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Truth be told, welcoming a new kitten into the family is a happy and fun moment. However, it is also important to keep in mind that kittens come with great responsibilities and lots of adjustments need to be made. Just like taking care of a baby, our kitten has specific needs like getting the best kitten food and kitten litter.

Kittens are cute and cuddly. But they are full of energy and can easily drain yours with their fun and games. It is because of their active and playful nature that they need lots of food to keep their energy high. 

However, deciding on the best kitten food can be a daunting process. Many cat owners are having problems in deciding what food to give to their kitten, especially for first-timers. When making your choice, do not be in a rush. There are many brands of cat food on the market that has been formulated for the special needs of your kittens. Take your time in researching and choosing one for them. You need to make sure that you will get the one that works for your kittens best. To help you choose, below are reviews that will shed a light on your path to picking the best kitten food on the market.

Kitten Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
The Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Indoor Dry Cat FoodChicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken Fat, Chicken Liver Flavor, Whole Grain Corn36%23.1%2.1%Click Here
Wellness Complete Health Natural DryDeboned chicken, Chicken meal, Rice, Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Turkey Meal30%10%4%Click Here
Royal Canin Feline Health And Nutrition Mother and Baby Cat Dry FoodChicken by product meal, brewers rice, chicken fat, corn, wheat gluten, natural flavors32%23%3.6%Click Here
Organix Grain Free Organic Dry FoodOrganic Chicken, Organic Chicken Meal, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Peas, Organic Chickpeas32%14%3.5%Click Here
Wellness CORE Natural Canned Kitten FoodTurkey, Chicken Liver, Turkey Broth, Chicken, Herring, Chicken Meal12%7.5%1%Click Here
Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Chicken Canned Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tricalcium Phosphate, Taurine, Choline Chloride16%2.6%0%Click Here
Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten Canned Kitten FoodChicken, Liver, Fish, Meat By-Products, Water Sufficient for Processing, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Calcium Phosphate12%6%1.5%Click Here
Nutro Max Wet Cat FoodChicken broth, Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Beef Liver, Cod10%7%1%Click Here
Wellness Natural Pet FoodSalmon, Peas, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Chicken Meal, Herring Meal31%11%4%Click Here
Nature’s Variety Instinct Natural Wet Canned FoodChicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Ground Flaxseed, Montmorillonite Clay11%7.5%3%Click Here
Purina Fancy Feast Kitten GourmetChicken, Chicken broth, liver, meat-by-products, fish, artificial and natural flavors10%5%1.5%Click Here
Blue Buffalo Gourmet Kitten Chicken Wet Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Dried Egg, Fish Oil (source of DHA-Docosahexaenoic Acid), Natural Flavor11%7.5%1.5%Click Here

The Science Diet brand produces one of the best dry kitten foods in the market. This specific product is designed to meet your kitten’s needs. Hill's Science is deliberate about the quality of the recipes it has developed. They are made with well-balanced nutrients that will rejuvenate your kitten’s energy and promote proper growth and development.

This food is high in antioxidants and prebiotic fiber. It also contains vitamins E and C which give your kitten's immune system a boost. Why do many consumers consider this as the best dry kitten food? Well, most experts and professional vets have nothing but praise for this Science Diet product. Most cat owners state that it is their first choice for their kittens’ food.

You have the option of choosing a 5.5 pound, a 7 pound or 3.5-pound bag. This recipe offers a good level of protein that can help maintain the leaner and stronger muscles of your kitten, and eventually help them achieve their ideal weight and body condition.


  • It offers high levels of antioxidants. And was mentioned in our cat food advisor guide.
  • It has fiber that promotes proper digestion.
  • It is highly recommended by many veterinarians.
  • It helps maintain leaner and stronger muscles.


  • Some cats don't like eating this meal.
  • A kitten may need higher moisture level.

The Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Kitten Food is backed by the company’s guarantee of satisfaction. The brand is known for creating quality meals that can be ideal for your kitten and this product is a great option to consider. Many people are recommending this dry cat food because it comes with everything that your kitten will need.

All ingredients used in this product are natural. This best dry kitten food is laced with taurine which proves to be important when it comes to your kitten’s vision and heart development. It is also important to note that the product does not contain wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavoring, preservatives, or colors.

