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Cat expert Pam Johnson-Bennett explains that while cats may seem to subsist without water, the truth is that they really need lots of water to survive. Most cats, however, are fed more dry food than wet food, so they only get about 10% of their water needs from the food. To compensate, a separate water bowl is necessary.


Cat Water Fountain Comparison Table

First on our list of cat water fountain reviews is the Uniclife Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl which features a simple fountain and LED light indicators. This is a slight innovation from the usual automatic waterer, but Dr. Deb Greco emphasizes the importance of running water as a more appealing drink than standing water.

See, cats have the instinct to trust running water as a cleaner source of drinking water than still water. Hence, the Uniclife water fountain may prove to be effective in tricking your cat into drinking more water than if you were to use a simple drinking bowl.

The activated carbon filter also guarantees that the water your cat ingests is always clean and in the best condition, helping you avoid unnecessary pains such as water poisoning and the like.


  • Has a total water holding capacity of almost 2 liters.
  • Blue LED light aids in evening illumination, so cats are still attracted to the flowing water even when it is already dark.
  • Low power voltage that ensures safety of your pets even when gadget is plugged in 24/7.
  • Quiet operation, easy to sleep through the working sound.


  • Filters do not last very long.
  • The LED light burns out easily.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain’s 5-inch tall stream would surely attract all kinds of felines and help them rehydrate. Cat behavior expert Rita Reimers explains that vertical streams of water are cats' favorite source for a drink, which is why you would always notice them drinking straight from the faucet even when there is a perfectly accessible water bowl nearby.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain’s advantage over other available water fountains is that it comes with a cleaning kit and replacement filters since contaminated water is a huge threat to the health and wellness of our dear felines.

A reservoir and a charcoal filter also come with the water fountain, so you really need not worry about the cleanliness of water that your cat gets. There is an added bonus: the design of this platinum water fountain resembles that of a bathroom and kitchen sink, so if your cat has grown accustomed to drinking straight from the faucet, it will not have a hard time adapting.


  • Quieter than most models released earlier.
  • Has a pet hair trap mechanism that makes sure your cats do not ingest the fur that gets in the water.
  • Large reservoir that circulates more water than other models.


  • Cleaning the water fountain is not easy and takes some good effort. It also needs to be cleaned weekly or there will be buildup.

One drinking fountain from PetSafe makes it as a candidate for the best cat water fountain. This one features a simple vertical stream that induces more oxygen to the running water, thus making it fresher and more suitable for drinking.

Cat expert and advocate Dr. Ernie Ward reiterates that cats have a way of knowing if they are presented with fresh water or not, so they are really finicky with what they intake. Luckily, the PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain comes with a free cleaning kit that guarantees your fountain will always be in top condition in terms of cleanliness.

Additionally, a carbon filter seals the deal in terms of water cleanliness. One innovation that sets it apart from other water fountains is that you could control the volume of water flow. If you have smaller cats, a slower flow would be more suitable.


  • Has a ramp that minimizes water splash and sound.
  • The power cord is 6-feet-long so there are no location issues as it does not have to be next to a power outlet all the time.
  • Easy to clean and does not get dirty very fast – once in two weeks is enough.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Not big enough for fully grown cats.

A more luxurious fountain from PetSafe lands in our cat water fountain reviews. Compared to the first entries that resemble a normal faucet, this one is more stylish and features five water streams in a rounded formation. If a single stream encourages your feline to drink plenty, what more if you take it up to five streams?

It has a carbon filter, again serving the purpose of keeping the water clean and ready for your cat’s sustenance. A flow cap is also installed so you can fully control and regulate the water flow. Smaller cats that are afraid of huge streams could benefit from the slower water flow.

 To top it all off, filter foam collects hair and fur that gets in its way, so there is a decreased chance of your cats getting furball poisoning from ingesting fur-contaminated water. 


  • Since it has five individual streams, the Drinkwell 360 is ideal for multi-cat households.
  • Ramp hampers the splash of water, so you could enjoy peaceful nights without being bothered by the constant dripping.
  • Dishwasher-ready.


  • Builds up hard water, making it very tricky to clean.

