Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Our cats are energetic and love to play! They can easily be amused by anything and most likely they have left scratch marks all over your tables and chairs! There’s a solution for that, it is to get and purchase the best cat toys for indoor cats to keep them entertained and saving your expensive furniture!

Since our cats love to play, why not give them toys to play with? There are many manufacturers on the market that offers a variety of interactive toys. But the question is, is it interesting enough for your cats? Can it get their attention? Your cats would only know the answer.

According to the Happy Cat Site, the only way to keep our indoor cats happy is to give them toys or engage them in different activities that would easily get their attention. It is their nature to be playful, and we need to help them on this. A good plan would be able to help you get started and promote healthy living with your cat.


Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Comparison Table

Product NameEasy to cleanMaterial made fromPricing
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat ToyYesTextured scratch pad, ballClick Here
Co-Z Collapsible 3-Way Tube for ExerciseYesMade of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with protective ends Click Here
PetSafe Pounce ToyYesElectronic mouse Click Here
PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat ToyYesClass IIIa laser productClick Here
Catit Design Senses Play CircuitYesTracks, ballClick Here
SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible TunnelYesHidden crackle materialClick Here
Cat1st Ninja Cat CubeYesNon-woven fabricClick Here
Catnip Filled BananaNoCatnipClick Here

This toy is perfect for all cats out there! There is no doubt that they will have a good time playing with this one. It can make them go crazy and curious at the same time. It is a popular toy for your cats that looks exactly like their feeders. This can easily get their attention, especially that there are balls that comes running with it. 

There is a channel where the ball would fall up and down, and your cat would be the one to play with it. Aside from that, it comes with a cat scratching post that they can use.

It is extremely helpful to have this toy around as your cat can do numerous things all in the meantime. You can keep them occupied in one corner and simply watch them be amused and curious on the balls.


  • It can keep your cat busy for a longer period of time.
  • It has different activities that your cat would enjoy.
  • It helps in reducing furniture damage and diverts their attention.
  • It is simple and very attractive to your cats.


  • It is small and can easily lose its purpose.
  • The replacement scratcher area can be expensive.

Most cats would love to go inside the tiniest, littlest nooks and corners that might be found in your home. Your cats will love to play in this 3-way tube! What's more, pause, this isn't your normal tube for cats - it is a three-way tube that is collapsible and easy to use.

A cat tube is recommended and known to incredibly help cats who are timid, cats that do not want to spend more energy and cats that are not fond of spending time with humans. Obviously, friendly cats would still enjoy their time playing with this toy. They are very simple minded and would love everything from you.

If you have a timid cat, you will soon see that, with this cat tubes, it will gradually give itself a chance to get settled with being out in the open. This is a perfect choice, especially if you have multiple cats or kittens in the house.


  • It is durable and safe to use by your cats.
  • It is portable and easily folds down if not in use.
  • It offers a variety of activities that your cats would enjoy.
  • It helps to promote a healthy lifestyle for your cats.


  • It can be small and not recommended for large cats.
  • The tunnels are not long enough for your cat to play with.

This interactive cat toy looks like something out of your favorite movies! It is a gadget controlled by batteries, which enables your cats to jump at the plastic moving mouse in a round movement around the toy. The speed of the development of the mouse may change in four levels.

PetSafe is a cat toy that will keep your cat busy the whole day. You don't need to stress over the security of your cats while playing with this toy as there are no materials that may cause harm to them.

Ball spinning would surely be fun for your cats, and because of this, you can expect for them to be really amused of balls. They can even spend the whole day starting and putting their paws on the balls.


  • It is very simple and fun for your cats.
  • It is being offered at a good price that you would surely love.
  • It keeps your cat busy for the whole day.
  • They can share it with other cats in the house.


  • There are cases that cats would stick their head in the middle of the toy.
  • Some cats may not be interested in light-up balls.

We all know how active our cat can be. One minute they are sleeping and as slow as a sloth, the next minute they are full of energy running around the house, climbing up curtains and being a right pain! If that is the case, why not channel all that energy with the help of the FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Toy, it would be really easy to get their attention and play with them!

You would surely be fond of using this product and have some activities with your cat. You can do this all day, and they will still find it amusing the next day. There are so many people that would surely love this product and it is being offered at a price that is a good fit for your budget.

It is very simple to use and manipulate, which makes it highly recommended by many people on the market. Just make sure that you are going to have batteries and keep it working for your cats to enjoy.


  • This is recommended for cats that are extremely energetic.
  • It encourages a personal time spent with your cat.
  • It is simple and very easy to use.
  • Your cat would be able to enjoy this all day long.


  • It uses batteries that can be ejected in the lower area without notice.
  • It can be big for your hand.

They have this saying that “curiosity kills the cat”. Our cats would find anything amusing and the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit would help them in getting a better toy to play with! This is highly recommended on the market and is being used by many consumers because of the quality of results it can offer.

It comes with motion-activated flashing ball that makes your cat curious. They would become very interested and would wonder how it is going to work for them. The cats would surely spend time in chasing, staring or scratching it to get the ball from it.

The tracks are durable enough and could last for years of playtime with your cats. This is ideal for cats of all ages and you can have one for your cat.


