Best Heated Cat Beds

Our cats are naturally lazy and love to sleep. They are the kind of pets that would want to spend more time snuggling on a warm and cozy place the whole day. Yes, they can manage to not care about what’s happening in the world and sleep all day long. 

Aside from that, there could be a lot of benefits that you can enjoy and before you get the best heated cat beds, it can be the right time to keep in mind few things below.

However, during the winter season, they can have a hard time in keeping themselves warm, and you may want to look for things that can help them. A regular grooming for their coat, proper diet and supplements can easily make a change. It helps keep them healthy and prepare for a different weather condition.

The extra calories in their body would make them feel warm enough. If you are interested in offering them a better place to sleep at, then getting a nice and heated cat bed would be a good idea. There are many cat beds on the market today, and some are designed to keep them comfortable and warm all day.

Heated Cat Beds Comparison Table

Product NameHeat WattsSizes AvailablePricing
K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed4 watts16 inches or 20 inchesClick Here
K&H Manufacturing Hooded Deluxe Cat Bed4 wattsSmall, LargeClick Here
Aspen Self-Warming Cat BedUtilizes your pet's body heat19.5 x 19.5 x 7 inchesClick Here
Mod Dream Pod4 watts22 x 6.2 x 22 inchesClick Here
Riogoo’s Indoor Heating Pad for Cats50 watts17.8 x 17.8 inches or 28 x 17.7 inchesClick Here
Art of Paws Heated Cat Bed10 watts23 x 17 inchesClick Here
Heated Mat for Cats by Thermo Kitty6 watts12.5 x 25 inchesClick Here
Snuggle Safe Cat Heating PadMicrowave Power / Heating Time

600- 650 watts/8 minutes

700-750 watts/7 minutes

800-860 watts/6 minutes

900-1000 watts/5 minutes

1,100-1,200 watts/4 minutes

1,300-1,500 watts/2.5 minutes
8.5 x 8.8 x 1.5 inchesClick Here

The K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed is on top of our list when it comes to providing the right temperature that your cat needs during the extreme cold season. It is being offered in two sizes to choose from and offers a thick pillow base that would be comfortable for your cats. They will surely love to curl and snuggle in it.

The cat bed would be able to adjust its temperature based on the room and the natural body warmth of your cat. It makes them perfectly cozy and nice. Surely, your cats would not want to leave this cat bed anymore.

Most cats would not be fond of eating a lot on winter season and would tend to sleep often. It can be their sort-of hibernating season, so give them a comfortable cat bed that would last and keep them warm for the whole season.


  • It is washable and easy to use.
  • The heater is removable, so you can use the bed during a different season.
  • It is being offered in two available sizes and various designs.
  • It is thick, soft and comfortable for your cats.


  • It can change its shape over time.
  • It is not ideal for big cats.

If you are in need of a bigger cat bed, then you’ve got another option. It may offer the same quality of beds from the previous product, but it is bigger and come with a removable hood. The base would come with the heater to warm your cat and have a comfortable sleep.

Our cats love snuggling and the cover would be able to add extra comfort to their sleep. It can also make them feel secure. The hood is removable, so it would be easier for you to clean it or put it on depending on the needs of your cat.

It was made to help in regulating the temperature of the house and let your cat feel the warmth they need. It is highly recommended to be used indoors and is available for cats of all size and age.


  • It comes in two available sizes and designs to choose from.
  • There is a hood that is washable and easy to clean.
  • It is recommended for indoor use.
  • It is ideal for pet owners that have large cats.


  • The zipper of the hood can easily break.

If you have a nursing cat and lots of newborn kittens in the house, extra care can be more important. They may need extra warmth on this cold season, and with that, the Snuggle Safe Cat Heating Pad is the right one for you. This is a common recommendation for elderly and newborn cats because it is easy to use and safe.

There are wires and cords that can cause problems and you can even heat it up inside the microwave. Yes, you read it right. This heating pad can be heated inside the microwave which helps you in saving time and money. It is durable and convenient for your needs.

You can use this outdoors and indoors, depending on your needs. You can also fit this inside a larger bed and it can last for about 10 hours. The instructions will be provided in the manual, so make sure to be guided on this.


  • It can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • It is ideal for elderly and newborn cats.
  • It can last for about 10 hours without the need for electricity.
  • You can use this anytime and keep your cat warm.


  • You have to wait for it to be completely cool before using again.
  • It can cause damage if instructions were not carefully followed.

Additional comfort and warmth are needed during extreme weather condition. With the Aspen Self-Warming Cat Bed, it can provide extra comfort to your cats. It comes with faux wool that can be fluffy and soft for them and they will love it.

The materials used is same as what they have been using in space, which means that it can be durable and safe for your pet. It is big enough to fit all size of cats and ideal for their needs. It easily heats up depending on the temperature of the house and the body of your cat.

It’s available in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that best suit the needs of your cat. There is no need to worry about electrical connections as you can use it without that. It is recommended for both indoors and outdoor trips with your cats.


  • It is very comfortable for your cats.
  • It starts heating up on its own.
  • It’s recommended for all sizes of cats.
  • It doesn’t have wires and cords, so your cats will not chew it.


  • There are pet owners who reportedly have their beds flattened after few weeks.
  • It doesn’t have a removable cover.

Even though the product is greatly marketed for dogs, it can pretty offer the same benefits to your cats. It can be a great option to consider in keeping your cat warm during winter season. This is ideal and convenient for your needs.

It comes with a built-in automatic power off which controls the warmth of the bed. You can set it up according to the body temperature of your cats and it is recommended for senior cats that are suffering from arthritis and other problems on their joints.

