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It’s always been fun and amusing to watch our furry friends do what they gotta do – be a cat. You know those little quirks and odd habits (which makes you laugh so hard every time) that only your cats are capable of doing. Just imagine giving them a piece of furniture to scratch, where they can do these things? Why this piece of furniture only for cats is none other than a cat tree!

There are actually a lot of cat tree reviews out there from where you can base the best cat tree for our feline friends, but below is a list of a comprehensive and carefully-picked cat towers that are a must-see!

Cat Tree Comparison Table

One of the most luxurious and best cat towers is this Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower. It takes one look to realize that this one’s luxury cat furniture since it comes in a rich brown color that complements most homes. You would definitely love having this on display in the living room, since it has that elegant aura.

Also, it is a hit for most cats because it has five levels of varying heights, which provides a multitude of options for your cat to where it wants to lounge, sleep, stretch, and scratch for the day. There is a cushioned cubby hole in the lowest level, ideal for cats who love to sleep close to the ground.

Cat behavioural expert Marilyn Krieger explains in this article why multi-tier condos like the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower appeal to cats. It stands very tall but is secured at the base and balanced all the way through.


  • Visually pleasing so you would enjoy it as furniture just as much as your cat friends would.
  • Features multiple tunnel holes that cats enjoy navigating in.
  • Doubles as a comfortable bed since the cubby condo is adorned with a comfy cushion.


  • Not much for cats to chew on or scratch at, since it’s mostly hardwood.
  • Needs careful assembly since it gets delivered in pieces.

This cat tree may look simple but the materials used to create this cat tree are certainly not! You can trust that your cats will feel comfortable using this cat tree. You can say goodbye to scratched legs and other furniture, for your cats will already have something else of their own to scratch on.

As a last note, if you live in a house where space is quite limited, you will be glad to know that because of this cat tree’s linear design, it does not take so much space. With its features, your cats will be content having this cat tree around.


  • The bed can accommodate large-sized cats or multiple little kittens.
  • Good if you have a number of cats around. It will keep them occupied for a long time.
  • No hassle of assembling the cat tree yourself.
  • Guaranteed handmade and strong enough to accommodate your cats no matter the weight.
  • Your cat can do basic “cativities” here like climbing, scratching, pouncing.


  • There is a limit to the number of activities that your feline friend can do here.
  • If you really have a large number of cats, some cats will have to wait for their turn.

This cat tree has certainly taken things to the next level; it is not your usual poles-and-beds combination of a cat tree. It actually looks like a realistic tree! Its colors are factory-selected: combinations of beige, brown and green. Having this cat tree around will provide comfort for your cats!

Your cat will love to discover the secret entrance located at the back of the tree. It is a pretty simple tree but your cats will certainly find ways to enjoy this cat tree!


  • Cats love to lounge around in almost anywhere; this tree will become an addition to its favorite lounging areas.
  • Your cat can do a wide variety of activities here (Your cats can climb in or on the tree, it can run through it or on it, it can also hide on the inside shelves).
  • This cat tree has just the right size for a good number of cats: its dimensions are 12 inches in diameter, 63 inches in height.
  • Its simplicity in design makes it less likely to have frail parts.


  • You will have to be prepared to do a little assembling.

This cat tree will not only make your cats happy but you as well! You will find out why as you read more about this cat tree! You might as well mistake this cat tree as furniture used by humans – it has a very sleek and modern design that is still cat-friendly

Who knew that you can both beautify your home and keep your cats happy at the same time? It is certainly going to be a win-win situation when you decide to get this cat tree! The tools you will need in order to set up this cat tower is already included in the package upon purchase which is a bonus.


  • The cats can climb up to three tiers, making it a good exercise for your feline friend.
  • Materials used in this cat tower is easy to maintain. It is easy to manage and clean.
  • It aims to provide the maximum comfort level for your cat as parts that get worn out are easily replaceable.
  • This cat tree has a relatively wider platform than most cat trees which is great for cats who love to have a good stretch.


  • It features quite a few activities that will engage your furry friend.
  • You may encounter some difficulties in setting up this cat tree.

Climbing is a good activity for your cat – it makes your cat healthy and happy. Award winning author on cat behavior Pam Johnson-Bennett confirms this. PURRfect Cat Condo used her research and arrived at the conclusion that getting your cat a cat tree is really going to be helpful for its good development!

Despite its simplistic design, your cats can still have some benefit from it. After all, this cat tree is tailor-fitted for allowing your cats to climb! You will soon see the good effects that will manifest in your cats after you buy the cat tree of your choice!


