British Cat Names

Do you love all things British? Are you on the hunt for a new name for your cat? Do you want it to be a little bit different? Well, whether you answered yes to one or all of these things, you’re in luck!

This list is packed full of names from British history and culture that work great for cats.

British Female Cat Names

  1. Agatha - Loves watching murder mysteries.
  2. Audrey - After the famous actress Audrey Hepburn.
  3. Austen - Always has an impressive air about her.
  4. Babs - Is short for Barbara and slang for baby.
  5. Barbara Castle - Is a true Red Queen.
  6. Brownie - Is covered in badges.
  7. Bunny - Loves it when Easter comes around.
  8. Caroline - Will fight for the planet.
  9. Chick - Is a little cutie-pie.
  10. Dawn - Is a fan of the Vicar of Dibley.
  11. Dench - Will demand to be respected.
  12. Diana - Is a charitable cat.
  13. Diane Abbot - Creates opportunities for others.
  14. Doris - Is knowledgable about the female experience.
  15. Dorothy - Loves science programs.
  16. Duffy - Knows just the right thing to say.
  17. Dusty - Has a comforting mew.
  18. Emmeline - Has a nice ring to it.
  19. Florence - Is excellent at looking after you.
  20. Franklin - Will get into your DNA.
  21. Geordie - Has a funny accent.
  22. Globe - Is very theatrical.
  23. Hepworth - Loves pawing at your leg.
  24. Jekyll - Is fond of gardening.
  25. Kelly – Can run faster than other cats
  26. Lumley - Is absolutely fabulous.
  27. Mirren - Behaves like the prime suspect of a messy crime (check out these Best Cat Litter reviews).
  28. Nightingale - Will keep you safe.
  29. Pankhurst - Knows how to fight for her rights.
  30. Pettifor - Knows her stuff.
  31. Queen - Will think she’s the boss.
  32. Rowling - Loves the Harry Potter movies.
  33. Shami - Will fight for liberty.
  34. Susan - Is the most common female name in Britain.
  35. Victoria - Will reign over the household for years and years.
  36. Vita - Knows her way around the garden.
  37. Watson - Can stand up for herself.

British Male Cat Names

  1. Aneurin - Believes in free medicare for all.
  2. Arthur - Loves sitting at round tables.
  3. Beckham - Has a bendy walk.
  4. Bevan - Knows how to keep you healthy.
  5. Bowie - Always sings about stardust.
  6. Boy George - Has a beautiful mew.
  7. Bruce - Has a brave heart about him.
  8. Brummie - Is rather nasal sounding.
  9. Brunel - Has a fondness for huge bridges.
  10. Burns - Is keen on haggis and a good poem.
  11. Captain Cook - Has an Australian look about him.
  12. Chaucer - Can tell a sordid tale or two.
  13. Clement - After the former Labour Prime Minister.
  14. Corbyn - Loves El Gato.
  15. Cromwell - Is good in battle.
  16. Darwin - Loves exploring in nature.
  17. Dentist - Has had quite a few issues with his teeth (check out these best cat toothpaste reviews).
  18. Drake - Is sometimes wandering off for weeks at a time.
  19. Fawkes - Loves it down in front of the fire.
  20. Fleming - Loves staring at the medicine cabinet.
  21. Hawking - Loves staring into space.
  22. Henry - Has always been a hit with the ladies.
  23. Isambard - Always likes making tunnels.
  24. Lennon - Has a peaceful nature.
  25. Liverpool - Will never let you walk alone.
  26. London - Loves a day out in the city.
  27. McCartney - Enjoys his sausages.
  28. Mercury - Sees you as his queen.
  29. Nelson - Is always running around on boats.
  30. Newton - Is always knocking apples off tables.
  31. Novara - Loves new media.
  32. Owain - Is a great name for your little Prince.
  33. Roast - Always loves Sunday dinners.
  34. Scout - Always fights with other cats.
  35. Shackleton - Loves a winter walk.
  36. Shakespeare - Is a very romantic cat.
  37. Smithy - Is a diminutive take on the most common surname.
  38. Turing - Loves it when you set him puzzles (check out How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Cat?).

Round Up 

Britain has a rich history of impressive inventors, political leadership, and writers. This list is made up of those characters from British history that stand out and will work great as a name for your cat.

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