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You have probably played Neko Atsume long enough to wonder if real life cats truly adored cat towers and cat condos the way those virtual cats do. To answer simply: yes they do! You just have to find the best cat tower that your feline best friend would enjoy. See, there are a lot of different cat furnitures that cater to different cat preferences.

Cat guru Tony Buffington has explained cat idiosyncrasies in a talk (e.g. why they lounge in the house’s highest spot), so now all we have to do is narrow down our best condo reviews to help you find one that suits your pet’s unique needs and preferences.

Cat Tower and Condo Comparison Table

Molly and Friends Pinnacle 86 in. Cat Tree

This cat tower by Molly and Friends could easily accommodate more than 5 medium-sized cats all at the same time! At 86 inches tall, this will surely satisfy the scouting cat who always loves to be on the highest spot in the house. The Molly and Friends Pinnacle is also made of carpet and sisal rope, making it a good scratching post aside from a cat tower.

With two condos and four comfy cradles in varying heights, your cat will never run out of lounging choices. The topmost bunk is a tunnel bed, cozy enough to lull your fur baby to sleep deep in the night.

This tall tower has been made with a secure base that ensures it will not tip off even if heartily played on or jumped at by your bigger cats. The rope and carpet material used are also sturdy enough to stand the test of time. With proper cleaning and maintenance, this cat tree would easily outlive generations of felines.


  • Catnip spray ensures attention and pleasure of any cat
  • Furniture is easy to assemble
  • Out of the box functionality perfect for the beginner
  • Innovative design – cats love the tunnel part and allows interaction between two cats occupying the tree at the same time
  • Compact enough for smaller apartments and condo units


  • Can only accommodate two to three cats since it’s only a two-level tree and scratch post

PetFusion Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post

This 30-inch-tall cat scratching post also provides two spacious beds where your cats could lounge and nap all day. It is also stimulating given that the topmost bunk is easily accessible with one big leap from the floor. It even comes in a stylish and modern color combination – white and brown – visually pleasing both to cats and their owners.

One more thing: the PetFusion Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post comes with a free catnip spray. For those who have tried catnip, you know how this magic works, as also explained by cat care specialist veterinarian Ramona Turner here.

The catnip spray is a nice touch that guarantees that your cats will enjoy playing and scratching this furniture for hours on end. It is a good and healthy way to get them occupied and scratching on the post instead of on all your other furniture and curtains​


  • Sturdier than most cat towers and can accommodate muscular cats without buckling over the weight
  • Arrives in a gigantic box – no assembly required
  • All surfaces, even the ones inside, are covered in comfy carpet material


  • Some towers are crooked and since it’s so tall, it also very noticeable

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

One of the most luxurious and best cat towers is this Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower. It takes one look to realize that this one’s luxury cat furniture since it comes in a rich brown color that complements most homes. You would definitely love having this on display in the living room, since it has that elegant aura.

Also, it is a hit for most cats because it has five levels of varying heights, which provides a multitude of options for your cat to where it wants to lounge, sleep, stretch, and scratch for the day. There is a cushioned cubby hole in the lowest level, ideal for cats who love to sleep close to the ground.

Cat behavioural expert Marilyn Krieger explains in this article why multi-tier condos like the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower appeal to cats. It stands very tall but is secured at the base and balanced all the way through.


  • Visually pleasing so you would enjoy it as furniture just as much as your cat friends would
  • Features multiple tunnel holes that cats enjoy navigating in
  • Doubles as a comfortable bed since the cubby condo is adorned with a comfy cushion


  • Not much for cats to chew on or scratch at, since it’s mostly hardwood
  • Needs careful assembly since it gets delivered in pieces

Bowsers Cat Tower - Cool Hues

Making it to our list of best condo reviews is the Bowsers Cat Tower – Cool Hues. Cats may have different preferences and idiosyncrasies, but one thing they all have in common is their love for boxes. Veterinarian Claudia Vinke of the Utrecht University explains this behaviour in a study, concluding that boxes help in cats’ stress reduction.

What’s better than a cozy box in the eye of our fur babies? Well, how about a cat tower that is basically a tall stack of boxes varying in sizes? Our cats would flip!!! Luckily, that is exactly what the Bowsers Cat Tower is. It even comes in cool colors that are attractive at first sight!

The five solid wood cubes containing various colors and holes could be arranged as you wish, but they vary in size so it is logical to put the largest cube in the lowest level to avoid imbalance of the cubes!


  • A unique cat tower that requires no assembly other than stacking boxes
  • Simple furniture that also requires a simple cleaning regimen (although cat hairs sometimes get stuck because of the fabric scrunches)
  • Look quite basic, but actually provides a stimulating experience for cats when they have to find a way to climb and go down using the tunnel holes, steps, and even the surfaces


  • Smallest box is only ideal for growing kittens

New Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree

The best cat tower is one that provides physically stimulating exercises as well as a comfortable place for your fur baby to doze off. New Cat Condos Premier Cat Tower is exactly that. At six feet tall, it offers a multitude of activities your cat will surely enjoy whenever it is feeling lazy and rest-y and even when it is feeling frisky and adventurous.

At six feet tall and with four varying levels, this cat condo ensures every cat’s personal space remains un-invaded, even in households where there is more than one cat. It is made of wood, carpet, and sisal ropes that could withstand your cat’s manic scratching and biting, which by the way is perfectly normal, as proved by proved by Harvard-educated trainer Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

It comes in various colors for you to choose for, so no more sacrificing the aesthetic of your home just for a cat tower your cat will love. Cleaning this cat tower is also a no-brainer since you can both vacuum and dry clean it.


