Best Cat Litter for Allergies

Do you choke and cough when you pour the litter in your cat’s box? Do you feel some itchiness in your nostrils? If yes, then a dust problem can be the reason behind it. Do not wait till it’s too much for you to take, make sure to take actions today.

For most pet owners, we tend to choose the best for our cat like clumping clay, which can be clean, convenient and favorite of our cats. However, it can be dustier which could result in more problems. It contains crystalline silica that causes respiratory problems.

When you have a dusty litter, it would cause health problems, not only to you but also to your pet. The worse is you can build up allergies from it and had attacked. We don’t want that to happen, so make sure that getting a dust-free litter is your number one choice.

To help you, here are some important things to keep in mind in buying best cat litter for allergies.


Cat Litter for Allergies Comparison Table

NameDust FreeClumpingOdor ControlWeightPricing
Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Cat LitterYesClumpingYes20 lb BagClick Here
Yesterday's News Original Cat LitterYesterday's News Original Cat LitterYesClumpingYes15 lb - 30 lb BagClick Here
Okocat Natural Dust-Free Paper Cat LitterYesClumpingYes5.1 lb ContainerClick Here
Respiratory Relief Silica Cat LitterYesClumping & Silica GelYes7.5 lb BagClick Here
Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat LitterYesClumpingYes6 lb - 26 lb BagClick Here
CatSpot Litter, 100% Coconut Cat LitterYesNon-ClumpingYes5 lb BagClick Here
Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat LitterYesNon-ClumpingYes16 - 28 lb BagClick Here

The Dr. Elsey’s Cat Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay is specially designed for cats that are already suffering from respiratory issues. Without realizing it, our cats may already have acquired respiratory issues, and it can be worse. That’s why it is important to invest in the right cat litter as early as now.

The clumping clay – despite having clay as the main ingredient claims to be 99.9% free. In order to support and help your cat, this is gentle and can help in maintaining a better respiratory health. It is also hypoallergenic and contains the additional substance that is soothing for your cat. There are no deodorants or fragrance added on it.

There are many cat owners who are recommending this product as it can be cleaned a lot easier. It offers a clumping and superior odor control ability to help you reach your goal. This is very easy to scoop and will you maintain the litter box quickly.


  • It is known to be 99.9% dust free.
  • It is very easy to clean and control the smell of your cat’s waste.
  • It is relieving and perfect for the needs of your cat.
  • It is recommended for cats that already have respiratory problems.


  • It was made with the use of sodium bentonite clay.
  • It can be heavier for you to carry and use.

The Yesterday’s News Original Formula Cat Litter is known to be a non-toxic litter that was made out of recycled paper. It is very safe to dispose of and is completely biodegradable. There are no additives added that would possibly cause issues to your cat.

This is unscented and highly preferred by many cat owners. It is also highly absorbent and doesn’t clump. However, it may require you to spend more time on the maintenance and cleanliness of the litter boxes that you are using.

If you have pets who recently went out of surgery, pregnant or nursing, then it could be a great option as it is gentle and would be able to give comfort to their needs. These pellets would not also stick around with the coat of your cats. It is convenient, reliable and safe to use.


  • It is free from additives that can be irritating to your cats.
  • It is made by recycled newspapers.
  • It has good odor control.
  • It doesn’t stick with your cats wherever they go in the house.


  • It will require you to spend more time maintaining your litter boxes.
  • There are some cases who would want clumping litter.

If you’ve been doing research, you’ll know that many people would recommend pellet litter as they are more comfortable and easier to use. The Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter offers everything that you’ll need. It was made from recycled paper and is considered as a pellet litter.

The litter that was created out of recycled papers are very safe and totally dust free. This is a perfect option to consider if you have really sensitive cats in the house. Pellet style paper litter comes with odor shield technology that controls the smell of the cat’s waste within the fibers of the pellets.

As they claim, the odor system would be able to keep and control the smell even for a week! There are no deodorants, fragrances and other additives that might cause irritation to your cat. It has been proven to be safe and effective.


  • It is free from any kind of additive that can irritate your cat.
  • It uses good odor control system.
  • It is absolutely dust free.
  • It was made with recycled paper.


  • There are cats who would prefer a clumping litter.
  • It would require you to clean up and maintain your litter box often.

Another formula that is being used by other cat owners is silica gel. If this is the first time that you’ve heard about this, then you may want to take a look and consider the use of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Silica Gel. If you have cats that are suffering from respiratory illness, changing their cat litter can be the best thing you should do.

It is a total dust-free product that does not come with plant proteins, free of additives and hypoallergenic. There are no deodorants or fragrances added. This is smooth and gentle for your cats and has been proven to help them in reducing their stress as well.

