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Let's face it – cats are all cuteness and adorability until they drop pee and poo bombs that stink up the whole house. Then, you'll realize that taking care of felines means a lot more than taking a ton of adorable pet selfies (or petfies as I would like to call it) for Instagram – most of the time, it's cleaning up after them and making sure their pee bombs don't scare off guests. Importantly, your cat does not get fleas, even though you have the best cat flea collar.

Cat Litter for Odor Control Comparison Table

Your first instinct when looking for odor eliminating cat litter might be to get one with the strongest scent so it could mask the smell of waste, but this would be a mistake. Most of the time, cat litter products with very strong odors become too overpowering that even your cats no longer feels comfortable using it. Just to be safe, unscented litter that still manages to efficiently cover up the smell is the way to go.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter is exactly this – it keeps the stink down, thanks to the ammonia shield technology that it utilizes! You might want to put off buying in bulk, though, as some cats are allergic to the material. It is best to buy a single one first and try it out for a few weeks. If your cat seems to love it and does not irritate the paws/fur, you’re good to go!


  • Clumping is really good because of the advanced moisture lock technology.
  • Made from natural clay – waste is renewable.
  • Dust-free and minimal tracking for the most part.
  • Unscented – cats do not feel awkward transitioning.
  • Very effective in keeping in the smell down.


  • Some cats may be allergic to the material.

The antimicrobial protection in the Litter Genie Cat Litter does not only keep the whole household safe and healthy – it also keeps the stink inside the litter box. Only thing is – this litter is supposed to be used with the Litter Genie Litter Pail, which is sold separately. If you already have this litter pail, then you need only buy refills to keep your cats happy and odor-free.

Even if you have a different litter tray or litter box, the switch may be worth it. It may seem as if the whole package is expensive at first, but keep in mind that a single refill could last one cat two full months. Most other single-bag litter lasts only for a month, so those may end up being more expensive in the long run. Multiple cat households would also benefit from the Litter Genie system, as it is exactly designed for that.


  • Effectively seals the odor inside the litter pail.
  • Refills are very easy to take out and replace
  • Scooping is optional as the sturdy bags hold waste for a long time before needing to be thrown away.


  • Not suitable for other litter boxes.

Much like the one from Litter Genie, the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter is part of a litter system that is designed to work with all parts from Purina. These are cat pads that help make the best cat litter for odor control. See, litter itself always has a hard time keeping the stink down since most sand and clay materials are not made to be very absorbent.

Cat pads are what you need to seal the deal. On your cat's litter box, place a cat pad on the bottom first before pouring in the litter. These pads will then trap moisture from deposited waste as the sand clumps in on the solid waste, effectively neutralizing odor and germs.

By effectively keeping the moisture down, these cat pads also help you save actual litter sand. In the end, even when you buy extra pads, the cost is lower than that of having to buy new bags of sand almost every week.


  • Comes from a trusted brand that has become a household name in feline care.
  • Part of a carefully designed system suitable for multiple-cat households.
  • Absorbs urine, neutralizes odor.
  • Easy to transition cats.
  • Needs replacement very infrequently.


  • Dust is kept at a minimum, but the small particles make it easy for tracking.

Ammonia is one sure fire way to neutralize strong odors, so odor eliminating cat litter such as the Scoop Away Super Clump with Ammonia Shield is a good choice. It doesn’t have any fruity or flowery scents, but it will keep your home from smelling like the city zoo. It boasts of a super strong clumping mechanism, too, which means the clumped waste will not fall apart into smaller pieces when scooping.

The formula used in the Scoop Away Super Clump with Ammonia Shield is also low-dust, so you can expect minimal tracking even though your cat dashes with all its might out of the litter box, every time. (Trivia: your cats do this because, in the wild, predators use the smell of poop to track and locate their prey. Your cat is simply acting on instinct when it tries to get away from its waste as fast as it could – after making sure it is buried!)


  • Really good clumping.
  • Unscented litter, best for finicky cats who feel awkward using overly-fragranced sand.
  • Not dusty and does not track that much.


  • Packaging is a bit fragile – you cannot re-use the handle once you rip the lid open, which could really be an inconvenience.

We have been saying all throughout this article that unscented litter is almost always better. As a cat owner, though, your experience and time spent with your cat should decide this for you. As a general rule, you should start rescue cats with unscented litter since that is surely what they are more used to out there. They might not be familiar with fragrances that smell good to us humans, so they might shy away on any odors that overpower them.

If your cat has been an indoor cat for the longest time, though, he/she might be more accustomed to scented stuff like the Fresh Step Extreme Scented Scoopable Cat Litter. As the cat owner, you would also benefit from the scented litter as it keeps your house smelling fresh and great – no one will ever know at first sniff that you own stink bombs, also known as your cats! 


