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Cleaning up non tracking cat litter is part and parcel of being the doting owner of a kitty and, no matter what type of litter box or brand of litter you use, you’re going to find it everywhere around your home. It is inevitable that there will be never ending scatterings of cat litter outside of the litter box and beyond!

It is important that you have only the Best Vacuum for Cat Litter handy which you can use to quickly and effortlessly suck up those pesky pieces of cat litter… they’re not very nice to have around and if you step on them in bare feet… it’s not going to feel so nice.


Vacuum for Cat Litter Comparison Table

The Bissel PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum is a brilliant machine which is designed to capture debris along edges and in tight spaces and, as a cat owner, I am sure you are all too familiar with the weird and wonderful places your kitty manages to make a mess. There is no need to use a broom or other attachments with the Bissel PowerEdge.

It has a v-shaped suction mechanism which directs large debris into the center of its suction path, whilst the ends of the v-shape easily capture smaller, finer debris. The Bissel PowerEdge is designed for hard floors and easily cleans around furniture legs and corners. And so tops our list as one of the best vacuum for cat litter.


  • It is bagless and easy to empty – just remove the container.
  • It easily gets into tight spaces and around corners for ease of cleaning.
  • It has a twenty-inch power cord.


  • It is not ideal for use as a whole-house vacuum, as it has a small capacity.
  • It is designed for hard floors.

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is their original, full-sized vacuum. With a detachable canister for deep cleaning harder to reach areas, it is a versatile and easy to use, delivering amazing cleaning power. The canister detaches from the vacuum itself, almost as a two-in-one vacuum, to get into smaller spaces.

The Shark Rotator has a TruePet Motorized Brush and Pet-Multi Tool to help get rid of pet hair from all surfaces. It is also optimized for use on hard floors, picking up surface litter and stuck-on debris with minimal fuss; it is a superior tool for cleaning both hard and carpeted flooring.

This vacuum is a brilliant tool and makes it very easy to keep your litter box area, and even the rest of the house, clean and free from kitty mess! Pst, have a read of our best automatic cat litter box guide, some good choices!


  • A detachable handheld canister makes this a 2-in-1 product.
  • Easy to switch from hard floor to carpet mode.
  • Anti-allergen technology plus HEPA filter.
  • An LED light which enables you to easily spot hair and smaller debris.


  • The vacuum itself is quite weighty.

The Dyson Ball is a well-recognised and much-loved vacuum model used in homes all around the world. So, naturally, there is a pet version too! The Dyson DC40 Animal Ball-Technology Vacuum is a lightweight and versatile machine and, best of all, it is bagless and an absolute breeze to empty and clean.

Dyson’s patented Ball technology makes moving and pivoting around tight corners and getting into tricky spots a lot easier. Dyson vacuums are renowned from being able to pick up virtually anything, so there is no need to worry about the litter pieces damaging the machine.

Dyson cyclones power this machine and direct all suction power to the cleaning head, which self-adjusts for optimal contact. Dyson cyclones can even capture particles which are as small as 0.5 microns, such as mould, bacteria and pollen!


  • Picks up virtually anything.
  • Dyson Ball technology.
  • Comes with a five-year guarantee.


  • Some people may not like the Dyson Ball technology.

The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series Wind Tunnel is another lightweight and easy to use machine with thorough and proven cleaning power. This is a brilliant vacuum to use on carpets, as it comes with a five-position height adjustment, which can be used as needed to clean all flooring types, from hardwood to thick, soft carpet.

It has a folding handle for easy storage and a twenty-five-inch cord, meaning you have lots of space to roam around and pick all those pesky pieces of litter and other muck up off of the floor.

Like some of the other featured vacuums, it is very easy to get into tight spaces and even comes with additional attachments and tools which can be used to easily dispose of pet hair from floors and furniture.


  • A twelve-inch extension wand and crevice tool lets you get into tight spots.
  • It is compact and easy to store away.
  • The cord has an automatic rewind feature.


  • It is a standard upright vacuum, so may be tricky to move around corners.

The Black + Decker HLVA325JP07 Pet Hand Vaccum is a handheld motorized pet vacuum cleaner. Its rubber tines help you break through pet hair and it has lithium battery technology for both a long charge and extra-strong suction power.

In addition to this, it also includes a pull-out crevice tool which gets in those hard to reach areas, and a push-in brush for dusting and cleaning furniture and upholstery.


  • A charging indicator light tells you when the vacuum is fully charged.
  • Brilliant suction power for a handheld vacuum.
  • Great to have in addition to a full-size vacuum.


