Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

Our cats are naturally playful, active and would love to explore things. Many would have thought that cats can stay too long sitting or sleeping in one area, which can be really boring. Lazing around and get no exercise will get your cat fat and can lead to obesity, you answer to get them fit is only the best cat tree for fat cats.

Greater enrichment and activities would match normal patterns of a feline behavior and helps them to avoid getting health issues. Doing activities with your cats can change their behavior and promote their health at the same time. This would be no different even if you have a large cat in the house.

One best thing that you can try out is getting a cat tree. It gives them a personal space to do take a nap and be their own self. Just like humans, we need that to grow and learn. To help you get started, here are few simple things to know about getting the best cat tree for large cats.


Cat Tree for Large Cats Comparison Table

Do you have 2-3 large cats in the house? The Go Pet Club Cat Tree can be a perfect choice for you. Your furry feline friends would be able to enjoy this. There could be a lot of activities to offer and it comes with 13 posts, 13 levels, 1 hanging rope, 1 basket, 3 hanging toys, 1 large house and more!

It can be a perfect getaway to keep your cats busy and enjoy their time together. The posts are covered with sisal rope and it is also very easy to assemble. The faux fur on the ledgers would offer softness and comfort to the body of your cat. The color can also be a perfect fit for all kind of rooms.

Scratching posts are very sturdy and would be able to keep your large cats in place and enjoy the cat tree in no time! You can put them on their personal space or even in the living room, so you can easily find them. In case they are missing, they might be hiding in the cave so watch out!


  • It is designed to accommodate 2-3 large cats.
  • There is a lot of activities available for your cats.
  • The color is simple to fit your choice.


  • You may need to modify some areas to perfectly fit your cat’s choice.

As a homeowner, we tend to be particular on the colors and styles of different things that we are adding to our house. If you are one of them, you may want to consider getting Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge. This can be one of the finest and best cat trees for large cat today. It is being offered in various colors such as blue, beige, green, brown and grey.

You have the freedom to choose the color that would best suit your living room and possibly attractive to the eyes of your pets. It was made from plush carpet, solid wood, sonic tubes and unoiled sisal that are strong and can put up with the strength of your cats! It also has a scratching post that they can enjoy.

The unoiled sisal rope is perfect for your cats to have healthy nails and promotes positive scratching behavior. It is also handcrafted and fully assembled, so there is no need to spend more time in doing it on your own. It is ready to use as soon as you get it out of the box.


  • It is readily available and fully assembled.
  • It comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It promotes healthy nails of your pet with unoiled sisal rope.
  • It provides wider space for your cats to stretch out their legs comfortably.


  • It is only ideal for owners with one to two cats.
  • It is not that tall and would not give more space if your cats love to jump.

Do your cat loves to go up high and jump? Well, no worries on that. The Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo can be a great choice for that. It is 57 inches high that your cats would love to try out. It is made of pressed wood and was covered with light faux fur, which makes it sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

Your cat would also enjoy a variety of activities such as multiple perches, scratching posts, a cave, and a lot more. This is fun and recommended for new cat owners. It gives them a perfect personal space for their cats as they learn and observe their behaviors.


  • It comes in light colors that would blend in any place.
  • There is a variety of activities that your cat would enjoy.
  • It is perfect for 1-2 cats in the house.


  • If you have a lot of cats in the house, then this is not for you.
  • You have to consider the weight of your cat. Heavy cats would possibly have a hard time jumping up high.

Have more space for your cat? This one is a great option for you. It gives a perfect place for your furry friends with lots of activities that they can enjoy.

It is 90 inches tall with a large bed, that is comfortable and perfect for cats who love to go to higher places. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or smaller cat, as they would want to play and relax in here. It comes with a natural sisal rope and there are different areas for your cat to rest.


  • It is designed for big cats.
  • There is a variety of play and rest areas.
  • It is readily assembled.


  • It may need a bigger space in your house.
  • It is tall and may have a conflict with the height of your ceiling so check the size beforehand.

This cat tree is perfect for your cat who loves to go out. It gives your cat a taste of the wild and enjoys a great stay with large bedroom areas. There are two areas available. One can be used for cats that would enjoy sleeping on the ground, and the other one is for the cat who loves to go up high.

It is being offered with other colors, very easy to assemble and there are replacement posts that you can use in the future. This gives a bigger space or play area for feline friends. The design comes with realist looking leaves to give better outdoor effect to your cats.


  • Innovative cat tree design.
  • It is easy to assemble and comes with replacement posts.
  • This is perfect for more than one cat.
  • There are safe and comfortable play areas.


  • It is big and may need more space in the house.

A large breed of cats can be really heavy and would not be fond of going to higher places. This Cozy Cat Furniture is the right one for that. It is only 4 ft. tall and have a total of 4 bedrooms or space for your cats. 3 large spaces and one flat perch that can be comfortable to use.

This is being offered in different colors such as blue, beige, grey, green and brown. You are free to get one that would possible complement the overall look of your house. It is space saving and can be transferred to one place to another.


