Best Dry Shampoo for Cats

Looking for the Best Dry Shampoo for Cats? Most cat owners dread the whole idea of bathing their cat. Simply because cats hate water and it is a challenge to get them into the sink let alone give them a good bath. The few cat owners whose cats are the exception to this rule (the water-loving kind), show them off on YouTube. These cats should be grouped in a cat breed category of their own for their sole existence appears to be to make ordinary cat owners green with envy.

But be it as it may, giving your cat a bath is not impossible. As a matter of fact, I dare say it is not as tricky as it has been put out to be. Provided you have the right tools and have the knowledge of how to go about it, the whole bathing process should be a breeze.

That said, in this article, I shall go over some of the questions most cat owners have about bathing cats, how to find the best cat shampoo and last but not least, reviews of some of the best cat shampoos on the market.


Dry Shampoo for Cats Comparison Table

Product NameOdor ControlIngredientsPricing
Vet’s Best No-Rinse Waterless Cat ShampooNoNeem Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Panthenol (Vitamin B5)Click Here
Calily Life Organic Oatmeal Cat ShampooYesWater/Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin Click Here
New Vet Recommended Waterless ShampooYesDeionized water, mild surfactant blend, apple extract.Click Here
Burt’s Bees Waterless Cat Spray ShampooNoWater, disodium cocoyl glutamate, coco betaine, glycerin, honeyClick Here
Waterless Cat Deep Cleaning ShampooNoPurified Water, Mild Cleanser, Hydrolyzed Plant Protein, Odor NeutralizerClick Here
New Waterless Cat and Dog ShampooYesDeionized water, Lavander extract, Detergent free coconut surfactant blendClick Here
Pro-Pet Works Cat Shampoo and ConditionerYesDeionized water, surfactant blend derived (coconut shampoo base), organic aloe vera extract, organic almond oilClick Here

One glance at this waterless shampoo for your cat and you will notice one thing – it is earth based. Its design screams natural and organic. The fact that this unit is laced with aloe and is balanced for the most sensitive cat skins makes it one of the best dry cat shampoos on the market.

Adding to its cleaning efficiency, this waterless shampoo for cats has been created with ingredients that are designed to sooth itches and flea bites. Your loved feline can rest easy without constantly scratching at its skin. You will love that it is mild and does not excite cat allergies (especially for kittens and cats with sensitive skin and fur)

What about its smell? It features the sweet smell of almonds and cherries. It does, however, come lacking in the sulphates, chemicals and artificial colours, alcohol, and parabens. If you were in doubt like I was the first time, this bit of information would win you over.

The aloe added to the shampoo has therapeutic characteristics on felines. Vitamins have also been thrown into the shampoo. It is worth pointing out that this unit is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and has a packaging created from recycled materials. This is for the one of the Best Dry Shampoo for Cats.


  • Soothes itchy skin and has a pleasing fragrance.
  • Leaves the fur silky and soft.
  • It is all natural and organic.


  • Some say this shampoo works better for dog than cats.
  • I found its efficiency to be lower than that of some top dry cat shampoo for cats that fetch lower prices.
  • I had to perform a finishing shower to finalize on its job.

This is yet another great dry shampoo for cats. It is however slightly expensive than most. Nonetheless, the natural ingredients it contains will win you over. Most cat lovers find it hard to resist. This waterless shampoo for cats comes in 4oz bottles. This amount should be enough to dry bathe a short haired cat. However, for larger cats with long hair like the Maine Coon, you will need to bottles.

Cats tolerate the foam by this best dry shampoo for cats. Most homeowners have gone on record to state that this shampoo is gentle on the cat’s skin. It leaves the coat moisturized and dry. The shampoo comes with an impressive list of ingredients including Vitamin E, Neem Oil, and Aloe Vera.

When my friend first bought this dry shampoo, she said she couldn’t wait for her cat’s next bath. She was slightly disappointed though that she could not clean her cat on a daily basis as she would erode the oils on the coat.


  • Turns a bathing nightmare into an easy and fast process.
  • All ingredients are natural and will not upset your feline.
  • Essential oils to soothe your cat’s itchy skin.


  • Cannot be used on kittens younger than 12 weeks.
  • Kids and pregnant women are advised to stay away from neem oil as it may trigger allergic reactions.

This shampoo has been named the number one best dry shampoo for cats by numerous reputable sites. This unit prides itself on being both shampoos as well as a groomer. Aloe Vera and Shea butter are the two main ingredients in this shampoo.

Speaking of ingredients, the unit contains minerals that have been harvested from the famous – Dead Sea. The solution has a soothing effect and helps to get kitty fur soft and clean. It is packaged in bottle sized 32 ounces.

