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During summer and spring months, many cat owners would start to worry about their biggest problem – ticks. You know the drill, it's the peak tick season and the question is, can you keep your feline friend free from it this year? Tick prevention for cats can be one of the first things you should be prepared about and is now on your top list this nearing soon.

We have to be honest, that these pests are very difficult to remove and may cause itchiness, not only to our cats but also to us. It's hard to remove and they can stay in the most places you've never known.  If we can't get rid of it successfully, it can be serious. So, here are some things you can do to get started, especially in searching for the best tick repellent for cats.

Tick Repellent for Cats Comparison Table

One of the most popular types of tick prevention for cats on the market today are the collars and the XUS collar can be something to check out. XUS collar is a tick repellant made out of natural essential oils and designed to dangle on the neck of your cats.

It helps you to save money as it can protect your cats for half a year and there's no need to buy more expensive options such as shampoos and treatments. It greatly protects the face and the neck of your cat. If you are travelling or taking a short stroll with your cat, don’t forget to use this collar.

However, we know that there are cats that won’t be comfortable in wearing collars. It is best if you can manage to train them properly. There are notes about the proper usage of the collars and how to effectively use it.


  • It is very safe to use.
  • It is 100% effective.
  • It is natural and can be used for a max of 6 months.
  • It saves you money.


  • Effectiveness may reduce after three months of using it.
  • It may cause irritation if your cat is not comfortable in using collars.

Another tick repelling collar to look for is the Bayer Seresto. Bayer is a popular brand that is well known in creating effective products in taking care our cats. This is a good option to consider, if you are looking for a proven and tested repellant on the market.

It helps and keeps your cat tick-free for up to 8 months. It's also very easy to use and perfect for a first-time feline parent. There’s also nothing to worry about the smell as it is odorless and being recommended by other feline parent.

However, it is advised to avoid taking your cat a bath while using this. This can be a problem if you are particular with the overall health and cleanliness of your pet.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is non-greasy and resistant to water.
  • It is odorless and commonly recommended by many.
  • It is a great choice for first time feline parents.


  • It is not recommended to let your cats take a bath after using the collar.
  • It can be unusual for your cat, and they may want to always remove the collar while wearing it. Make sure to properly train your cat in using collars.

Using Frontline Plus can let you achieve of freeing your cat from ticks within 18 hours. It contains S-methoprene that can kill and control larvae and eggs. The only problem is that; it can be more expensive.

Frontline and Advantages are one of the top choices to choose from which can offer benefits and results that's best for your needs. It is greatly compared at PetCare RX. However, the common question is, which is better? The Frontline Plus kills both ticks and fleas and even help you get rid of mosquitoes around the house. It is more convenient to use and is readily available in most stores.

On the other hand, Advantage is common not only for cats but also for dogs. It is important to avoid confusing Advantage from another treatment that almost has the same name with it, the Advantix. Advantix is also made by Bayer but is not ideal for cats, but only for dogs. It contains Permethrin that can be toxic to your cats.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is can kill all stages of ticks from eggs, lice, and adults.
  • It is often recommended for younger cats.
  • It can easily be applied.


  • The waterproof ability may not last long enough.
  • The price is higher compared to the other options you have.

Ticks are blood-sucking pests that can easily multiply in a blink of an eye. They are a very small creature that can transfer from one cat to another, live in your sheets or even under the fur of your feline friends. They are normally feeding themselves for about 36-48 hours.

Another way to successfully have tick prevention for cats is the use of sprays. The Vet's home spray uses Eugenol and peppermint oil. Home spraying should be used directly to your cats. Ticks and Fleas can easily be killed upon contact with the natural ingredients added to this home spray.

Home spray is a common option that can also help in killing other pests like mosquitoes. The fragrance of the spray can already kill the ticks and mosquitoes in the house. But make sure to avoid your kids (if you have) to reach it.


