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Truth be told, welcoming a new kitten into the family is a happy and fun moment. However, it is also important to point out that kittens come with great responsibilities and lots of adjustments have to be made.

Kittens are cute and cuddly. But they are full of energy and can easily drain yours with their fun and games. It is because of their active and playful nature that they need lots of food to keep their energy high. However, deciding on the best kitten food can be a daunting process.

When making your choice, do not be in a rush. To this effect, below is a guide and reviews that will light your path to picking the best kitten food on the market.

Kitten Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
The Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Indoor Dry Cat FoodChicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken Fat, Chicken Liver Flavor, Whole Grain Corn36%23.1%2.1%Click Here
Wellness Complete Health Natural DryDeboned chicken, Chicken meal, Rice, Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Turkey Meal30%10%4%Click Here
Royal Canin Feline Health And Nutrition Mother and Baby Cat Dry FoodChicken by product meal, brewers rice, chicken fat, corn, wheat gluten, natural flavors32%23%3.6%Click Here
Organix Grain Free Organic Dry FoodOrganic Chicken, Organic Chicken Meal, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Peas, Organic Chickpeas32%14%3.5%Click Here
Wellness CORE Natural Canned Kitten FoodTurkey, Chicken Liver, Turkey Broth, Chicken, Herring, Chicken Meal12%7.5%1%Click Here
Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Chicken Canned Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tricalcium Phosphate, Taurine, Choline Chloride16%2.6%0%Click Here
Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten Canned Kitten FoodChicken, Liver, Fish, Meat By-Products, Water Sufficient for Processing, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Calcium Phosphate12%6%1.5%Click Here
Nutro Max Wet Cat FoodChicken broth, Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Beef Liver, Cod10%7%1%Click Here
Wellness Natural Pet FoodSalmon, Peas, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Chicken Meal, Herring Meal31%11%4%Click Here
Nature’s Variety Instinct Natural Wet Canned FoodChicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Ground Flaxseed, Montmorillonite Clay11%7.5%3%Click Here
Purina Fancy Feast Kitten GourmetChicken, Chicken broth, liver, meat-by-products, fish, artificial and natural flavors10%5%1.5%Click Here
Blue Buffalo Gourmet Kitten Chicken Wet Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Dried Egg, Fish Oil (source of DHA-Docosahexaenoic Acid), Natural Flavor11%7.5%1.5%Click Here

The Science Diet brand produces one of the best dry kitten food as well as dry adult cat food. This particular product is best designed to meet your kitten’s needs. Hill's Science is deliberate about the recipes it has developed and incorporated into its foods. They are well balanced with nutrients that will rejuvenate your kitten’s energy and necessitate growth and development.

This food is high in antioxidants and prebiotic fiber. Also, it contains vitamins E and C which give your kitten's immune system a boost. Why do many consider this as the best dry kitten food? Well, most experts and professional vets have nothing but praise for this Science Diet product. Most state that it is their first choice for feeding their kittens.

With this brand, you have the option of choosing a 5.5 pound, 7, pound or 3.5-pound bag.

This is yet another best dry kitten food. In every bag of this kitten food, your kitten gets a diet that is backed by professionals in the industry and that its manufacturer's back with a satisfaction guarantee. The food is bound to perform its intended purpose, provide energy to your playful and cute kitten.

All ingredients used in this product are natural. This best dry kitten food is laced with taurine which proves to be important when it comes to the kitten’s vision and heat development. It is also important to note that the product does not contain wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavoring, preservatives or colors. This food is designed for kittens that are below the 12 months age. It provides you with the choice of between a 5.9 pound and 2.9-pound bag. I prefer the 5.9-pound bag as I feed several kittens.

This is ranked as one of the best dry kitten food options. It is specifically designed for cats that are lactating and kittens aged four months and below. Royal Canin is full of all the minerals important for a healthy kitten. It also comes packing in vitamins and antioxidants including lutein, Vitamin C, E, and taurine. There are pre-biotics that aid in the kitten's transition from the mother's milk to some solid food.

The food bits are tiny and are easily moistened to help cats feed on them easily. The food comes with options for a 7 pound or 3.5-pound bag.

From the name, you understand that this product is organic and thus healthy for kittens. The formula is free of grains. This means that it comes without wheat, soy or corn. This is important for all kittens that are still developing their digestive systems.

