Best Wet Food for Kittens

Bringing home a new kitten is a great thing to do, but it comes with it a whole host of things to think about. The most important, however is what to feed your new kitten; you may be confused about what exactly you should be feeding for optimum development.

Kittens are extremely energetic and need three times as much energy through their diets as an adult cat. So, what should you be feeding them to provide this necessary level of energy? There are lots of things to take into account, and we have created a list of the best wet food for kittens to make the whole process so much easier for you. Plus, we have thrown in some bonus reading material too!

Wet Food for Kittens Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Turkey Broth, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein11%4%2%Click Here
Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Indoor Adult Chicken RecipeChicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Natural Flavor, Ground Flaxseed 9%6.5%2%Click Here
BLUE Healthy Gourmet Wet Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Natural Flavor, Cellulose8.5%4.5%1.5%Click Here
ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat CuisineVenison, Venison Tripe, Venison Liver, Venison Heart, Venison Lung, Venison Kidney, Venison Bone45%25%2%Click Here
Halo Spot's Pate Food for CatsChicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Natural Flavors, Dicalcium Phosphate, Carrots, Salt11%9%0.75%Click Here
Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food by Nature's VarietyChicken, Beef Liver, Chicken Broth, Salmon (Source of DHA), Eggs, Montmorillonite Clay, Dried Kelp12%6%1%Click Here
Halo Holistic Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats, Grain Free SalmonSalmon, fish broth, chicken liver, natural flavors, tricalcium phosphate, carrots, sweet potatoes11%9%0.75%Click Here

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Food is a naturally grain-free formula which is targeted towards indoor cats. The food is rich in quality animal-based protein such as chicken and turkey, with limited calories to help build up and maintain a healthy weight. If you want your kitten to slowly put on some extra weight and keep it there, this is the right food for you.

With only premium natural ingredients, this food has earned its place on our list. Wellness have used no corn, wheat, soy or meat by-products in this food, which means that there are no worries about allergens. This also demonstrates that this is a high-quality food, because these ingredients are often used as bulk-adding fillers to give food extra weight.

There are added Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, probiotics and minerals featuring in this food, which means better overall health for your growing kitten.


  • Helps to build weight and then maintain it.
  • Added nutrients, probiotics and vitamins.
  • Backed by the Wellness guarantee.


  • This food is a paté, which some cats may not be fans of.

BLUE Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Indoor Adult Cat Food is especially formulated with indoor cats in mind, and ticks all the boxes so far as being good for kittens goes. This formula lists chicken liver and de-boned chicken as the primary sources of protein and are wholesome sources of it. In addition to providing lots of protein, chicken liver is a great source for healthy fat.

There are no bulking agents or by-products used in this ingredient, so there is a low carbohydrate content. When we look at this food’s raw nutritional analysis, though, we can see that there is less crude protein present and a higher amount of crude fat.


  • Low in carbohydrates.
  • Uses good protein sources.
  • Has a healthy fat source.


  • Contains guar gum.

BLUE Healthy Gourmet Wet Cat Food is created for and marketed towards more mature cats, but it is a great food for kittens too because of all the natural ingredients and added vitamins it contains.

Its primary and most plentiful ingredient is de-boned chicken – a versatile protein source – and chicken liver, which is a good source of both protein and fat. If you have a particularly energetic kitten, this formula may not be the best for you because extra fat will give your cat extra energy.

Blue’s formula has a high amount of protein and the carbohydrate count is relatively low.


  • No allergen concerns.
  • Barely any fillers.
  • Chicken is loved by most cats.


  • An unusually high amount of fat.

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Cuisine is a formula available in four unique formulas: beef; venison; mackerel & lamb; and lamb.

ZiwiPeak uses only responsibly sourced animal-based proteins in all of its foods. For example, the venison ZiwiPeak uses is free-range and single-sourced, bought only from trusted and reputable suppliers. It comes from a farm where the cattle have a grass-fed and natural diet.

