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Choosing the best cat scratching post for your fur baby may not always be the easiest task. You’ve seen heartbreaking photos of cats ignoring whatever new toy or gadget their owner have bought you fear the same might happen if you simply pick a cat scratching post off the bat.

Well, it is difficult to capture cat sensibilities, because of a lot of factors that make them both “amusing and baffling,” as explained thoroughly by veterinary expert Ted Buffington in an informative video. Nevertheless, here is a list of the best cat scratching post reviews available for you. Fingers crossed; at least one of these will please your picky furry cat! And it will help you raise a friendly cat!

Cat Scratching Post Comparison Table

Even the largest of felines could lounge comfortably in the wide beds of the Molly and Friends Four-Tier Scratching Post Furniture! The thick posts could also support heavy weight cats, so if your problem is that your cats are on the heavier end, and most furniture easily moves under their weight, this will surely do the trick!

Another thing: it comes in a neutral color that would blend perfectly into any home. It is quite big but it will not destroy the aesthetic of your home. If anything, it even helps make your home a beauty!

The thick rope around the post also proves satisfying and is something your furry friends would enjoy sinking their claws into for hours! This has to be one of the top, if not the best cat scratching posts.


  • Very sturdy, three large cats can occupy it all at the same time and it there would still be no threat of the scratching post tipping over.
  • Wide beds that are good for both support and comfort.
  • Does not smell of anything chemical.
  • For repetitive jobs, releasing the trigger means blade stops quickly.
  • Solid height, cats revel on lounging somewhere high.


  • Persevering cats may scratch hard enough to rip small pieces off the carpet, which they would vomit when eaten, but not in any way dangerous or toxic.

This 30-inch-tall cat scratching post also provides two spacious beds where your cats could lounge and nap all day. It is also stimulating given that the topmost bunk is easily accessible with one big leap from the floor. It even comes in a stylish and modern color combination – white and brown – visually pleasing both to cats and their owners.

One more thing: the PetFusion Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post comes with a free catnip spray. For those who have tried catnip, you know how this magic works, as also explained by cat care specialist veterinarian Ramona Turner here.

The catnip spray is a nice touch that guarantees that your cats will enjoy playing and scratching this furniture for hours on end. It is a good and healthy way to get them occupied and scratching on the post instead of on all your other furniture and curtains


  • Catnip spray ensures attention and pleasure of any cat.
  • Furniture is easy to assemble.
  • Out of the box functionality perfect for the beginner.
  • Innovative design – cats love the tunnel part and allows interaction between two cats occupying the tree at the same time.
  • Compact enough for smaller apartments and condo units.


  • Can only accommodate two to three cats since it’s only a two-level tree and scratch post.

If you are fond of taking in lots of rescues no matter how crowded they make your home, the Molly and Friends Deluxe Scratching Post Furniture is the one for you. Not only can it accommodate more than five cats at any given time – its base is also heavy duty and secured that there is no threat of the scratch post to topple over even when your cat/s play roughly.

Each level/bed has its own entrance/exit, but enormous cats may have a hard time getting in and out of these tight entrances. However, the durability of the furniture is truly commendable.

At seven feet tall, it could be a hard task getting this in your house and making it fit, but it proves to be worth it once you see your felines having the time of their lives playing on this furniture.


  • Bears the durability that comes with most Molly and Friends products.
  • Comes in a stylish color that does not make your home look hideous even if it’s really tall.
  • Easy to clean with a vacuum.
  • Can accommodate numerous cats anytime.


  • Only one of its three poles is a scratching post, and it does not even span the whole seven feet height.

Unlike the other entries in this list, this does not double as a cat condo or an activity tree. Downtown Pet Supply really works with the basics in their deluxe cat scratching post. With a few freebies, however, it does a pretty good job of entertaining cats, hence it still made the list of contenders for the title best cat scratcher post.

It comes with a teaser/exercise ball that is ideal for growing kittens. Animal behavior specialist Dr. Jo Righetti explains the importance of exercise in our beloved fur babies lives and warns against the dangers of obesity that could result from a sedentary lifestyle.

A simple scratch post like the Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Post is ideal for those who want to keep their cats moving. It doesn’t have any lounging beds, so after your cat satisfies itself scratching the post and playing with the teaser for a while; it will be forced to keep moving.


  • At only 22” high, it is one of the most compact and lightweight scratch posts available.
  • Comes with a stimulating toy mouse that guarantees your cat’s fun exercise.
  • Sturdy material – can withstand rough playing by growing kittens.


  • Not ideal for large cats.

Early American Cat Power Tower

If the previous entry takes pride in simplicity, the Early American Cat Power Tower now boasts of being all-around furniture – it is a cat condo, activity tower, exercise furniture, lounge, and a scratching post all in one – ideal for those who do not have much space to house multiple furniture for their cat babies.