This dry kitten food has a good rating in the industry. It is made in U.S.A and has certification by the Oregon Tilth. It is packaged in 4-pound bags.

Best Canned Foods For Kittens

Wellness CORE Natural Canned Kitten Food

This Wellness Company has dedicated itself to providing kittens with a long-term beneficial and nutritious diet. Each of the kitten foods they have feature essential ingredients useful in the healthy development of kittens. These include fatty acids, minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

This kitten food has been designed devoid of grains. It is rich in proteins which is a great source of calories. It uses both herring and chicken to support the development of the eyes and brain. It is worth pointing out that the food is manufactured in North America.

This is a renowned pet food company. It is dedicated to availing cat and kitten food that is of high quality and that have high nutritional value. Each of the cat foods they have developed meets the nutritional profile similar to that of wild dogs and cats. This canned kitten food is made using human grade ingredients including seafood and sliced meats. It is important to note that the foods are free of grains.

This canned food from Tiki features shredded chicken meat as the main ingredient as well as chicken consommé broth which works to give the food natural flavor and moisture. The ingredients are supplemented with sunflower seed oil which provides omega fatty acids. These fatty acids are important in promoting healthy coat and skin.

This cat food is perfect for kittens aged up to 1 year. It is made with Tuna and Real Ocean Whitefish. With these ingredients, this canned kitten food is rich in Omega Fatty Acids. These fatty acids are great for a healthy kitten coat and skin. Also, the ingredients and nutrients provided aid in a healthy immune system. Overall, the product has a great taste that your kitten is bound to love and not get enough of.

The packaging of this kitten food says it all. There is no mistaking it. The labeling is clear that it is cat food designed for kittens. It is premium kitten food. It contains liver and real chicken. Real chicken is considered to be the main ingredient. Note that the ingredient is not a chicken by-product but real chicken.

In addition to these natural ingredients, the food comes fortifies with minerals, vitamins and several other nutrients for a 100% balanced nutrition for kittens and adult cats as well. With this canned cat food, you are guaranteed of satisfaction. The product is made in the U.S.A.

Best Wet food For Kittens

This smooth loaf chicken pate canned food created and designed by Wellness Natural Pet food is by far one of the best-wet food for kittens. The product is designed using only the best vegetables, fruits and proteins to feed your beloved kitty. Its main ingredient is chicken which is followed by other natural ingredients including cranberries which improve urinary health, carrots which work to improve the immune system and flaxseeds which promote a shiny coat.

You should note that it does not contain any meat by-products, preservatives, color or flavorings. It comes in a 24, 3 oz. Can. It is perfect for kittens one year and below.

This is yet another best wet food for kittens. It contains real salmon, beef liver, and chicken. It is one of the best kitten foods by Natural Variety Instinct. The ingredients provide high-quality animal protein which is perfect for growth and development and providing energy to the kitten. Also, it contains DHA, gotten from the salmon, which works to improve eye and brain development.

The smooth loaf is tasty for kittens and is free from grains. The kitten food does not contain soy, wheat, corn, potatoes, artificial colors, preservatives or by-product meals. It comes in packs of 24, 3-ounce cans or 12 5.5 oz. Cans. It is perfect for cat below the age of 1 year.

This wet cat food contains ocean whitefish as its main ingredient. This is the source of its high-quality protein. The Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Gourmet is bound to be a feast and a delight for your kitten. I was surprised to note that the kitten food has a lightweight and smooth texture. Few kitten foods can boast of such texture. Your kittens can thus gobble down the food with great ease. Your kitten will transition from milk to solid food easily.

In addition to the ocean whitefish, the food also contains eggs, real mild and chicken. These add to its great taste. The supplements included are vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin B-12, Riboflavin and Vitamin D-3. The food comes in 24, 3 oz. Cans.

The main ingredient in this food includes chicken liver, chicken broth, and chicken these provide a pure protein source to support muscle growth. Other ingredients include fruits and vegetables which provide antioxidants, a variety of minerals and vitamins which contain DHA for improved cognitive development. The minerals also include phosphorus and calcium which are perfect for strong teeth and bone growth.