  • It provides entertainment to your cat.
  • It is visually interactive because of the flashing balls.
  • It comes with elevated tracks, so your cat would be able to take a look inside of it.
  • The tracks are durable and safe for your cat to use.


  • The lights would not work for longer period of time.
  • It is very small.

Cats would naturally love any openings, caves, boxes – name it. They would like to jump and check boxes in the house, stay inside of it, scratch it out or sleep. With that, there’s a big chance that your cat would really enjoy having SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel!

The SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel is a very reliable cat toy that offers interactive activities that your cat would love. This tunnel would keep them busy and you may wonder what’s inside of it? Well, your cats would like it even without anything at all.

They would just love to go inside the tunnel and feel calm. This is recommended for curious cats that are looking for things to do (aside from scratching and damaging things in the house).


  • This is recommended for cats of all ages.
  • It can be easily stored as it is collapsible and portable.
  • There are so many cats that love playing inside of it.
  • It encourages exercises for their daily activities.


  • There are cats that would not like to go inside the tunnel.
  • You may need additional toys that they play inside of it.

Do you have a senior cat in the house? Senior cats can have problems with their mobility and need that extra loving. You are probably changing their diet for a new meal to help and support their needs. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. They need to have toys to keep them active and on the ball.

One of the best toys that you can try out is the Catnip Filled Banana. It gives them a new toy to play with despite their age. You will surely love to see them walking around or spending time biting and scratching a banana.

There are so many cats that would go crazy with it because of the catnips inside of it. This can help them to find activities on their own, even you are not around the house.


  • It is recommended for senior cats that won’t have enough energy to play with other toys.
  • It gives personal time for your cats to play on their own.
  • Catnips are inside of it to ensure that they would be interested to play this.
  • They can bite and scratch it all day, and keep them busy.


  • There are cats that would not like the smell of it.
  • The catnips are not refillable.

We all know that cats love to go inside the box, jump and climb over on any openings they see. They love to explore and do things on their own. To easily ignite and offer them better activities, you would want to invest and get the Cat1st Ninja Cat Cube which can be efficient and ideal for their needs.

It gives them a perfect place to stay at and hide. It is very safe, so you can leave your cat in here any time of the day. This also promotes their natural behavior and let you see how they totally behave. This is also very easy to store and you can set it up without problems.

This is durable and would last for years with you. If you have multiple cats in the house, then you can buy two or three of it, stack it up and have a perfect play place for them!


  • It is durable and can offer great entertainment for your cats.
  • It is simple but can be enjoyed by your cats.
  • It gives personal space to let your cat hide on it.
  • It comes with a good design.


  • You may be required to buy one for each of your cats.
  • You need to get other toys that they can play inside of it.

Important Points to Consider

Our indoor cats would want to do something in the house, and the toys would be able to help in keeping them busy. Before they start ruining your couch, chewing on your earphones, eating meals on the table, and other things, it is important to give them toys that can get their attention and possibly help in promoting a better lifestyle through interactive activities.

In order to easily get the best cat toys for indoor cats, it is important that you can look for the following things below:

  • Safety: The first thing you have to check out is, the safety of your cat in playing the toy, you are planning to buy. Is it safe for them to use? What is your assurance? You have to check the labels and comments of other people who’ve tried it out.
  • Size and Activities: It is ideal that you will check the size of the toys and the activities that your cat can do out of it. This is important to determine if it is interactive enough to get the attention of your cats.
  • Age of Your Cat: You have to spend time in checking the age of your cat. This could help in knowing if the product is recommended for their age and they can use this for their own activities.
  • How the Toy Works: Lastly, you have to be particular about how the toy works. Can your cat play with it? There can be a number of options available, so you have to check if the toy can get their attention and let them enjoy it.

How to Know if Your Cat is Bored?

The first thing that you have to ask yourself, is your cat bored? If you are not spending time at home with them because of your other activities, it would be hard to tell. However, before you get the best cat toys for indoor cats, there are some signs you can consider which includes the following below:

  • Your cat keeps on licking or cleaning himself.
  • They have been sleeping all day.
  • They are looking for other things to scratch or bite.
  • They are asking for food too much.
  • They are causing problems in the house like scratching papers, getting food on the table, etc.

Giving them a perfect toy would help them kill boredom! It is not really hard to give toys for your cats as they can find the simplest things amusing. It is easy to get their attention and introduce the interactive toys. After all, their curiosity is not something that they can resist.

How to Encourage Cats in Playing?

There are times that your cat would not feel doing anything, and you just got a new toy for them to play with. Toys would offer different activities for your cats, and to make sure that they will play it, you have to introduce it properly. The cats would not be able to understand if you will explain how it works, so the best thing to do is try it out on your own, and get their attention.

If they are curious about this, then they are the one to go near and look at it. This is the right time to do tricks and let them try it. Once they become interested, you would have a hard time distracting them from it! Just let them be and have their personal time with their toys.

The Round Up

The best cat toys for indoor cats would be able to keep your cat busy and eventually divert their attention from scratching and damaging furniture in the house. The main purpose of this toy is to make sure that they would use their energy in playing, instead of ruining anything they want. You can get interactive toys that can get their attention easily, and you will be amused by things they do! It gives a chance for you to know the other side of your cat!

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