Cat Breeds

You know that song that goes like this: “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.” Well if we are to talk about different cat breeds, that’s only barely scratching the surface! In this section of getting to know more pawsome kitties, you can read about various topics related to the wide array of cat breeds!

When can kittens leave their mother

There could be various reasons as to why a kitten would have to leave its mother. But, during a cat’s kittenhood, where they are most vulnerable and susceptible to mostly anything in their environment; is there really a right time when they can leave their mothers?

Male vs female cats

Do you prefer male cats over female cats, or the other way around, as a pet? Well, before you answer that question, how about you read this article first! Having a male or female cat has its own perks and snags, it’s a matter of personal choice really!

How big will my cat get

Uh-oh! For some reason, you find your cat getting bigger and bigger each day, and perhaps it’s getting you worried that something might be going on with your cat. Will there be an end to this? You tell me, after reading this article!

16 rare cat breeds

How many cat breeds are you familiar with? Did you know that through the years, the number of cat breeds increased like crazy? Now, there are 300 (or even more) cat breeds known to man! Let me introduce to you 16 rare cat breeds that are equally wonderful and awe-inspiring!

Black cat names 25 favourites

Are you having a hard time giving your new cat a name? Are you looking for a unique and cool name for your new black cat? Here are wonderful sounding names that you might want to give your cat, and no, the list does not include Blacky!

15 smallest cat breeds

Are you looking for a cat to have around the house, but you are not so into other cats that grow so big? Well! Here are 15 of the smallest cat breeds you can ever find that will definitely suit the size you wish for a pet cat!

25 cats that don’t shed

Do you have an allergy and yet you love being around animals who has quite a lot of fur? Only to trigger your allergy every time and you can’t enjoy their company to the fullest? How about I tell you that you can hang around with cats all you want, with these 25 cat breeds who don’t shed! See for yourself!

10 rare cat coat colors

Did you know that cat coat colors are not limited to white, black and orange only? Cat coat colors go well beyond these 3 usual coat colors. You don’t believe me? Read further and find out!

21 most affectionate cat breeds

Who says that only dogs can be sweet and clingy to their humans? Cats can be affectionate and warm as well, you know! Here are 21 of the most affectionate cat breeds you should probably get to know, that will make you say cats can become a human’s best friend as well!

10 new cat breeds

In the over 300 cat breeds known to humankind, there is a lot more in store for you! Aren’t you eager to find out about the new cat breeds there is to date? Seeing as the thrill no longer containable, how about you go ahead and click that button!