Black and White Cat Names

Did you know that there’s more to black and white cats than the color of their fur coat? The color of their coat is caused by a white spitting gene which is not a particular color. The gene only prevents the formation of black color in patches over the cat’s body.

Tuxedo cats as they are also known are hard to re-home and finding a befitting name can be a tall order.

Black and White Female Cat Names

Pick a favorite from our list of 50 awesome names for female black and white cats.

  1. Betty Boop: You remember Boop-Oop-a-Doop? It’s a long name. So let’s just stick with Betty Boop.
  2. Hello Kitty: Also known as Kitty White. This cute cat from Japan makes a great name.
  3. Ladybug: The spotted little bug also makes a great name for your cat.
  4. Minnie: Bring back the nostalgia of the 90’s by naming your cat after the character of Mininie mouse.
  5. Peppermint Patty: She is cute and she is feisty.
  6. Dotty: When she is spotty like a Dalmatian.
  7. Cassie: A great name for your loving black and white cat.  
  8. Iris: Sharp, black and white just like the Iris.
  9. Tuxxy: Nothing yells black and white better than a Tux. Tuxxy is just another popular tuxedo name for cats.
  10. Widget: If she’s small, cute and smart, then Widget is the perfect name.
  11. Yin Yang: The concept of dualism also represents black and white.
  12. Zebra: If she is black and white and stripped, Zebra fits best.
  13. Speckles: For cats that have speckles all over.
  14. Checkers: When she is black and white, and curious!
  15. Penguin: The name fits better if she is extra clumsy.  
  16. Cappuccino: Need we say more? She must be really sweet though.
  17. Chess: She is sweet and smart.
  18. Half and Half: When the white and black is equally spread.
  19. Harmony: When her blend of white and black is harmonious.
  20. Inky: When she has black spots that look like ink spills.
  21. Polkadot: When she has cute black or white dots.
  22. Salt and Pepper: Nothing represents black and white better than salt and pepper.  
  23. Silhouette: Black and white just like a silhouette.  
  24. Noir: French word meaning black.
  25. Eclipse: When the light of the sun or moon is being blocked.
  26. Berlioz: The adorable black kitty from Aristocrats.
  27. Socks: When she has white paws that look like socks.
  28. Bianca: Means white in Spanish.
  29. Daisy: A white beautiful flower. Just like your cute fur ball.
  30. Barcode: Black and white like a barcode.
  31. Crossword: Nice name when you can’t get enough of board games.
  32. Keyboard: When you want to put a musical twist to it.  
  33.  Bessie: Like a spotted black and white cow. Great name if your cat is slightly overweight.
  34. Bangs: If she has a white face with a black patch across her forehead.
  35. C.C (Coffee and Cream): When seeing your cute cat makes your morning.
  36. Minnie: From Minnie Mouse. She also happens to be black and white.
  37. Ebony: When she is more black than white.
  38. Echo: When she is cute and loud!
  39. Poppy: She might not be red. But she is your flower.  
  40. Raven: when she has a ring of white around her neck.
  41. Shadow: For cats that love tagging along.  
  42. Voodoo: If you’re the owner but the cat knows which strings to pull.  
  43. Zen: Every cat is a gift. Which is why this is a great name.
  44. Mist: Pops out of nowhere and seems to be everywhere.
  45. Feather: She is light on her feet and furry.
  46. Bella: From Latin and Italian meaning beautiful.
  47. Dahlia: If she is predominantly black.
  48. Stardust: Because you love constellations.
  49. Comet: Black and white and first like a comet.
  50. Princess Cheeto: The famous black and white New York cat model.

Black and White Male Cat Names

Some of the best white and black male cat names include;

  1. Bow tie: When he rocks his spots with pride.
  2. Charlie Chaplin: Pay homage to the greatest comedy actor of all time.
  3. Rabbi: He is not only a tux but also well-behaved.
  4. Priest: Perfect when you’re gunning for a religious name.
  5. Snoopy: The TV famous dog cartoon character.
  6. Zorro: The masked TV hero.
  7. Tuxedo: When his fur coat makes him look like he’s wearing a coat.
  8. Orca: Silky smooth and adorable.
  9. Patches: If the white and black colors look like patches.
  10. Buzz: He keeps your life buzzing and happy.
  11. Panda: The loveable black and white Chinese giant.  
  12. Figaro: When he is black and white and macho!
  13. Oreo: Hard on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside just like your cat.
  14. Michael Jackson: You have to understand MJ’s struggle with skin pigmentation to get the pun in the name, and your cat has to be an entertainer.
  15. Pirate: When his cute looks keep getting him in trouble.
  16. Spotty: Just because he has black and white spots.  
  17. Domino: When he has a perfect mix of black and white.
  18. Dalmatian: Like the Dalmatian dog breed.
  19. Whitetip: Works for cats with a white tip.
  20. Boots: When his paws are white.
  21. Sudoku: Another black and white board game.  
  22. Bull’s Eye: when the black or white spot is smack in the middle of his forehead.
  23. Butler: He walks straight and takes pride in keeping your life going.
  24. Eskimo: He has a thick coat of fur that makes him look like an Eskimo.
  25. Freckles: The streaks of black makes him look like he has freckles.  
  26. Inkyblot: He has patches of black all over.
  27. Referee: He is stripped like a referee’s shirt.
  28. Two-tone: The double colors make this a great name.
  29. White pants: His legs are white.
  30. Vortex: Dark hole. Perfect for cats that are predominantly black.
  31. Puma: A cat species that is commonly black.  
  32. Blot: Like an inkblot on a white paper. 
  33. Mosaic: He has little pieces of art that come together flawlessly.
  34. James Bond: Agent 007 also loves black and white.
  35. Skunk: Black and white like a skunk but with a stinky fart.
  36. Starburst: Has a great personality.
  37. Mickey: From the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse who also happens to be black and white.
  38. Spade: Sharp name for a male cat. Inspired by a playing card.
  39. Bandit: Because we all love a sneaky cat once in a while.
  40. Captain: He just loves to take the lead.
  41. Jack Black: He has a macho look.
  42. Ninja: When he is more black than white and he is a fighter.
  43. Eight-ball: Like the Pool table 8-ball.
  44. Half moon: He is slightly white and all black.
  45. Joker: When he is whimsical witty and funny.  
  46. Racing Flag: When he looks checkered like a racing flag.
  47. Phantom: When he likes sneaking up on you.
  48. Inverse: We picked this one out of the hat. It sounds cool and practical.
  49. Contrast: Because of his black and white contrast.
  50. Cloud Patch: When the white patch looks like a cloud.

Round Up 

Finding the perfect name for your white and black cat is the perfect way of accentuating his physical appearance and behaviours. A befitting name is the best gift you can give your cat. If you want to get a little creative, you can choose from any of the 100 names above for black and white cats.

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