Best Wet Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Raising a cat is more like raising a baby – there are problems and things to be prepared for. From their beds, food, and illness, we need to make sure that everything is available to complete their needs. Cats are most likely get a disease like humans.

One of the most common problems you would encounter is a cat having a weak digestion or sensitive stomach. This often happens because of the sudden change of food, temperature or any other things in their environment. When your cat is suffering from sensitive stomach, they can lose weight easily.

It would be hard for them to absorb the nutrients that they need and possibly give you more problems. Cats that are suffering from sensitive stomach would lose their appetite, they ​seem fine but have diarrhea and won’t have enough energy to do activities with you in the house.

With that, it is important to get started with the first step you need to do and that is to change their diet. Changing their diet would require you to find other alternatives and you have to find the best wet cat food sensitive stomach.

Wet Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Turkey Broth, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein11%4%2%Click Here
Holistic Select Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Lamb, Dried Egg Product, Ground Flaxseed, Potassium Chloride10%7%1%Click Here
Purina ONE True Instinct In Gravy Wet Cat FoodWater Sufficient for Processing, Salmon, Wheat Gluten, Chicken, Liver, Trout, Meat by-products11%2%1.5%Click Here
Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Recipe Natural Wet Canned Dog Food by Nature's VarietyTurkey, Turkey Broth, Turkey Liver, Peas, Pea Protein, Montmorillonite Clay, Potassium Chloride11.5%7.5%2%Click Here
Wellness CORE Divine Duos Natural Grain Free Wet Cat FoodChicken Broth, Water Sufficient for Processing, Chicken, Potato Starch, Turkey, Carrots5.5%5%0.5%Click Here
Wellness Signature Selects Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Water Sufficient for Processing, Tapioca Starch, Dried Egg Product, Chicken Liver, Tuna8%2%1.5%Click Here
Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Cans & Pouches by WeruvaChicken Broth, Chicken (Boneless, Skinless, White Breast), Tuna, Pumpkin, Sunflower Seed Oil, Locust Bean Gum, Tricalcium Phosphate10%1.6%0.5%Click Here
Blue Buffalo Basics Grain-Free Indoor Turkey & PotatoTurkey, Turkey Broth, Turkey Liver, Potatoes, Natural Flavor, Carrots, Peas8%6%1.5%Click Here

When your cat is suffering from sensitive stomach, there could be instances that they are having diarrhea and vomit most of the food they eat. It can be bad as time passes by, as it can contribute to weight loss. This is something that you can prevent, especially with the use of Wellness CORE Cat Food.

The Wellness CORE Cat Food is made with natural ingredients that are responsible for letting your cat avoid having a sensitive stomach. It helps to build a stronger appetite because of the taste. It offers a combined taste of seafood and meat with delicious sauces all over!

It is very easy to serve to your cats, and you can expect to love every bit of it! It is also known to provide best features and improves skin and coat, immunity, gums, teeth and your cat’s eyes. It is one formula that can be your companion for years!


  • It helps to improve immunity.
  • It comes with the high quality of natural ingredients.
  • It is a balanced meal with no grains and additives.
  • It is a perfect choice for many cat owners.


  • There scales and bones that may cause issues to your kittens.
  • It can be more expensive compared to other brands.

Another canned food that is being recommended for cats that are suffering from the sensitive stomach is Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food. It is a premium pate that comes with the highest quality of ingredients. It boasts with the high protein coming from chicken and lamb.

It offers a complete and balanced nutrition that your cats would need to keep up with their daily activities. It doesn’t include corn, artificial colors, additives, wheat and other flavors. It is also grain free and safe for your cat.

It can be served as a complete meal for your cats or an addition to the dry food variety of it. The most important is it helps to maintain and carefully provide the nutrients that your cat would need during the difficult times of having a sensitive stomach.


  • It offers protein from a combination of chicken and lamb.
  • It doesn’t come with artificial flavors and other additives.
  • It is very safe for your cats and recommended by many people.


  • There are cats that can have allergies to chicken.
  • There are pieces of bone on the food that is harmful to your cat.