It has three levels – the lowest level has hunting holes in it, the second level includes the scratching post that has a "cat-activated motion toy" up top, while the topmost tier is basically a lounge from where the stimulating toy is accessible from.​

Since it offers multiple types of entertainment, it could accommodate multiple cats at any given time. One could play with the hunting holes, one could use the scratch post, one could play with the cat teaser, and another one or two could simply lounge in it.​


  • All-in-one furniture that gives cats multiple choices for entertainment and exercise.
  • Is very sturdy and can hold the weight of multiple cats.
  • Made of hardwood – could outlive cats if maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • Also good with cats’ mental conditioning and exercise.


  • The bird carousel at the top of the scratch post needs constant monitoring as it is vulnerable to rough play.

If you’re tired of cat condos and activity trees that dedicate so little space for the scratch post, you might find it satisfying that all sides of the 3-D triangular PetFusion 3-sided vertical cat scratcher and post are scratchable! This means improved longevity since you can simply rotate the furniture up to six times when one side starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Aside from the six surfaces of scratcher material, it also doubles as a lounge/play/nap area because it has a cubby hole. So your cat can still get relaxation after heartily using the scratch post. The material is also made from catnip leaf, so there is just no way that your feline friend will snob this playpen-post. Good news for your cat, you, and your furniture!

Its thoughtful design also features a neutral modern color that is sure to blend in with whatever color palette or style your home flaunts at any given moment. For all that it is, the PetFusion 3-sided vertical post also does not take up much space.


  • Very sturdy and does not budge easily even when used by a heavy cat.
  • The catnip material keeps cats healthy and happy.
  • No assembly required.


  • No toys and other activities offered.

If your cat loves to stretch to its full flexible length when scratching its claws, the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Post might be the one for it. Most scratching posts are on the shorter end, making it hard for the felines to get a full stretch of its belly and back. This one, however, is tall and durable enough to carry a cat’s weight fully outstretched.

Upon receiving the delivery, you still have to assemble it, but no worries; two included screws will do the trick sweat-free. Afterward, you'll notice how the fibrous surface inspires your cat's natural urge to scratch and keep its claws healthy.

​Its base is really durable, so there is very little chance of the post tipping over even when scratched heartily by cats on the heavier side of the spectrum. Indeed, this post can outlive most cats and would not show signs of wear until a very very long time. You’d have no problem with loose bits that your cat might end up eating, too, since its durability is truly commendable.


  • A sturdy tower that stands tall, allowing a full stretch.
  • Wide base ensuring that the post will remain upright even while played on roughly.
  • Longevity is exceptional.


  • Offers little activities aside from scratching.

Important Points to Consider

Finally, to aid you to find the perfect scratcher post for your feline friend, here are some characteristics you have to check before settling in on buying one. (Note that cats are free-thinking beings, so they have their own idiosyncrasies. These are just general guides, but mostly for these kinds of things it's really just hit and miss, trial and error.)

  • 1. Durability – Cats may really play roughly when they are in the mood. You have to have a sturdy post. You know how most proud cats are disgusted by weakness (Ha!) so they might lose interest quickly in something that topples over easily.
  • 2. Activities – if you are working on a budget, it is best to get all-in-one furniture that your cats could enjoy. Scratch posts sometimes double as cat condos and mini gyms for your pet’s exercise.
  • 3. Material – Sisal ropes are the sturdiest, so if you could make your cat fall in love with one, that’d be great; you’d be saving a lot of moolah since these could outlive felines real easy!

Types of Cat Scratchers

Now if you feel like you’ve tried countless scratch posts and your cat still doesn’t seem interested in any of them, the problem may be that you are getting variations of just one kind of scratch post. See, there are many types of scratchers, and your feline might simply prefer one over the other:

  • Natural log posts: Since cats usually claw on trees, a scratcher made our of natural log or bark might naturally be appealing for most cats. The problem for this type of scratcher is the amount of shedding and dirt it produces. If it is an outdoor furniture, there should be no problem, but it could prove messy indoors.
  • Cardboard post: Ideal for those who are just trying out which setup interests their cat the most. Easy to replace and usually affordable, but sometimes it gets problematic when small bits and pieces come off, ending up being eaten (and eventually vomited) by the cats.
  • Sisal rope: Probably the most popular type of cat scratcher and usually comes with cat condos and multi-tier cat furniture. These are also the sturdiest; hence they are usually used in designer condos and furniture.
  • Catnip material scratcher: May come in different shapes and sizes, but scratcher posts made from catnip never fails to hold the attention of felines. It keeps them happy and healthy, too.
  • Vertical/horizontal scratcher: Observe your cat when it stretches. Does it like stretching horizontally or vertically? You might want to get a scratcher post that matches your cat’s stretching preference.


And that's a round up of all the best cat scratching posts available in the market. As the owner, you now know which type your cat would like. Does she like playing with carousels? Then get a scratching post with one! Does your cat hate soft beds and prefer flat, hard surfaces to lounge on? Then get one like that. Deep inside, you are the one who really knows your cat, and as we all know, Mommies (and Daddies) know best!

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