  • It comes with natural ingredients and won't cause stains.
  • It directly kills ticks and fleas with direct contact.
  • It can help to get rid of mosquitoes, which can be ideal if you are also encountering problems with it.


  • It is not recommended to be applied and used for kittens.
  • There are cats that don't like the smell of essential oils.

If you are living in the wooded area, there's a higher chance that ticks can easily infest and grow in your home. As much possible, don't let your cats go out without your supervision and you should be responsible as well.

You have to clean yourself after going out to avoid bringing in the ticks with you.  During summer and spring season, ticks can multiply faster because of the heat of the environment.  That’s why, with the help of Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea Shampoo, you can finally say your goodbye!

It comes with natural ingredients that give a better effect in getting rid of flea and ticks. It contains cinnamon oil, Brazilian oils, sesame oil, lemongrass oil and castor oil. It offers a very good smell in the house while maintaining its purpose of getting rid of ticks of your cats.


  • The fragrance is refreshing and safe for your cats.
  • It is non-sticky, very effective and safe to use.
  • The ingredients are all natural and give extreme protection.
  • It doesn't cause stains on your sheets.


  • There are some cats who can build allergies from the smell of essential oils, especially if you've got a rare cat breed.

Vetri Repel is another innovation that helps you in naturally removing the ticks on your cats. Ticks can cause extreme itchiness to the host, and even to you. If they successfully multiply, it can be a start of serious problems.

It actually prevents the ticks to stay close to them and gives you a soothing effect. It can also help in getting rid of mosquitoes in the house. This may come with 10 sheets and can be use at least once a week.

 If you are suspecting ticks on your cat, you can already start looking for options to help you. If you are unsure on your next steps, it is always the best to seek an advice from your veterinarian, as they know it better, for sure.


  • It is very easy to use and handle.
  • It is not sticky and contains natural ingredients.
  • It comes with a very pleasant smell that can be relaxing to you and your cats.


  • There are cats do not want to use the wipes because it can make them uncomfortable.
  • There are also some that may not want the fragrance of it.

The use of Dr. GreenPet is known because of the botanical extracts and essential oils used on it. It gives a 100% solution to removing and preventing the ticks to multiply or even come near to your cats. The best thing about this is that, it is also made with natural ingredients and was proven to be safe for your cats.

It offers a refreshing and soothing smell that is relaxing to your cats. It keeps them calm and may also have a great effect in their behavior. However, if you have other pets in the house, you should check the possible reaction it might cause.

You have to be knowledgeable and careful in using flea control, and always spend time in reading the labels. Not all the flea control available is safe and made for your cat. There are ingredients that can cause harm, so take time in knowing the best for your needs.


  • There is only a simple instruction to follow in using it.
  • It helps in keeping up better fragrance in the house.
  • It is very safe, not only for your cats but also to your family members.


  • Some cats would hate the smell of the flea control.
  • It is not recommended for cats younger than 3 months' old.

A nice and refreshing bath would not be completed without the use and help of Honeydew Natural Pet Shampoo. When ticks start to get near the body of your cats, it can cause itchiness, dry skin and some marks of burns. With the use of Honeydew shampoo, it gives them a more comfortable and soothing feeling on their skin.

The ticks can easily be controlled or killed upon contact with the shampoo. Make sure to know how to bath a cat as well. Medicated shampoos are often chemical based, but you can look for organic one like Honeydew that contains natural ingredients and essential oils.

NOTE: If your cat is nursing kittens, you have to be more careful on the tick treatment you'll get. The ingredients may affect the health of the kittens. If your cat is experiencing shedding and small burns are starting to appear, it is best to keep away the kittens, so that the tick would not spread.


  • It is very easy to use and works well with all kinds of cats.
  • It comes with natural ingredients such as citronella and lemongrass.
  • It is very effective, highly recommended in repelling ticks.


  • The smell of lemongrass can be uncomfortable on other cats.

