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If you have not yet tried get the best catnips for your cat yet, you are missing out! Today, most cat parents are pampering their cats more than they used to before. Cats have grown to be more of family members than cats. There are even laws in some areas protecting their and stating their rights. You want your cat to experience the world differently than other cats and to broaden its mind. What better way is there than to give your little furry pet a natural high? 

Catnip is known to provide feelings of Euphoria as well as relaxation in most cats. For you, you will be all too excited and amused watching how your cat reacts.

All this sounds great and interesting. But the question you have is, is it safe for my cat? Well, I have conducted my very own research and come to a conclusion yes it is. In this piece, we shall delve deeper into how you can achieve this and if there are any side effects.


Catnips Comparison Table

Kong is one of the most popular brands in the market and have to be one of the best catnips. I am a big fan of this brand and always recommend it to cat parents. Over the years I have stacked up lots of Kong toys and dried catnips, and as such, I am confident that the quality is high. I normally use the catnip alone, but if you prefer, you could use refillable toys or just soft toys to increase the engagement with your cat.

The product can last for several months without losing its potency. Even after months have passed, cats can still smell the catnip from a different room. The jar is sealed properly and locks in the vapours preventing them from evaporating.

The catnip used in this product is harvest at the best time which ensures that it has lots of fragrance and flavour. The catnip is field dried and as such comes with catnip flowers and leaves rather than seeds and the stems. As such, the concentration of nepetalactone is high, and the catnip is strong.


  • It is organic
  • The jar is sealed and retains the fragrance and flavour for longer
  • Is made from catnip leaves and flowers
  • A bonus toy is included


  • Your cat may lose interest fast

If you are looking for an alternative organic catnip to the Kong product reviewed above, this Cosmic Catnip will work wonders. It is loosely dried catnip, and the company claims to have put in a lot of time (years) in the research of processing catnip in the best possible way.

This cosmic Catnip is derived from the leaves and flowers. The eaves and flowers are more potent compared to the stem and the seeds of the catnip plant. It is worth noting that the container is sealed to retain the freshness of the catnip over time.

The packaging is simple, and it comes in different amounts. It is fresher and more potent. To give this catnip to your cat, rub some in between your fingers and sprinkle it in the area where your cat plays a lot.


  • It lasts long and is organic
  • Cats seem to love it as it is fresher


  • You have the task of cleaning up the flakes afterward

This is yet another best catnip cat parents can take advantage of. The catnip is 100% organically dried and has been extracted from premium and healthy leaves and flower tops. These two areas are concentrated with the active chemical. As such, this product comes packing a punch.

The organic Catnip is manufactured in the USA and comes in a resealable bag or tub. Very few products can boast of this feature. The resealable bag helps to ensure that the catnip does not evaporate and become useless over time. It helps to improve the shelf life of the catnip.

The packaging is fun and tells it all. Feeding or exposing your cat to this catnip will have the effects you were hoping for or even better. It comes in different amounts each with varying prices.


  • Made in the USA and is organic and free of chemical pesticides
  • It comes in a resealable bag
  • It is made from high quality blended leaves and flower tops


  • Some users have found some stem fragments in the catnip

At this point, it seems this list will be populated with organically grown catnips. Meowijuana Meowi-Waui is organically grown in both Washington State and Southern California. It is premium catnip that is hand-picked at its peak of natural, essential oil production which gives it maximum and possibly the best potency.

The dried catnip is packaged in a resealable and reusable plastic bottle. Yes, you can reuse the plastic bottle once the catnip inside is exhausted. With the resealable feature, the catnip is bound to last for a longer period.

This catnip will see to it that your feline gets high it will love. It comes in both small and large pill bottles. Its effectiveness, however, does not last as long as other catnip products.


  • The catnip is organic
  • It is available in both small and large bottle sizes
  • It is grown in the USA
  • It has high potency


  • The high effects are not long lasting as in other catnip products

This Sojos Catnip 100% organic and makes our list of one of the best catnips. It comes in a well-designed packaging. The tin the catnip is packaged in is distinctive and designed to preserve the freshness of the catnip. The catnip is gown in Washington State and is harvested by hand.

Harvesting by hand ensures that the catnip has maximum effect. It is also carefully dried to provide your cat with the best high possible. Most clients notice that this catnip is a shade greener than most catnip brands.

It also features a stronger fragrance and is more appealing to cats. A single pinch and sprinkle a couple of times in a week, probably twice or even once will have your cat feeling groovy all week long.


  • 100% organic and grown in the USA
  • Has a strong fragrance and comes in a tin designed to lock in the freshness
  • Minimal stems used for best possible potency


  • Most cat parents complain of the stems available in the catnip

This catnip is freshly cultivated in Canada. Garry's Pets guarantee the highest quality of catnip without artificial ingredients or preservatives. In addition to being grown organically, they also are harvested fresh. They are plucked at the peak of their season when the flowers and the leaves are most potent and rich in the essential oil.

The Garry’s Pets Catnip is a healthy product. It can convert your kitten into an excited and energetic playmate. Also worth noting is that this catnip contains a propriety herb blend that lasts longer and will remain fresh for longer. This will provide your kitty with a better and long lasting euphoria.

The nepetalactone present in this catnip will have your cat going crazy in a fun way, all over the house).


  • It is organic and free of artificial ingredients and preservatives
  • It is harvested in peak season
  • Comes in 3 cups
  • Has simple packaging


  • The packaging is not exactly resealable, and thus the catnip may not last as long as other products

This is one of the best catnips available on the market. This spray allows you to form an aromatic and exciting environment, all without creating a mess in your home. No cat parent loves cleaning up messes after their cats. They love the cats but would do anything to avoid a mess.