This kitten food is free of animal by-products, wheat, soy, corn and artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. It is available in 24, 3 oz. Cans. It is perfect for kittens below one year.

Can you Feed your Kitten With Adult Cat Food?

The fact that you are in doubt is a good thing. Your doubt has you on the right track. Experts have it that kittens should only be fed food that has been specifically created to meet their protein and calorie needs.

As you will see later on in this post, kittens need a lot of proteins and calories to build their tissue for healthy growth and development. Once they are mature, their growth slows down or stops altogether. As such, adult cats will only need foods rich in nutrients to sustain tissue repair.

Think of your kitten like a toddler. Would you feed your child on adult food? No, there are specific toddler and baby foods and a process of introducing adult food into their diet right?

So kitten food is designed to help in building muscles while adult cat food is designed to maintain and repair body tissue.

Important Points to Consider

As mentioned above, kittens require different nutrition to adult cats. This is attributed to their fast growth and development and playful nature. Kitten food is designed to provide them with nutrients that will support and meet these needs. Whenever you are shopping for cat food, here are some considerations you ought to make.

  • High in Calories

Adult cats are known to love their sleep. Other than when they are looking to indulge their wild side, you will find your adult cat resting in the cat tree you bought or made for it. Kittens are a completely different matter altogether. They are joyous and seemingly have unlimited energy to run non-stop around the house. Most time they will only stop jumping around to catch some sleep and rejuvenate or eat. This is usually the best time for me – I get to interact with my cat always.

Again, you can compare your kitten to your toddler. They have high amounts of energy which they expend throughout the day running around playing with other kids of making a mess of the house.

That said, one of the main things you need to look for as you choose the best kitten food is its calorie content. The food should have a high-calorie content to meet the high energy needs of your kitten. But the calories should mainly be extracted from fats and proteins and not carbohydrates.

  • Rich in Animal Protein

Why should the calories be obtained from fats and proteins mainly and not carbohydrates? Carbs have proven to be great for humans so why are they not for kittens? Well, the explanation is simple. Your kitten is a carnivore.

This is to mean that its digestive system is designed to process fats and proteins better than carbohydrates. While there are those that argue they feed their kittens and cat on fruits, vegetables like potatoes and the like, they cannot be made part of a daily diet without adverse consequences.

Proteins are essential for building tissues. It is as such necessary that most of the calories are obtained from proteins. The proteins are also broken down to provide body chemicals including enzymes and hormones to keep the body's physiological processes in check.

So yes, protein is essential for your kitten. But the question is, which type of proteins should you feed your kitten? I bet you are shocked that there is more than one protein type. Well, yes, a little research taught me this significant bit.

Proteins can be sourced from plants or animals. As a golden rule of thumb, you should avoid plant protein as they do not feature all the necessary amino acids important for the proper physiological functioning. Do not get me wrong, yes there are some plants that rich in the right amino acids, but they are more of the exception than the rule. Animal proteins are what your kitten needs.

That said go for the kitten food rich in animal proteins. It should be an easy process as most have this clearly inscribed on their labeling.

  • Low Carbohydrates

While experts may insist on your getting foods rich in proteins, a few minutes in the store reading the ingredients of some of the best kitten food will have you realize one thing – most manufacturers do not have all-proteins packed in their foods.

Why is this? Well, simply put, it is expensive for manufacturers to provide food packed in all-protein without charging a premium for it. Think about it, which is cheaper, a pound of lean meat or fruits like watermelon and blueberries? Lean beef is expensive, right?

So while manufacturers are much aware of your kitten’s need for proteins, they cannot afford to provide affordable kitten food containing only animal proteins. To lower the costs, they add some carbs including vegetables and fruits into the formulations.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as the fruits and vegetables are high in minerals and vitamins including Vitamin C, E and A, and zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and selenium. They are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Unfortunately, most kitten food manufacturers do not disclose the actual carb percentage in the food. They only provide a minimum for their fats and proteins and a minimum for their moisture and fiber. With these numbers, you can calculate and estimate the carbs content. It is not usually accurate though. To be on the safe side, always go with high protein content.


And there you are – an in-depth look at the best kitten foods. Sure the choices are numerous but do your due diligence to get the best kitten food for your feline. You can pick from the list or follow the guide to pick one out for yourself.

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