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Buying and looking for the best cat scratching post may not be the easiest task, especially if your cats already have other needs. Our cats are naturally playful, and scratching is totally amusing for them. If you want to save your furniture from your cats’ scratches, make sure that you’ll get the best cat scratching post that they can totally enjoy!

There are many things to consider when it comes to this, but you can easily manage if you know the characteristics and needs of your cats. According to Tony Buffington, cats have odd behavior and they are quite strange. They can easily find things amusing and they will leave us with a mess of toilet papers, broken sofas, and a whole lot of torn furniture in the house. Save yourself from getting more troubles and get the best cat scratching post for them, and importantly, it will help you raise a friendly cat!

Cats have the natural desire to scratch and with many scratching posts available on the market, it can be hard for you to decide what’s best for them. A good scratching post is essential to having a healthy and happy cat. It can be an outlet for them to release their natural desire to scratch, and if you want the best, make sure to check the list below.

Cat Scratching Post Comparison Table

NameNumber of LevelsMaterials UsedHeightPricing
Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post1Fibrous woven sisal fiber32 inchesClick Here
Kitty City Premium Sisal Carpet Scratching Post1Premium Woven Sisal Carper Scratching Post + Fleece Cover Top32 inchesClick Here
Max and Marlow Sisal Scratch Post1Sisal Fiber, Wood and Fabric26 inchesClick Here
Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy1Sisal Fiber19.1 inchesClick Here
Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post1Natural Sisal, Cardboard, Soft Plush, Chipboard, and Screw parts37 inchesClick Here

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is made to be durable enough for your cats to get a full stretch and enjoy their scratching activities. This is made with durable and fibrous sisal that naturally encourage your cats to do some scratching. It is 32 inches high and lets your cats to scratch and stretch vertically. It is highly recommended by consumers and cats totally love it!

It is also very easy to assemble and has a sturdy base. This is important to avoid possible cases of wobbling and tipping. The base is wrapped with a colored box that gives your cat something amusing to look at. This is designed to maximize your cat’s stretching pleasure and provides an appealing target for exercise, territorial marking, and an outlet for their natural behavior.

Just like most cat scratching posts on the market, this is neutrally toned and can fit the décor in any home. You can set it up inside your house without problems and keep your cats busy!


  • It is made of durable and fibrous sisal.
  • It promotes stretching and natural scratching.
  • It has a sturdy base to avoid tipping.
  • It is appealing to the needs of most cats.


  • It is too tall for kittens.
  • Some cat owners said that it is not sturdy.

The PartySaving Pet Cat Claw Scratching Post is created to help you prevent your cats from clawing, scratching, and creating a lot of damage to your furniture. This is a great outlet for your cats to show off their inner habit of scratching and promotes healthier claws they need in eating.

This comes with a sturdy base that is padded with faux fur that makes it soft and plush for your cats’ delicate paws. They can easily enjoy stepping on it or even take a rest from scratching. This is made of durable sisal rope that is wrapped around the post and creates the perfect surface to encourage your cats in scratching.

Aside from that, it has a play mouse attached on top and encourages your cats to reach out for it. This gives them extra activity and can be considered as their exercise. The attached play mouse allows your cats to easily be attracted to the scratching post. This is tall and ideal for the needs of most cats.


  • It has a padded and sturdy base.
  • It promotes the natural scratching of your cats.
  • It has a play mouse for them to enjoy.
  • It is made of durable sisal rope.


  • Big cats can easily trip on it.
  • The play mouse can be broken easily.

The Kitty City Premium Sisal Carpet Scratching Post is made to be attractive and neutrally toned. This is ideal for many cat owners because it can easily fit into any house and can even complement the design. It is perfect and has a stable width that can be perfect for big cats. This is also made to be extra-tall to let your cats enjoy it even more.

It also comes with a jingle ball toy (located at the top of the post) that your cats would love to reach out and create sounds that are amusing to their ears. This scratching post is BV Pet Safety Certified and easy to assemble. You can easily move it from one place to another, depending on the needs of your cats.

It has 3 screws, and the post can be mounted on the base without problems. It is made of premium woven sisal carpet that makes it durable and ideal for most cats. It also has a fleece cover top that is comfortable on your cats’ bodies and paws.