This food is designed for kittens that are below 12 months of age. It has a higher level of protein and supports the overall wellness of your kitten. It provides you with the choice of having bags between 5.9 pounds and 2.9 pounds. The 5.9-pound bag is recommended for a household with several kittens.


  • Nutrition professionals formulated the recipe.
  • It uses all-natural ingredients for the health and safety of your kittens.
  • There are no artificial flavors and preservatives used.
  • It is crafted for the specific needs of your kittens.


  • Some kittens may not like the flavor.
  • There are kittens that need higher moisture level.

If you have a kitten that is four months old or younger, then this Royal Canin Feline Health and Nutrition Mother and Baby Cat Dry Food is a great choice. It is designed for the needs of lactating mom and the kittens that are still young, and need proper nutrition to survive. It comes with all necessary minerals and nutrients that are needed by your cats to promote overall growth and wellness.

There are added vitamins such as taurine, Vitamin C and E, lutein, prebiotics, and other minerals that can help in easing the digestive health of your cats, especially when transitioning from the milk of their mother to solid foods. It is a very crucial phase in their life and you should never make mistakes in giving the right meal for them.

The kibbles are specially created to be small and a little bit moistened, so your kitten can manage to chew it and digest every bit of it.


  • It has added prebiotics for better digestion.
  • The kibbles are made to be small, so your kittens can chew on it easily.
  • It is formulated for the specific needs of your kittens.
  • It helps prevent the risk of developing hairballs and other sensitivities.


  • It can spoil faster compared to other dry food because of the moistened kibbles.

From the name, you can tell that this product is organic and is healthy for your kittens. The formula is free from grains. This means that it comes without wheat, soy, or corn. This is important for all kittens that are still developing their digestive system. This is specially formulated to help you introduce healthier food options to your kittens at a young age.

This kitten food has a good rating in the pet food industry. It uses free-range chicken as the main ingredient. It has a superfood blend that is packed with the right nutrients for your growing kitten. This recipe also features organic flaxseed, organic cranberries, and organic coconut oil which makes it ideal for cat owners that are looking for a more natural and complete diet for their kittens.

It is made in U.S.A and has been certified by the Oregon Tilth. There are no chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used thus maintains the overall quality of the recipe and gives you an assurance about the nutrition that your kittens can get from it. It is sold in a 4-pound bag.


  • It uses chicken as the main ingredient.
  • It is an organic recipe made of all-natural ingredients.
  • It is packed with a superfood blend that your kittens’ need.
  • It is formulated with the highest quality of ingredients on the market.


  • Some kitten may need more moisture content.

The Wellness Company has dedicated itself to providing kittens with a long-term beneficial and nutritious diet. Each of the kitten foods they have feature essential ingredients used in the healthy development of kittens. These include fatty acids, minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

This kitten food has been designed devoid of grains. It is rich in proteins which is a great source of calories. It uses both herring and chicken to support the development of your kittens’ eyes and brain. This meal gives your kittens the proper nutrients they need to develop leaner and stronger muscles that it is important for their overall health and well-being.

It is also worth pointing out that the food is manufactured in North America.

This recipe is formulated to have higher levels of moisture that is needed for your kittens’ digestive health and lets them easily absorb the nutrients offered by this meal. Make sure to check the guaranteed analysis on the recipe’s label to be well-informed on what to expect from it.


  • It has the complete minerals and vitamins needed by your kittens.
  • It is free from grains and other preservatives.
  • It supports the overall wellness of your kittens’ eyes and brain.
  • It offers the right level of moisture that your kitten needs.


  • The chunks may be too big for some kittens.

Tiki Cat is a renowned pet food company. It is dedicated to formulating cat and kitten food that is of high quality and has high nutritional value. Each of the cat foods they have developed meets the nutritional profile similar to what dogs and cats used to eat in the wild. This canned kitten food is made using human-grade ingredients including seafood and sliced meats. It is important to note that the foods are free of grains.

This canned food from Tiki features shredded chicken meat as the main ingredient as well as chicken consommé broth which gives the food a natural flavor and the right moisture. The ingredients are supplemented with sunflower seed oil which provides omega fatty acids. These fatty acids are important in promoting a healthy coat and skin for your kittens.

This recipe is highly recommended because it offers high levels of protein than the other recipes and brands included in this list. It also comes with low carb content which is not really needed for the diet of your kittens.