Most loyal clients love the fact that this shampoo can condition, moisturize and deodorize. With the Calily Life, the ingredients do not negatively affect the natural oils on the cat’s is great to learn that the shampoo is free of parabens, artificial dyes, and other harmful chemicals.


  • It contains non-toxic ingredients. It is safe, and its Dead Sea active minerals make it all the more efficient.


  • If you want to wash your cat only, it is not the best.

This is a rather strange combination – fruits and cats. The shampoo contains an apple based extract which makes it one of the best dry shampoos for cats which does a great job of cleaning and moisturizing and keeping dandruff away. It does all this without needing any water.

This waterless shampoo for cats is packaged in 8-ounce bottles. It is designed to be easy on the eyes and easy to use. Kids can use it with great ease. All they have to do is spray and massage it on the cat's coat, and it is done. Also noteworthy is that the product is alcohol and detergent free.

If the whole idea of a spray on dry shampoo appeals to you, imagine how much a cat that hates water will appreciate it. Its popularity has also been contributed to the fact that it plays well with the medical products prescribed by vets to keep ticks and fleas at bay.


  • Safe and Eco-friendly. Its packaging is made from recycled products.
  • It is perfect for cats that are unable to groom themselves as a result of illness or age.
  • Leaves the fur shiny, smooth and smelling like apples.


  • Perfect for short hairs.
  • Its apple fragrance may bother some cats.

Agreed, the name is weird. Especially for a product designed for cats. But despite its name, this product has grown in popularity over the years courtesy of its high quality. Most cat owners have grown used to the logo and associate it with being the best dry shampoo for cats on the market.

The labelling on the packaging reads 99% natural. Reading the ingredients contained, you can tell this is true. It has to be one of the Best Dry Shampoo for Cats.

It is produced by Fetch4Pets. This is a small company that has dedicated itself to selling these bottles of spray dry shampoo in portions of 10 ounces. They are great for on-spot cleaning if your cat is ‘repellent to water’ like mine is.

The instructions are easy – start from the back of the ears to the tail. You will be pleased to note that Burt’s Bees does not interfere with any ticks or fleas treatments you might have going on.


  • It is readily available in physical and online shops.
  • It leaves the cat looking and smelling clean.
  • The ingredients are made from natural.


  • It does not do a great job of getting rid of urine odours.

We already established that bathing might just be the single bravest thing you will do with regards to your pet – trust me, I should know. The fact that cats do not love water does not do you any favours.  But this does not mean you give up altogether. This waterless cat shampoo will help you get the job done without sustaining scratches all over.

While there are many dry cat shampoos on the market, this product stood from the crowd and made it to the list courtesy of its efficiency, great smell, and ample package weight. A single bottle is sufficient to clean any cat breed you might have.

This particular product comes with a mild coconut cleansing element that leaves your cat smelling fresh and clean. It is rather gentle on the skin and the cot. There are however other scents that include mango and raspberry. You can choose any you please without fear of having your cat resist or act out on you.


  • No rinse is required.
  • Leaves your cat smelling fresh.
  • It is perfect for deep cleaning.


  • The coconut scent may be too much for some cats.

This is the perfect product for those cat parents who have no time to bath their cat. The New Waterless Cat Shampoo is enough to give your cat soft feeing fur and leave it smelling perfect. Speaking of smells, the cat shampoo helps to get rid of any and all unpleasant smells on your cat. It is more effective than baby wipes and is perfect for a full body cleanse or on the spot accidents.

It has been designed to work with sensitive cat skins and allergies. It is non-toxic, alcohol and detergent free. It is by far the perfect alternative for harsh chemicals. The light lavender scent leaves your cat and kittens smelling fresh all day long.


  • Fresh lavender scent.
  • All natural free from harsh and toxic chemicals.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin and allergic cats.


  • The lavender scent may be too much.
  • The smell disappears fast.

Important Points To Consider

There are many different types of cat shampoos on the market. They are all designed for different purposes. Each cat is unique and will as such benefit from a different cat shampoo type.

That said, while selecting the best cat shampoo, there are several factors you ought to consider. These include your cat’s age, skin condition, hair type and length, disease and special needs. These factors will guide you to choosing the best cat shampoo for your cat.

1. Pick a shampoo designed for use on cats

The market is filled with shampoos for humans, cats, and many other animals. Dishwashing soap and baby shampoo can be used on your cat, but it is because of their gentleness. The adult shampoo is a no-no as are other types of soap. They can be harsh on the cat’s skin and fur.

And even with the baby shampoos, there are those that are too perfumed and cause your cat to develop stomach upsets.

2. Read the Label

Before you pick any shampoo from its spot on the shelf, it is important you know what it contains – the compounds you will be exposing your feline to. Certain shampoos feature more chemicals and other shampoos that contain reducing ingredients and are gentle.

