Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

A growing number of cat owners are starting to have two or more cats in the house. Having multiple cats can be overwhelming and you need to give the best for them, especially if they keep on chattering for attention. You are probably having a hard time in dealing with their urine and waste, so the first thing to do is to find the best cat litter for multiple cats. It is important to know the possible and unique needs of each cat and get started from there.

As your cat family starts growing, the amount of litter box activity continues to grow as well, and the worst thing is, it can be a lot messier than the usual. There will be problems that you would encounter, and you need to be prepared for it as early as now. A household with multiple cats are commonly stereotyped and recognized by people as dirty and smelly.

You can break that stereotype and prove to many that it is not true with the help of the best cat litter for multiple cats. It would be a great investment that can help you deal with your litter box problem and maintain the cleanliness of the house.

There are different options available, and we would go into detail to help you choose the one that’s best for your cats and their needs.

Cat Litter for Multiple Cats Comparison Table

The Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter is designed to help owners with multiple cats in the house. This satisfies their needs when it comes to dealing with the waste of their cats. This is a cat litter that comes with superior clumping ability that is efficient to help cat owners in easily scooping the waste and in cleaning up the mess.

As the company claims, this is 99% dust free and is excellent in controlling the odor of the waste. It is a highly recommended cat litter formula that you can have for your cats. The granules are medium-sized and won’t cause trouble on the paws of your cats.

This is compatible with mechanical and sifting cat litter boxes. This is also unscented and comes with a price that will surely fit your budget.


  • It is a quality product for an affordable price.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals and fragrances.
  • It has medium-sized grains that is soft on the paws of your cats.
  • It is effective in controlling the odor of the waste.


  • It is not recommended for kittens.
  • It can be risky for cats as they can eat the clay.

The Cat’s Pride Premium Fresh and Light Multi-Cat Litter are recommended to many pet owners that are looking for lightweight clumping clay litter. This is designed for multiple cat homes as you can easily carry it around and pour on the litter box as necessary. As claimed by the company, it is 25% lighter compared to other clumping clay brands on the market.

This is packaged with an easy-to-carry jug which is different from the normal box or bag that you will find in other brands. Even though it is lightweight, it is very effective when it comes to odor control and clumping capability. It is designed to create cohesive clumps and is ideal for your needs.

It does not come with chemicals and fragrances that can harm your cats, and it helps in letting your cat breath easily. This is known to be 99% dust-free.


  • It is lightweight and comes with a jug.
  • It clumps well for easy cleaning.
  • It helps in controlling the odor effectively.
  • This is 99% dust-free.


  • Some people say that it produces dust.

Are you worrying about the extreme odor of your litter box? The solution that you’ve been waiting for is finally here. The Ever Clean Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter is recommended by many people because it helps in getting rid of the odor of the litter box and in maintaining it easily. It comes with a blend of minerals that helps in eliminating the smell while clumping perfectly.

This offers a great odor control system that uses carbon, antimicrobial, and plant extracts. Aside from that, this can clump well and is known to be 99% dust-free. Cat prefers unscented products, and this has a slight fragrance. Most of the cat owners that uses this product are not complaining about it as it is healthy for their cats.

However, this is offered at an expensive price compared to other cat litters that you can find on the market.


  • It comes with a great odor control capability.
  • It creates clumps perfectly for easy cleaning.
  • Most of the cats are comfortable in using this. It is recommended for most cats.


  • Most of cats may prefer unscented litters.
  • Some owners complain that it is emitting clouds of dust.

The Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Litter is a natural cat litter that is formulated for a household with multiple cats. This is a biodegradable product that is made of fresh walnut shells. This is a concentrated formula that offers great absorption and is effective in controlling the odor of the litter box.

It clumps perfectly and is known to be 3x more absorbent compared to other clay litter that you can find on the market. The walnut shells can help in naturally minimizing the odor and easily clumps upon contact with urine or liquid waste of your cats. This makes it easier for you to scoop the remaining waste and maintain the litter box.

The fine texture of this cat litter is ideal for the paws of your cats and is known to be 99% dust-free. However, the walnut litter is naturally dark brown, and it might be hard to differentiate your cats’ waste from it. It can also track around the house.


  • It easily clumps helping you clean it easily.
  • It comes with excellent odor control.
  • The texture is great and comfortable for your cats.
  • It is biodegradable and safe for the environment.


  • It might be confusing because of its color.
  • It can track around the house.

The Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clumping Litter is a 100% dust-free litter that is highly recommended for cats with sensitivities. This is a great product that offers 7-day odor-free home. The patented formula seals and destroy the odor on contact which is a great option for a household with multiple cats. This is very helpful as many pet owners are having a hard time in managing the odor of their household.

This creates hard clumps that you can easily scoop out later. There is no formation of dust cloud, so it is not going to cause problems to your cats. It comes with plant-derived particles that can create the solid clumps that you need for a manageable litter box. As the company claims, many have already switched and is using this clumping litter today.


  • It is 100% dust-free.
  • It offers 7-day odor-free home.
  • It does not form dust cloud.
  • It is safe for cats with sensitivities.


  • Some cat owners don’t like this product.
  • It comes with a strong scent.