All of their formulas contain limited ingredients and have balanced nutrition due to the presence of fresh meats, organs and bones. All of this helps your kitten grow and develop with strong bones, joints and plenty of lean muscle mass.


  • Balanced nutrition.
  • Lots of high-quality protein.
  • Various formulas.


  • Cats may not be a fan of the flavours.

HALO Spot’s Ground Chicken Paté Food is a cat food recommended for older cats, but it is also great for kittens. The food itself is a paté consistency which makes it great for kittens who are still developing their teeth and more senior cats who have trouble chewing kibble or wet food chunks.

This recipe uses a whole blend of chicken without the addition of rendered meats; your cat is only going to get a lot of high-quality protein from this food. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers or grains present in this food. Halo have also added carrot and spinach in with this formula for some extra nutrition and vitamins.


  • No meat by-products.
  • Nothing artificial added in.
  • Contains added vitamins and minerals.


  • It contains some salt,

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe is made from only the very best ingredients, with natural and wholesome chicken as its primary source of protein. The first ingredient is chicken followed by natural ingredients like cranberries, flaxseed and carrots without the use of any grains or bulking agents.

This wet food is great for kittens because it contains only the very best ingredients; there are no meat by-products, artificial colors, flavours or preservatives. Cats love the chicken flavour paté food and it is super easy for kittens to eat whilst their teeth are developing, because it does not contain large chunks which need to be chewed.


  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Paté is easier for kittens to eat.
  • No unnecessary carbohydrates.


  • Low variety of flavours.

Halo Holistic Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats, Grain Free use salmon – a premium animal-based protein source – as its main and most plentiful ingredient. Salmon is great for kittens as it provides lots of protein for growth and development plus, because it is fish, it contains lots of Omega-3 which gives your kitten a shiny coat which is strong and healthy.

Halo Spot’s do not seem to use any by-products or bulking agents within this food – they do not come anywhere in the top ingredients – which is great news, because fillers are used in low-quality cheaper cat foods instead of good quality ones. Cats do not need ingredients which are just used to fill extra space within the product’s box, so it is good when they are left out.


  • A quality primary protein.
  • Does not contain any fillers.
  • Omega-3 for a healthy skin and coat.


  • Contains guar gum and carrageenan.

Choosing the Right Wet Food

The variances between wet food brands are not as big as the differences between different dry foods, but it is still important that you get it right. When choosing the best wet food for kittens, you should consider the following.


Choosing a brand which is high in quality food sources and has lots of minerals and natural vitamins is going to help you develop your kitten into a very healthy adult cat. However, a food with lots of synthetic additives and bad quality proteins can hamper development and cause health issues.


Wet food is so different from dry food. It is packed full of moisture and sometimes this can affect the food’s consistency. You need to purchase a wet food which has natural tasting flavours and a good consistency. The most popular types of wet food are chunks in gravy and patés which are the two which cats like the most. If you’re looking for a flavourful food, food which contains gravy is great because these hold a lot of flavour.


The best thing about wet food is that it is generally packed full of moisture, which is something you can’t get out of dry food. Although wet food does contain water, some contain more than others and you should check to see how much moisture your kitty can get from it.

The Importance of Good Quality Food

Young growing kittens are more sensitive to the availability of amino acids and proteins in the diet, so it is important to consider the source of a food’s ingredients when you are purchasing the best wet food for kittens.

Ensure you invest in a cat food which uses great quality ingredients (natural and organic ingredients are the best), especially meat and fish proteins, and that ingredients are balanced appropriately.

You should try and purchase the best food which fits in with your budget; if you can afford it then get it. The food that your kitten consumes in his or her early stages of growth can have effects on his or her overall health later in life.

