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Some people are allergic to cats. Now as a cat lover and fur baby parent, I feel sorry for them and at the same time do not understand how they survive without interacting with these cute and puffy creatures. My cat is my life (after my husband and my little two boys). I bet you can relate and because of them, I created this best hypoallergenic cat food guide

Before we move on, for those allergic to cats but have an innate love for them, do not despair. There are ways you can have one without exciting your allergy. It will however require some bit of work on your end.  Nonetheless, it is achievable.

If your cat is indeed allergic to some food (even its best food), you will need to put your feline on a diet consisting of hypoallergenic cat food. This will help your feline to recover faster and also grow healthier. Hypoallergenic foods work by providing your cat with some relief to some of its allergies.

Hypoallergenic Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food by Nature's VarietySalmon, Salmon Broth, Pork Liver, Ground Flaxseed, Montmorillonite Clay, Eggs, Peas10.5%7%2%Click Here
Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Duck And Potato PateDuck, Duck Broth, Peas, Potatoes, Natural Flavor, Carrots, Flaxseed (source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids)7.5%6%1.5%Click Here
Hill’s Science Cat FoodBrewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Pork Fat, Pork Meal, Egg Product, Whole Grain Corn, Chicken Liver Flavor34.5%22%1.2%Click Here
Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HydrolyzedBrewers rice, hydrolyzed soy protein, chicken fat, natural flavors, powdered cellulose, dried plain beet pulp, monocalcium phosphate23%18%5.6%Click Here
Halo Spot Stew NaturalSalmon, Eggs, Pea Protein, Trout, Oats, Pearled Barley, Vegetable Broth32%16%5%Click Here
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Salmon and Green PeaGreen Peas, Salmon Meal, Salmon, Pea Protein, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Natural Flavor, Calcium Carbonate30%12%4.5%Click Here
BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Indoor Grain Free Duck & Potato Dry Cat FoodDeboned Whitefish, Menhaden Fish Meal (source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids), Tapioca Starch, Peas, Pea Protein, Canola Oil (source of Omega 6 Fatty Acids)30%14%6%Click Here

There are lots of benefits to feeding your cat on wet food. This is especially for those cats that do not drink water as they should. If you rarely adhere to the 8 glasses per day intake, you can relate to the effects such as being dehydrated. The only difference between humans and cats is that cats do not love water. But none the less, they need it.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Salmon Wet Food is one of the best hypoallergenic cat food that will reduce the allergic reactions and will help to hydrate your cat diet. While this cat food is not a limited ingredient product, it is worth noting that it features no wheat, soy or corn. Additionally, it is free of gluten and fillers. Given the fact that most cats have allergic reactions of corn based products, Instinct is a perfect choice in this regard. The food comes in lots of flavours, however flavour we recommend is salmon for cats that are allergic reactions to beef or poultry.​

This Instinct flavour contains pork and salmon which cats love. While most foods have 40% of proteins, Instinct has focused solely on whole foods.

Most that have used this product before state that it is perfect for old cats that are struggling to digest food and adult cats with corn allergies. A friend once told me that he went through six different foods before he tried Instinct and the skin itchiness stopped


  • Is great for hydration as well
  • It is corn free
  • Helps with digestion in elderly cats
  • Is rich in whole foods and extracts protein from pork and salmon


  • It is not as sweet

This is yet another best hypoallergenic cat food. It is also labelled as the best limited ingredient choice of wet foods for cats. This food is filler free and features no by-products. The sole protein source is duck, which is a healthy meat rarely featured in cat foods. Duck meat is the best choice for those trying to reduce allergic reactions in their cats.

This food product contains peas and potatoes rather than wheat for it carb source. Fish oil is added to the food and it works to improve and treat flaky and dry coats. Its consistency is easy and is great for sensitive digestive systems


  • It is laced with fish oil, which soothes flaky skin
  • Contains duck meat as the sole protein source
  • Acquires carbs from peas and potatoes
  • Features no corn, wheat, artificial flavour, preservative or colour


  • Minimal amount in a single packaging
  • Limited ingredients and thus reduced nutritional value

Hill’s Science is a company that has built a good and solid reputation for itself over the years. They provide quality cat food to cat parents. This particular cat food is designed for adult cats that have skin and stomach sensitivities. The egg and rice recipes are used precisely to help create a balanced diet. These two main ingredients will help to improve and restore the health of fur and skin in affected cats and will soothe sensitive digestive systems back to normalcy.

