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All cat owners know this struggle all too well. You open up a new bag of litter and begin to pour it into your kitty’s litter tray, only for a huge cloud of dust to come and smack you in the face, sending you turning you into a coughing and spluttering mess. You may not have such a huge issue with this, but when your kitty starts coughing when in the litter box, you know you’ve got a problem!

Not only is dust-filled litter extremely irritating, it can lead to substantial health complications for both you and your cat! Plus, if you have a kitty who suffers from feline asthma, dusty litter can cause severe irritation and lead to an asthma attack. You need only the best dust free cat litter!

Dust Free Cat Litter Comparison Table

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter is a litter which is highly recommended by veterinarians and customers alike. The litter is 99.7% dust-free and is largely made of soft paper pellets, so the material is gentle on your kitty’s sensitive paws and so tops our list as the best dust free cat litter.

Not only is this litter healthy for both your cat and the environment, the paper is highly absorbent and eliminates moisture and odour better than other litters otherwise would do; the paper pellets are around three times more absorbent than clay. This litter is therefore perfect if you’ve got family members who hate the classic cat litter smell!

This litter is non-clumping, so you will need to change it daily. It is easier to dispose of though, as paper will decompose and you can dispose of it on a compost heap or similar.


  • Next to no tracking.
  • Very good at trapping and eliminating odours.
  • 99.7% dust-free.


  • Requires changing more often than clumping litter.

No – this isn’t us saying it’s the world’s best litter, but rather the brand name! World’s Best Cat Litter has a naturally absorbent structure and is ideal for homes with more than one kitty. It is highly rated and has been described as the best dust free cat litter because it is both clumping and biodegradable. 

The litter itself is made from whole-kernel corn instead of clay, which gives the litter a forest-type scent. Due to its natural properties, it is a brilliant litter for odour control and has a very high clumping ability. The litter is also able to be flushed in addition to being compostable, which is great news for the environment.

In terms of moisture absorption, it is quick and almost seamless; you will not find any at the bottom of the tray or stuck to the sides! Cleaning is also simple, you can just dump the litter into your toilet and flush it away.


  • Very easy cleaning and disposal.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Brilliant odour control and good clumping - An important factor to consider when choosing the best dust free cat litter.


  • It is quite expensive.

BLUE Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly biodegradable cat litter, which is almost completely dust-free. Because BLUE Buffalo’s litter is made from natural and renewable ingredients, it has a great clumping ability.

There are no irritating additives in this litter and it is virtually dust-free. Best of all, it is scent free so there will be no issues with your kitty turning his or her nose up at it. The primary ingredient in this clumping litter is walnut shell, a highly absorbent and neutralizing substance which keeps the litter box clean and fresh.

Soiled walnut litter forms a tight mass, so you can easily scoop it up and throw it away.


  • There are no irritating additives such as fragrances.
  • Made from walnut shell, which is highly absorbent.
  • It is completely natural and biodegradable.


  • This litter tends to track a little bit.

Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Strength Clumping Litter is one of the leading dust-free clumping cat litters currently available on the market. The primary ingredient is formulated using micro-granules which are moisture-activated. These, along with an extra mixture of odour eliminators and baking soda, lock odour into the litter. Cats also enjoy the smooth texture, which is a plus!

Because this cat litter absorbs the moisture and clumps easily, you do not need to sift it out of the box when it comes to cleaning. It is also completely dust-free and stops the litter from being kicked around and being tracked.


  • Moisture-activated micro-granules, which lock in odour.
  • Odour control far superior to other leading brands.
  • Prevents bacterial growth due to the presence of baking soda.


  • It is perfumed, so may be rejected by some cats.

Feline Pine Original Litter is a completely natural cat litter, through-and-through, which is biodegradable and very effective. Feline Pine have been a top supplier of natural kitty litter since the 1990s.

The primary ingredient in this environmentally-friendly cat litter is wood, and it is 100% southern yellow pine to be exact, which has great odour-eliminating and moisture absorbing properties. Additionally, the sawdust shavings are very gentle on your cat’s paws.

To make this litter, wooden pellets are dehydrated which removes all the oils, toxins and allergens and makes the pellets ultra-porous, which means the wood is naturally absorbent without the need for additional fragrances, deodorizers or chemicals. Plus, the natural pine scent is attractive to cats and the natural herbal aroma helps better control the scent of waste.

In terms of clumping, the larger granules will clump to some extent, but the smaller particles of pine wood will turn into sawdust. This does cause some dust and will mean the litter box needs to be changed more often. But, don’t fret; the dust won’t cause any aggravating dust clouds and it is completely natural.


  • Natural pine smell, which is attractive to cats.
  • Biodegradable and highly absorbent.
  • No dust clouds or nasty additives.


  • There will be some tracking.
  • Pinewood can turn into sawdust.

LitterMaid Large Crystal Litter is a brilliant product which is specifically designed and formulated for cats who have long-lasting respiratory issues. To that extent, it is completely and wholly dust-free. This is truly one of the best dust free cat litter alternatives you can buy.

Along with this, it has an extremely effective moisture control system; the litter traps and masks odours from urine and faeces. This product is also hypoallergenic and free from fragrances and allergens, meaning that your home will not smell like the litter, either!

The formula is 99% and dust-free with virtually zero tracking. However, this litter is made from crystals, which can cause cats to play up. The crystals do not feel great on their paws and could cause irritation, and they are dangerous of ingested.


  • Almost zero tracking.
  • Unscented, with no additives or allergens.


  • Crystals can be dangerous if ingested.
  • The crystals can cause paw irritation.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter by Precious Cat is one of the best dust free cat litters which actually clumps properly, which is perfect for both adult cats and kitties learning to use their new litter box.