When thinking of which food to buy, keep these considerations in mind –


A young feline state is at its most vulnerable state because it is still developing and growing, but this also means you might not be able to notice any allergies until they grow into adult cats, because allergies may not have developed yet. Keep a watchful eye on your kitten as he or she grows to watch out for signs of allergies such as skin issues, vomiting or diarrhea. If you know your cat has allergies, you will benefit from investing in the best Cat Food for Allergies or the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food.


Grain-free food is the very best for cats, because grains are a common allergy and are often used in cheap cat foods as a filler to bulk out the food. However, you can still choose a food which contains grains, just ensure that it is present as a lower percentage and is not the dominant ingredient. A few kittens and cats with sensitive stomachs cannot process meat-heavy formulas and this is where grains are best, whilst still providing protein and nutrients.


Kittens are very active – I am sure you will have noticed this yourself - so you need to watch the right number of calories in food. If your kitten is constantly tearing up your house, jumping from place to place and running everywhere, extra fat calories aren’t going to harm them and will provide extra energy. Watch the number of calories in carbohydrates though, because cats have no use for carbohydrates and high-carb foods are usually low quality and have no nutritional significance.

What Is the Difference Between Cat and Kitten Food?

There is so much food on the market which is targeted for kittens but, in addition to this, there are plenty of food brands and manufacturers which produce food for cats at all life stages, kittens included.

In general, kittens need 30% protein in their food and at least 9% of fat. Compared to adult cats, it is not much different – adult cats need 26% protein and 9% fat. This extra protein is a key player in your cat’s early development and it is important that they get it. Additionally, kittens need vitamin A and double the amount of calcium and phosphorus as adult cats.

The majority of veterinarians and feline nutritionists are in agreeance that if you are feeding a kitten a good quality food with a decent amount of protein and fat, there is no cause to add supplementary vitamins and minerals to the kitten’s diet. A good food will already contain all these things.

It is very easy to unbalance your kitten’s diet, and this can lead to health problems, so you should always be careful and make sure you know exactly what you are feeding a kitten. If you are thinking of adding supplementary vitamins and minerals, consult with a veterinarian or nutritionist first.

A kitten should be fed on their kitten diet for at least one year before you consider switching over to an adult diet with non-kitten orientated food. However, the bonus with food for all life stages is that if you start feeding a kitten this, there is no need to swap it out as your kitten grows into an adult cat. Kittens also benefit from having extra calories, as they are super hyperactive and need more to burn. See our article on High Calorie Cat Food for more.

How Often Should I Feed My Kitten?

Kittens should be fed every few hours or so, so three to four times per day. Why? Because kittens burn up a ton of energy. They are little bowls of endless energy and love to run around, play games, jump up and down off of furniture and tire their owners out.

Kitten meals should be smaller in size and provide a high-quality source of protein and a decent amount of fat. That way, your kitten gets all the energy they need for the next few hours. Lots of cat owners talk about how free feeding is bad and, whilst we agree for adult cats, in kittens this is not a problem at all and it is a good idea to have some dry food available in their bowls – fed in addition to wet food – so they can top up on energy when they need it.

Kittens have tiny stomachs, so don’t expect your kitten to clean the bowl up and do not try and feed lots of food, as this will just cause unnecessary weight gain. Feeding schedules can be introduced when your kitty is a little older and you are moving him or her off of the kitten diet.

You will not be able to tell instantly how your kitten is responding to the brand of foof which you are feeding, but over time you should notice some changes. After around one-to-two weeks of feeding on a specific diet or brand, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is he gaining weight steadily?
  • Is his coat shiny and clean?
  • Is he active and playful?
  • Are his eyes bright and hydrated?

The Round Up

Finding the right food for the new kitten in your life is no easy feat. With lots of information and opinions available online, it is easy to get lost in the minefield which is finding the best wet food for kittens.

That being said, as long as you are feeding good quality food which uses natural and quality proteins, low amounts of carbohydrates, decent amounts of fat then you ticking all the right boxes and enabling your kitten to grow and develop properly, thanks to the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and extra benefits associated with feeding a quality food.

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