The cat food includes a perfect blend of omega 6 fatty acids along with other important nutrients. These help in the nourishment of the cat’s coat and skin. In addition the food has been proven by clinicians to contain antioxidants laced with Vitamins E and C which help to provide a healthy and solid immune system.

The food is easy to digest and feature no artificial flavouring or colours. Nonetheless, it is a flavourful as well as nutritious meal.


  • Contains Vitamin E which improves the wellness of the skin
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Contains no artificial flavourings and includes fibre which aids in digestion


  • Contains filler ingredients the likes of ingrown toenail
  • Not best diet for kittens and pregnant cats

This product is highly recommended by many professional vets. It is made using hydrolysed and low weight protein designed to be easy on the cat’s digestive system. In addition to this this cat food contains omega 3 fatty acids which work to nourish the skin of your beloved feline and works to nurse the digestive tract back to its healthy state.

For the itchy skin and red bumps on the skin, the amino acids and vitamin B in the cat food will help to restore the skin barrier even when put under stress. This hypoallergenic cat food is designed to be a source of protein and carbohydrates, rice starch and soy proteins respectively.

Last but not least, the food contains Chelated minerals which improve absorbability into the cat’s system.


  • Chelated minerals, which increase their absorption into the cat’s body
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are perfect for healthy skin
  • Amino acids and vitamins also aid in improving skin health
  • Provides both proteins and carbs thereby reducing risks of triggering allergic reactions


  • Lacks animal protein

This cat food is made from refined whole grains and whole proteins. These include peas, eggs, salmon and whitefish. While most commercial cat foods are laden with starch fillers the likes of potatoes and corn and reduce protein and meat in the product, the Halo Spot Stew Natural focuses its food quality on whole foods devoid of fillers and by-products. This provides the cat with a healthy and balanced diet.

The food is perfect for cats with meat by-products and carb allergies. If your cat is suffering from loose stools, vomiting, indigestion and other allergic reactions, switching it to a digestive system sensitive food is best.


  • Contains no filler
  • Contains no growth hormones and artificial flavours


  • My cat did not like this food very much. Most cats reuse to eat this cat food

It is one of the best limited ingredient foods. It is perfect for cats that have allergies and help to reduce the chances of your cat’s allergic reactions getting triggered. The food is created using salmon, peas and is grain-free.

Given the fact that it features a single protein and carb source, there are reduced chances that your beloved feline will develop allergies. While filler free cat foods can be unappetizing to cats, they do work wonders in restoring your pets coat’s shine and with the gastrointestinal issues as well.


  • Reduced chances of developing allergies due to limited ingredients
  • Provides a single carbs and protein source
  • Contains salmon and peas as its source of nutrition


  • It is grain free, some cats may not like

This is yet another high quality limited ingredient food. It is perfect for a sensitive cat. It obtains its protein from whitefish and does not contain eggs, dairy or gains. This cat food also contains pumpkin which has proven to aid in digestion.

Most cats have allergic reactions to poultry. As such if your cat displays allergic reactions, the best place to start is by getting rid of the chicken and narrow down the food culprits from there. Most cat parents maintain that this cat food reduces hairballs and vomit which improves the coat’s shine.


  • It is a limited ingredient food
  • Has whitefish as its sole protein source
  • Doesn’t contain eggs, dairy and grain products
  • Contains pumpkins which helps in digestion


  • Some cats do not love its taste

Signs That Your Cat Has Food Allergy

Seeing that you are a concerned cat parent, it will be easy for you to pick up on these symptoms of cat allergies. These signs include:

  • Ear infection
  • Abnormal scaling
  • Smelly fur
  • Red bumps on your feline’s body
  • Loss of hair
  • Self-inflicted wounds courtesy of constant and severe itching and scratching

There are some cats that may develop gastrointestinal problems including diarrhoea and vomiting. While this could happen to your cat, it is not common. As a matter of fact, this particular symptom is said to occur in about 10-15% of all cats that suffer allergies.

Now, in the event you notice two or more signs on your cat, it could be as a result of a sequence response meaning the situation is dire and your cat is in utter discomfort. When your cat suffers an allergic reaction, histamine is produce in the body. This causes an itching sensation and could result in red bumps appearing on the skin after some constant scratching. Continued scratching on the skin further leads to appearance of lesions, sores and other skin injuries. These injuries lead to hair damage and loss and the skin might develop an awful smell from the injuries and open wounds.