This is basically recommended for all kinds of cats, whether they are pregnant, newborn and adults, they would love to sleep in here! It is also moisture-proof and waterproof to ensure that your cat will be safe on this. The fabric is also durable and comfortable for the skin of your cats.


  • It is waterproof and moisture-proof.
  • It is ideal for cats of all ages and sizes.
  • It can keep your cat indoors.
  • It is easy to clean and wash.


  • You can’t use it outdoors.
  • You are not allowed to put other things on top of it as the heat won’t get through.

The Art of Paws Heated Cat Bed is very popular with owners that have big cats. It is large in size and can be able to fit one to two cats. If you’ve got a couple in the house, then it can be a perfect choice to consider. This bed is recommended for owners who have older cats, have arthritis, or recently finish a surgery. It can comfortable for their body, and provide better relief of their condition.

There are no walls, so it would be easier for the cats to snuggle and sleep on this bed. They can enjoy the warmth and comfort it can offer any time of the day. You can also be assured of your safety as the bed would warm up easily as soon as your cat sits on it.

It adjusts on the body temperature of your cat and conserves the energy. You can easily use this anywhere in the house, or in the best place that could give more personal space and privacy for your cat.


  • It can detect the presence of your cat and give the right temperature they need.
  • It comes with an internal thermometer that you can check.
  • It is big and ideal for cats that are nursing, pregnant or recently got a surgery.
  • It is easy to remove, wash and clean.


  • You can’t use it outside.
  • There are cats that don’t like the surface of it.

We all know that our cats would love to snuggle and play on beds, rugs, and mats. It can be their perfect place to take a nap and spend their whole day, sleeping and resting. If you are looking for one that is designed especially for your cat, then the heated mat for cats created by Thermo Kitty can be a great choice.

If you have a bigger cat in the house, this can be ideal as there are no walls and they can stretch out their body and legs comfortably. The heater can easily control its warmth depending on the body temperature of your cat. It is MET listed and very safe to use.

Aside from those things, it is easy to clean up and wash. You can remove the heater and wash the fabric with water. It is being offered in two colors and can easily complement the overall design you have in your house.


  • It can control the temperature depending on the body of your cat.
  • It is ideal for pet owners with large cats in the house.
  • It is MET listed and safe to use.
  • It is easy to clean and wash


  • It can’t be used outside, as it may need electricity.
  • It is not portable and may need extra space in the house.

If you are interested in a perfect place where your cat would be able to get more sleep and have some privacy, then Mod Dream Pod can be a great option. Every cat loves caves and boxes, and with the overall look of this dream pod, they would surely love to stay inside and sleep!

It comes with a heater that is removable, so you can use the pod all year round, even in summer season. It is big enough to accommodate any size of cats and perfect if you have couples in the house. It provides extreme comfort for your cat and it will surely cradle them to a good night’s sleep.

Actually, you have the option of buying the heater pad or not. For better purposes, you may want to get it in full package. It is MET listed heater that will make you assured of the overall quality and safety of your cat.


  • You can use it any time of the year. You can just remove the heater during the summer season. 
  • It is large enough and would be able to fit any size of a cat.
  • You can easily remove and clean it.
  • There is also a pillow inside that would add up extra comfort to your cats.


  • There are cats that don’t like the smell inside the pod.
  • The zipper can easily break down.

Important Points to Consider

Heated cat beds are designed to give enough warmth for your pets during the winter season. It can be hard for all of us to keep ourselves warm, so make sure to get the best heated cat beds that would be able to help you. For better purchase, you can consider the following:

  • Not too warm: It is important to check the heat bed before using it. You can try to put a pillow on top of it for few minutes then check if it is too hot for your cat or not. It is important to get the right temperature that your cats would like.
  • Safety: Heated cat beds may need electricity to work. There are cats that don’t like wires and are fond of scratching or chewing it. Make sure that you will hide the wires and have a proper place to set up the heat bed for your safety.
  • Size of the Bed: There are various sizes of cat beds available depending on the size of your cat. Make sure to get one that would be comfortable for them to use, and they can manage to still stretch out their limbs.
  • Warnings and Precautions: Most of the cat beds would have warnings and precautions given by its manufacturers. You have to follow and fully understand, so you will know what to do in case you encounter problems.

Why To Keep Cats Warm Over Winter? 

 A heated cat bed comes with a number of benefits that would suit you and your cat needs. If you are asking if you truly need a heated cat bed or not, the answer would depend on your needs. If you are living in areas that would have a really cold temperature during the winter season, it is important that you have a heated bed for your cats to use. It can prepare their body to adjust to the new season approaching.

Another thing is the breed of your cat. If you have a cat that doesn’t have much hair on their body, getting a warm and cozy bed is necessary. It gives them a better and more comfortable space to use while they are sleeping.

Cat owners that do have senior cats would also need a heated bed. It can help in promoting healthier metabolism, protects their immune system and sleeps soundly. This can be the same if you have a pregnant, nursing, or cat that recently underwent a surgery.

The Round Up

We all know that cat loves to sleep. They will look for any comfortable place in the house to sleep. According to Animal League America, cats are naturally heat-seekers. They would look for a place that gives them warmth and comfort.

During the winter season, it would be hard for them to keep up with the temperature and may require extra care. That’s why getting a heated cat bed is important.

When you are looking for the best heated cat bed, you have to check the safety of your cat. You can easily avoid more problems if you are going to be careful with your purchase. Make sure that you will check the precautionary measures, warnings, and recommendations of the manufacturer for proper usage of their products.

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