Cat Behaviour and Training

People say that cats are quite difficult to understand. Cats always seem to have that pokerfaced expression and dead-hazed eyes, you really can’t tell what’s going on in their teeny-tiny brains! Well, now is the time we’ll be ending all the fuss, ‘cause you are a few clicks away to understanding more of a cat’s behavior!

Why do cat sleep with eyes open

Are they asleep, are they awake, or are they in some sort of trance – between awake and asleep? You’re up to some good luck ‘cause you are about to find out!

Why is my cat so attached to me

You and your cat just can’t be separated from each other. Well, if you hang out more on our website, you will find out!

7 Reasons why do cats groom each other

Cats are known to have a knack for keeping themselves clean and tidy all the time. What is the reason behind this old habit among cats, to find out don’t hesitate to click that continue reading button!

7 Reasons why do cats chase their tail

Cats are quite the oddballs aren’t they, suddenly chasing not some other living thing – but their very own tails! Read more to know the reasons behind this cute antics!

5 Reasons why are cats so lazy

Most of the time, we stumble upon our cats – doing, well practically nothing. We just don’t know what they’re up to, how about we find out now?

Cat twitching in sleep

There are a lot of things going on when cats sleep. We see them twitch and wonder if it means the same when humans do, how about we quench that curiosity!

Why does older cat hiss at new kitten

Is it really a hopeless case scenario? Is there really no chance of getting along? You are about to find out!

Why does a stray cat keep coming to my house

Some houses seem to be the favorite hang-out place of cats in the neighbourhood. And fortunately or unfortunately for you, that’s your house! Know and find out what draws stray cats to your house by reading this article!

Cat hissing for no reason

When it comes to cats, hissing is only one, of the multitude of sounds they are able to produce. Now, what does it mean when a cat hisses for no reason, we better find out quick!

Cat grinding teeth

Is it unusual for cats to do grind its teeth, or is it something more normal? My friend, you are about to find out!

Why does my cat scratch the wall

What fulfilment and satisfaction do cats get whenever they scratch the wall because they seem to do it a lot! Read further and find out the reasons why!

Can cats sense sadness

What if cats only have a different way of telling us that they love us? Is there any way to know if cats can sense sadness around them?

Cat keeps licking lips

Is it unusual for a cat to keep licking their lips, unless of course after a meal? Is it something that should raise an alarm for you? There is only one way to find out!

When do kittens calm down

As newborn cats, kittens are easily stimulated by only God knows a number of things in their surroundings. Is there a time when they will finally calm down? How about a little pause and take your time to read the article!

Why do cats wink

Have you seen a cat wink? And now I’m guessing you are starting to doubt if cats can even wink! Well to save you all the trouble, they do actually and you are about to find out why!

Why do cats like sleeping with their owners

Cats can become quite the sceptic when it comes to strangers, with people they’ve just met. But when it comes to their owners they seem to just love everything about them. Sleeping is one activity they love to do with their humans, and here is why!

When do kittens start purring

Is it your momma cat’s first litter? Or did you find a stray kitten on your way home? I’m guessing you are excited to know everything about this new fella, how about we start learning about when the little furball will start purring!

How to choose the right toys for your cat

What exactly is the right cat toy for your furry friend? Here’s the deal, click on that button and we will definitely help you choose the right cat toy for your furry friend!

Will cats kill chickens

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but will their curiosity about other animal species get them in trouble? Let us find out if cats and chickens don’t go together!

Why do dogs chase cats

See that cat in the photo? Both of you better make a run for it and quickly click that button right there to know why dogs chase cats!

How to keep cats out of a room

No matter how much we love our cats, there are really times that we have to teach them to learn about certain boundaries. Now, that’s not bad at all, except of course if you will resort to violence – then it’s bad! If you want to know how then read more!

Best cat toys for indoor cats

Cats can get bored too. Fortunately for you, we have a list of the best cat toys for indoor cats, enjoy!

Best cat carrier for car travel and long distance

How about a peek of the best cat carriers that will make your cat feel relaxed and at ease during that long car ride?

Best cat carrier for nervous cats

What do you say about the possibility of a carrier that will help soothe your nervous cat? Take a look!

How to keep cats off furniture

When the scratching gets too much and becomes destructive, it can get really out of hand. Don’t worry, here are some tips to get your cats off the furniture!

Why does my cat eat so much

Eating is a daily activity that is necessary for any living thing to survive. But what happens when your cat won’t stop eating? Let’s take care of that and check out the reasons why!

Why is my cat peeing on my stuff

Cat pee can leave quite the stench, especially if it is out of your cat’s litter box! More so if you discover that your cat has peed on your stuff. Exasperated as you are, you have to know the reasons why your cat peed on your stuff!

