Best Litter for Cats with Asthma

Is your cat suffering from asthma? Cats who have asthma may need extra care, not only with the meals they eat but also in their litter box. All the allergens should be kept away in the house as their sickness can easily be triggered. The best litter for cats with asthma can be a great deal to look for, especially that it is designed to help your cats with their situation.

Asthma is a common respiratory disease in many cats, especially that they are exposed to different allergens in the house. When they have asthma, their bronchial tubes will start to narrow, and they will have a hard time to breathe. Some common allergens that can trigger this kind of health problem are strong perfume, cigarette smoke, deodorizers, and dust.

With the help of the right litter, it is easier to reduce the strong smell that can trigger the wheeze and cough of your cats. This can be one of the best things that we can do for our cats. Watching them struggle to breath fast can be heartbreaking and a clumping litter can make the situation worse.

A dusty litter can cause health problems to your cats, and you can’t risk it. The best litter for cats with asthma is a great investment so you would be assured that it does not contain any allergens and won’t trigger the sensitivity of your cat. Get to know your options and choose one that you think can help you with your needs.

Litter for Cats with Asthma Comparison Table

The Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Cat Litter is a trusted cat litter that is designed for the needs of cats that have respiratory issues including asthma. This is a common problem of many domesticated cats as they are not used in their new environment and may be prone to allergens that can trigger their allergies.

This litter creates easy to remove clump that keeps your litter box fresh and clean. This is available in two formulas – the silica gel and clumping clay. This is created to help cats in controlling their respiratory problems and offer a litter that contains fewer dust. There is no perfume, plant proteins, and deodorants to worry about.

It reduces the stress and controls the breathing of your cats, to ensure that they are healthy and safe. It creates formed clumps that are easy to remove. It is 99% dust free and does not come with an odor that can probably irritate the nose of your cats.


  • It is 99.9% dust-free litter box.
  • It creates easy to remove clump.
  • It is easy to clean and keeps the litter box fresh.
  • There are no added perfume or deodorants.


  • It uses sodium bentonite clay.
  • It is quite heavy and hard to move.

When it comes to cat litter, there is no doubt that the Cat’s Pride is one of the most reliable and has been trusted by many cat owners on the market. They have been there for about 75 years and they offer quality cat litters that best suit your needs. The Cat’s Pride Natural Scoopable Cat Litter is designed to help cats that have allergies and asthma.

It is 100% dust-free and can eliminate the odor of their stools. There are no dyes and perfume added, so it is very safe and ideal for your cats. It uses effective odor control that helps in keeping the litter box fresh and clean. It is perfect for cats that have sensitive skin because of its low dust formula.

It also offers maximum clumping action that keeps the litter moist and easy to clean.


  • It comes from a trusted manufacturer.
  • It is designed for cats with allergies and asthma.
  • It is 100% dust-free.
  • It helps to easily clean the litter box.


  • There are issues about consistency.
  • Some cats don’t like this.

If you have long-haired cats, then this Healthy Pet Okocat Natural Wood Litter can be a great choice for you. It does not come with any ingredient that can trigger asthma or cause any other respiratory problems to your cats. There are no synthetic fragrances, additives, and others, so it is proven to be safe and is highly recommended for all breeds of cats.

The company claims that the natural woods used come from unused lumber and fallen trees. It gives no airborne dust that commonly triggers the allergies of your cats. It also has natural antibacterial properties which helps in keeping you away from getting respiratory issues as well.

It is biodegradable and flushable. It means that it is easier to clean and keeps your litter box fresh with the help of this. It is a leading brand that is trusted by many consumers over the years.


  • It is created to help cats with respiratory problems.
  • It is flushable and biodegradable.
  • It comes with natural antibacterial properties.
  • It helps clean and keep the litter box fresh.


  • There are cats that don’t like this.
  • It can be a mess to some cat owners.

If you are more comfortable in using clumping clays but is looking for one that is more hygienic and ideal for your cats with asthma, then you can try and check out the Boxicat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter. This cat litter is made with hypoallergenic, natural, and pure premium clay that is safe and ideal for your cats’ current needs.

This product is being recommended by many cat owners on the market, and it is not complicated to use it in the house. It is also a common product that your veterinarian will probably suggest. This is unscented, tracking resistant, and dust-free. There are no fillers, dyes, and any other ingredient that can trigger the asthma of your cats.

It gives a refreshing feeling and comfort to your cat every time they do their business. It is ideal for cats of all ages.


  • It is a highly recommended product.
  • It is refreshing and gives comfort to cats.
  • It is unscented and is tracking resistant.
  • It is 100% dust-free.


  • Some cats don’t like this.

If you care about the environment and would like to clean the mess of your cats without breaking the bank, then Yesterday’s News Original Cat Litter is perfect for you. It is proudly made in the USA and is trusted by many pet owners because of the benefits that it can offer. It is unscented and will not trigger the asthma of your cats.

According to the claims of the company, it is three times more absorbent and efficient compared to clays and is great at controlling the odor of their stool. This is a very gentle product that is recommended for cats that have sensitivities or those that recently underwent surgical procedures, currently nursing, or are pregnant.

