Can Cats Eat?

This is the ultimate guide A-Z guide of food that you might want to give your cat but is unsure whether it will be good or bad for them. Prepare yourself, there is nothing on the web like this before. This is the only guide you will need to read to answer the life long questions you have on what you cat can eat!

Notice how in most of the items on the list, there is always this disclaimer on the quantity of food taken in and how it should be alternated when giving it to your pet? Being attentive to the amount of food that your cat is taking in and how often you give it to them is important. Do not stick to a single dish – have variations. This is because you also have to give your cat a balanced diet.


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Can Cats Eat APPLES?


Well, cats in general, do not like fruits because as Anjali Prasertong of kitchn put it, cats do not have the receptors necessary to detect the sweetness found in fruits. But if your cat happens to like apples, then you can give your furball friend apples in moderate quantities only.

Make sure that you do not give your cat too much or it will become a danger to your cat. Also, if apples are to watch out for, you better watch out for its seeds! Apple seeds contain cyanide and if ingested in large quantities, can become fatal to cats (and even humans)! Check our blog post if cats can eat avocado, if you like to know.

Can Cats Eat BACON?


If you want to give your cat meat to nibble on, veer away from bacon as you have other options that are much safer for your cat. Bacon is usually going to be TOO salty for your cat and giving it to your cat may be detrimental to their health.

Thinking if cats can eat blueberries? Read our blog post today.

Can Cats Eat CHEESE?


You will find that some cats love dairy products, while some are deterred by it. This is because as cats mature, they eventually become lactose intolerant. Most cats can’t handle the break down process of dairy products like cheese. 

If your cat used to love milk or cheese as a kitten, and still looks for it when he or she has grown up; what you can do is to give cheese and other dairy products in moderate amounts (or as minimal as possible).

Can Cats Eat DOG FOOD?


There’s a reason why dog food and cat food exist, and why they are called such. Dog food are of course made for dogs to consume, and giving it to your cat (in case you already ran out of cat food) is not really advisable.

You see, dogs have the ability to make their own taurine, meaning most dog foods will contain a minimal amount of this nutrient only. Doctors Foster and Smith tells us that letting your cat consume dog food will lead to your cat’s malnutrition.

Can Cats Eat EGGS?


Well, eggs can be raw or cooked. Raw eggs are not advisable to give to your cat. A raw egg contains substances that may become harmful to your cat – these substances are diluted when the egg is cooked. That is the reason why it is most advisable to cook the egg first before giving it to your cat.

Of course, in most cases like this, we always say that the quantity is important. Taking in a large amount of raw egg is really going to be dangerous for your cat – but let’s say your cat accidentally ate raw egg (for being too curious or whatnot) it may not lead to fatality. You just have to make sure that it does not happen often.

Can Cats Eat FISH?


Fish is a good source of protein for cats – that being said, it does not mean that you will give fish to your cat all the time. If you will do that, expect that your cat will have thiamine deficiency. You wouldn’t want that do you?

Also, some cats are allergic to certain fish. You should also observe how your cats react towards the food that you give him or her. Be sure to read our Wellness Core cat food reviews guide, it features a number of fishy food.

Can Cats Eat GARLIC?


Garlic and its family members and relatives may cause harm to your feline companion. Actually, most spices are not welcome in your cat’s diet - well for one, garlic may induce digestion related problems like an upset stomach.

If your cat accidentally eats a clove of garlic, it may mean making multiple trips to the vet; but if your cat ingested an insignificant amount, then it may possibly not cause you and your cat any problems.

Can Cats Eat HAM?


Just like bacon, ham is also preserved meat. It is preserved usually by multiple processes that involve salt. Most likely, ham is also going to be too salty for your cat. Giving some ham to your cat occasionally (as a treat) is not going to be that harmful to him or her.

Can Cats Eat ICE CREAM?