Some cats actually hate vertical streams but prefer low running water. For pets like that, the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain is the ideal. Instead of a falling stream, a soft raindrop design is made to minimize splash and sound for cats that are afraid of sudden motions.

The water spout is also fully adjustable. If you put it in the center of the whole fountain, it creates a majestic effect that you would also surely enjoy as a decorative piece of furniture.

It is made of stainless steel instead of the usual ceramic. You may have mixed feelings about it since a lot of people prefer ceramic over stainless steel. If you prefer the latter, though, then there is no problem for you.


  • Has one included filter that is good for a month, max.
  • Has an elegant and stylish design that you would love having as a decorative piece.
  • Has a circulating water capacity of almost 2 liters.
  • Big enough even for fully grown cats, but big dogs might not want to share.


  • Not very durable because of its portability.

Another candidate for the coveted title of best cat water fountain is the very cute Catit Flower Fountain. If the others reviewed before are marvels in terms of modern and stylish designs, this one has a more dainty and cute design. It is perfect for cat-owning children who might be more invested in maintaining and cleaning a fountain whose design appeals to them, too!

The fact that the Catit Flower Fountain is cute should not have you believing it is not for heavy-duty use, though! See, while most other water fountains could only hold circulating water of up to 2L, the Catit Flower Fountain holds a maximum of 3 Liters! This means less frequency of refills and generally happier felines!

Finally, it has a multi-filter system that keeps the water clean while also holding fur and hair that might be detrimental if kept in the water.


  • The reservoir compartment is opaque, keeping the water fresher for longer hours.
  • It also allows for three varying water flow settings that could cater to any preference of finicky cats.
  • Perfect if you want to encourage smaller kids to maintain the fountain because the design is appealing to them.


  • Not easy to assemble.

Capping off our cat water fountain reviews is one from Animate, the Cat Mate Pet Fountain. It is indeed unique since it resembles a cat tower more than the usual faucet-type streaming fountain. See, the Cat Mate Pet Fountain is a varying-height fountain that features soft flowing water and ramps that keep the operation quiet and visually pleasing.

The pump in the Cat Mate Pet Fountain is hidden under the bowl, so there is little to no chance of your pets accessing and making damage to it.

 If there is anything we know for certain about cats, it is the fact that they are finicky and sometimes moody. That's why the Animate Cat Mate Pet Fountain presents them with a multitude of options so they could choose from which water source they would like to drink from today: There are two elevated puddles of moving water, two waterfall-type streams, and even one pond of still water, which dogs could share from. 


  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean.
  • The fountain is durable, especially the pump.
  • Can easily be put apart (the top lid comes off for easy cleaning).


  • Diligent maintenance is a must – at least thrice a month.

Important Points To Consider

As with any other toy or furniture you bring home for your felines, there is a huge risk of them not falling in love with the item and ignoring them, leaving you heartbroken and frustrated. So before settling in on a cat water fountain, these are things you should consider:

1. Proper filtration system: Cats do not fancy drinking still water because they fear it might be contaminated, so getting a water fountain without a magnificently working filtration system might just defeat the purpose. Get one with at least a carbon filter and a hair filter.

2. Cat-proof: This means the pump and the power cord should be durable enough to withstand any cat’s curious bouts of scratching and chewing on anything.

3. Stylish design: Remember that whatever fountain you buy for your cat will also double as your own decorative piece of furniture. So to avoid any further frustrations, get a water fountain in a design which you also really would love having around.

4. Large water capacity: Nobody enjoys refilling the compartments very often, so if you could grab a fountain that holds more than 2L of water, then you’re good to go.

The problem is, most cats ignore water bowls and prefer running water whenever they see a source for it. This is exactly why the following candidates for the best cat water fountain are presented so you could pick one to help your cats get the hydration they actually need.

Finally, keep in mind

Luxury is not always the way to go since most cats couldn't care less about elegance – they want something they'd feel safe drinking from, and a fountain that provides clean water so they could also avoid contracting diseases that come from ingesting contaminated water. So good luck finding the right water fountain for your precious cat baby!

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