Because this dust-free litter is not made of any chemicals or plant proteins, it is completely safe for use and there are no health concerns to be aware of. Additionally, it has superior absorbent properties which makes clumps solid due to its ability to soak up excess moisture.

There are no odours, so it is free from artificial perfumes and additives, and can easily attract cats to the litter box. It is 99.5% dust free, a very respectable figure!


  • Clumps form hard and solid for ease of cleaning.
  • Completely odourless and free from additives.
  • Suitable for kittens learning to use the litterbox.


  • It can track, just a little bit.

The Problems with Dusty Litter

Dusty litter is primarily caused by an ingredient known as clumping clay, which causes the soiled litter to clump up into chunks for convenience and ease of cleaning. Not only that, but cats tend to like it more too. The problem though, is that clumping clay can lead to health problems in the long-term due to its ingredients.

Crystalline silica is the primary ingredient in clumping clay which can cause serious respiratory issues for not only you, but your cat. It is recognised as a human lung carcinogen – a cancer causer – and people who work around large amounts of this stuff are made well aware of the health risks. It can cause silicosis, an occupational lung disease which causes lesions and scarring in the lungs.

Although the amount of dust you may inhale due to the emptying and re-filling of your cat’s litter box is nothing in comparison to the amount miners and quarry workers are exposed to, it is always a good idea to take measures to protect yourself and your family from excess exposure. Plus, if you or somebody in your family – or even your cat – suffers from asthma, dusty cat litter can have obvious health implications!

It is not just the potential respiratory problems, though. The clumping clay can get stuck on your cat’s fur and paws which is then ingested through grooming, which can expand in the digestive and intestinal tracts and become a thick, glutenous mass. Because of this risk, it is recommended that kittens are not exposed to clumping-clay-containing kitty litter until they are around six months old – it’s nasty stuff!

Although it is impossible to guarantee that the following litters will not create dust, these products have a great reputation for being largely dust-free, especially those specially formulated for cats with respiratory issues. Even the least dusty cat litter contains 1% of dust.

So, What’s the Solution?

Although it is impossible for cat litter to not contain any dust at all, there are many brands which come very close to this.

If you’re noticing problems associated with having a dusty cat litter, you should switch it out for a new, dust-free alternative. They work just as well as regular cat litter, and cost around the same too. There are a number of different types of litter to choose from which are largely dust-free –

  • Pine Litter – Consisting of small pine pellets, it creates almost zero dust. However, the strong odour of pine is disliked by many cats, so it can be hit or miss. If you opt for one of these, introduce it gradually by mixing it with your kitty’s normal litter.
  • Natural Clumping Litter – The least dusty dust-free alternative there is out there. It has all the benefits of regular clumping letter, but has the extra positives of not being dusty, better smelling and friendly to the environment.
  • Pellet Litter – Typically coming in the form of recycled paper, pellet litter is completely dust-free and is less prone to tracking than its regular fine-gritted counterpart. Again, your cat may reject this litter as cats prefer fine litter and pellet litter will not clump.
  • Clay Litter – Clay, by its very nature, is dusty, there is no denying that. It is impossible to get a clay litter which is 100% dust-free, but there are low-dust formulas which are miles better than the rest. For example, clay litter made with heavy granules produces less dust and has all the benefits of regular litter.

The most important thing to remember is that the bigger and heavier the litter granules, the less dust there will be. Lightweight, finer litter will be dusty, easily tracked throughout the house and stick to your kitty’s fur. Finding the best dust free cat litter is a trial and error process.

Types of Dust Free Cat Litter

Manufacturers know that kitty owners hate dusty cat litter, and therefore most will claim that their products are “low in dust” which may be true, but they will still have a high amount of dust compared to the products below.

The volume of dust in your kitty’s litter will depend on the individual ingredients in the product you choose. Many cat litters have hugely differing formulas, and these all effect the dust content.

As a general rule, for the lowest dust content, you should choose non-traditional litters with natural ingredients which are biodegradable, such as wood, walnut, grass and corn.

When choosing kitty litter, keep in mind the problems associated with dust and dirt. Cats can make your house very dirty, because they visit the litter box often and, when they do, their legs and hair will naturally become contaminated. As such, you want to choose a litter which tracks less and is easier to clean.

Do Cats Like Scented Litter?

In those reviews we mentioned that a lot of the litters were scent-free, and highlighted how that was a positive attribute, but why? The question of whether to use scented or unscented litter is one many cat owners have on the tip of their tongues when searching for a litter to buy.

A cat’s sense of smell is the key to answering the question of whether to buy scented or unscented litter and depends entirely on your unique kitty. The feline sense of smell is over 10 times more sensitive than our human one. You have probably noticed the powerful scent emanating from some cat litters, now imagine how strong that is for your cat!

The real purpose of a litter box is for your cat to have as natural a place as possible to do his or her business, and your best chance of creating this natural and inviting environment is to have a cat litter which is odourless.

Although many cat litters are fragranced with additives and chemicals, it is not for their benefit at all. These fragrances are added to mask the odours for the benefit of humans – not cats – because their litter is not able to eliminate the odours naturally. The best cat

The Round Up

Having a dusty cat litter is not great for either you or your kitty. Firstly, they make a huge mess and can be a pain to clean. Secondly, they can have negative health implications in the long-term, especially if you have a kitty who has allergies or asthma.

It is a great idea to choose the dust-free cat litter, naturally absorbent and fragrance free alternative which will provide all the benefits of clumping and easy cleaning, and eliminate the dust, mess and potential harm associated with a regular, dusty litter.

Best Dust Free Cat Litter Reviews
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