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Getting a kitten comes with a big responsibility of providing them with shelter, the best food, and their personal space. When they are still small, this is the best time to train them in doing proper activities in the house including the use of the litter box. Training them is important, as it helps you in properly maintaining not only their area but the whole house.

They have the natural desire to have their feces on the soil or on sand, so you can expect them to dig or cover it during their early stages. Actually, it is not hard for them to pick up and learn how to use the litter box, as it only requires proper and little training from you. However, the most challenging thing with this is to find the best litter for kittens.

Just like our babies, kittens will tend to be curious about the litter box and check it out. It’s not new for most of the cat owners to let their kittens be familiar and stay comfortable on the litter boxes before actually using it. If you are going to get the wrong litter, then it can cause a long-term effect on them based on their memory.

There can be a lot of options available that can be appealing to the cat owners and can get their attention. However, you have to be careful as it is important to check the needs of your kitten. This goes with everything that you will buy for them, especially with the food that you are going to serve. Take a look at our list and invest in the best litter for kittens.

Litter for Kittens Comparison Table

The paper litter is a common choice for many cat owners as it is gentle and proven to be safe for cats. This is a paw-friendly product that can help your kitten in using the litter box as it won’t cause problems to them. They will love to step on it, be comfortable, and eventually use it every time they need to release their waste.

The Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter is designed to be extra softer and is recommended for kittens. This litter is made from recycled newspaper and has been known to be 3x more absorbent compared to the traditional clay that we are using.

However, it is not a clumping clay and you have to change it frequently to avoid the smell from lingering around the house. It does not come with dust and there are no artificial fragrances added.


  • It is soft on the paws of your kitten.
  • It helps in keeping the odor to a minimum.
  • It is highly absorbent and eco-friendly.
  • It is safe for young kittens and recommended.


  • You’ll be required to clean the area often.

The Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is popular with many cat owners as it uses highly absorbent pine fibers that can absorb the liquid content of the cat’s waste naturally. It also helps in keeping the odor and lets you have a fresh litter box. The pine pellets are 100% safe for your kitten and they can dig on it without problems.

It doesn’t create clouds of dust and does not have artificial ingredients that can cause irritation to your cats. There are also no strong fragrances to worry about. Instead of clumping, the pine pellets will start to break down when they have been in contact with the liquid content. You’ll be required to scoop out the solid waste every day and gently remove the fresh pellets on top of the sawdust.

However, there are some cats that may not like the feeling of the pine pellets on their paws because it can be solid and can stick on their fur. This will usually happen especially if you have cats with long hair.


  • It uses pine as an absorbent.
  • It doesn’t clump but breaks down into sawdust.
  • It does not trigger the allergies of your cats.
  • There are no chemicals and fragrance added.


  • Some cats don’t like the feeling of it on their paws.
  • It is not recommended for cats with long hair.

It is important that we teach our kitten in using the litter box while they are still young. It saves a lot of our time and helps us in maintaining the cleanliness of our house. If you need help on training them, then you can consider Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Litter. This litter can make your life easier.

It is not a clumping clay litter and it is designed for the needs of your kittens. It comes with an herbal attractant that can encourage your cats to try out the litter box. They can be reluctant at first but will eventually get used to the idea once they feel the soft granules on their paws.

Many cat owners are recommending this product because of the texture of the litter, and it is perfect even for those that have sensitive paws. It is also a great product that helps in controlling the odor of the waste and it is 99% dust-free.


  • The granules are comfortable for your kitten’s sensitive paws.
  • It comes with an herbal attractant for proper training.
  • It offers an effective odor control system.
  • It does not come with artificial fragrances.


  • It is not recommended for cats younger than 3 months old.

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter offers clumping grass litter that is loved by many kittens because it is soft and gentle on their paws. They would love to walk and dig in as it is comfortable for them. You can use this to easily train your kitten in using the litter box and avoids letting them have a bad experience that can change their way of life.

It helps to easily control the odor from the waste of your cat naturally as there are no added fragrances on this. It is a great choice for many cat owners that are busy most of the time and do not want to deal with a messy litter box when they get home. This litter creates solid clumps that you can easily scoop out.

This also helps in keeping the litter box fresh and clean for your cats. It’s 99% dust free and there are no additives that can trigger the allergies of your kittens. It is also lightweight and pouring it is simple and quick. The grasses used on this product is grown in the United States are known to be GMO-free.


  • Many kittens will love the soft and fine texture of it.
  • It naturally gets rid of the odor.
  • It comes with great clumping ability.
  • It is free from artificial fragrances and ingredients.


  • It is a clumping litter.

The Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Quick Clumping Cat Litter is specially designed to help cat owners in training their kitten to use the litter box. It is a great option available on the market that you can use for your needs. This litter comes with natural-odor absorbing properties that help you in easily getting rid of the foul smell from the waste of your cats.

There are no artificial fragrances added and it uses grown walnut shells. According to the Blue Buffalo, that is a great pet food manufacturing company, the grown walnut shells can absorb liquid 3x more than the clay litter that is often considered by cat owners.