  • Your cat can climb up to six tiers safely and easily, with each tier spacious enough to accommodate big cats.
  • It features thick sisal ropes which will surely keep your furry friend’s paws and claws away from your own furniture.
  • It is a very simple structure that will not require so much from you when setting it up.
  • The design exhibits stability, you can see it from its tower-like structure that it may not easily topple over.


  • Compared to other cat trees, this cat tree is very basic and will not provide a wide variety of activities which your cats can do with it.

CatHaven Cat Condo

This cat tree has features that will provide the basic needs of your furry friend for comfort. Your feline friend will like this cat tree because it gives out the feeling of napping, lounging, hiding and much more – in an almost realistic tree. CatHaven has lesser features compared to other cat trees, but it is certainly sure of its goals to provide enjoyment for your cat!


  • The materials used to build this cat tree is designed to give the maximum comfort that your cat can get out of it.
  • It is going to be refreshing to have this cat tree around as it has a design that looks very much like an authentic tree.
  • This cat tree can accommodate cats that weigh around 32 pounds.
  • It will require you to do a bit of assembling but it is not that difficult to do so. Assembling this cat tree does not even require you to have tools.


  • If you are not ready to place an almost life-sized tree in the middle of your living room, then this cat tree is not going to be for you as it stands at an approximate of 5-foot in height.
  • The activities which your cat can do in this cat tree is limited.

If you have A LOT of cats around then this cat tree is going to be one of the best cat trees for you! Why, the materials used to construct this cat tree are pressed wood and faux fur, just the type of materials to make your cats feel cozy in this cat tree.

If you are looking for a cat tree that is both interactive and comfortable to get for your cat, then you should really consider this cat tree! The size of this cat tree is really huge! It has a lot of amenities: from poles to cradles, to ladders, to ropes and baskets.


  • Your cat will really be busy with this cat tree for a very long time because of the number of activities they can enjoy doing here.
  • It may look quite complicated to put up, but assembling this cat tower together is quite easy and it comes with a simple manual that’s easy to understand.
  • Furthermore, the tools you will need in assembling this cat tree is already provided for you!


  • If you do not have much space, this cat tree is not going to be good for you. It is relatively larger than most cat trees.

The best cat tower is one that provides physically stimulating exercises as well as a comfortable place for your fur baby to doze off. New Cat Condos Premier Cat Tower is exactly that. At six feet tall, it offers a multitude of activities your cat will surely enjoy whenever it is feeling lazy and rest-y and even when it is feeling frisky and adventurous.

At six feet tall and with four varying levels, this cat condo ensures every cat’s personal space remains un-invaded, even in households where there is more than one cat. It is made of wood, carpet, and sisal ropes that could withstand your cat’s manic scratching and biting, which by the way is perfectly normal, as proved by proved by Harvard-educated trainer Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

It comes in various colors for you to choose for, so no more sacrificing the aesthetic of your home just for a cat tower your cat will love. Cleaning this cat tower is also a no-brainer since you can both vacuum and dry clean it.


  • Heavy duty furniture that does not shake or topple over no matter the weight of the cat playing in it.
  • Good for multiple-cat households.
  • Comes with cat teaser toys that keep the cat’s attention.


  • You will need to place in a sturdy position. 

Six-tier cat condos make for good and interesting cat furniture for two main reasons: the height makes it so that the uppermost level is the highest spot in the house, which cats really love, and it usually offers a multitude of other activities that will keep your cat occupied and entertained. With the Favorite 57" Cat Activity Tree Condo Furniture, both of these reasons are achieved.

There is a total of 8 scratching posts, 4 cubby hideouts, one dangling rope for a swing, more than 10 perching spots, and countless tunnels and holes that could stimulate your cat physically, mentally, and even visually. This can hold your feline’s attention for longer hours particularly because there are so many things they can do in here.

A little spray of catnip to seal the deal will guarantee limitless hours of fun and peace for your cat. No more scratches on the sofa bite marks on the curtains – only a cat wonderland where there are no unsatisfied cats and unnoticed toys.


  • Highly adjustable and may be personalized – most of its parts can be reoriented and moved to suit the preferences of your cat(s).
  • Made up of material that is comfortably soft, but can also withstand rough play.
  • At 84 inches tall, it stands taller than most other cat condos.


  • Could be quite tricky to assemble since the instruction manual is all photos.

If your cat’s one of the adorable ones that do not enjoy being in the highest spot in the room, you might want the TRIXIE Pet Grande Cat Tower since it’s not very tall but still offers all the comfort and entertainment as most trees in this best condo reviews list.

