are your cat’s paws

Cats love to wander, and they even do it barefoot! With that, can you imagine how dirty our cat’s paws can be?

5 tips on how to help a cat lose weight

Is your cat starting to put on quite a lot of weight? It’s not yet too late to start shredding it!

How to tell if your cat is in pain

We got it a bit easier, don’t we? If we feel pain somewhere, we can easily point out where it is. But it’s a totally different thing when it comes to cats!