Best British American Shorthair Cat Food

Planning to get a Maine Coon? A lot would be interested to get one for them, but before that, there are important things you need to know, especially when looking for best Maine Coon cat food. Maine Coon is a breed of cat that is native to New England. They are farm cats during the 10th century and a natural breed. There is not much information about the origins of this cat.

There are stories that Vikings brought them in North America, while others think that they are part of the family of longhaired cats from Marie Antoinette. From their name, there are people that would say they are breeds of raccoons and cats, but it would be impossible. However, there is a big resemblance, and this is the main reason for why they get that name.

They have been popular with many owners over the years and the first public reference about them was made during 1861. Today, they are being considered by many people because of their overall look. They can be beautiful and because of their coat and fur, many would become more interested in getting one.

Maine Coon cats need the right nutrients and supplements. They need a proper meal to support their overall needs. We have listed the top best Maine Coon cat food that would be able to help you in choosing one. Make sure to have a better overview so you could get the right results you need from it.

Most of the pet owners are interested in raw cat food diet, but for easy preparation, you can expect for others to still consider the use of commercial cat foods. When it comes to best shorthair cat foods, make sure to check the rundown below.


British American Shorthair Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Grain-Free PateChicken, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Chicken Broth, Carrots, Natural Chicken Flavor10.5%7%1%Click Here
Hill’s Science Diet Tender Chicken DinnerWater, Chicken, Pork Liver, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Dextrose7.8%2.5%1.5%Click Here
Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free RecipeChicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal, Peas, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid)43%19.5%3%Click Here
Orijen Regional Red Dry Cat FoodFresh angus beef meat, fresh wild boar meat, fresh plains bison meat, fresh or raw romney lamb meat, fresh yorkshire pork meat 40%20%9.5%Click Here
Instinct Grain-Free Ultimate Chicken FormulaDuck, Chicken, Chicken Eggs, Tapioca, Ground Flaxseed, Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid)47%17%3%Click Here
Wellness Complete Health RecipeTurkey, Chicken Liver, Whitefish, Chicken Broth, Salmon, Carrots10.5%5%1%Click Here
Tiki Cat Puka Puka LuauChicken, chicken broth, sunflower seed oil, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, potassium chloride16%2.6%0%Click Here
Purina Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef Feast CollectionBeef, meat broth, liver, fish, meat by-products11%4%1.5%Click Here

This meal can be top on our list when it comes to British Shorthair cats. This meal is made with the best quality of chicken meat with added fruits and vegetables. It does not come with grains and it can be a balanced diet for your cat. There are no thickeners added and it has minerals and vitamins that would make it more appetizing to your cats.

All the ingredients used are natural and they can assure that there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added. It is packed with right nutrients to support the overall needs of your cats. There are turkey and salmon to offer a high level of proteins.

If you are worried about the fur or coats of your cats, then this can also help! It promotes a thicker and silkier fur for them that your cats will surely love.


  • It contains lots of protein for the overall needs of your cat.
  • All ingredients used are natural and premium quality.
  • It offers energy to keep up with their activities.
  • It promotes thicker and silkier furs.


  • Some cat owners would claim the changes in the new formula.

If you have adult cats of around 1 to 6 years old, then this meal can be a great choice for them. This meal is made to provide the right nutrients that your cat needs as they start to grow older. It can be a great startup to make sure that they are getting enough nutrients and avoid the risk of different health problems. The Hill’s Science Diet Tender Chicken Dinner is one of the best options you have on the market today.

As they grow older, they can manage to stay healthy and have the energy they need. This is highly recommended by many people. It was offered at an affordable price that can easily fit your budget and is a complete diet for your growing cats.

The ingredients can help in promoting healthier digestion to your cats and avoid the risk of some sensitivity including diarrhea and hairball.


  • It helps in keeping a healthy body weight to your cats.
  • It offers a good combination of vitamins and proteins.
  • It helps to promote healthy digestion.


  • Some cats threw up from eating this meal.

If you like to offer dry cat foods, then it can be the top recommendation for you! Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe is a perfect and complete recipe that will surely benefit your cat. It is packed with animal proteins that can help in promoting stronger and leaner muscles on your cats. The chicken is the main ingredient and it is the best quality available on the market.

It does not come with grains but offers essential oils that can help the overall needs of your cats. The oils are responsible in letting them have thicker coat and shinier fur. There are additional ingredients such as fruits and vegetables for better results and nutrients. The kibbles are made from real and pure nutrients that help your cats with their specific needs.

The ingredients are used with the finest ingredients. With years of service of the company, they were able to make a good name on the market and get the trust of many consumers.


  • It uses chicken as the main ingredient.
  • It was packed with the right animal protein that offers stronger and leaner muscles.
  • It is a complete and balanced nutrition for your cats.
  • It does not have with preservatives and artificial flavorings.


  • Some cats are not interested in the taste of this meal.

Whether you are considering a cat or a dog in the house, Orijen have a meal to offer for their specific needs. The company was known for their specialized meal and claims to offer that it is biologically appropriate for the cats. When it comes to American Shorthair cats, the top of our list is the Orijen Regional Red Dry Cat Food.

The Orijen Regional Red Dry Cat Food offers 90% of fish and meat, and 10% plant ingredients. This is a great meal to offer to your cats as it can provide a balanced nutrition they need. It contains high meat products that can surely get the attention of your cats!

The company uses fresh ingredients so it would be able to mirror the right nutrients that your cats are getting from their common foods in the wild.


  • It is being offered with a high level of proteins.
  • It is a well-balanced diet for your cats.
  • It uses fresh and natural ingredients.
  • It is biologically appropriate for your cats.


  • Older cats would not like the taste of this meal.

