Calico Cat Names

So you’ve chosen the cutest calico cat. But how do you choose the perfect name? In this post, we will introduce you to what makes a calico cat what it is. We will also run you through 100 calico cat names. These will all be dreamed up with female cats in mind since all calico cats are female.

This breed loves to drink almond milk and they are listed in our 21 most affectionate cat breeds.

What is a calico cat?

Calico Cats don’t come from any particular breed. Calico simply refers to a combination of colors that make up their coats: black, white, and orange. Predominantly white, they are covered in delightful patches of orange and black. This unique coat can normally only happen to female cats as it is dependent on the X chromosome. Indeed, if you pick a calico cat you can be almost 100% sure that it is female.


Female Calico Cat Names

  1. Aisha - Means your lucky cat will be even more prosperous.
  2. Amaretto - Loves a cocktail party.
  3. Anat - Loves to sing.
  4. Anipe - Will dance along the river.
  5. Arya - Gets excited by music.
  6. Bastet - Is kind and good.
  7. Bes - Might be small in stature but is big in character.
  8. Besi - Can be a real handful.
  9. Bijou - Is oh so elegant.
  10. Bissou - Loves giving kisses.
  11. Blizzard - Stands tall in the face of the cold.
  12. Bolt - Is faster than lightning.
  13. Bootsy - Looks great in her boots.
  14. Bourgon - Loves milk and biscuits.
  15. Calypso - Likes getting down with it on the dance floor.
  16. Cleopatra - Is The most beautiful of all.
  17. Comter - Keeps herself to herself.
  18. Cornelia - Leads the way.
  19. Daffodil - Will make it feel like spring.
  20. Dahlia - Always plays around in the flowers.
  21. Daisy - Deserves to be treated like a princess.
  22. Dandy - Is the fanciest of calico cats.
  23. Daxia - For is oh so heroic.
  24. Ebony - Often gets stuck in the tree.
  25. Echo - Always talks back.
  26. Ekundayo - Knows how to turn sadness into happiness.
  27. Esther - For calico cats keen on the night time.
  28. Fabiola - Is always in the vegetable patch.
  29. Falcon - Hates the way birds look at him.
  30. Fantasia - Loves fulfilling your dreams.
  31. Freckles - Is so fun to play with.
  32. Frisky - Never stops moving.
  33. Fuzz - Just can’t get his hair right.
  34. Gabriela - The most angelic cat around.
  35. Galaxy - Makes you starry-eyed.
  36. Gamila - Will be the talk of the street.
  37. Habi - Loves to be loved.
  38. Hattie - Understands the value of a sundowner.
  39. Hinal - Is a goddess of beauty.
  40. Honey - Gets stuck in surprising places.
  41. Isabella - For a worthy cat.
  42. Jackie - Is bound to jump.
  43. Jade - Likes lounging on the lawn.
  44. Jaguar - Makes light work of long distances.
  45. Jasmin - Lives for her food.
  46. Jessy - Will be fortunate to have around.
  47. Kamila - Is just purrfect. It's great for male or female cats.
  48. Kiki - Always brings happiness.
  49. Kissa - A great name for one out of a pair of twins.
  50. Lapis - Is a true gem.

Male Calico Cat Names

  1. Latte - Never goes to sleep at night.
  2. Layla - Has got you on your knees, Layla!
  3. Lion - Loves to meow loudly.
  4. Lotus - Suits people with mystical beliefs.
  5. Lucky - Won’t ever let you down.
  6. Lynx - For a beautiful calico cat name.
  7. Magic - Will astound you with where she gets to.
  8. Maizie - Always seems to be going round in circles.
  9. Mandana - Will always be loved.
  10. Mandisa - Is just so sweet.
  11. Marble - Glistens in the sunshine.
  12. Marvela - Is just the most marvelous
  13. Minoo - Is suitable for a Persian calico breed.
  14. Nailah - Always gets what she wants.
  15. Nasha - Is a bit bighty.
  16. Nawa - Will get you through tough times.
  17. Nefertiti - Is always lucky.
  18. Omorose - Is a stunner.
  19. Ozee - For a magical kitten name.
  20. Padma - Brings wisdom.
  21. Paloma - Is faithful.
  22. Parisa - Can’t wait for a trip to France.
  23. Parker - Will fit right in at home.
  24. Powa - Always gets lucky.
  25. Pretzel - For a calico cat that loves her food.
  26. Prospero - Makes a great name for calico cats.
  27. Questa - Seeks new ground to play on.
  28. Quetzal - Is just so precious.
  29. Rabia - Loves lambing season.
  30. Rainbow - Will always brighten your day.
  31. Raja - Knows she is regal.
  32. Ramla - Will bring you good fortune.
  33. Raphaela - Is a good choice for the painted face of the calico.
  34. Roxanna - Will get you up at the crack of dawn.
  35. Sabah - Will be the first up in the morning.
  36. Sanura - Leaps around like a kitten.
  37. Selma - Stays close to home.
  38. Shani - Scales the highest walls.
  39. Trixie - Meows trickily.
  40. Turtle - Has tortoiseshell fur.
  41. Uba - Keeps you on track.
  42. Umika - Lives up to her name.
  43. Unity - Brings the family together.
  44. Wadaana - Is destined to bring you wealth.
  45. Wendy - Wonders wherever she pleases.
  46. Yale - Will be the smartest cat.
  47. Yaretzi - Loves you more than any other.
  48. Yasmin - For cats that smell delightful.
  49. Zada - Gets on with the boys.
  50. Zehaan - Will fill your life with an abundance of joy.

Round Up

Calicos come in all sorts of breeds, from the American Shorthair to the Persian. However, it is thought they may have originated in Egypt (hence so many Egyptian names on this list). As they are not an individual breed, there is not a typical character to a calico cat. You will just have to see for yourself! The good news is they are believed to bring their owners good fortune. Happy naming!

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