The cycle is endless and could get your cat weak and helpless in a short while. If the signs are well advanced, it is important that you call in a professional vet before you start feeding your cat hypoallergenic food. Treat your cat of the symptoms before you start preventative measures.

Frequent Cause Of Food Allergies

There is an endless list of products that cause allergies in cats. We cannot possibly go through them all in one seating. What I can do, however, is provide you with a list of some of the common food culprits.

  • Synthetic colour

While synthetic colour makes food appealing to most cats, your feline inclusive, it could very well be the cause of your cat’s allergic reactions. Some of the unnatural dyes tend to provide a colourful meal. But that is as far as they go to providing your cat with anything of value. The stomach upset that follows and smelly gas is too much for your cat to handle.

  • Milk Products

Yes it is true that some cats are lactose intolerant, adult cats especially. Serving these cats with dairy products can prove to be fatal. While daily products are a rich source of calcium which is great for teeth and bones, it is equally important to read the list of ingredients to avoid picking a product rich in allergens.

  • Corn Items

Corm items are used as meat fillers to cat food. Most cats develop allergies when fed food mixed with corn or any substance remotely related. For corn free foods, you should prefer Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Cat Food and Instinct Original Dry Cat Food.

  • Meat By-Products

These by products are the components of meat that we humans cannot stand eating. These discarded meat products are less nutritious. The skin pieces tend to have reduced dietary benefits compared to pure meat.

  • Preservatives

Some cat foods contain preservatives to help increase their shelf life. Vets say that some of these preservatives may include carcinogens which may lead to cat allergies.

  • Fish

This hit me hard. My cat loves fish. It is as such sad to realise that it is a common allergy causing food. But instead of deleting it from my cat’s diet altogether, I decided to remain attentive and pay a close eye on my cat when I feed it fish food. I couldn’t bear denying my cat the one food it seems to love so much.

Truth be told, choosing the best hypoallergenic cat food for your feline depends on some of the signs your cat portrays. To help you in choosing the best hypoallergenic cat food, below are some factors that you should bear in mind.

Consult your Vet

The first thing you should do even before you embark on a search for the best hypoallergenic food is consult your vet. Why is this? Well, for starters, before you can embark on protective measures, you will need to deal with the existing symptoms that helped you determine your cat was having allergic reactions. Only a professional can provide you with the best solution and medication for your feline. And if you are like me, you only want the best. As such, over the counter medication in this case are out of the question.

A professional vet will provide you with the best prescription to ensure you have an easy time healing your cat and selecting the best hypoallergenic cat food.

Hydrolysed Protein

Hydrolysed protein prepared cat foods is the best selection if you notice your cat developing allergic reactions. On this combination the proteins have been divided to prevent the installation of a possible allergic reaction.

Avoid Common Allergic Causing Ingredients

As mentioned above, the list of foods and ingredients that trigger allergic reactions in cats is endless and varies from cat to cat. However, the least you can do is avoid the above mentioned foods and ingredients in the best hypoallergenic cat food you choose.


The best kibble to give your cat is that which has been passed through high temperature. Why is it ideal? Well, protein at high temperature is broken down. This makes the protein (possible allergen) to go through the digestive system without being noticed. This can potentially avoid a protein induced allergic reaction.


It is imperative that you choose foods that are low in carbs. Excessive carb intake could be a cause for your cat’s allergic reaction. Foods with lower carbs tend to disturb the stomach less. The suggested carb amount in cat foods is about 6% of the entire food component.

The Round Up

Now, if you have noticed your cat rubbing against a cardboard all too often of late, then there are high chances that this is not because it enjoys doing so but rather, it is trying to get some relief from all the itch. If this is your cat, then it is imperative that you get your cat some hypoallergenic cat food.

When all is said and done, it is imperative that you work hand in hand with a vet to determine the best hypoallergenic food for your feline. You will have to perform a food trial to get one that works best. Most of the foods listed above will require a prescription to purchase, but you can always get them online and save some cash in the process. Once you determine what you’re at is allergic to, you do not need to continue with the expensive hypoallergenic diet. Just curate the diet avoiding the particular food causing your cat problems.

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