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Oftentimes, cat litter gets disposed of with all our solid waste, meaning they end up in landfills and take years and years to vanish from the face of the earth. This isn't very good news for the environment. Fortunately for us, flushable cat litter is slowly becoming a trend. These are more eco-friendly and also guarantees easy maintenance of our litter boxes. Just empty it out in toilet bowls and one flush shall get rid of the litter and waste already.

To get you started, we are enumerating some of the best flushable cat litter products you could check out for your feline friends.

Flushable Cat Litter Comparison Table

NameDust FreeClumpingOdor ControlWeightPricing
Next Gen Pet Flush Clean Cat LitterNoClumpingYes6 lb PouchesClick Here
Ultrapet Better Way Flushable Cat LitterNoClumpingYes12 lb BagClick Here
World's Best Cat LitterYesClumpingYes14 - 30 lb BagClick Here
Garfield Cat LitterYesClumpingYes15 lbClick Here
Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat LitterYesClumpingYes6 - 26 lb BagClick Here
Cat's Pride Fresh and Light Cat LitterYesClumpingYes21 lb - 28 lb BagClick Here
Weruva Hinoki Wood & Green TeaYesClumpingYes6.7 -11.7 lb BagClick Here

With an all-natural composition, the Next Gen Pet Flush Clean Cat Litter is as environmentally friendly as cat litter gets. It is made from recycled wood, so the chances of your cats contracting allergies or getting irritated with this cat litter are very small.

Not only is it good for the Earth – it is also very safe for your cat (even in cases of ingestion) and the whole family!

Truly, this is a cat litter you can flush, but you may also opt to use it to compost your garden plants. You would also enjoy using the Next Gen Pet Flush Clean Cat Litter since it is lightweight. To add to all that -- this is an unscented litter, so your rescue cats will not hesitate in using it (Rescue and outdoor cats may find it hard to adjust to fragrant cat litter since litter in the wild does not smell anything like those)


  • Creates smaller clumps around waste – a single pack lasts for a month.
  • Odor control is good even if the litter is unscented.
  • Flushable and compostable – just break the clumps down to smaller pieces.
  • Less dust than most litter sand.


  • Because of its light weight, cats easily track the sand all around.

A lot of cat litter products only provide clumping and odor-neutralizing benefits, but how often do you come across a product that will actually help you potty-train your felines? Well, the Ultrapet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter introduces an attractant add-on that helps cat owners train their kitties to use the litter box. Even older cats who, for whatever reason, have started to refuse using the litter box can be retrained with these Sanel cat attractants.

Beyond that, it works amazingly as other cat litter products – it clumps, but you don’t have to dissolve said clumps before flushing them down the toilet – the clumps are small enough for that. You might have to add something like activated carbon to keep the urine smell down, though, as the Ultrapet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter does not have any fragrances that mask the strong smell of urine especially when it’s the tomcats’ mating season.


  • Flushable, no need to dissolve clumps first.
  • Sanel cat attractant is great to help in potty training cats.
  • Small, dense granules do not let urine seep all the way through bottom of litter box.


  • Dusty and tracks a lot.
  • Not to be used for homes with septic tank systems.

Domestic scents sometimes pose a potty-training problem for cats, since the smell of the wild is what they have grown accustomed to out there. Luckily, the World's Best Cat Litter introduces a fragrance acceptable to both cats and their owners – the smell of the forest. Aside from the natural fragrance, World's Best Cat Litter is made from wood fibers and whole-kernel corn – all natural and renewable materials.

Its absorbency is also unparalleled by other cat litter products. It even outperforms clay litter when it comes to keeping the moisture down. The litter itself is very soft and gentle to your cats’ paws – you may encounter problems with your cats wanting to sleep in the litter box because of how comfortable the sand feels. In spite of being lightweight, too, it does not generate that much dust nor does it track everywhere it’s not supposed to.


  • No problem transitioning cats from a different type of litter.
  • Lightweight.
  • Effectively keeps the odor in with its forest-scented sand.
  • Generates no dust and paves the way to little to no tracking.


  • The bag is small and you require to order multiple times in a year.

Garfield Cat Litter

If you want to know how eco-friendly a product really is, you can simply check how many percents of it is biodegradable (this is usually indicated on the packaging). As for the Garfield Cat Litter, it is a hundred percent biodegradable, so you know it will not do the planet harm. Also, its non-chemical formula proves very safe even for your smaller kittens!

Cats with health problems need to have their urine checked regularly and thus might benefit from the Garfield Cat Litter's white color. Changes in cat's urine (color, volume, consistency) are very easily observed against white litter. Dusting and tracking is almost nonexistent, too, so the Garfield Cat Litter will not give you any trouble cleaning up like how it won't give your cat any health troubles by being absolutely a hundred percent natural. The cool appearance is also an added bonus for finicky cats and cat owners!


  • Clumping action is very strong – you have to let the clumps dissolve first before flushing.
  • Absolutely does not smell.
  • Very clean as the small particles does not track.


  • The strange color might make your cat hesitant to use it at first.
  • Even though it’s natural, it is made from plant, so it’s not exactly hypoallergenic.