The Purina ONE True Instinct in Gravy is a perfect choice for most of the fur parents. It is recommended for all kittens to adult cats. If you are looking for a product that you can use for a lifetime, then it can be a great option to consider. It is a trusted brand by many cat owners, and it can be ideal for cat of all age.

The Purina ONE True Instinct in Gravy was designed to help and support cats that are experiencing problems with their digestion. It offers tons of antioxidants, omegas, and vitamins that is perfect, so your cat would be able to enjoy their meals again.

It is made with real and premium chicken that is responsible for giving more energy and strength for kittens. The fatty acids would contribute to having a shiny coat to your cats, and it completely provides nutrients and vitamins you need today.


  • It is recommended for cats of all ages.
  • It can help to boost digestion and promotes overall health.
  • It comes with great flavor and tender texture.


  • You have to be careful on the serving that you’ll have for your cat.
  • There are cats that may have allergies to chicken.

Looking for a cat food that loves many cats? We always want the best for our cats, so we look forward to the recommendations of other people. The Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free is one of the best options that are available for our needs, and it could be perfect!

This is specifically made for the needs of cats that have a sensitive stomach and other digestive issues. It is very tender, smooth and soft for their stomach. It works well for cats that are having a hard time in eating dry food, it can be good if you can try to switch on this.

It contains chicken, liver, turkey and great fruits and vegetables to complete the overall nutrition that your cats would need! There are no gluten and grain added to reach the maximum requirement of their body.


  • It was made with premium quality ingredients.
  • It is grain-free and gluten-free.
  • It is perfect for indoor cats as well.
  • It is recommended for many cats by veterinarians.


  • There are cats that do not like the smell of it.

Wellness is really popular with the quality of different cat food they have on the market. This is convenient and can give you more options specific to the needs of your cat. Another option offered by Wellness is the Divine Duos Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food that can have better ingredients and taste as well.

It is a complete and balanced diet to offer the nutrition needed by your cats. It comes with healthier and better ingredients that can be ideal for the sensitive stomach of your pet. Aside from that, it is available in variety packs to choose from.

There are chicken and salmon, tilapia and tuna, and salmon and tuna. The first layer is covered with a very tasteful pate and the other one is tender cuts and gravy. It is very easy to prepare and serve as well.


  • It is available in a variety of packs to choose from.
  • It comes with natural ingredients.
  • It is a complete nutrition perfect for your cats.
  • It was designed for the specific needs of your cats.


  • Some cats don’t like the smell of this food.
  • You may try every variety to know the right one for your pet.

Cat foods from Wellness are pretty popular on the market today. They are offering products that are specific to the needs of the owners and their cats as well. They’ve been in the industry for years and would know what to offer.

One of their known products today is the Signature Selects Natural Canned Gain Free which is a common choice for many cat owners that are dealing with an upset stomach. It would be hard for your cats, but this meal would give you better options to keep in mind.

It was packed with a delicious sauce that can be really appetizing for your pets. They would surely love to finish every bit of it! This is very easy to serve and is perfect for your preferences and health needs.


  • It is made with premium ingredients.
  • It was specifically formulated for cats that have a sensitive stomach.
  • There are no by-products added.
  • It can be served fast and easy.


  • There are cats that can be allergic to chicken.
  • There are cat owners who say their cats don’t like it.

Weruva is a popular brand on the market that was able to offer a number of high-quality pet products that are effective for your needs. They have offered pet products that were checked and run through specific laboratory exam to ensure the quality and effect it could offer, especially for your cats.

One of the most popular products that they are offering is the Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free. It is a quality product that was designed for pet owners that are worried about the condition of their cats. Cats that have sensitive stomach might have a hard time eating and digesting food, so it is always the best to consider alternatives.

This is made with the right quality of ingredients that your cats would need. It is gentle and tender for their stomach, which makes it easier to digest their meals. There would be no problems as there are also no grain or gluten added. All ingredients used are natural and safe for your pet.


  • It gives you proper hydration.
  • It is made with the premium quality of protein.
  • It doesn’t come with carrageenan, gluten, and grain that can be harmful to your cats.
  • It is very tender and can be digested easily.