  • It is neutrally toned to blend in any house.
  • It has a jingle ball toy for your cat.
  • It is BV Pet Safety Certified.
  • It is easy to assemble and is totally durable.


  • Some cats don't like using this.

4CLAWS have manufactured several scratching pads and posts that can be great for your cats. The 4CLAWS Curve Scratching Pad is one of consumers’ favorite as it comes with a curved surface that allows your cats to have a more comfortable posture when they are scratching and stretching.

This is 10 inches wide to easily accommodate cats of all life stages and sizes. This comes with a modern minimal design that can easily fit and blend in nicely in most homes. It has two different configurations and eventually lets you use it longer. This is sturdy and durable, so your cats can enjoy it for years.

This is made with premium pressed cardboard that makes the scratching pad durable and dense as well. It is 100% recyclable and is ideal for most households. Your cats will surely enjoy scratching all day, keeping them busy the whole time.


  • It has a curved surface for comfortable posture.
  • It is wide enough to accommodate cats of all sizes.
  • It has a minimal design to blend in most homes.
  • It is created with 100% recyclable cardboard.


  • There are cats that won’t like this scratching.
  • There are no other activities to do.

Max and Marlow Sisal Scratch Post

The Max and Marlow Sisal Scratch Post is made to be plain and simple and to fit the needs of your cats. It’s like a standing outpost that comes with a bird toy on top of it. This is appealing for most cats and lets them become interested in using the scratch post. Having a indoor cat toy can also encourage them to fully stretch their body to reach it.

We all know that cats love to scratch our carpets and other furniture, which can be quite messy and not ideal. With this scratching post, it lets our cat be satisfied and eventually encourage them to naturally scratch and clean their claws. This is also very durable and has a base covered with fabric and natural sisal rope.

The design of this scratching post was made for easy cleaning. You can use a vacuum in cleaning it or you can do manual hand washing. This is also offered with a product warranty from the brand and gives many pet owners better assurance.


  • It has a bird for cats to play with.
  • It naturally encourages stretching and scratching.
  • It uses natural sisal rope and is made to be durable.
  • It is easy to clean and wash.


  • It is not ideal for overweight cats.
  • A kitten may find it too tall and big.

The Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy is highly recommended, especially for distracting your cats. This has a fun and distracting butterfly toy that can be a healthy outlet for your cats’ inner hunting instincts. This is made from non-toxic materials that make it safe and ideal for most cat breeds through all their life stages.

It has non-harmful sisal fiber wrapping that can naturally promote and stimulate your cats’ natural scratching habits. Our cats may have sharp claws and they will love to scratch it on the décor or carpets inside the house. With this scratching post, it is now easier for you to offer the right outlet that your cats can use for their scratching activities.

The butterfly is located at the top and the platform is covered with scratching material that can be perfect if you have a kitten on the house since they can’t reach out the higher area of the post. This is very easy to assemble. You can quickly set it up in places that your cat loves.


  • It has a fun and distracting butterfly toy.
  • It is made with quality sisal wrapping.
  • It helps your cats avoid scratching your furniture and carpet.
  • It is very easy to assemble and set up.


  • Kittens can’t reach the higher areas of the post.
  • Some cat owners complain about the sisal fibers.

The Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post is made of a thick cardboard tube and is wrapped with natural sisal. Sisal rope is an important material that is being used for most cat scratching post as it is durable and can easily promote the natural scratching of your cats. The base tower is made with heavy chipboard and is covered with a soft plush that gives comfort to your cats.

This is safe and stable thus it can easily avoid wobbling and tipping. It also comes with a plush ball on top that gives extra attraction for your cats and lets them reach out to it. This promotes the stretching of their paws, which is important especially if they lack exercise and are overweight and always spends time at home.

This scratching post can be assembled easily giving you the option to put in anywhere inside the house.


  • It is made of natural sisal rope.
  • It is durable and promotes your cats’ natural scratching.
  • It has a plush ball toy on top of it. It is safe and stable.


  • It is too tall for kittens.