There are six short scratch posts in this cat tower where your kitties could sharpen their claws and fangs. When they get tired, the hammock and the cubby are always welcoming for a good cat nap. Most of the surfaces and the lounge are covered in fleece, so ultimate comfort is guaranteed for your soft kitties.

Do not be fooled by this cat tower's cute and cuddly feel, though, because it is very sturdy! Two very healthy cats can even cuddle up against each other in the hammock and it will not buckle under the combined weight!


  • Comes with a teaser toy that provides entertainment options other than scratching and napping.
  • The material is incredibly fluffy cats need only two seconds or less to get comfortable and doze off in one of the tiers.
  • Ideal for smaller kitten households where the cats are still very small to enjoy the gigantic cat condos.


  • Hard to assemble.
  • The cat teaser toy only lasts a few days.

Another cat condo that is perfect for those who do not have much space is the TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower. Unlike other cat towers that take eons to assemble and this assemble, it only takes one folding and unfolding action to make it stand and to tuck it away.

It has two layers – the lower bunk serves as a hideout bed while the surface on top is a lookout. Other added parts are the cat teaser toys and the sisal rope-made scratching pad which helps keep your cat’s claws and teeth in perfect shape.

A commendable feature of this cat tower is its balance since the cross function keeps it stable. This means that even the healthiest of felines could sit atop and the tower would not lose its balance.


  • The included cat teaser toys are more durable than most dangling teaser toys.
  • It’s a portable tower that even kids could assemble and take care of.
  • Comes with a removable hammock cushion that you could easily throw in the laundry whenever it gets dirty.


  • Does not offer many activities other than scratching, pouncing on the teaser toys, and lounging.
  • Not ideal for households with multiple cats.

Important Points to Consider

We want to get what is the best of the bests for our cats. Cat behaviour expert Pam Johnson-Bennett would tell you to keep in mind these two things: your cat’s personality and size; then you will know which cat tower you should be getting. Below are some factors you also might want to consider as well.

  • Wood construction – Choose wood that is not prone to breaking apart and will not produce splinters, to avoid cat injuries.
  • Stapled carpet – Will not come off as easily compared to those that use glue.
  • Sisal – That is strong and thick enough to withstand clawing, this is a requirement for a good scratching post or mat.
  • Carpeted hiding places – To keep your cats comfortable.
  • Height: Generally, cats like to be in a tall spot, but there are some cats that actually have fear of heights. You know your cat very well, so if you are able to observe where they usually hang out at home, you will have an easy time deciding whether you need a tall cat condo or a shorter one.
  • Comfort: Cats love to lounge and nap in comfy places, so look for a cat condo that has cushioned hammocks and beds 3. Activities offered: Cat condos are supposed to be wonderlands where your cat could enjoy doing a multitude of things. So if you are to buy one tower, go for a furniture that also doubles as scratching pads, comfy beds, exercise hubs, and also stimulates your cat's mental health.

The factors above were listed by Drs. Foster and Smith, they have been handcrafting cat furniture for a time now. They believe that cat furniture should also be of high quality, allowing cats to enjoy a feline friendly environment – thus providing a happy and long life for our furry friends.

Different Types of Cat Trees

If you have tried multiple cat towers but still fail to capture the affection of your fur babies, you might just be getting the wrong kind! Try to mix it up a bit and understand that what worked on other cats may not always interest your own unique friend. Here are some types you could try:

  • Simple: The design of simple cat towers is quite linear. You will find basic elements such as a scratching post and a one to two-tiered landing where your cat may lounge on. The activities, which your cat can do, are quite limited. Simple cat trees tend to accommodate a lesser number of cats as this type of cat tower takes up minimum space
  • Luxury cat towers: Intricately styled and visually pleasing to the eye, luxury cat towers appeal to the sensibilities of some cats simply because of their elegance. If your felines seem not to respond to carpets and sisal ropes, it could be that they prefer harder surfaces like wood and plastic.
  • Natural log cat towers: Some cat towers are made up from actual barks and logs, and this type appeals to most outdoor cats since it simulates the feel of actual trees, hence it provides better sensation as scratch pads.
  • Box stacks: Cats who do not respond to usual condos and towers might just fall for the oldest trick in the book – cubes. Stacked cubes make wonderful cat towers too since they provide stress relief and the option for cats to traverse tunnels.

Giving them their very own not-so-secret lair!

We all love to indulge our cats, we just simply cannot resist. Now our cats have managed to make us look into various cat tree reviews to look for the best cat trees to get for them and we laugh at ourselves – but it’s okay because we love them.

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