  • Odor elimination is top notch.
  • It has improved over the years – now it features a low-dust formula.
  • Mountain spring scent is light and natural, not at all overwhelming.
  • Less dust and tracking than most other brands.


  • Moisture locking is not that strong – you sometimes have to scrape clumped sand that clings into the bottom of the litter box.
  • Clumping mechanism could be improved.

Most all-natural and chemical-free cat litters have a hard time keeping down odor because of the lack of ammonia, which is the most powerful additive to battle strong and foul smells. That’s why it is so rare to find something like the Precious Cat Litter – a biodegradable and organic cat litter that still somehow keeps the stink contained in the litter box. No wonder it is in the list of the best cat litter for odor control.

This is great training litter as it attracts cats one way or another. If you have a new rescue or even an older cat who has been giving you potty problems, and you feel the need to make the litter box attractive again, this one is definitely for you. (If your cat still refuses to use the litter box, it might be time to see a vet about it – something else might be bothering the cat!)


  • Natural and biodegradable – it is good for the planet.
  • Has cat attractants that ensure easy transition even from a different type of litter.
  • Good to use with any litter box, tray, or pail.
  • Excellent odor control. Allowing you cat to sleep for long hours - Be sure to read our guide on how much do cats sleep.


  • It is scented, which might be a problem for some cats that are not used to it.

Arm & Hammer has always been a strong contender for the best cat litter there is, but they have recently improved even more by introducing odor control as one of their litter’s top features. The clumping effect is strong on this one – no breaking down into small pieces when scooping out! While some brands promise to keep the stink contained in the litter box, Arm & Hammer’s Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter takes it one step farther – it completely destroys odor instead of just containing it!

As the name suggests, this could also stay efficient even for multiple cat households. The clumping and odor control features are very strong, cleanup is such a breeze. Dusting and tracking are minor things that Arm & Hammer could improve on, but nothing that outweighs its strengths. The litter is brown and sandy – nice to look at and in-theme for most cat tiers and condos.


  • Clumping ability is extraordinary.
  • Very lightly scented – your cats probably won’t notice, but it surely makes a difference in keeping your home smelling fresh.
  • Stays fresh for a very long time before it needs replacing.
  • Not sticky even when it clumps pee.


  • The texture takes a little while getting used to.
  • Unflushable.

Important Points To Consider

The whole point of getting an automatic cat litter box is to reduce the stress of dealing with waste. Now if you get a box that works so poorly you end up cleaning up everything yourself, then it sort of defeats the purpose, right? So when buying the best cat litter for odor, consider these things:

1. Good clumping mechanism: Superior odor control is great, but you also need something that clumps solidly, so you wouldn’t have to sit longer hours sifting through the litter box for smaller bits of clump just because the huge clump broke down while scooping.

2. Scent: Again, only you can tell whether your cat likes it natural or scented. There are a good number of variants you can choose from in terms of scent.

3. Affordability:  Again, just because one product is cheaper at face value, does not mean it is truly inexpensive in the long run. Consider things such as the duration one bag lasts, etc, to know which one is really saving you precious cash.

4. Ingredients: Finicky cats have their fair share of allergies, so you have to be conscious about the material your cat litter is made of. There are made from corn, wood, plant proteins, recycled paper, etc. Pick one that will not trigger your cat’s allergies.

5. Other features: Other features such as flushability and if the litter is biodegradable should all help you decide for your cat.

Luckily, a lot of the newer cat litter products are designed for odor control. The only problem is, how do we decide which is the best cat litter for odor control? It’s not that easy, but here’s us trying:

Different Types of Cat Litter Boxes

If you have tried a number of automatic cats litter boxes and nothing has impressed you just yet, you might want to switch to a different type. There are numerous options you could choose from, and each of these types caters to different cat's preferences. Check to see for yourself:

1. Semi-automatic litter boxes: These are boxes that need no power, just a simple mechanism like shaking or rolling the litter box over. This is good if you do are on a budget, since these are usually more affordable and does not need expensive electricity, too!

2. Rake-system automatic litter boxes: These cat litter boxes rely on a rake to transport clumped waste to a compartment separate from the clean litter. This is ideal if you already have preferred litter sand since others require a special kind. The downside: sometimes poop would get stuck in the rake, so you will end up cleaning it.

3. Self-flushing litter boxes: These are more advanced litter boxes that use a special type of washable granules.

Take your gut feeling!

Overall, go with your instinct when choosing your odor-neutralizing cat litter. After all, you should know what's best for your feline! Don't worry if your first instinct isn't right off the bat – there are hundreds of cat litters you could trial and error, anyway. Just keep the 7 enumerated above on top of mind, and you're bound to find one both you and your cat will love having around.

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