  • There are some cats that might picky and do not want wet food.
  • The serving is good for adult cats.

Are you looking for a cat meal that would possibly have all the ingredients you need? Well, the Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Cat Food is a perfect choice for you. It comes with all the best ingredients available and great formula to start up your cats on what they need. It is also a grain-free formula that is safe and tender for the sensitive stomach of your cats.

The first ingredient of this cat food is the turkey. It is convenient and comes with high-quality protein that you need. It also offers peas and potatoes that can easily be digested and source of carbohydrates.

With the use of high-quality ingredients, it becomes easier for you to support your cat for their sensitive stomach and also, promote the health of their skin, coat and overall growth. Make sure to check the other people’s reviews to know more about the product.


  • The first ingredient used is Turkey, which is rich in protein.
  • It comes with other healthy ingredients including peas and potatoes.
  • It helps a cat that is having problems with sensitive stomach.


  • Most cats don’t like the taste and smell of it.
  • Cats may have allergies to peas.

Important Points to Consider

Buying dry cat food for sensitive stomach can be overwhelming. There are so many questions in your mind, and you don’t know the right one to purchase. Being prepared would help you reach your goal on this.

With that, you should know some of the right things to look for, which are the following below:

  • Main Digestive Problem: Most cats would suffer from different kinds of digestive issues and it may also require you to look for different diets. It is ideal to spend time in taking a visit to your vet and determine the specific digestive problem that your cat experiencing. It can help you in looking for the right food later on.
  • Ingredients Used: You have to be careful on the ingredients used on the food. You have to avoid getting cat food with by-products as it can be processed meat and would not offer the right nutrients for your cat.
  • Age and Size of Pet: There are cat foods that are created for specific age and size of cats. You have to spend time in checking it, so you are not going to experience problems. Most of the cat foods would have labels that you can follow.
  • Hypoallergenic: Your cats are already having a hard time with their stomach, and you do not want them to become allergic or encounter other problems. Make sure to find and get a cat with that is hypoallergenic.
  • Servings: There is a proper amount to be served on the cat food. You have to check it on the label, so it would be easier for you to plan your cats food diet and mix the right foods to have a healthy and complete nutrition.

Wet or Dry Food: Which is Better?

Doing research would give you two main options – the dry and wet cat food. According to Pet Finder, every cat would have their preferences, and it is important to know them. There are cats that would prefer wet food than dry food, or vice versa. The reason? Our cat is the only one who knows.

Wet and dry foods may use the ingredients you need, but if your pet is experiencing or having problems with their sensitive stomach, then wet food would be more efficient. The best wet cat food for sensitive stomach can be digested easier and would help to keep their appetite again.

You have to be careful about the ingredients used before you make an investment. There are some ingredients that may cause allergies on your cat, even though it has been proven to be safe and helpful if they have a sensitive stomach.

How to Deal with Sensitive Stomach of Cats?

When your cat is suffering from sensitive stomach, it would be hard, not only for them but also to you. They need you more than anything else, so you have to know the right things to do. Some of the best practices that you have to consider may include the following below:

  • You have to stop the current food they are getting. There is a big chance that their diet is the main reason for why they have a sensitive stomach. It is ideal to stop it for about 6-12 hours and look for the best wet cat food for sensitive stomach you can use.
  • It is important to maintain the water intake of your cats. When they have a sensitive stomach, there is a higher chance that they would not be interested in eating meals and would lose their weight. Having enough water would keep them hydrated.
  • Make sure that you are going to consult the advice of your veterinarian. More than anyone else, the veterinarian would know the right things to do. They may recommend some medications that would help your cat in gaining full strength.
  • You have to start changing their diet. There are a perfect recipe and plan for cats with an upset or sensitive stomach. This can help you get started.

The Round Up

No one said it was easy, but your cat would not do it without you. With the help of best wet cat food for weight loss, you can get started on following a diet plan for your cats. It gives you another chance to lose those extra pounds, making them a happy and loveable cat they used to be!

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