  • Heavy duty furniture that does not shake or topple over no matter the weight of the cat playing in it
  • Good for multiple-cat households
  • Comes with cat teaser toys that keep the cat’s attention


  • You have to check for loose and visible staples that could hurt your kitty

Favorite 57" Cat Activity Tree Condo Furniture

Six-tier cat condos make for good and interesting cat furniture for two main reasons: the height makes it so that the uppermost level is the highest spot in the house, which cats really love, and it usually offers a multitude of other activities that will keep your cat occupied and entertained. With the Favorite 57" Cat Activity Tree Condo Furniture, both of these reasons are achieved.

There is a total of 8 scratching posts, 4 cubby hideouts, one dangling rope for a swing, more than 10 perching spots, and countless tunnels and holes that could stimulate your cat physically, mentally, and even visually. This can hold your feline’s attention for longer hours particularly because there are so many things they can do in here.

A little spray of catnip to seal the deal will guarantee limitless hours of fun and peace for your cat. No more scratches on the sofa bite marks on the curtains – only a cat wonderland where there are no unsatisfied cats and unnoticed toys.


  • Highly adjustable and may be personalized – most of its parts can be reoriented and moved to suit the preferences of your cat(s).
  • Made up of material that is comfortably soft, but can also withstand rough play
  • At 84 inches tall, it stands taller than most other cat condos


  • Could be quite tricky to assemble since the instruction manual is all photos

TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Grande Cat Tower, Cream

If your cat’s one of the adorable ones that do not enjoy being in the highest spot in the room, you might want the TRIXIE Pet Grande Cat Tower since it’s not very tall but still offers all the comfort and entertainment as most trees in this best condo reviews list.

There are six short scratch posts in this cat tower where your kitties could sharpen their claws and fangs. When they get tired, the hammock and the cubby are always welcoming for a good cat nap. Most of the surfaces and the lounge are covered in fleece, so ultimate comfort is guaranteed for your soft kitties.

Do not be fooled by this cat tower's cute and cuddly feel, though, because it is very sturdy! Two very healthy cats can even cuddle up against each other in the hammock and it will not buckle under the combined weight!


  • Comes with a teaser toy that provides entertainment options other than scratching and napping
  • The material is incredibly fluffy cats need only two seconds or less to get comfortable and doze off in one of the tiers.
  • Ideal for smaller kitten households where the cats are still very small to enjoy the gigantic cat condos


  • Hard to assemble
  • The cat teaser toy only lasts a few days

TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

Another cat condo that is perfect for those who do not have much space is the TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower. Unlike other cat towers that take eons to assemble and this assemble, it only takes one folding and unfolding action to make it stand and to tuck it away.

It has two layers – the lower bunk serves as a hideout bed while the surface on top is a lookout. Other added parts are the cat teaser toys and the sisal rope-made scratching pad which helps keep your cat’s claws and teeth in perfect shape.

A commendable feature of this cat tower is its balance since the cross function keeps it stable. This means that even the healthiest of felines could sit atop and the tower would not lose its balance.​


  • The included cat teaser toys are more durable than most dangling teaser toys
  • It’s a portable tower that even kids could assemble and take care of
  • Comes with a removable hammock cushion that you could easily throw in the laundry whenever it gets dirty


  • Does not offer many activities other than scratching, pouncing on the teaser toys, and lounging
  • Not ideal for households with multiple cats

Important Points to Consider

The frustration that comes when your cats ignore the piece of furniture you were so excited to bring home is real and biting, maybe you got them the best cat tree (read our reviews if not) and they hated it! To avoid such waste and heartbreak, here are some things you should consider when buying a cat condo.

  • Height: Generally, cats like to be in a tall spot, but there are some cats that actually have fear of heights. You know your cat very well, so if you are able to observe where they usually hang out at home, you will have an easy time deciding whether you need a tall cat condo or a shorter one.
  • Comfort: Cats love to lounge and nap in comfy places, so look for a cat condo that has cushioned hammocks and beds 3. Activities offered: Cat condos are supposed to be wonderlands where your cat could enjoy doing a multitude of things. So if you are to buy one tower, go for a furniture that also doubles as scratching pads, comfy beds, exercise hubs, and also stimulates your cat's mental health.

Different Types of Cat Towers

If you have tried multiple cat towers but still fail to capture the affection of your fur babies, you might just be getting the wrong kind! Try to mix it up a bit and understand that what worked on other cats may not always interest your own unique friend. Here are some types you could try:

  • Multi-tier cat towers: Some cat towers stand as tall as six or seven feet and offer a good number of activity and exercise options. These are ideal for households that have more than one cat.
  • Luxury cat towers: Intricately styled and visually pleasing to the eye, luxury cat towers appeal to the sensibilities of some cats simply because of their elegance. If your felines seem not to respond to carpets and sisal ropes, it could be that they prefer harder surfaces like wood and plastic.
  • Natural log cat towers: Some cat towers are made up from actual barks and logs, and this type appeals to most outdoor cats since it simulates the feel of actual trees, hence it provides better sensation as scratch pads.
  • Box stacks: Cats who do not respond to usual condos and towers might just fall for the oldest trick in the book – cubes. Stacked cubes make wonderful cat towers too since they provide stress relief and the option for cats to traverse tunnels.

Final Advice

Cats are finicky beings, so sometimes the only way to find out the furniture it would love and respond to is to try a few ones. It may be expensive and tiring, but, let's face it, what wouldn't we do for our lovely little cat best friends?

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