It encourages a quick and easy cleaning process to your cats, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the whole place. It does not come with dust and it attracts your cats in using the litter box. It offers natural herbs that are gentle for your cat’s nose.


  • It comes with natural herbs to attract your cats.
  • It is highly absorbent.
  • It easily controls the odor of the cat’s waste. Many cats would like the texture of it.


  • It can stick on the paws of your cat.
  • It can track around the house.

To avoid triggering the sensitivities of your kitten, it is ideal to have a natural cat litter for them. The CatSpot Litter Natural and Dust-Free is a great choice because it is an all-natural and non-clumping litter that is safe for your kittens. It is gentle and ideal for them, especially that they are still learning how to use the litter box properly.

The litter does not come with chemicals that can cause problems to your cats. There are also no fragrances, so it is gentle and safe for your kittens. This is made to be extremely lightweight, so it is easier for you to remove and replace it every time that you need to.

This product is known to be hypoallergenic and is recommended for cats that have sensitivities. If you have older cats in the house that may be sensitive to dust or have respiratory problems, then you can also consider using this for them.


  • It is an all-natural and non-clumping litter.
  • There are no chemicals added.
  • It helps to control the odor of your cats’ waste.
  • It is completely dust-free and safe for cats.


  • It can stick to the fur of your cats.

When you ask for the recommendation of other people, you’ll surely hear them talk about using the Okocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter. It is a natural product that is convenient to use and can help in easily maintaining the cleanliness of the house. It is lightweight and can help you to easily change the litter box as necessary.

It comes with a soft texture that your kittens will love. It can be soft and gentle on their paws, so you can be assured that they are going to be comfortable in using it. There’s no need to worry as your kitten can easily have confidence in stepping on it and eventually learn to use the litter box.

The best thing about this product is that it is great for controlling the odor of your kittens’ wastes and it absorbs the liquid effectively. That leaves you with a solid waste that you can easily scoop out and remove.


  • It is naturally lightweight and is made of wood.
  • It comes with a soft texture that is ideal for kittens.
  • It is great for controlling the odor of your cats’ wastes.
  • It can absorb the liquid effectively.


  • It can be dusty.
  • It can track all over the house.

Important Points to Consider

There are different options available that would claim to be the best litter for kittens, but you need to think twice and do your homework. The best one for your kitten might be different from the one that your friend’s kitten uses. It is important to spend time in knowing the behavior of your cats and think about their comfort more than anything else.

You should be careful in choosing a litter box as the training time will depend on the litter that you’ll have. As much as possible, you need to be knowledgeable about the things that you must and must not do beforehand, before checking out the options that you have.

  • Paw-Friendly Litter: Kittens have delicate paws and may not be comfortable with stepping on clumping clays. It is important that you will get a cat litter that comes with fine-grained litter that is soft and comfortable for the paws of your cats. You can also try paper pellets as well as other recommended litters.
  • Harsh Fragrances: There are many kittens that can easily develop sensitivities. It is important that you avoid cat litter that comes with harsh fragrances. It is ideal to have a mild fragrance that can easily cover up the smell of the feces and urine but will not trigger the sensitivities of your cats.
  • Comes with Attractants: It is ideal that you get a litter that has attractants. Training them to use the litter box can be challenging, and it is suggested to have herbal attractants that can easily get the attention of your cats.
  • Check their Allergies: If there are already known allergies of your cats, it is important that you consider it. When your cat has allergies, you need to get a hypoallergenic litter that comes with zero dust and won’t trigger the problems of your cats.

Tips in Training Kitten to Use Litter Box

Most of our kittens will naturally look for sandy areas where they can bury and release their waste. This is their natural behavior and you need to recreate this to help them in using the litter box. If you do not want to have a mess inside the house or don’t want your cats digging in the garden, then training them to use the litter box as early as now is important. This is part of the kitten nursing process that you need to do.

  • You need to choose the right litter box for your kitten. There can be a lot of available choices and you should check all of them out, weigh the pros and cons, and determine the one that’s best suited for your kittens. It can be a trial and error process, so you need to be patient.
  • It is ideal to give kittens treats as a reward every time they properly use the litter box. This can help in boosting their confidence and let them know that they have done something good. But, make sure to do this the right way, so they won’t ask for treats often.
  • If you do not want to have a messy litter box, then you have to control the food that they are eating as well. There are many dry foods and wet kitten food available out there that can help in promoting a solid waste for your cats that you can easily scoop and clean.
  • You need to introduce the use of the litter box slowly. You can have a box for your cat and put litter inside it. You should then check if your cats are going to dig inside it or not. You can repeat this several times until you see progress.

The Round Up

It is not hard to find the best litter for kittens, but you have to consider their needs before anything else. Cat litters are often produced for different purposes, and you may want to get one that is ideal for the condition, health, and size of your cat. You may also check if the litter is ideal for their breeds, or any other specifications to avoid wasting your money for wrong ones.

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