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Looking for the Best Flea Treatment for Cats? Has your cat started scratching excessively these past few days? Does his/her fur seemingly “move” on its own accord? Does he/she lose his/her fur in patches? Well, you might as well want to say hello to your cat’s fleas; he/she might have some because you didn't use the best cat litter for odor control - Fleas love bad smell!

You are facing quite a problem here. But you do not have to worry; there are a lot of flea treatments out there available to you. All you have to do is choose which treatment is going to be the best flea treatment for cats. We have compiled for you a comprehensive list of ‘weapons’ you might want to use to combat these fleas!

Flea Treatment for Cats Comparison Table


Capstar is different among other flea treatments because it is in tablet form. This flea treatment can be given before grooming and bathing. Your pet will have to ingest this tablet and wait until the pill takes effect.

It is by far one of those flea control treatments that take effect really fast. You can see the effects in as fast as within 30 minutes.

It is actually one of the recommended flea treatments by WebMD as in their article because Capstar has no dangerous side effects. And so this makes one of Best Flea Treatment for Cats reviews.

Kelco Cocoa Tar Shampoo 

This shampoo is so concentrated that before you are able to use it on your pet, you will have to mix it first with warm water. It may be concentrated, but Kelco is actually gentle when in contact with your pet’s skin.

Kelco is a shampoo made to cater for dogs, cats, horses and such animals. It also boasts of an all-natural and organic formula used to treat various issues that the pet may have. It does not even contain even just a bit of soap or detergent. 

Using this product will not only deal with the fleas that your pet may possibly have, but it will also address other issues that may have been caused by excessive scratching.

Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Flea Treatment

Dreaming of a flea-free cat? You might want to Advantage II a shot! It feels really sad to see our cats struggle with itchy and irritated skin due to fleas. So here’s a solution put together to solve that problem!

Advantage II is a topical treatment. Each package will contain six dosages. These dosages will depend on the size and weight of your cat. So be careful and take note of that important bit there.

Just like other treatments of this kind, Advantage II's effects are quick. You can really see the improvement in just a short span of time – around 12 hours and the fleas are gone. This flea treatment is made to prevent flea and tick infestations, you are to reapply this treatment every month for as long as when your cat is no longer the host of these parasitic bugs.


Is one that will get rid of the problem while keeping your cat safe from other problems that might ensue from using treatments.

Using Vectra on your pet will vary because utilizing it will depend on your cat’s size and weight. Vectra will not wait even for just a second upon contact with your pet’s coat and skin, it immediately ‘hunts’ for your pet’s fleas. It acts swiftly and takes effect as quick as an approximate of six hours.

Like most flea control treatment, Vectra also targets fleas in all its life stages. So you can really expect to not see creepy-crawlies on your cat’s fur for a maximum of one month.

Frontline Plus 

Frontline Plus flea treatment deserves its name - it is definitely on the front lines on the battle against pests such as fleas and ticks! It can get rid of most of the fleas in a 24-hour time period.

After applying Frontline Plus, you are assured that it is going to be a long time before you see another flea on your pet again. Just keep in mind that applying Frontline Plus should be from time to time. Expect to not have fleas in between periods of application because this flea control gets rid of all the stages of fleas that may be present in your pet.

It is very safe for your pet to use – even for pregnant or lactating cats. Also, notice that Frontline Plus is weight specific. Look for the appropriate dosage depending on the size and weight of your cat.    

Safari Cat Double Sided Flea Comb 

Flea control does not always have to mean chemicals or an all-natural liquid solution; sometimes we forget about this method of getting rid of our furry friends’ unwanted friends.

Using a flea comb is definitely going to be a lot safer for your pet and you as well. Before using a flea comb, make sure that you remove any tangles in your pet's fur to avoid damaging the flea comb's teeth; and of course, so that you can also avoid unnecessarily tugging at your pet's fur. 

The thing in using a flea comb though is that it is generally more time-consuming. You will have to go through your pet's fur multiple times in order to make sure that you got all the fleas. But come to think of it, it is going to be worth your pet's safety.

Nature’s Edge All Natural Pet Shampoo 

If you can have your furry friend ridden of ticks and fleas, and at the same time preserve its lustrous coat – then you will certainly want to check this out.

There are three, all natural secret ingredients that can be found: turmeric, lemongrass and cedar oil! These three creates a powerful combo in taking care of your pets. The turmeric is responsible for providing the nutrients that your pet’s skin needs, the lemongrass keeps your pet smell fresh and finally, the cedar oil is responsible for keeping unwanted pests away from your pet.

In using this shampoo, you do not only deal with ticks, fleas and other pests; but you also get to address your pets’ other hygienic needs. Treat it like an all-in-one stop for your pets’ needs. Nature’s Edge ensures that you and your pet only get the best quality of products they can muster!

Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath

We all know that cats are not that into getting themselves drenched in water as in taking a cat flea bath. Dr. Mary Fuller, DVM, explained this behavior a bit in her article in – although unsure, there is a possibility that our cats never actually had that trait of liking water! It is because our cat’s ancestors lived in the driest areas, sometimes with little to no water at all! Well, that will explain why water seems so alien to them.

Who knew that leave-on conditioner is not for exclusive use of humans? Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath is the leave-on conditioner version of cats!

It is a foam type of cat shampoo that is made to moisturize and soothe your pet’s skin and help rejuvenate its coat after an infestation. Whether it is itching or dry skin that’s been bothering your furry friend, this waterless cat bath will take care of it for you!

Advecta II Flea Treatment 

Just like Advantage II, Advecta II is also those kinds of flea treatments where you have to topically apply it. Its effects are tested and proven as it kills not only adult fleas but all of its stages including the larvae and the eggs.

You are assured that even soon to be fleas are dealt with and taken cared off leaving your cats free of fleas.

You should be careful in handling this topical treatment, follow suit as what the instructions say in order to achieve maximum results.

You can immediately see the effect of using this treatment as it promises to get rid of fleas within a 12 hour period and prevents them from coming back for up to four months.

Do not be surprised if it does not have any fragrance. After all, its main purpose is eradicating fleas and ticks that may be present in your pet’s fur.

Filthy Friends 

Do not let its name mislead you! It may be called ‘Filthy Friends’ but it is actually a good shampoo to use for treating your furry friend’s fleas. Filthy Friends take pride in being all-organic – and when they say organic, they mean it.

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You are assured of a top-quality treatment for combating fleas and ticks without having to deal with worse side-effects afterward like unnecessary drying of skin and losing of fur. What you see, is what you get; when it comes to using Filthy Friends Organic Shampoo – the ingredients they listed in creating the shampoo are indeed the ingredients they used; no more, no less.

The organic essential oils and extracts present in this shampoo claim to remove dirt and dander. It soothes your pet’s itchy skin reclaiming its soft and cuddly state before there were fleas and ticks.

Say goodbye to ticks and fleas!

You do not have to see your loveable pet suffer from the effects of these fleas. You can do something about these parasites that live off your pet. You can actually even combine multiple methods in order to achieve the best results! There are a lot of flea treatments out there; you just have to look for the best flea treatment for cats that will be most suitable.

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