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Looking for the Best Non Tracking Cat Litter? Almost all cat litter products available in the market would claim to be non-tracking but only a handful of them would not disappoint. Most of the time, you have to do trial and error just to find out which ones are true to their word.

To avoid such waste of time and money, just take note of the following best non tracking cat litter products. We have reviewed these products to help cat owners get rid of a headache that comes with cat litter that gets literally everywhere they're not supposed to. This post is a great read combined with our best flushable cat litter post, but here are our top picks:


Non Tracking Cat Litter Comparison Table

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Cat Pellet Refills

Purina is such a household name when it comes to feline care that it no longer comes as a shock that they have some of the best cat litter that does not track. For instance, the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Cat Pellets boasts of a 99.9% dust-free formula.

To explain, these cat pellets very big compared to the usual "sand-like" cat litter. Having big particles, these pellets cannot get stuck in your cat's paws and nails, so none of the litter should ever escape the litter box from the moment that your cat steps out.

Even if your cat gets in a frisky mode and a couple of the pellets get thrown out of the litter box, you can simply return the pellets inside, since they are not minuscule enough to fly around and end up in your house's nooks and corners where they would be very difficult to clean. And so this tops our Best Non Tracking Cat Litter list.


  • Dehydrates waste to avoid tracking and foul odor
  • Very easy to clean because of the solid-and-liquid-waste separation system
  • Easy transition from litter sand to this
  • Comes with excellent urine pads


  • Maintenance cost not inexpensive
  • Solid waste has to be collected almost immediately

Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda Scoopable Cat Litter

A general rule of thumb when it comes to non-tracking litter would be this: good clumping litter most often would not give you tracking problems. Now, since the Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda Cat Litter clumps very well, you can expect it to be a good non-tracking brand.

Imagine a baseball – that's how big the Premium Choice Cat Litter could clump. This is good news for cats who love to play around the litter after they've gone – the most common cause of litter tracking. Even if your cat ends up playing with the clumped litter, it will remain solid and ready to be scooped out.

There is very little cleaning up needed with the Premium Choice litter. It is still "clay-type" though, so a few particles may lodge in your cat's paws and end up someplace else, but still, it does not track as much as other brands.


  • Makes big and sturdy clumps to avoid tracking
  • Baking soda component keeps the moisture down
  • Clay type formula that doesn’t generate that much dust
  • Has a light, fresh scent that is neither too bland nor too overpowering


  • Odor control needs improvement
  • May contain allergens that trigger some cats.

If your cat prefers the silica gel type of cat litter over others, Fresh Step Crystals may be the best non-tracking cat litter for you. You would notice that your cat cannot leave paw prints on this litter – this means that none of the particles get lodged in your cat’s paws and nails, so none of the litter will end up scattering all around your house when your cat comes dashing out of his litter box.

Scented litter may be attractive to us humans, but it’s not the case for our cats. The stronger the scent, the less likely they’d be attracted to the litter since it does not smell natural. (Remember that cats go by their wildlife instincts, and sand in the wild smell nothing like artificial fragrance.) The Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter is unscented, so you won’t run into any trouble transitioning your cats to this.


  • Neutralizes urine odor at once
  • Dries out solid waste completely – end product resembles jerky
  • Waste will be dehydrated completely even when not buried properly
  • One bag lasts for over a month


  • Your cats may need help transitioning to silica gel if they are not used to it
  • Does not clump urine very well

Another product from PetSafe makes our list of go-to cat litter that does not track. We have mentioned before that scented litter may not be attractive to most cats, but some grow accustomed to it – especially those who have been indoor cats their entire lives. If your cat seems to enjoy the domesticated fragrance, he/she might respond excellently to the light lavender scent of the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter.

Here's a bonus: each pack comes in its own litter tray that has a lid and makes for no-hassle cleanups. These are leak-proof and disposable, so clean up maintenance would be the last of your worries. Tracking is also very minimal with crystal litter – if some should successfully escape the litter box, it is very easy to flick them back in. Overall cost is also inexpensive since it uses 5-10x less volume than most litter sand when clumping both solid and moist waste.


  • Odor control is impeccable
  • Disposable trays means less time spent cleaning up
  • Each tray lasts for two to three weeks
  • Part of a tried-and-tested system developed by PetSafe


  • Works hand in hand only with ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
  • Does not clump as well as other sand-type litter sand

One thing we must always consider when buying easily-disposable stuff such as cat litter is if it is good for the environment, too. The SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter is a hundred percent made from grass, so one could easily imagine how easy it is for the environment. Add this to the fact that an all natural cat litter is the least likely to give your cat problems with allergies, and you'd be thankful for the organic litter, to say the least.

The SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter also outperforms sand and clay litter in clumping around waste, effectively neutralizing odor in the process. It is proven to be non-tracking and is virtually dust-free, so your cat is also safe from respiratory troubles with this litter.