How to get rid of stray cats permanently

I know it can be difficult for you to turn away a helpless cat. Light up and find out ways to keep stray cats from coming back to your house

Why does my cat bite me gently

You and your cat is playing and suddenly you get gently bitten by them. While you know it’s something different from a cat bite meant to harm, you are left to wonder what that was all about. Lucky for you, you are minutes away from finding out!

How high can a cat jump

So how did our cats get there? Can they really jump that high?

How many nipples do cats have

Let’s play a game! Before clicking that “Continue Reading” button, answer your own question; make a guess as to how many nipples cats have, and only then can you proceed to read the article. See if you guessed it right!

Why do cats put their paws on your face

What are cats trying to do when they put their paws on our faces? Are they trying to hide something from us? It’s about time we uncover and read about it with our own eyes!

Why does my cat have bad breath

Who knew that bad breath does not only affect humans? Yep, you read that right, cats can have bad breath too. The question now is why? Read and find out!

Why does my cat bite my feet

I would understand if it was a stranger’s feet my cat is biting. But, why would my cat bite mine? Sounds familiar? I just have the reasons why, and I’ll share them to you if only you’d continue reading!

Best toys for cats at home

Keep your cat occupied for long with cat toys that are best for indoor cats! I know you are already itching to find out which toy would get your cat out of the abyss that is boredom. Your cat will be thrilled to have one of these!

Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband

So you’ve noticed that your cat likes to sleep with you more than anyone else, specifically your husband. Is it something cat gender-related, or perhaps your cat saw something in you? Aren’t you dying to know why?

Why does my cat meow at night

It’s the middle of the night and you hear your cat meow all of a sudden. Is it because of something they see that you don’t? What will make them meow at night? Go on and find out!

Why does my cat lay on me

Are cats simply oblivious to your personal space, or is it because of something much more heart-warming? Come on then, and continue reading!

Why does my cat follow me around everywhere

What seemed to have caught your cat’s attention? Read more to know why your cat would follow you around!

Why does my cat headbutt me

When a cat headbutts you, is it their own way of fist-bumping you? Are they asking for a head scratch? It could mean a multitude of things! Why don’t you read more about it by clicking the button right there!

Why does my cat bite my nose

Cats love to bite on stuff, especially when they are trying to hone their hunting skills. But what does it mean when your cat bites on your nose instead?

Cat howls after eating

Wolves howl, cats meow, that is the world’s know how! So why in the world would cats howl after eating?

Why do cats chatter

Cats are no birds! We all know that they can’t fly. But how can you explain a chattering cat?

Why do cats chirp

Is it a sign of evolution? Did cats suddenly realize that living a bird’s life is much better than that of a cat’s? What’s behind that chirp?

Best GPS cat collars reviews

Want to keep a track of your kitty at all times? Where does your cat prowl when you go work? Well, you need to read this guide now!

Best cat exercise wheel

Do you feel like your cat should start hitting the gym? But there aren’t really any cat gyms in town, is there? Check out this list of cat exercise wheels to cover for your cat’s fitness needs!

Why does my cat stare at me

They say that staring is rude. But can you really tell your cat that it is not nice to stare at people? But before that, what does it mean when a cat stares at you?

15 DIY cat tree ideas

Most cats fancy cat trees! But these cat trees could become quite expensive. So here are some DIY cat trees for you to check out!

Why is my kitten nursing on objects

A hungry kitten will come up to its mom and start nursing. But why would a kitten nurse on objects? Is that a bad thing? Let’s find out!

How to raise a friendly cat

Cats can be a human’s best friend too you know! Here are some know-hows on raising a friendly cat!

How much do cats sleep

Cats seem to love to sleep a lot. But they can’t possibly sleep that much, am I right? How about you read ahead and find out, you’ll be surprised!

10 tips on how to stop a cat from biting you

Sometimes cats can turn rogue, know what I mean? They would start biting and scratching for no reason at all. Is it unstoppable? Of course! Read more to know how!

10 signs your cat loves you

Of course, your cat loves you! What’s that you’re not quite feeling it? Well, our cats probably have a different way of saying things but here are 10 signs to know if your cat loves you!

Best cat tree reviews

Looking for the best of the best cat tree to give your cat? Here are the best cat tree reviews we’ve got!

How to teach a cat its name

It’s cute and amazing at the same time when our cat would respond to the name we’ve given it. But how exactly do we do that?

4 tips on how to find a cat pee

Cats are quite tricky when it comes to their waste, after all, they do not want anyone else to see it. So how could you find cat pee, especially if it’s outside the litter box?

Best cat scratching post reviews

One way to get a cat off the furniture is to get it its very own scratching post. Take a peek at this awesome list of the best scratching post we could ever find!