Important Points to Consider

With many options available on the market, buying the best tick repellent for cats can be overwhelming. Good thing, there are only a few to consider which includes the following below:

  • The Safety: Our cats may have their own allergies, and you have to make sure that the repellent you'll purchase will not cause harm to their breed. You can ask your veterinarian for more information.
  • Core Ingredients Used: There are various ingredients that will be added to get rid of ticks, and you should be familiar.
  • Know Your Options: As you take a look on the market, there are countless options available, which make it harder to think the best tick repellent for cats. There are sprays, collars, spot on treatments, and oral medications. Each may have a different effect on your cats, so it is best to take time and know the pros and cons before making your purchase.
  • Precautions Mentioned: Usage of any tick treatment is important. Most of the products would have safety precautions and reminders printed to read and understand.
  • Recommendations of Other People: The most important is knowing what other people are saying about the treatment. Are they in favor of using it? What is their experience? This helps you have a better idea of the things you should expect and avoid.

How Often Should You Use Tick Treatment on Your Cat?

According to Vet4Life, the right application depends on the product that you are using. The treatment should be successfully applied to the environment and the cats. Each product may require you to follow a specific or certain instruction on how to use it. There are some products that may need to be applied with the use of other materials, and you need to seek an advice to your veterinarian.

How to Determine If Your Cats Have Ticks?

Ticks are the biggest enemy that cat owners should know about. It destroys the health of your cat and as early as now, checking them is the best thing to do. There are some signs that can make you think they have ticks, which are the following below:

  • They keep on scratching their teeth on a certain part of their body
  • They can easily be irritated, moody and starting to become jumpy
  • The fur is starting to shed out and creating spots on the body of your cat
  • They want to stay in colder places that can make their body relax like bathroom tiles, beds, sofas and others

What are the Common Treatments Used in Getting Rid of Ticks?

As we've mentioned earlier, there are various treatments available to get rid of ticks today, which sums up the following:

  • Spot on Treatments – there are over the counter spot-on treatments that you can purchase in pet stores, online stores or even directly from your veterinarians. It commonly offers a better effect that could last for months.
  • Oral Medications – just like us, there are readily made pills for our cats. The pills are commonly recommended for small cats and may need supervision of your veterinarian. Make sure to take a visit beforehand.
  • Shampoos – Taking a bath is very important and using medicated shampoo can help you in solving the problem easier. You may be required to use the shampoo twice or thrice a month as necessary.
  • Ticks Dips – this is a concentrated chemical that should be applied to the fur of your cats using a sponge or as you pour it carefully on their back. The ingredients used can be really strong and it is not advisable for kittens.
  • Tick Collars – the use of tick collars is starting to be popular with many feline parents. It often protects the head, neck, and ears of your cat from any attacks of the ticks. If your cat is not used in wearing collars, make sure to train them. You have to cut the excess length of the collar and avoid your cat from chewing on it.
  • Tick Powders – Humans are very familiar with the use of powders to get rid the itchiness that we feel on our skin. There are also same products available for our cats. There are many kinds of it on the market today and checking the label is a must! It may cause irritation to the mouth and nose of your cat so you have to apply it carefully.
  • Tick Sprays – sprays are commonly used alongside with dips and shampoos for a better result. It comes with natural ingredients and essential oils that can also give protection to the whole environment.

What Are the Common Side Effects of Tick Treatment?

Just like any medical treatment, there are also side effects that you should know. The side effects may vary depending on the product and you have to fully understand it. Some of the commonly reported side effects of using different tick treatments include the following below:

  • Prolonged periods of sleep
  • Changes in the behavior including excessive grooming, agitation, pacing, hiding, etc.
  • Discomfort in the areas where the treatment has been applied (they may tend to rub or scratch the area often)
  • Increased the need for water
  • May feel hot often

If you are unsure of how your cat is feeling, make sure to know if they are in pain.

The Round Up

We never know when ticks would start to attack our feline friends and planning ahead of time is the key to success. Make sure to be more familiar with the options you have and get one that is the best tick repellent for cats. Have a great summer with your feline friends!

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