Garfield is not just a popular character, but also a brand company that offers different cat products that you can get for your cats. When it comes to cat litter, they have Garfield Cat Litter for Multi-Cat Homes that is specially designed for homeowners that have multiple cats in the house.

The company is known for their quality products and have created this litter to manage your cats’ litter box. It helps in maintaining the odor of the litter box and forms hard clumps that you can easily clean later.

It is highly recommended by many veterinarians and is available with a light color litter that you can easily differentiate. You can easily determine the waste of your cat and scoop it out.


  • It easily produces hard clumps.
  • It helps in managing the odor of the litter box.
  • It is available in a light color litter.
  • It is highly recommended by many veterinarians.


  • This tracks in the house.
  • It is not a flushable litter.

Many cat owners are starting to familiarize themselves with the use of biodegradable cat litter because it is healthy and safe for their cats. This can also help in promoting a safer environment. One of the best brand available on the market today is the World’s Best Cat Litter Formula for Multiple Cats. It is a great product that is known to use biodegradable ingredients and clumps perfectly.

This formula is specially made for the needs of cat owners with multiple cats in the house. This is a corn kernel litter that has a good texture that your cats will love. However, it can be a bit dusty and you can expect it to track around the house.

If you have cats with allergies, then this might not be a great option for you. It may also be prone to molds, so it is important to always keep your litter box in a cool and dry when using this.


  • It has excellent clumping ability.
  • It is effective in keeping the litter box fresh.
  • It is safe to flush and is biodegradable.
  • It is safe for your cats and the environment.


  • It can track around the house.
  • There is a risk of mold growth.

Important Points to Consider

Buying the best cat litter for multiple cats is necessary to help you achieve a better and cleaner environment for your cats or kittens. However, it can be overwhelming for many cat owners as they need to decide on one that they think is best for their cats’ preferences and needs. To help you get started, you can check the following things below.

  • High absorbency: It is important that the litter you’ll purchase for your multiple cats are highly absorbent compared to those litters that are only for general use. This means that you need to get one that can easily absorb more water content and urine to help you have a more manageable and fresher litter box.
  • Great odor control: When you have multiple cats, it can have twice or thrice the smell of waste compared to having just one cat. Make sure that the cat litter that you’re going to find is great in controlling the odor and can keep it to a minimum. This is a quite a challenge, so you should check your options carefully.
  • Minimal tracking: Think about having one or two cats that have a litter on their fur and is spreading it around the house. That’s quite a big headache. It is important to look for cat litters that can help you lessen the tracking inside the house and let you maintain the cleanliness easily.
  • Low dust: If you have cats that are prone to allergies or have respiratory issues, you need to be cautious about the amount of dust that.

With those things in mind, you can now manage to have a list of qualifications to check out when making a purchase but be aware that you may also need the best cat litter mat to help you in controlling the tracking.

It is overwhelming to find a long list of cat litter products that claim to be the best option for a household with multiple cats. You want to have assurance, so you need to know what to expect. To be more knowledgeable about this, check out our list and find the best cat litter for multiple cats to help you!

Types of Litter

If you are interested in getting the best cat litter for multiple cats, it is ideal to know the different types of it that you can check out on the market. There are three basic types to know and it includes the ones below.

  • Clumping and Non-Clumping Clay: Clumping clay litter is the first and most popular kind of cat litter on the market. It is made of sodium bentonite and expands to its original size when it comes in contact with urine and water content. It is a very effective clumping agent that creates solid clumps that you can easily clean and scoop later.
  • Silica Gel Crystals: The crystals are made of silica gels and are best known because of its great power in absorbing the liquid content of the waste of your cats. It helps in maintaining your litter box easily and controls the odor without the need for clumping. It also lasts longer compared to other products available.
  • Natural and Biodegradable: Another type is the natural and biodegradable cat litter. This kind of cat litter is often made of different natural ingredients that are safe for the environment and that you can use effectively for your cats. This is popular with many pet owners, especially those that are using wood, walnut shells, grass, and paper.

Why You Need Litter Box?

You are probably thinking of getting one litter box that is ideal for all your cats. While there are some cat owners that will have two or more litter box to accommodate their cats, it does not work for all households. With the best cat litter for multiple cats, you can enjoy a lot of benefits and it includes the following.

Perfect for a small house. One of the best benefits of using a single litter box for all your cats is that it can help you save space in the house. Most of the litter box has advanced self-cleaning mechanisms that can help in maintaining its cleanliness and freshness. This is also ideal for small house or limited space.

Easy to clean. When you have a single litter box, there is only one place where your cats will release their wastes, and that means that you can easily clean it as necessary. This is handy and can help you to determine the source of tracking quickly. Basically, it saves time and space in the house.

Saves money. Aside from time and space, buying a single litter box can help you save money. There is no need to buy a lot of litter to accommodate all the boxes, and it also helps you avoid getting all other necessary things for cleaning all of it.

The Round Up

Buying the best cat litter for multiple cats is not hard, but you need to have a full understanding of the pros and cons of the different options available. You can find a lot of products that is specially made for the needs of cat owners with multiple cats, and it can be convenient. However, make sure to still check and consider the specific needs of your cats to avoid having problems.

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