Black Cat Names 25 Favourites

Greetings to you, owner of a lucky black cat! I shall provide you with cool-sounding and cute black cat names to give your little furball buddy! We all want a good pet name for our animal companions – one that will suit them most and that they will be happy about too. Here are names for black cats that you might want to consider.



1. Inky

What can you imagine when a cat is named Inky? Well, I think the name Inky is for cats who are uber affectionate.

If your cats love to mark their territory by showering you with affection and leaving their mark on your furniture then Inky might be suitable for them. You know how a pen’s ink is black? Well, you see, it’s as if your cat is a big permanent marker telling everyone around him or her what is his domain.

2. Jet

Jet is a name for cats that are quiet but swift. They are like ninjas – you won’t even notice where they went to or even their presence, very much like a jet plane or something similar. But your cat will surely love to be called Jet!

3. Neo

Neo is quite a futuristic-sounding name. Neo means something like “new”. Naming your black cat Neo is going to rock! It is a unique sounding name that not most cats get. It also is the name of the lead actor in the blockbuster movie, The Matrix, which is a film from the future.

4. Nox

Nox sounds pretty cool, right? Well, in the Potterverse, in means “light off”. So naming your black cat Nox is awesome!

5. Onyx

Onyx is a happy-sounding name, don't you agree? It seems like a name for a tough yet bubbly cat! Onyx has been a name used to name other animals too (heck even humans) but it just seems to sound so right when you call a cat by the name “Onyx”.

6. Panther

Panther is a usual name for cats – big ones: big large cats that have black fur and a strong gaze. No worries about giving the name Panther to a meek and small cat, it may suit them eventually as they develop. Funny enough, my small cats name is Panther! When I shout his name, people thing a big cat will come, but ow the irony!

7. Phantom

Now Phantom may be a common name for black cats because a phantom is often connected to the dark – to black. But nevertheless, it is still a name that’s nice to give to your cats especially if you have a great back story behind it, like how your cat is very fond of startling humans or fellow cats alike.

8. Pluto

Pluto is the Roman name of the god of the underworld, Hades. Now you can actually also name your cat Hades if you want – they mean the same thing anyway. These names seem to suit a black cat really well because the underworld is often connected to the color black.

9. Sly

You will definitely be able to relate to this if you are an owner of a black cat: ever had this moment with your cat when you can’t find him anywhere only to find out that he has been there all along; you just didn’t look hard enough? If your cat is a natural born prankster then Sly is the most suitable name there is!

10. Spook

The name Spook is somehow a variation of the name Phantom or Ghost. They all mean something related to the color black. Thing is, the name Spook or you can even use Spooky, seems to be the much “cuter” version of these variations.

11. Styx

Here’s another name that you can get out of Greek Mythology – Styx! If your cat’s fur is the blackest of all the black you have ever seen, then the name Styx will suit him!

12. Zorro

Who wouldn’t know about this masked hero? Or at least heard about him? If your cat loves to “come to the rescue”; then Zorro is a name that will be most appropriate for him. Adventurous cats will love to be called Zorro!

13. Salem

Well, well, if it is not our favorite home cat, Salem. The name seems to fit black cats very well, don't you agree? Salem is the name of a talking black cat in the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, afterward the name just seems to stick to it. If you have a clever and scheming cat then Salem might be a good choice for a name.

14. Tuxedo

If you want an elegant sounding name for your black cat – Tuxedo is the name you’re looking for! You can even have Tux as your cat’s nickname! Ain’t that cute?

15. Lucky

How about break some stereotypes and name your black cat, Lucky!


1. Luna

Luna means the moon – the moon stands out the best when there is a clear black sky. It befits a lady black cat that's as lovely as the moon.

2. Raven

Ravens are smart and curious birds, see that surprising resemblance with cats? Cats can also be smart and of course, it is given that they are very curious. There will be no question in naming your lady cat Raven.

3. Bellatrix

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will surely recognize this name! Who in the whole of Potterverse will not know this infamous witch? Well, Bellatrix may be on the dark side but she can be loveable too. Naming your cat Bellatrix is going to be badass!

4. Psyche

Psyche is another name found in Greek mythology. Psyche is Cupid's lover – a really curious one. You know that saying, "curiosity killed the cat"? Well, in this case, curiosity killed Psyche and Cupid's romance.

5. Pandora

Just like Psyche, the name Pandora is a name that you will see in Greek myths. She is also one curious being. If you don’t know her, she is the one responsible for releasing all the feelings that humans feel in the present.

6. Tea

A cat and a tea share something in common, what is it? Well, they can both be relaxing! Naming your black cat Tea may sometimes remind you to take a break from a long stressful day!

7. Gypsy

Gypsy sounds like a name for a free-spirited cat!

8. Yin

Well, you guess it, Yin is the other half of the famous YinYang tandem! Yang is the light and Yin is the dark. If you have a white cat at home, then maybe you can name your black cat, Yin!

9. Hershey

A certified chocolate lover would be eager to name his or her cat, Hershey! Just be sure not to give your cat chocolate, as you read in our blog post, can my cat eat? You will realise chocolate is a no no for our furrballs.

10. Raisin

Raisin is not bad as your cat’s name, but it will be bad for your cat if you will give her raisins!

11. Eclipse

Eclipse is such a phenomenon to behold – its majesty and grandeur are no different with the cat that will bear the name!

12. Arachne

Here’s another haul from the Greeks and their mythology. Arachne is a great weaver who challenged and angered Athena. Well, her guts brought her to her fate – she became a spider.

13. Fudge

There’s nothing wrong in naming your cat after a delicious treat! When cats and food collide, there’s love! Fudge is such a lovely name!

14. Robin

Let your furry little side-kick namesake be Batman’s very own loyal side-kick, Robin!

15. Oreo

Here’s another irresistible snack that you can use as a cat’s name? After all Oreos and cats are irresistible, right?

Whatever floats your cat’s boat!

When it comes to looking for black cat names, there will be a lot of resources available to you. In fact, the names we just listed above is only a few of them. Also, looking for names for black cats is not the only important thing that you have to consider here. A cool name is going to be useless if your cat will not respond to it, you have to make sure that your cat will not only like it but will also respond to it. (Read: How to teach a cat its name.)

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