Important Points to Consider

Looking for best cat scratching post online will give you a long list of available options. Each of it has different features and other characteristics that you should keep in mind. However, if you want to be guided and easily save time with your new investment, make sure to check out the following points below:

  • Durability: It is important to check the durability of the cat scratching post before anything else. Cats can play roughly, and you will need a sturdy post that can keep up with them. A weak scratching post can make them bored and lose interest quickly, so make sure to check the durability of materials used among other things.
  • Activities: There are times where you may want to keep your cats busy the whole day. There are many scratching posts that have been created to let your cats be occupied doing several activities. There are mini gyms and cat condominiums that let them enjoy their play time and have exercise as well. This is important especially if you have indoor cats.
  • Materials Used: Scratching posts are made of different materials. If you want the best, then you should look for those that are made of sisal ropes. This can give your cats more scratching time and eventually helps them keep off their paws on your furniture.
  • Price: If you are currently on a budget, then you should look at scratching posts that are being offered at an affordable price. There are a lot of brands that create scratching posts for a reasonable price. Make sure to get one that best fits your budget without sacrificing the quality.

Types of Cat Scratchers

Now if you feel like you’ve tried countless scratch posts and your cat still doesn’t seem interested in any of them, the problem may be that you are getting variations of just one kind of scratch post. See, there are many types of scratchers, and your feline might simply prefer one over the other:

  • Natural log posts: Since cats usually claw on trees, a scratcher made our of natural log or bark might naturally be appealing for most cats. The problem for this type of scratcher is the amount of shedding and dirt it produces. If it is an outdoor furniture, there should be no problem, but it could prove messy indoors.
  • Cardboard post: Ideal for those who are just trying out which setup interests their cat the most. Easy to replace and usually affordable, but sometimes it gets problematic when small bits and pieces come off, ending up being eaten (and eventually vomited) by the cats.
  • Sisal rope: Probably the most popular type of cat scratcher and usually comes with cat condos and multi-tier cat furniture. These are also the sturdiest; hence they are usually used in designer condos and furniture.
  • Catnip material scratcher: May come in different shapes and sizes, but scratcher posts made from catnip never fails to hold the attention of felines. It keeps them happy and healthy, too.
  • Vertical/horizontal scratcher: Observe your cat when it stretches. Does it like stretching horizontally or vertically? You might want to get a scratcher post that matches your cat’s stretching preference.

Why Are Cats Scratching?

It can surely give you a big headache to see a huge mess inside your house just because your cats decided to scratch your furniture all day. The best cat scratching post is really an important investment for all cat owners. There are several reasons for your cats' habitual scratching. One, it helps them remove the dead layers of their claws. This is a common reason especially when they are starting to grow older.

The dead layers can irritate their claws, giving them the need to remove it by scratching it out. Second, they are doing this to mark a territory with their claw mark and scent. If your cats are still quite new to your house, you can expect them to explore and scratch everything they find amusing. Extreme scratching can happen if there are other pets inside the house because they want to be dominant and show that they are the leader.

Lastly, cats often do scratching to stretch their bodies and flex their claws and feet. This is important for your cats, so they can have an activity that stretches their body. Some of them won't have the equipment to be active, resulting in less exercise.

According to Dr. Jo Righetti, exercises and activities can keep your cats healthy. While some cats need activities and toys for staying indoors and having a scratching post encourages them to be active. Most indoor cats don’t like doing things and love to sleep all day, but with scratching posts, you can expect them to go out of their caves and enjoy the activities you have for them!

Hollow vs. Solid Cat Scratching Posts

There are many options available on the market which makes it hard for you to determine the right scratching post for your cats. However, most manufacturers use hollow cardboard tubes because of different reasons. The first reason is that hollow cardboard tubes are sturdier. You need to know that cats love sturdy things.

That’s why you ought to make sure that the post that you’ll buy is durable and won’t fall easily, or your cats will easily get bored and eventually avoid using it. Tall posts that are made of hollow tubes and wrapped with sisal is a common choice for many cat owners.

Another reason is that hollow scratching posts can easily create noises that keep your cats baffled and highly amused.


As the owner, you are the one who’ll decide on which best cat scratching post you’re going to purchase. There would be a lot of choices that have different features, activities, and many other things that your cats can enjoy. But you need to make sure that it is also big enough to accommodate the size of your cat. You should also consider other things that can give you better assurance about the product that you’re buying.

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