It is lighter than most cat litter, so there is not much burden on you too, literally! It is a hundred percent biodegradable and renewable, too.


  • Clumps very well, making it easy to clean
  • Chemical-free, safe even in cases of cat ingestion, very little chance of triggering cat allergies
  • Dust-free and absolutely minimal tracking
  • Environment-friendly


  • Odor control needs a little work
  • There IS minimal tracking, and you need to pour it slowly – the light weight may cause it to fly everywhere if you pour too quickly

The best non tracking cat litter doesn't have to be expensive, as proven by the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter. You might think that lightweight cat litter is the best, but you have to consider that lighter materials scatter and track more.

The Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter has heavy particles that prove very hard to track even as your cat comes a-racing out of the litter box.

The heavy particles also create density, making it hard for moisture to seep through easily. This means you will no longer encounter problems with clumped litter clinging to the bottom of your litter tray. This one also contains no artificial fragrances and whatnots that often repel cats instead of attracting them more. Overall, the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is a good choice for sensitive cats since it is all natural and not based on chemicals.


  • Hypoallergenic and safe even for the most sensitive kitties
  • Effectively neutralizes waste odor, dust-free and does not track
  • Absolutely no plant proteins and does not contain any fragrances or artificial scents
  • Best used with mechanical sifting litter boxes


  • Clumping is not that strong – clumped waste sometimes crack into smaller ones

A lot of cat litter manufacturers seem to be catching on that unscented cat litter is almost always better than fragranced ones. Purina’s Yesterday’s News is another unscented litter that performs very well.

It is made from recycled paper, so at least you would be helping the environment in your own way when you switch to the Purina Yesterday's News Unscented Cat Litter. Even the cat that the litter comes in is recyclable.

The recycled paper also proves very gentle on the paws of your feline friend, so sensitive-cat-owners need not worry about irritants and allergens when using Purina Yesterday’s News. It is also 3x more absorbent than the usual materials used in cat litter, so cleaning up is easy as a breeze. It may take a while for your cat to fully adjust to this kind of material, but in the end, it's all worth it.​


  • One hundred percent dust and tracking-free
  • Very effective in neutralizing waste odor
  • Also, works with other house pets such as bunnies
  • Biodegradable waste that is environment-friendly


  • The material is unusual with cat litter, so you might have to help your cat transition by adding a bit of this litter with the old one until your cat fully gets used to it.

Why Use Litter That Doesn't Track?

Non-tracking cat litter is very important. When you have cats, it’s a common problem of people to deal with litter spread out in the house. It can cause odor and ruin your furniture. There are times that it can also stick to the body of your cat. When they are cleaning their body, it may come in contact with their tongue and they might eat it.

Surely, you don’t want to risk it. Make sure that you will invest in the best non-tracking cat litter and save yourself from the different problems you could encounter from using a different litter.

Important Points to Consider

Things to consider before switching your cat to a new non-tracking cat litter:

  • Dust-free formula: Even if your litter does not track, if it generates loads of dust when pouring and shaking, you would still end up cleaning up litter in the nooks and corners of your house where it shouldn’t be. To minimize cleaning efforts, your cat litter should be non-track AND dust-free.
  • Environment-friendly: You and your cat’s best interest should coincide with that of the environment, so all-natural cat litter should be a priority as it benefits all parties involved.
  • Hypoallergenic: Chemical-based litter may hurt your feline friend’s paws by irritating them. It is most safe to just get a cat litter that contains to allergens.
  • Scented or unscented: This consideration purely relies on your experience as a cat owner. Some cats prefer unscented litter and would not use fragranced ones, while some actually enjoy a light lavender or fruity scent. You should know from experience which one your cat would actually prefer.

How do I Keep my Cat from Tracking Litter Everywhere?

You would observe that tracking occurs mostly when your cat dashes out of the litter box after it goes. This is a natural thing that cats do and there’s very little you could do about it since cats in the wild get as far as they can from their waste since the smell attracts predators and reveals the cat’s location very easily. So when your cat makes it a point to exit the litter box as fast as it can, it is only acting on instinct. There are some ways we could minimize tracking, however. Here are some:

  • Get only the Best Non Tracking Cat Litter like the ones mentioned above.
  • Get litter boxes with built-in trackpads that allow your cat to dislodge litter particles from its paws as it exits the litter box.
  • Clean your cat’s paws after every time it dumps. Be sure to read our post on how dirty are cats paws post, it is an eye-opener!
  • Clip your cat's nails regularly to minimize litter getting stuck there.
  • Position your cat litter box on top of a rubber or plastic mat. This will force your cat to shake off some of the sand on the mat first before going out and about. Clean this mat simply by shaking it on the actual litter box.

Hide the foul smell!

All this talk on what the best cat litter is and how to choose the best litter should come second to your judgment as a cat owner. Try a few different brands and variants, and let your cat decide which ones work well. Do not rely solely on word of mouth, as what works with one cat does not necessarily work with all of them.

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