  • It offers high levels of protein to support the needs of your kitten.
  • It is free from grains and other fillers.
  • It has sunflower seed oil for a healthy skin and coat.
  • It has shredded chicken for better digestion.


  • It is a little hard to find in the local market. Some kittens are not interested with the flavor.

This cat food is perfect for kittens that are a month years old and up to a year old. It is made with Tuna and Real Ocean Whitefish. These ingredients provide high levels of omega fatty acids that are great for the maintenance of your kittens’ healthy coat and skin. The ingredients and nutrients provided also aid in promoting a healthy immune system.

This is specially formulated to help kittens at the age of one month to one-year-old. This helps in nourishing and promoting the proper development of the immune system of your kittens. Young kittens can be sensitive and can easily be prone to different diseases, so make sure that you will offer the right recipe and flavors that come with the appropriate levels of nutrients that they require.

Overall, the product has a great taste that your kitten is bound to love and won’t get enough of.


  • It uses real meat as the main ingredient.
  • It helps nourish the skin and coat of your kittens.
  • It helps kittens with a sensitive stomach and promotes proper digestion.
  • It promotes a healthy immune system to fight off sensitivities.


  • Too much seafood flavor can make your kittens finicky.

The Organix Grain-Free Organic Dry Healthy Start Kitten Formula is a great meal that can easily you’re your kittens in getting the right nutrients that they need. This formula does not come with grains, soy, and other ingredients that can be harmful to the digestive health of your cat. This is very important, so you could avoid triggering sensitivities or developing any health problems.

It uses real organic chicken as the main ingredient and offers a high level of protein for the overall development of your cats. This meal is a popular organic recipe that you need for your kittens. It comes with organic peas, organic chicken, organic lentils, and organic potatoes, giving quality nutrients to your kitten.

All of the ingredients are sourced from the USA and has been certified by Oregon Tilth. With this meal, you can have a peace of mind about the nutrients that your kitten is getting.


  • It does not come with grains and additives.
  • It uses all-organic ingredients.
  • It comes with high levels of protein.
  • It has been certified by Oregon Tilth.


  • Some cats are not interested in this meal.

If you will ask many cat owners for their suggestion, there is a high chance for them to recommend the Merrick Purrfect Bistro Healthy Kitten Grain-Free Dry Food. It is one of the best recipe available on the market that uses real deboned chicken as the main ingredient. This is a great starter meal for a kitten as it is rich in omega fatty acids that can help in promoting a healthy skin and fur for them.

This meal is also fortified with the right minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics. To keep it short, it is a complete and balanced diet that you need for your kittens. It does not come with grains or any other ingredients that can cause problems to your cats. This is recommended for kittens up to 12 months old and they will love the taste of it.

Overall, it offers 74% of protein content that is greatly essential for your kitten and it is available in a 7-pound bag that can last for a week, depending on the size and age of your kitten.


  • It has a high level of protein content.
  • It is a complete and balanced meal for your kitten.
  • It does not come with grains or any additives.
  • It promotes healthy skin and fur for your kitten.


  • There are kittens that don’t like this meal.

The Blue Wilderness Kitten Grain-Free Chicken Dry Cat Food uses protein-rich and delicious deboned chicken as the main ingredient. There are no by-products and fillers added, so you can be assured that this is safe and healthy for them. It also comes with sweet potatoes that gives a balanced nutrition that is necessary for the development of your kittens.

It comes with lots of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and amino acids for the proper development of the immune system and digestive health of your cats. This meal also comes with added Taurine that is necessary for your kittens’ healthy heart and good eyesight. You can be assured that your kitten will love every bit of this.

Just like any other recipe from this brand, this meal features LifeSource Bits that is a unique two-part food that comes with natural ingredients. It is enhanced with the right blend of nutrients that your kittens need.


  • It uses deboned chicken as the main ingredient.
  • It comes with sweet potatoes for extra carb content.
  • It comes with complete nutrients that your kitten needs.
  • It features LifeSource Bits.


  • Some kittens don’t like this meal.
  • It can cause a foul smell in their feces.

The packaging of this kitten food says it all. The labeling is clear that it is a cat food designed for kittens. It is a premium kitten food that contains liver and real chicken. Real chicken is used as the main ingredient. Note that the ingredient is not a chicken by-product but real chicken.

This recipe offers higher levels of protein that is important for the growth and development of your kittens. Proteins are responsible for helping them have leaner and stronger muscles which are necessary for the proper development of your kittens’ bodies and eventually lets them manage to fight off different sensitivities.