  • It has many rooms.
  • It is offered with a variety of color.
  • It is space saving.
  • It’s made with comfortable faux fabric.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of activities.

This specific model was designed for fat and heavy cats. This is a full-featured, almost 6 feet tall cat tree that can be ideal for the needs of cats with heavy weight and large body. It was made with the highest standard of materials such as CARB2-Certified wood, natural sisal rope, and faux fur wall.

It is a complete haven for your cats as there would be different activities to enjoy. You can have one, two or three cats staying in one place. Thanks to this, you can finally have the solution you are looking for and avoid them from scratching your carpets, woods and other places in the house.


  • It is specially designed for fat cats.
  • It is sturdy and stable to avoid them from being frightened.
  • It comes with almost every activity that your cat would love.
  • It is very spacious and accommodates more cats.


  • It can too tall for heavier cats.
  • You may need a ladder to clean it.

Another one to check out is the Pet Palace Cat Activity Tower Condo. It is made with high quality of woods and plush faux fur. The posts are wrapped with sisal rope and are designed to perfectly let your cats have something to scratch on, instead of the woods and other areas in the house.

It comes with two platforms where your cat would be able to stretch out, rest and relax. One of the best features of this cat tree is that it comes with motion activated mice squeaking toys that could be a perfect toy for your cats.


  • It offers complete activities and safe haven.
  • It has motion-activated mice squeaking toys.
  • It was made with high quality of materials.
  • It allows your cat to relax and be comfortable.


  • The squeaking mice can be noisy.
  • The base can be a little small to keep it sturdy.

We know how hard to find a perfect tree to fit our very large cats. They can be heavy and large at the same time. Thanks to Molly and Friends Five Tier Condo, it offers large beds and areas that are perfect for your needs

This was designed to cater and accommodate any size of a cat and make sure that they are comfortable. It can help for them to move around carefully, jump from one place to another, scratch the post and hide on the caves.

It is offered with high-quality materials that are already fully assembled for your need.  It comes with sisal rope that is strong enough for your cat to play with any time of the day. They would also love the feel and comfort that the texture will give to them.


  • It is perfectly designed for large type breeds of cats.
  • There are different playing and lounging options available.
  • There is no need to assemble the unit.


  • The fabric may felt rougher for some cats.
  • It is heavy and may need a specific or designated place in your house.

Important Points to Consider

A cat tree can be a perfect playground for your feline friend and it gives them the freedom to show their own character! However, to achieve that, there is a need to find the right cat tree for them. With that, you may want to look for the following points below.

  • Flat and Wide Ledges: It is important to get one with wider and flat ledges where your cats would be able to stretch out, take a nap and also fit their size properly. There are cat trees that could have 2-3 ledges.
  • U-Shape Perches: Perches make it really comfortable for your cat and getting u-shaped would help them feel it on their back. It is a perfect relaxation for your cats after a long day.
  • Caves or Hiding Boxes: We have to admit that cats love boxes. They can’t spend a single day without going inside a box. You can look for cat trees that would have caves and boxes where they can stay. There are times that they just don’t feel going out.
  • Sturdy Tree: Large cats can be heavy and you need to make sure that the tree is very sturdy and would be able to handle the weight of your cat. This is also important to avoid your cat feel stressed and uneasy if the tree is wobbling.
  • Weight Capacity of the Cat Tree: Cat trees are designed with specific weight limit and capacity. You have to know and check if it can carry or withstand the weight of your cat, and also its size. The weight capacity is commonly added to the boxes of the product.
  • Built-in Toys or Scratching Post: A cat tree would not be complete without a scratching post. It totally let you see the inner self of your cats, and don’t forget to add up toys as they would love to play with it!

How Cat Tree Helps You?

You’ve probably wondered why many cat owners would want to have the best cat tree for large cats. There are different options available on the market which can be overwhelming. It isn’t just an additional furniture in your house according to Pam Johnson – Bennett, as there could be a lot of benefits it could offer to you, such as the following below:

  • A timid cat can be a problem for many pet owners, but having cat tree would provide a safe haven for them. With boxes or caves, they can find the comfort they need
  • With a cat tree, cats would be able to share a close space to one another. It gives them time to become closer and probably be comfortable with each other. This is very important as some cats would not want another one to be close to them
  • It helps you in easily letting your cat do activities in the house. They can use the cat tree as sort of their playground and enjoy. This would divert their attention from scratching other things in the house

Where Should You Place the Cat Tree?

The area where you are going to place the cat tree would be able to make a difference. It is recommended to have the cat tree placed near a window where the cats would have an overview of the outside sceneries. Most of the cat trees are designed to be in the corner, which can also help in adding stability and support to it.

The Round Up

It is our responsibility to get the best cat tree for large cats, and the first thing to consider is the durability of it. It should be able to withstand the weight of your cats, would have different activities to do and is very comfortable with their usually lazy moments. Do not be deceived by the price, but get the one that is offered a great value.

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