We all know how most of our cats love chicken. The Instinct Grain-Free Ultimate Chicken Formula offers real chicken that your cats would enjoy! There are no chicken meals, rendered meats or by-product meals added. It is safe and recommended because of the good size of the kibbles. The cats can easily digest and absorb the nutrients it offers.

American shorthairs need a high level of proteins and this meal can make it possible. There are other sources used such as duck and eggs to ensure quality animal protein that would be able to promote healthier bones and stronger muscles to your cats. A high protein meal is everything your cat needs. It does not contain grains and is easily digestible by your cats.

It offers natural probiotics that are essential for the digestion of your cats. It is recommended for cats that are suffering from sensitive stomach. The ingredients are the best quality that would help to prevent the risk of different health problems.


  • It uses real duck, chicken, and eggs as the main source of protein.
  • It does not contain grains or other additives.
  • It is highly digestible.
  • It offers natural probiotics and omega fatty acids.


  • There are cats would develop loose stools and diarrhea.

A lot of companies would claim to offer great meals for your cat, but why not get one from a reliable company such as Wellness? The company is known to provide quality meals that are efficient for all breeds of cats. One of the most popular meals that you can check out is the Wellness Complete Health Recipe. This recipe is surely perfect for the needs of your shorthair cats.

The Wellness Complete Health Recipe does not come with grains that can trigger allergies on your cats. There are no by-products, artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. Everything is natural and offers the best quality of nutrients that are perfect for proper development and growth of your cats.

It is a well-balanced diet with highly digestible pate. This would let your cats absorb the nutrients that are important to avoid a number of sensitivities including sensitive stomach and other digestive issues.


  • There are no meat by-products and additives.
  • It does not come with grains.
  • It is a complete nutrition for your cats.
  • The ingredients used are fresh and natural.


  • Some cats do not like the flavor of this meal.

Tiki Cat is paving their way in the pet industry as they create various meals and recipes that are efficient for the needs of cats. They are known to offer recipes that use a better source of protein and help cats for better development. One of the meals you can try out is the Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau. This meal can benefit shorthair cats as it contains natural ingredients.

The Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau would also come with added minerals and vitamins. This meal is high in moisture, so it would not be hard for your cats to stay hydrated. You can be assured that it also comes with a good level of protein, fats, and other necessary nutrients.

They claim to offer biologically appropriate meals that are highly recommended for American shorthairs.


  • It is a perfect meal for American shorthairs.
  • It is a well-balanced diet to fit their needs.
  • It uses natural ingredients to provide quality of proteins.
  • It has added minerals and vitamins.


  • There are cats that don’t like the flavor of this meal.

There is no doubt that there are many people who are talking about the Purina Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef Feast Collection. It is a top rated meal that can provide the needs of your cats. It is a balanced nutrition that comes in different flavors. Some cats would easily grow tired of the same meal over and over again and this meal gives them a variety to choose from.

This collection of wet cat foods is rich in essential minerals and vitamins, so you can be assured of the overall health of your cats. It is available in different flavors and recipes for perfect experience. The texture is very soft and easily digestible for your cats. They can absorb the nutrients it can offer and let you avoid health problems.

It comes with small bites that make it easier for your cats to chew. Most shorthaired cats would only manage to digest and eat in small bites, and it can be recommended for them.


  • It can easily get the attention of your cats.
  • It is being offered with high levels of vitamins and proteins.
  • It comes with small bites that make it easier for your cat chew.
  • It is easily digestible, so they can get the nutrients they need.


  • It can be highly addictive for your kitty!

The British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair is a muscular and solid cat that would have a very playful and easy going personality. Because they are from the British heritage, they are reserved and would not often ask for more attention. They are affectionate, dense and short. Their coats are available in different patterns and colors that should be maintained properly.

They are kind of cats that loves to eat and try out different flavors. Many of the owners would choose to have raw diet and wet canned goods as it may come with a high level of protein that is important for their needs. They should have meat as the main source of protein - cooked or raw, depending on how you want it to be.

A raw diet would be able to help in maintaining, not only their strong bones and immune system but also in making their fur smoother and silkier. You can choose from a variety of meals that are available and uses animal protein from turkey, chickens, and rabbits.

American Shorthair Cats Health

Just like any other breeds, they are prone to different health problems. This can be genetic from their families and ancestors. Some of the common problems that they will experience are gingivitis and a sensitive stomach. You have to be careful on the best shorthair cat food that you are going to serve and help them to easily avoid the risk of those health problems.

The American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthairs are breeds of cats from the first cats brought by the Europeans. These cats are known to be strong, hardworking and sturdy. They are trained to work on farms and household of many people. During the 19th century, there are people who become interested in breeding the cats and this has been a new start of their popularity in the west.

Actually, they used to bear the name DSH or Domestic Shorthair and changed to American Shorthair in the year 1966. There are a variety of shorthair cats that would range from medium to large and a variety of colors and patterns. They are best known because they are sweet, loving and gentle which makes them ideal even for families that have children and other pets.

 They are low maintenance breeds that makes it easier for the owners to promote better

British Shorthair Cats Health

There are different health problems that were reported about them. Most of them are healthy and strong as they came from breeds that take care of the field or farm duties. However, due to different breeding procedures and processes, there are conflicts and research done to them. It is the best to be informed on the tests that were done on the cat before making a purchase or ask your veterinarian for better advice.

The Round Up

If you have Maine Coon cats, you need to make sure that you get quality meals with high levels of protein. The best Maine Coon cat food would depend on the preferences and specific needs of your cat. You need to spend time in knowing their weight, size, and sensitivities, so it would be easier to pick a meal that would surely help them grow better.

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