Just like cheese, if you give your cat some ice cream, he or she may suffer from lactose intolerance or intense diarrhoea. Ice cream is also a milk-based product and is, therefore, one of the foods that your cat may not be able to breakdown properly.

You have to be careful to dairy-based products, as most cats are lactose intolerant. There are only really very few cases wherein kittens or adult cats are able to take in a certain amount of dairy.

Can Cats Eat JUNK FOOD?


If your cat loves playing tricks with you and keeps stealing your junk food, then make sure that your cat doesn’t take in so much. As much as too much junk food is not good for humans, junk foods are also not advisable to be part of a cat’s diet.

As much as possible, cats should not be taking in food that has too much salt, preservatives, enhancers, and additives because these things make it hard for them to digest their food and may suffer from severe digestive problems.

Can Cats Eat KALE?


There is no problem with your cat taking in some kale, but you just have to make sure that your cat takes in other greens or meat as well. Eating kale alone means that your cat does not have a well-balanced diet. It is advisable to alternate it with other greens or mix it with a variety of food.

Keep in mind that while “green is healthy”, having too much of it is also not going to be good for your cat. Moderation is the key!

Can Cats Eat LEMON?


You should not let your cat eat some lemons, no matter the quantity. Lemons are too acidic for your cat and may upset their stomachs. This is because lemons contain acids that may be too strong (or even toxic) for your cat’s stomach.

Your cat definitely has no business with lemons!



While marshmallows look like one of the most enticing snacks we have on earth, let's face the truth that it is one big fluff of sugar. It contains a lot of sugar that if your cat happens to eat one, it may mean harm.

Besides, your cat will not gain any nutritional value in eating marshmallows. It contains no nutrient that your cat may actually need.

Can Cats Eat NUTELLA?


Nutella is a chocolate-based spread. Well, it is hazelnut chocolate to be exact. In general, cats and chocolates do not come together somehow. Chocolates are harmful to your cats as much as dairy products are.

Chocolates contain substances that are harmful to a cat's health and wellness.

Can Cats Eat ONIONS?


This is what we were talking about a few letters above. Onions, just like garlic may become lethal to your cat, when they eat it. Onion in any of its forms and variations may cause problems to your cat’s health.

It also takes a certain amount of intake of onions to trigger the danger it may bring to your cat. To be safe, just make sure to check the labels of the food that you are going to buy for your cat.



Fortunately for some cats who have expressed interest and liking to peanut butter, eating some is not going to be harmful to them. It can be quite irresistible after all. Peanut butter is a combination of sweet and salty and too much intake of this is not going to be good for your cat’s stomach.

Do not give peanut butter to your cat on a regular basis, occasionally is okay. It contains too much fat and carbs that may lead to several health issues like obesity and diabetes.

Can Cats Eat QUINOA?


In recent days, quinoa is gaining popularity and is increasingly becoming present in most dinner tables. Well, it is because quinoa has a lot of health benefits for humans. Our friends at tell us that quinoa is actually a complete protein according to research: both for humans and cats.

Quinoa has a unique flavor that your cat may like. You can mix quinoa with your cat's food for the day and surprise your cat with the new experience.

Can Cats Eat RAISINS?


In this case, it seems that there are no reported incidences wherein cats got in trouble because they ate raisins. But hey, they used to say that “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” even though there are no reported cases, you better get your cat away from raisins. Dogs suffer from kidney failure because of these tiny “treat”. It’s better safe than sorry.

There is still a possibility that your cat may suffer from toxins that may react with your cat’s body system and cause acute kidney failure. Cats can eat Rice, be sure to read that guide.



In this case, it seems that there are no reported incidences wherein cats got in trouble because they ate raisins. But hey, they used to say that “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” even though there are no reported cases, you better get your cat away from raisins. Dogs suffer from kidney failure because of these tiny “treat”. It’s better safe than sorry.


There is still a possibility that your cat may suffer from toxins that may react with your cat’s body system and cause acute kidney failure. 

Can Cats Eat SHRIMP?