In addition to these natural ingredients, the food is fortified with minerals, vitamins, and several other nutrients for a 100% balanced nutrition for kittens and adult cats as well. With this canned cat food, you are in for a guaranteed satisfaction. The product is proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • Comes from a company that has great social responsibility
  • Odor control is good even if the litter is unscented
  • Flushable and compostable – just break the clumps down to smaller pieces
  • Less dust than most litter sand


  • Because of its light weight, cats easily track the sand all around

All the ingredients used are natural and it comes with added taurine, which is essential for the development of your kitten’s vision and heart. There is no corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, and other preservatives to worry about. This is specially designed for kittens and can give assurance on the result that you’re going to have.

It has passed quality standards and uses the finest natural ingredients to create a delicious recipe that your kittens will love. It boosts their appetite and promotes their overall health.


  • It is backed by the company’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • It is a highly recommended meal for many kittens.
  • It uses the finest ingredients available.
  • It is a complete meal for the overall health of cats.


  • There are cats that don’t like this flavor.

This smooth loaf chicken pate canned food created and designed by Wellness Natural Pet food is by far one of the best wet food for kittens. The product is formulated using only the best vegetables, fruits, and proteins to feed your beloved kittens. 

Its main ingredient is chicken which is followed by other natural ingredients including cranberries which improve urinary health, carrots which work to improve the immune system, and flaxseeds which promote a shiny coat.

This is a complete and well-balanced recipe that is highly recommended for the special needs of your kitten. Wellness is formulating quality of meals and recipes to ensure that your kitten is getting what they need. There are other flavors available which you can consider depending on the preferences of your kitten.

You should note that it does not contain any meat by-products, preservatives, color, or flavorings. It comes in a pack of twenty-four (24) pieces of 3 oz. cans. It is perfect for kittens one-year-old and below.


  • It helps to improve urinary health.
  • It promotes the immune system.
  • It has antioxidants for better support in your kitten’s health.
  • It is free from meat by-products and additives.


  • There are kittens that may only pick the flavor they want.

This is yet another best wet food for kittens. It contains real salmon, beef liver, and chicken. It is one of the best kitten food by Natural Variety Instinct. The ingredients used provide high-quality animal protein which is perfect for the growth and development of your kittens and in providing energy to them. It also contains DHA, from the salmon, which works to improve the eye and brain development.

The smooth loaf is tasty for kittens and is free from grains. The kitten food does not contain soy, wheat, corn, potatoes, artificial colors, preservatives, or by-product meals. This is formulated to aid the sensitive stomach of your cats and help them to manage their digestive health, especially when it comes to preventing hairball and other sensitivities.

It comes in packs of twenty-four (24) pieces of 3 oz. cans or twelve (12) pieces of 5.5 oz. cans. It is perfect for kittens below one-year-old. You can serve this to your kitten according to their current size and age.


  • It comes with all natural ingredients.
  • It promotes growth and development.
  • It comes with DHA and other vitamins.
  • It promotes healthy eye and brain.


  • Cat owners complain that it is too chunky for kitten.

This wet cat food uses ocean whitefish as its main ingredient. This is the source of its high-quality protein. The Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Gourmet is bound to be a feast and a delight for your kittens. Few kitten foods can boast of such texture. Your kittens can thus gobble down the food with great ease. Your kittens can transition from milk to solid food easily with the help of this meal.

In addition to the ocean whitefish, the food also contains eggs, real milk, and chicken. These add to its great taste and offers higher level of protein that is important for the overall growth of your kitten, especially when having lean and stronger muscles.

The supplements included are vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin B-12, Riboflavin and Vitamin D-3. This is a complete and well-balanced diet that you can have for your kitten, and let them enjoy every bit of it. The food comes in twenty-four (24) 3 oz. cans.


  • It offers high level of protein.
  • It promotes overall growth and development of kitten.
  • It helps kitten to avoid having upset stomach.
  • It comes with great flavors your cat loves.


  • Kitten can be messy in eating this meal.

Another recipe on our list is the Blue Buffalo gourmet kitten chicken wet cat food. The main ingredient in this recipe includes chicken liver, chicken broth, and chicken which provide a pure protein source to support muscle growth. Other ingredients included are fruits and vegetables which provide antioxidants as well as a variety of minerals and vitamins which contain DHA for improved cognitive development.