The best flushable cat litter is one that also helps the environment. Blue Buffalo’s Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is one hundred percent annually renewable – it does not get more eco-friendly than that! All-natural with no toxins, it is also guaranteed to be gentle on your cat’s paws and skin.

Ingestion in small quantities also should not cause any huge troubles, as it is made from crushed walnut shells. Blue Buffalo’s Naturally Fresh Cat Litter just got to be the safest cat litter out there.

Different households with different cat situations require different products, and you’d be glad to find out that Blue Buffalo actually has lots and lots of litter variants catering to various cat needs. We’ll leave the choosing to you – just know that all these variants have the same wonderful absorption and odor control abilities. Just pick one that suits your personal household needs and you’d be good to go! You may want to read our best automatic cat litter box, which is a good read.


  • Tracking is very minimal – litter stays inside the litter box.
  • Efficient in absorbency and odor control.
  • No allergens and very gentle to your cat’s paws and fur.
  • Flushable and biodegradable – may be used to compost.


  • It is dusty when pouring and when cats decide to have some fun and play with it.

Fragrance-free litter like the Cat's Pride Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Fragrance-Free Scoopable Cat Litter prove to be the best bet for picky cats that wouldn’t use litter products with overpowering fragrances. It is safe to use even for allergic cats since it is only dusty when you pour too quickly and does not track all that much. The texture is unique from other clay and sand litter, and the granules have various colors that make it easier to detect when there’s waste waiting to be scooped.

The all-natural composition makes it easily flushable. No more worrying about all your cat litter ending up in a landfill somewhere, doing the planet-loads of harm. The clumped waste does not break apart into smaller pieces; too, so scooping out the clumps to flush them down the toilet takes very little time. It could get dusty at times when pouring and when cats dig in, but not too much.


  • Does not smell – keeps the poop and urine smell down, but doesn’t smell like artificial perfume, either.
  • Clumps well but still easily flushable.
  • Hypoallergenic and chemical-free.
  • Lightweight – will not break your back when pouring or when buying a new jug.


  • Pour too quickly and it will generate clouds of dust.

Cats that do not do well with grain may have a hard time looking for grain-free cat litter that will not trigger their allergies. That's why the Weruva Hinoki Wood & Green Tea is such a pleasant rarity – it does not contain wheat, corn, or soy, and is a hundred percent made from Hinoki wood and green tea. As a result, it produces the mild aroma of green tea that may take your cat a while getting used to, but will definitely make the house smell more fragrant, in a non-obtrusive way.

Your cats are not the only ones who will thank you for making the shift to Weruva – as it is very easy on the environment, too! It is easily flushable, so it wouldn't have to sit in a landfill for years and years before renewing. The Weruva Hinoki Wood & Green Tea will keep your cats healthy, your house smelling great, and the planet very happy!


  • Efficiently neutralizes even the strongest of urine smells.
  • Easily dissolves in water.
  • Clay and grain-free.
  • Chemical-free and no artificial fragrances.
  • Very little dust and tracking.
  • One bag lasts for one whole month.


  • May take your cat a while getting used to.
  • Not suitable for cats who hate any sort of fragrance.

Important Points to Consider

Just because you see a cat litter product is flushable, it doesn’t mean it is automatically good. There are some things you need to consider before choosing your own trusted flushable cat litter. Here are a few:

  • Comfort: Composition: is it plant-based, corn-based, or wood-based? Most flushable cat litters are biodegradable, which means they are made from organic materials, but some may still contain allergens. Check the label to see.
  • Clumping: Is still very crucial as non-clump litter is very hard to clean. However, go for the cat litter whose clumps need not be broken down or dissolved first before flushing. Those kinds require loads of time and effort and not at all suitable for the ones on-the-go.
  • Fragrance: Some cats prefer pleasant smelling litter, while some hate it. You would know better as a cat owner. Buy one that has (or hasn’t) a smell your cats will enjoy.
  • Tracking: Cat litter going where they shouldn't is such a pain to clean up, so low tracking litter should be on your top priority.

How do you Dispose of Cat Litter?

First, however, let us first discuss how cat litter is supposed to be disposed of. As mentioned earlier, it does not do the earth good when we simply mix cat litter with all of our solid waste. Sadly, this is what a lot of cat owners are used to. Worst would be disposable litter trays that generate so much waste so quickly.

In countries where the plumbing system is really good, all variants of cat litter could be flushed down the toilet – this is an alternative kinder to the environment. In some countries where plumbing is not that good, you really need the special kind of flushable cat litter to make this work.

Can you put Cat Poop Down the Toilet?

Simply answered, yes - cat poop can simply be flushed down the toilet, so a lot of our lives would improve dramatically if we could just train all cats to go in toilets and flush it down themselves. This requires intensive training, though. It would be a lot easier to just purchase flushable cat litter with all the benefits of normal cat litter such as clumping and odor neutralizing, only with the convenience of being able to flush the scooped out waste when it’s time to empty out the litter box.

Flush, flush and away!

To close, the best way to land on a flushable cat litter is to try a few ones first. It may be difficult to persuade your cat to try a new litter every so often, but it is the only way you can assure your cat is using a litter that’s best for him/her.

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