Just like fish, shrimp is an okay food for your cat. It is okay to become your cat's diet but make sure to alternately give it to your cat. if you will use shrimp as a substitute for cat food, then there's the danger that your cat may not be able to get all the nutrients he or she needs in order to maintain good health.

Your cat is a carnivore, your furry little friend will like it mixed with all variations of food you give him or her.

Can Cats Eat TOMATOES?


Your cat will surely keep itself away from unripe tomatoes anyway so you will not have much problem with that. But maybe you have noticed that cats love to nibble on leaves that it may possibly see, this is where the problem may arise.

What's not good for your cat is the tomatoes' stem and leaves. Do not let your cat nibble on these leaves, as it can be poisonous for them. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family that is actually highly toxic.



You better check if you have this common household plant. Umbrella tree is highly toxic for your pets – cats and dogs alike. Cats especially, like to nibble on green leaves and stems; if your cat will accidentally nibble on this tree’s leaves, then it means trouble. Your cat will experience mild vomiting and diarrhoea. We would recommend you read our how long can cats go without food guide, a very good read!

Can Cats Eat VINEGAR?


Research shows that vinegar (the one that you can buy from your local stores) is safe for cats to eat, but it is of course and unlikely part of their diet. For the sake of what is okay and what is not okay for a cat to eat, we are listing vinegar as non-toxic to cats but may not be a part of your cat’s diet.

Vinegar, in fact, is a good topical solution that may help in getting rid of fleas that may be freeloading in your cat's fur. In this case, where your cat will have the tendency to lick its fur it is good to know that vinegar will not do harm to them. Vinegar is really safe for use topical or ingested.



Cats love watermelons! You might wonder why a wee bit earlier in this article, you read that cats do not have the necessary sensibilities to taste fruits, and yet now they love melons. Well, the cats do not love melons because of its taste but because of the water content found in watermelons.

Letting your cat eat watermelons is not going to be bad for them. But just like what has been repeatedly being reiterated here, give food to your cat in moderation and in alternating periods of time.

Can Cats Eat XYLITOL?


Xylitol is found in most human food. It is a sweetener that functions the same way as most sugar, but with lesser carbohydrates and calories. While it is okay for humans to consume, it is actually highly toxic for animals to consume.

If your cat happens to eat a food product that has xylitol, he or she may suffer from many complications leading to liver failure and death. Xylitol affects a cat’s body system in a way that as soon as it is ingested, there will be a sudden release of insulin – resulting in low blood sugar. This has been articulated by Cindy Quarters in the nest. She says that your cat may show symptoms such as lack of coordination, lethargy, vomiting, etc., You better check the food products you have at home and see if there are any products that will possibly contain xylitol and keep it out of reach of your cats.

Can Cats Eat YOGURT?


Yogurt can be helpful for your cat’s digestion. Yogurt (along with cottage cheese) is actually one of the few select dairy products that can be given to cats without inducing stomach upset. Yogurt actually even helps in digesting the lactose that may be present in other food products.

If your cat suffers from bloating and diarrhoea, you can give your cat some lactose-free yogurt to help alleviate the situation that your cat may be in.

Can Cats Eat ZUCCHINI?


Your cat can definitely eat zucchini. It is one of the green leafy food products that you can use to alternate with another. It is safe and means good for your cat. Make sure to serve it alternately and with variation to your cat in order to have balanced diet and good health.

Didn’t find something on the list above?

If you have something in mind and you didn’t find it on the ABC’s above, then the next best thing that you can do is know more about the stuff! We also have a dedicated blog post on cat cats eat potatoes, can cats eat seaweed and can cats eat pumpkin - All are a good read. It’s better to research about it first before giving it to your cat, especially if you are in doubt. Look at the food’s component and surf the wide web about how it will affect your cat’s health altogether. I’m sure you’ll find the answer somewhere there!

Remember this catchphrase: “When in doubt, check it out!”

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