The spray is priced lowly and claims to be by far the most potent catnip oil available in the market. It is a popular choice among consumers. It is not organic though. As such if you are looking for an organic product you best search elsewhere.

It is perfect for spraying on teasers, scratchers, toys and cat condos. The scent is irresistible, and your cat will just not have enough of it.


  • Highly effective and potent
  • Is convenient and clean
  • Made from natural catnip oil
  • Can be used on toys


  • It is not organic

Different Types of Catnip

  • Fresh Catnip

You can grow this in the ground in your backyard or a planter. With the plant in your backyard or planter, you can allow the cat to interact with it freely. You will be surprised at how often your cat will visit the plant. Cats love to nibble, roll and rub against the fresh these plants.

  • Loosely Dried Catnip

This is by far one of the most common types of catnip available on the market. The dried catnip packs a little more bang than the fresh catnip. As such, you only need a little amount to get the desired results from your cat. All you need to do is rub the dry catnip between your fingers to release its fragrance and sprinkle it where you cat plays.

  • Catnip Spray

This is liquid catnip. It comes combined with water to form a fragrant and potent spray. It is a convenient choice for cat parents looking to attract their cats to their old toys, or to a new piece of furniture. It is also perfect for cat parents who do not like the idea of having to clean up the catnip flakes after. But while it is convenient for you, your cat will miss out on the fun of interacting and chewing on the physical catnip.

What Effects Does Catnip Have on Cats?

The essential oil present in the Catnip chemically alters the normal functioning of the brain. This effect is only temporary. The effects include playfulness, euphoria, relaxation, and in some rare cases aggressiveness.

When the chemical substance nepetalactone present in catnip passes through the nasal tissues in your cat, an intriguing chain of events is set off. The chemical reactions are directly linked to the behavioural responses and are similar to when cats detect feline pheromones.

Some of the Common Reactions Include:

  • Drooling
  • Purring
  • Rolling
  • Aggression
  • Increased playfulness
  • Excited chewing, licking, rolling and sniffing
  • Rubbing cheeks and the entire body on objects close by

After about 15 minutes (can be as short as 5 minutes) of craziness, you cat will relax and will be content. As a matter of fact, your cat may nap immediately after the initial effects. Following this effect, cats need about 60 minutes for the brain to ‘forget' the initial chemical reaction and to react to the catnip one more time. The wait might be longer depending on your cat. You should bear in mind that like humans develop a natural resistance to drugs, your cat can also develop a resistance to catnip. This is to mean that if you give your cat catnip more than a few times every week, you will have to wait longer for the funny and crazy reactions to kick in or give it higher doses.

I repeat it is only about 70-80% of the cat's population that can react to catnip in the ways described above. Also worth noting is that cats below the age of 6 months are immune to catnip. The ability to respond and react to catnip is genetic.

Is It Bad to Give Catnip To Your Cat?

In all honesty, the above question is wrong. We could rephrase it to read, ‘what are the potential health benefits of catnip to cats?’ This is because catnip has more benefits than dangers. It is completely safe to give your cat catnip to some, touch or eat.

In a study conducted, cats were fed nepetalactone, the active component in catnip. This was to determine the health effects of catnip in cats. However, no considerable impact was registered.

In the event, you feed your cat with a lot of catnip, what would happen? I found myself wondering the same thing one time when I got carried away, and my cat had catnip, an amount I thought it was a little too much. Luckily, as I later learned, the only effect would be diarrhea and vomiting. There aren't any long-term effects.

So what do cats really experience when they are under the influence of catnip? Are they experiencing the equivalent of human hallucinations? Are they chasing invisible mice flying across the room?

This is a rather tricky question to answer. It is only your cat that knows how it feels and what exactly it is experiencing. However, judging from the expressions and the behavioural changes, we can assume that cats are not in pain or any discomfort during this time. As a matter of fact, give a chance, your cat will seek out this aroma another time in search of the high it experienced before.

Humans have for the longest time used catnip as a sedative and also as a mosquito repellent. You probably have used it for such. With your cat, however, things are different as it is a calming agent, a natural stress reliever. Besides the above-mentioned effects, you can use catnip to your advantage – you can use it to entice your cat into eating food it does not like, but you are aware of its nutritional value.

Catnip – What is it?

Its biological name is Nepetaria Cataria. Some people also call it catmint and catswort. It belongs to the mint family and causes some behavioural changes in cats and some euphoric reactions. The plant grows in clusters, and its leaves are similar to those of other mint plants. Also, it features a minty fragrance. It is very easy to grow in your backyard and can be spotted growing in like a weed in the wild.

Catnip provides entertainment, stimulation, and relaxation. Additionally, it can help your cat loosen up enough to explore other interactive cat toys and new furniture. If your cat is stressed, catnip will work to take the edge off.

Where does this minty plant get the strange powers it possesses? Well, we cannot say they are powers per se, but it can provide feelings of euphoria courtesy of nepetalactone that is secreted in the leaves and the flowers. This compound is strong and has a powerful behavioural effect on about 75% of cats that are genetically susceptible to it. The results are some funny behaviours that cat parents have been finding amusing for years. If you have been wondering why your cat is not as dramatic as some of the cats you watch on YouTube video, here is what your cat is lacking.

Tips to Help You in Choosing the Best Catnip

Catnip is readily available. The question is, how do you know that you are selecting a variety that your cat will fall in love with? While catnip is one of the few products that are straightforward, not all varieties and brands are equal. As such, before you pick any from your local shop’s shelf, and before you go over the list of best catnip.


After getting your catnip, the task at hand is to ensure that it remains fresh. Fresh catnip has got a strong scent. If it has no scent, it is useless. Also, once you have fed this to your cat, you should be careful as there are chances it will get aggressive and forget you are its parent.

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