Phosphorus and calcium are also included which are perfect for the development of stronger teeth and bones of your kittens. This is a complete and balanced diet that can help your kitten in getting the right level of nutrients they need, and easily fight off different sensitivities.

This kitten food is free of animal by-products, wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. It is perfect for kittens below one-year-old and is available in packs of twenty-four (24) 3 oz. cans.


  • It offers high level of protein.
  • It has antioxidants to support healthy immune system.
  • It helps to promote development of teeth and bones.
  • It is complete and well-balanced diet.


  • It can be soupy for some kitten.

The Orijen Original Freeze-Dried Cat Treats is made of 100% meat and is classified as 100% natural ingredients. According to the brand, their ingredients are delivered daily to be fresh and do not comes with preservatives. It is all raw and gently freeze-dried to maintain all the nutrients of the ingredients, which makes it safe and recommended for your kitten.

It is a nutrient-dense whole prey ratio coming from fresh organs, poultry, and cartilage with added whole monkfish that offers a natural source of the right level of nutrient needed by your kitten. This is cooked on own kitchen of the brand without preservatives and it easily comes with the delicious and natural taste that your kitten will love.

Just like the other recipes of the brand, this is also formulated to be biologically appropriate. It has added 1 calorie per treat. Some of the other ingredient used include chicken liver, turkey liver, chicken, turkey and mixed tocopherols which is a natural preservative. It is the perfect kitten treat!


  • It is made of 100% meat and all natural ingredients.
  • There are no added fillers and other chemicals.
  • It is gently freeze-dried to lock nutrients.
  • It is formulated for the needs of a kitten.


  • It takes time for it to be rehydrated.
  • Some kitten won’t like the texture of this recipe.

Are you interested in showing some love to your kitten? The Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Cat Treats has been formulated to help them in getting better nutrients they need. It is a single ingredient treat made of minnows as the main ingredient. The minnows are pure, raw and have been freeze-dried to give the right level of nutrients that your kitten may require for their proper growth and development.

This is packaged and proudly made in the USA which gives more assurance to the pet owners on the quality of meal that they are getting. The ingredient is sourced from America’s heartland and the minnows are formulated with no flavorings, fillers, rendered by-products and other chemicals that can be harmful to your kitten.

This is available in convenient resealable packaging that makes it easier for you to access the treats and offer it to your kitten. This can also be a great treat to use in training them. Lastly, it is formulated to be free from gluten and grains. This treat will start to get your kitten purring for more!


  • It uses a single ingredient.
  • It has been freeze-dried to lock in all nutrients.
  • It is sourced from America’s heartland. It is free from additives and chemicals.


  • Some kittens don’t like the texture. It can have a foul smell.

The PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Treats is made of one single ingredient and it is 100% pure and the USA sourced chicken breast. The brand also encourages the consumers to check their ingredients and label because they are assured that the quality of their recipe is really good and ideal for the overall needs of your kitten.

This has been freeze-dried in order to lock all the nutrients that your kitten needs. It locks in the aroma, texture and all the freshness that your kitten craves. Many cat owners love this recipe because it is 100% pure and rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that promote a happy and healthy life of your kitten.

This is proudly made in the USA and offers average 2 calories per treat. This is highly recommended even for a kitten that has special condition or sensitivities such as diabetic, overweight, gastrointestinal disorders, has allergies or is currently on a restricted diet.


  • It uses a single ingredient.
  • It is freeze-dried to lock in the flavor.
  • It offers the right level of nutrients your kitten needs.
  • It is recommended for kittens with sensitivities.


  • Some kitten doesn’t like the texture. It is only ideal for supplementary feeding.

The Wellness Kittles Crunchy Cat Treats is formulated to be 100% free from grains and is an all natural treat that your kitten will surely love. This is made of premium fruits and vegetables and comes with real meat as the main ingredient. It is available in different flavors that will excite your cats such as chicken and cranberries, duck and cranberries, salmon and cranberries, tuna and cranberries, and turkey and cranberries.

This is a great treat that is made of all natural ingredients without artificial colors, meat by-products, artificial flavors and also no preservatives. There are many cat owners that will prefer to offer this to their kitten because of the overall nutrients that it can offer. This offers a balanced and complete treat that can boost their overall body condition.

