Can Cats Drink Almond Milk?

We often see cats in some TV shows wherein they are depicted as heartily lapping up that bowl of milk and happily slurping it to the last drop. We get the idea that maybe we could do the same for our pet cats at home. Or we fondly look at our cats eating that ice cream until they get brain freeze. But in recent years, counter culture idea where cats are said to be lactose intolerant especially after they are weaned. This will be further elaborated in this article, while also answering the question, can cats can drink almond milk.

What is Almond Milk?

When you try to finely ground almond milk then mix it with water, you will have almond milk! It has been a milk substitute way back, especially for those having a hard time digesting dairy-based milk products, as it does not contain any lactose. Despite not containing the most obvious substance a milk should have, it does not fall behind nutrient content – it is known to have a very high protein content while being low fat and low calorie. It has been a really good milk alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.

Can Cats Drink Almond Milk?

Unlike other milk substances, almond milk does not contain any lactose at all. When given to cats, it will not cause stomach problems like the ones caused by dairy-based milk products. This is also the reason why most cat owners give almond milk instead of other usual milk products. But this has a certain limitation, we have to take note that some cats can be allergic to some nuts and we should also consider the amount of these substances that we give to our cats.

If you are thinking of the possible nutrients that your cat may get out of drinking almond milk, then let us put it out there that there is nothing in almond milk that your cat can get if they consume their cat food instead. Cat food manufacturers ensured that they are able to cover the nutrients required by a cat’s body so there is no need to turn to food sources such as this.

Bonus: How about Almond Nuts?

Perhaps it would make sense that if almond milk is a not so recommended food source for our cats, then it would be the same for almonds. Just like almonds milk, nutrients that a cat may get out of these food sources are not really used by their tiny bodies. Cats can eat almond nuts, but in moderation as well, especially after we have established that there is nothing much that your cat can get from them. Maybe you can give almonds as an occasional treat, but there is really not much point in giving it on a daily basis.

What Will Happen If My Cat Drank Almond Milk Accidentally?

Well, there will be no immediate dangerous side effect. But, it will also depend on the amount that your cat consumed. It is best to visit the nearest vet near you to have your cat checked.

Myth busters

Like what was said previously, cats are often seen on TV to be really fond of milk. While at some point cats may have a bit of an affinity with milk – it does not mean that it is good for them to consume the substance. Adult cats, especially after their weaning years lose the enzymes in their guts responsible for breaking down lactose that their food may contain. Although, we have to take note that this have not always been the case, because during a cat’s younger years milk can be broken down and become a nutrient source for kittens.

Interestingly, there are some furparents who would claim that their cats can drink milk and have no problems with it at all. Well, what could I say – lucky for them I guess? But let us always remember that what they are experiencing may not be the same for all. So it is better to be safe than sorry and start being conscious of what we give our cats.

Bottom Line

We love our cats so much that sometimes we would share whatever it is that is on our table with them because we treat them as family members too. While this is such a touching gesture, let us always remember that some human food cannot be processed well by their stomachs. While almond milk is an acceptable treat for our feline friends – the key is always to give it in moderation.

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