  • The capacity is quite small and so regular emptying is a must.

The New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is the ideal vacuum if you’re willing to go all-out in the name of banishing kitty litter from the floor!

With an Electro Plus electrobrush, five-level height adjustment and an independent motor, this is a perfect choice for larger rooms with medium or deep pile carpeting. This model also includes a Parquet Twister, providing a brilliant 180-degree rotation.

With an active air clean filter and layers of active charcoal to neutralize odours, this is a brilliant vacuum for pet owners with sensitive noses or allergies. It also includes a six-stage suction control via a foot switch, so even the most stubborn of kitty mess won’t stand much of a chance against this very powerful vacuum cleaner.


  • Comes with lots of accessories for any imaginable situation.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around with the handle.
  • Mini turbo brush to remove pet hair from furniture.


  • The roller brush cannot be removed for cleaning.

The round up our list of the best vacuum for cat litters, Eureka squeezes in! The Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet Upright Vacuum comes with suction seal technology, concentrating airflow onto carpets and flooring for a deep and thorough clean, and its Brush rooll Clean Technology cleverly removes tangles from the brush-roll with the simple push of a button.

With a very long 27-inch cord and 12-inch stretch hose, you will struggle to find a spot where this vacuum won’t reach! If all of this was not enough, it also comes with AirSpeed Technology which moves more air and removes more dirt for a deeper clean.

The technology present in this powerful machine means that it will never lose suction and consistently maintains a very powerful suction whilst vacuuming.


  • Five-setting height adjustment for all floor types.
  • Automatic cord rewind, which saves a lot of time.
  • Guaranteed under a warranty and a money back guarantee.


  • The tools tend to fall off of the vacuum storage compartments.

Important Points to Consider

Buying the best vacuum for cat litter vacuum cleaner is a experience it self! It is not something that many of us will often do, and you may not know what you should be looking out for:

  • Variable suction power which makes it easier to clean different surfaces. If suction is too high on a hard surface, you may find it sticks to the floor and not pick very much up. Variable suction lets you tone it down, so you are able to easily and comfortably clean.
  • Combination floor tools which are suitable for both carpets and hard floors, eliminating the need to change nozzles each time you move from one surface to another. Some vacuum models come with multiple accessories which are designed and fine-tuned to specific floor surfaces and, whilst this can be helpful, in reality you should go with a combi-tool which does an amazing job across different floors, so you don’t need to be changing stuff constantly whilst you’re trying to clean.
  • Pet turbo tools which come with features such as miniature brush bars that can help you remove embedded dust, dirt and hair from upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs, or clean fiddly areas such as carpeted stairs and corners.

Initially, your cat will not enjoy the feeling of a toothbrush, but it may grow on them in time. It is important to start regularly cleaning your cat’s teeth from a young age so they grow used to it.

When you begin brushing your young cat’s teeth for the first time, you may want to start off by using your finger, as this will introduce to him the process and idea of having his teeth cleaned.

Why Buy a Pet Vacuum Specifically?

Removing pet hair and other debris requires two things – strong suction and a specially designed brush to stir up the carpet. Although standard vacuums may have both of these features, there is a big difference between the average cleaner and one designed for pets when it comes to performance.

Pet hair and other kitty-related dirt and grime gets embedded deep into your carpets and other upholstered surfaces, so it is wise to invest in a good quality vacuum which is designed to deal with the job of cleaning these things.

Choosing the Right Model

There are lots of different vacuums which are kitty and overall pet friendly. They can handle anything your cat can throw at it such as cat litter, pieces of kibble and little things brought in from the outdoors.

You would be mistaken in believing that you will have to spend a fortune on one, too. Whilst some are quite pricey, there are also more cost-effective ones which work just as well!

Vacuums come in many different types, shapes and sizes, including upright, cylinder and handheld. The right vacuum model for your home depends on a variety of factors – such as your home’s size, your kitty’s size, how much mess your kitty makes and the suction power you need – we have taken all these into consideration and compiled a list of models which should cover everyone’s needs.

Overall Thoughts

The type of vacuum you settle on will have to be compatible with the type of litter your kitty prefers. That being said, many of those mentioned in this article will cope well with any kind of litter, and it is simply a case of reading the reviews and deciding what you think is best.

Although a vacuum doesn’t need to break the bank, you get what you pay for in this world, and the cheapest vacuum money can buy may not do such a great job with kitty mess, and may not last very long!

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