This treat is proudly made in the USA and offers below 2 calories per treat. It is also formulated to comes with small kibbles that let your kitten digest and eat this without problems. You can mix up the different flavors together, so your kitten won’t get tired of the same treat over and over again.


  • It is 100% free from grains and gluten.
  • It is made with all natural ingredients for your kitten.
  • It comes with real meat as the main ingredient. It boosts overall body condition of your kitten.


  • There are kittens that may not like the flavor.
  • Most kittens will prefer to have higher moisture on their meals.

Important Points to Consider

A kitten will need a proper balance of fats, high calories and protein to help them in building and developing their body. This is important for the growth of their brain, nerves, as well as their spinal cord. The best kitten food will play a big role in the health of your cats. With that, make sure to consider the following things below.

  • Recommendations of veterinarians: For first-time kitten owners, it is ideal to ask for the recommendations of the veterinarians. They can help you in choosing meals for your kitten easily as they will consider the brand, the nutrition, and the breed of your cats. 
  • Ingredients used: A kitten may need a high level of protein to survive. You need to serve food that comes with an animal source of protein as it can make you assured about the quality of nutrients that they can get and promote healthy development. 
  • No fillers and additives: Exposing your kitten to fillers and additives at an early age will cause more problems to you. They can start to develop sensitivities and give you problems while growing up. It is best to be careful and choose a cat food with no fillers and additives. 
  • Added supplements: Your kitten needs complete nutrition. It is ideal to have dry cat food that comes with added supplements that can help you balance the nutrition of your kitten and avoid health problems at their early stage. If they have a condition, you need to spend time in checking and in knowing meals that are suitable for their needs.

Dry vs. Wet Kitten Food: Which is Right for your Kitten?

As you do your research on the market, you’ll see that there are several brands that are offering wet and dry kitten food. This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind as your kitten needs to have the right levels of nutrients. Wet kitten canned food is often recommended for a kitten because it contains higher moisture level that is important for proper digestion and metabolism.

Cats at a young age need higher levels of protein and it can also be provided by wet canned recipes. Wet canned recipes also undergo less processing procedures compared to dry kitten food and have meat cooked in its own juices. This type of food offers the right nutrients that will help your kittens to develop leaner and stronger muscles. However, you need to spend time in checking the size of the chunks or flakes of the meat because it can be too big for some kittens. 

On the other hand, the dry kitten food is ideal because it is convenient to store. It has a longer shelf life than wet kitten food and is also available for a cheaper price. Many cat owners will have this instead because of those simple benefits, but if you want the best nutrition for your kitten, then wet canned food would be the right choice for you.

It is quite expensive compared to other options.

Why Choose Dry Kitten Food?

For a growing kitten, serving them the best dry kitten food is necessary. They need to get used to this kind of variety since they are starting to become adults.  There many dry foods available for adult cats that are more convenient compared to the wet ones. Having a mix of wet and dry food can be a great idea for starters as it can help you to balance their needs and let them be familiar with it.

Dry cat food is travel-friendly and portable. You can easily bring it with you during your trips with your kitten and you can keep it on the shelves for a longer time, without the worries of it getting spoiled. It comes at an affordable price that is good for your budget and one bag can last for a week or two.

Most of the kitten that is used in eating wet and dry food will become less finicky eaters when they become adults. It is also easier to introduce flavors to the young ones, so their taste buds can get used to it. Just think about it as if you are giving meals to your babies.

Also, when they are still young, it is easier for them to chew their meals and get the nutrients that come with it. It won’t be hard if the meal is palatable to their taste. The only downside of feeding dry kitten food is that your kitten would need an extra source of water and you need to train them in using bowls or feeders for this.

That is very important, regardless if you are moistening the dry food with water or not. You may also need to consider this especially for young kittens that are still used in getting milk from their moms.


And there you are – an in-depth look at the best kitten food. Sure, the choices are numerous but do your due diligence to get the best kitten food for your kittens. You can pick from this list or follow the guide to pick one out for yourself. Just make sure that you will get one that is ideal and best for the special needs and current conditions of your own kitten. You can always ask for the recommendations of your veterinarian if you are in doubt.

You need to be careful in feeding your kitten with this, and check if they can manage to chew on the size of the kibbles. The smaller the kibbles, the better for your kitten. Aside from that, check the ingredients and provide the right source of water to keep them hydrated with fountains. 

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