It gives comfort to your cats and it is safe to use. The pellets won’t stick around the body of your cats, so it will not cause a mess in the house. It can be a great product that you should consider today.


  • It is unscented and is free from additives that can trigger their asthma.
  • It is made with recycled newspapers.
  • It is 3x more absorbent than clays.
  • It is recommended for cats that recently had a surgery.


  • It may have you spending more time in cleaning the litter boxes.
  • There are cats that will prefer clays.

If the earlier option did not convince you, then here’s another one on our list from the same company. The Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Fragrance-Free is free from dye and any fragrance that can harm or trigger allergies on your cats. It is specially formulated to help cats that are suffering from asthma and would suit the needs of your cats with regards to their current situation.

It is a low-dust formula that keeps your cat from non tracking cat litter around the house and cause breathing problems to your cats. The best feature of this product is that it is 25% lighter compared to the other products. This makes it easier to handle and still lets you get the result that you need.

This is a great alternative that can help to avoid triggering the condition of your cat. It is easy to scoop and claims to be 99% dust free.


  • It controls the odor of your cats’ stool.
  • It lets you scoop clumps easily.
  • It is 99% dust-free. 
  • It is lightweight compared to other brands.


  • It is oily and sticky when being cleaned.
  • Some cat owners suggest poor odor control.

The Better Way Flushable Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter helps to form nice clumps that can easily be removed from the litter box. It has a good odor control system and the actual granules are soft and small. This makes it easier and comfortable for the feet of your cat and avoids having scratches or small wounds.

It comes with an attractant that helps in training your kitten on where to do their business. You can use this for cats of all ages and is highly recommended even for first-time cat owners. This is flushable, so it would not be hard for you to properly get rid of the litter.

It also comes with a nice smell that will not cause irritation to the nose of your cat. It helps in cleaning and keeping the box fresh and clean.


  • It keeps the box fresh and clean.
  • It comes with small granules that are soft for the paws of cats.
  • It helps in training kitten where to do their business.
  • It comes with a nice and relaxing smell.


  • It leaves marks around the house.
  • It easily falls apart.

Important Points to Consider

If your cat is having difficulties with breathing, getting the best litter for cats with asthma would be a great help in managing it. The dust in the litter is one of the most common allergens that trigger the asthma of your cats. To easily find one that supports the need for your cats, there are some things you need to look for and it includes includes the following points below.

  • Safe for your cats: The first thing to check for is the safety of the product. There are provided instructions on how you can properly use the litter box and give you knowledge if it is ideal for the needs of your cat or not. Make sure to spend time in reading the manual so you would be guided accordingly. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Most products will have a label that says ‘hypoallergenic’, and it is important that you check it. It should not have any other ingredients that can cause irritation to your cats. You should also be meticulous in checking labels and whatnots as some manufacturers use additional ingredients to control the odor of the litter box. 
  • Odor control system: If you are someone who does not like the odor of the stool of your cats, you need to choose a litter box that has a good odor control system. It is important, so you can manage the smell of their stool and avoid it from lingering inside the house. 
  • Budget-friendly: We all know that there are also other needs to consider, and you may want to get a quality litter box that won’t break the bank. You can find a list of available options, so pick one that best suits your overall needs while also fitting in your budget.

How to Train Cats in Using Litter Box?

For first time owners, it’s like training your babies on how to use the restroom. It can be challenging as our cats can’t understand our language and we need to make sure that they will learn how to use the litter box. If they will not learn, it can be messy in the house and the smell of their feces will linger around. It is not ideal as their stool has a very strong odor compared to other pets.

Before you buy the best litter for cats with asthma, make sure to teach your cats first in using the litter box. Some great tips include the following points below.

Soft to their paws 

Some cats don’t go and step in places that are hard on their paws or may cause scratches. It is best to have cat litter that is soft enough and can make them feel comfortable. You can look for litters that are made with smaller pieces.

No strong fragrance 

Having strong fragrance on the litter box can irritate the nose of your cat. You’ll be surprised when they start to cough and sneeze. You should get one that comes with a relaxing odor that can attract your cats.

Trigger their curiosity 

Cats can be naturally curious. They love to try new things that they find amazing or fascinating. You can try putting up toys around the litter box to encourage them to go there or at least keep them near their litter box.

Trial and error 

Do not buy tons of litter for your cats. Not all litter on the market can attract your cats and is comfortable for them. They tend to be conscious of things that come in contact with their body, so you may go through a trial and error phase until you get one that best suits their needs.

Start young 

It is ideal to train your cats while they are still kittens. It is easier for them to get used in the process of using the litter box. There are some litter boxes that come with an attractant that could probably trigger the curiosity of your cats.

Some cats are trained to use litter box while they are still in the shelters or pet stores. You’ll be lucky if you got one that is already trained and knows what to do. If not, you can follow the suggested tips mentioned and get started.

The Round Up

Suffering from asthma is surely heartbreaking. It gives your cats a hard time breathing and may cause more problems if you are not going to take quick actions to resolve it. With the best litter for cats with asthma, it would be easier to maintain an environment that comes with less dust for your cats. It is important, so there would be no allergens to trigger their condition, letting them stay healthy.

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