You are looking for a cat shampoo that has fewer artificial ingredients, is gentle and has no adverse effect on the cat’s skin and coat.

Some of the ingredients to stay away from include sodium laurel sulphate, pyrethroids, petrochemicals, parabens and artificial dyes. You also should be wary of fragrance. Can have an acute sense of smell and even when a particular scent is too mild for us, it can affect a cat adversely.

Some of the ingredients to consider include mild and natural ingredients and moisturizers.

3. Consider Your Cats Age

Kittens, like humans babies, are different from adult cats and adult humans respectively. Their nutritional needs are different as are their bathing requirements. Kittens feature sensitive fur and skin. As such, you cannot pick just any shampoo and use on your cat.

You will need extremely gentle shampoo. Adult cats are sensitive no doubt, but kittens are even more sensitive. Baby shampoo can work on them, but it has to be free of fragrance

4. Consider your Cats Special Needs

If your cat is one of those that hate getting into contact with water that is not in its drinking bowl, you should consider getting dry shampoo. With waterless shampoo for cats, you can give your cat a dry bath without any troubles.

It is common for cats to have dandruff. After all, dandruff is just dead skin cells. You will know your cat has dandruff when it suddenly is itchy, and its skin feels dry and is extremely flaky. As cats age, they tend to develop a dandruff problem and regardless of how much the ‘self-bath’ it just does not go away. Luckily, a special cat dandruff shampoo will do the trick

Do Cats Really Need A Bath?

I once found myself wondering about this. I mean, it feels like my cat is always ‘bathing’ himself every time I look its way. It cleans itself with its paws and tongue. I find this to be a little gross, but I guess for cats it is acceptable – so I found a way to make my peace with it.

Cats are naturally clean animals. They have an innate desire to be clean at all times. Their teeth and tongue are designed to enable perfect fur care. Also, their flexibility allows them to reach to just about any part of their bodies. No doubt, cats can groom themselves almost to perfection. However, they do require some assistance once in a while.

There are situations, circumstances, and occurrences out of your cat's control that make it impossible for him to keep himself well groomed. During these occasions, your cat may have rubbed against a wall covered in wet paint, honey, glue, or any other sticky substance that its natural grooming kit cannot handle. Some of these products are chemical based and can be poisonous. And you obviously do not want your cat licking potentially dangerous products off its fur.

On the other hand, overweight, old cats, and ill cats may also have trouble keeping themselves well groomed. For such cats, partial baths are best as they are less stressful. In fact, the perfect solution for such cats is a cat wipe. These wipes are designed to get rid of urine stains, dandruff, and oil without using water.

When bathing your cat, you should realize that different cat breeds have varying needs. The long-haired cat breeds need more bathing than the short-haired breeds. It goes without saying that long fur is slightly harder to maintain. Long-haired cats need regular brushing and occasional baths to keep the fur looking healthy.

Can I Bathe My Cat Too Much?

Believe it or not, too much bathing is not good for your cat, even if you have the Best Dry Shampoo for Cats. Sure you want your feline to look clean and smell fresh all the time. However, constant bathing will do more harm than good. How you wonder? Well, cat coats are covered with natural oils that keep them looking healthy and shiny. Too many baths erode the natural oils and cause skin irritations. Before you commit to bathing your cat a certain number of times weekly, be sure to gauge its needs. In the case of long-haired cats, a bath once a week is enough. Short haired cats, on the other hand, may go for several months without needing a bath. Heck, some never need a bath unless in special conditions.

Can You Use Baby Shampoo On A Cat?

The answer is yes.

We have already established that cats hate being dipped in water. As such, anything that makes the bathing process longer is a no. Baby shampoos and normal cat shampoos are designed to rinse fast. This contributes to a shorter bathe.

Additionally, the baby shampoos are mild and free of harsh chemicals that may irritate your cat’s skin and fur. Like babies, cats are sensitive.

Is It Safe To Wash A Cat With Dish Soap?


Dishwashing soap is gentle effective and above all, safe. It is perfect for cleaning your cat’s fur and getting rid of fleas. The beauty of dishwashing soap is that it is not as harsh as normal shampoos which end up irritating the cat’s skin.

Can I Use Baby Wipes To Clean My Cat?

Yes, cleaning your cat using baby wipes is acceptable. In fact, it is recommended for ill, old and overweight cats. However, when using wipes, you should always ensure that you use the unscented baby wipes. Cats have a strong sense of smell and are easily irritated by the scents.

Some unscented baby wipes you should consider include Pogi’s Grooming Wipes and Earthbath All Natural Cat Wipes.

Just always remember

All the products listed are easy to find. Additionally, they are efficient. However, while all are great, the best for your at will depend on several factors as listed on the 'how to choose' section.

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