Just like any other silica gel products on the market, this can easily absorb odors and urine on contact. Maintaining your cat litter can be easier as you can scoop out the solid waste separately and stir it. Once done, you have another fresh litter to use.


  • The silica gel crystals would not require a lot of your time.
  • It doesn’t come with any dust particle.
  • It is designed to help a cat in reducing stress.
  • It doesn’t come with additives to cause irritation to your cat.


  • It can be more expensive compared to the other brands on the market.
  • It is not recommended if you have multiple cats.

The use of walnuts in the production of cat litter is becoming popular to many. With the use of Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Quick Clumping Litter, it gives you another alternative to consider for your needs. It is best known because it offers dust free cat litter that you may want to try out!

Just like the other brands on this list, it doesn’t come with any additives that might cause irritation to your cat. It doesn’t have deodorants, fragrances and other substance to worry about. The use of walnuts would greatly help with the absorption of the urine and keep a better odor control.

It gives you the best way to keep your litter box fresh and comfortable for your pets. The walnut litter is very easy to clean as it can clump tightly and naturally. You can clean it up and scoop quickly.


  • It is 100% dust free.
  • It doesn’t come with ingredients that might cause irritation to your cat.
  • It provides superior control to the odor of the solid waste.
  • It is comfortable and relaxing for your cats.


  • It may require you to find other subtle solutions.

Coconut is surely a very healthy, useful and known for various benefits. Whether you believe it or not, it can also be the main ingredient in a cat litter. According to the claims of CatSpot, the CatSpot 100% Coconut Cat Litter would have the same absorbency with the normal 20 pounds’ clay that you are using.

The main ingredient is coconut, which means that everything is all natural and there are no artificial flavors or fragrances that can be irritating to your pet. We all know how hard it is to keep up with the needs of our cat, and we can’t let them have respiratory problems. It is also hypoallergenic, no toxic clay and also no clumping agents.

Another best thing about this is that it is lightweight and very easy to carry from one area to another. The use of the coconut can be really convenient to anyone, and it can also help in eliminating the odor of the solid waste. It simply absorbs and covers up the odor!


  • It doesn’t have fragrances and other additives.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • It helps to cover and get rid of the unpleasant odor.
  • It is all natural and helpful for your needs.


  • It can’t be flushed.
  • You’ll be required to compost them.

There are tons of benefits that clays would offer! If you are a cat owner who would not want to get rid of the use of clay, then you can try using BoxieCat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter. This cat litter is making a good name on the market by offering clumping clay that is healthier, more hygienic and better performing for your cats!

They are actually the winner of Cat Fancy 2012 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Cat Product of the Year, and they would not be able to make this possible without the quality of products they are offering. The Clumping clay is all natural and made with pure premium clay that does not cause irritation to your cats.

This is unscented, 99% dust free, and highly recommended by many veterinarians on the market today. There are no fillers, dyes, and fragrances. It gives a fresh outlook on the use of clay litter and is perfect for the needs of your cats.


  • It is healthier and more hygienic compared to other clumping clay litter.
  • This is recommended by many veterinarians out there.
  • It comes with 99.9% dust free.
  • It is tracking resistant.


  • It is heavy.
  • There are sensitive cats that would not be comfortable with clays.

Do you have a growing feline family in the house? You are probably worrying about maintaining an odor-free home. Don’t worry! The Arm & Hammer Naturals, Multi-Cat Litter will help you.

The Arm & Hammer Naturals, Multi-Cat Litter are made with natural ingredients including, corn, baking soda, and plant extracts. This help in getting rid of the extreme smell of cat’s solid waste that is probably lingering inside the house. It also features a low dust formula to keep their allergies away.

It absorbs 2x odor compared to other clumping clay on the market, and it will be done all naturally. You can expect for it to help in removing or scooping clumps easily, maintaining and cleaning your litter boxes without problems.


  • It comes with all natural ingredients.
  • It is recommended for owners with multiple cats.
  • It is formulated to be dust free and absorbent.
  • It is effective and everything is naturally done.


  • There are some cats that can be allergic to plant extracts.
  • Sensitive cats may be irritated with the strong effect the baking soda.

Important Points to Consider

With many options available on the market, buying the best tick repellent for cats can be overwhelming. Good thing, there are only a few to consider which includes the following below:

  • Safe and Easy to Use: The cat litter should be safe and easy to use. There should be instructions on how you would use it at home, possible things to avoid, and some other practices that can help you get started.
  • Recycled Materials: To contribute to the environment, it is advisable to look for cat litter that may have recyclable materials. This is ideal, so you can manage it a lot easier, and avoid releasing toxins coming from the waste of your cats.
  • Free from Hypoallergenic Additives: The cat litter should not have any additional ingredients that can trigger asthma or other respiratory problems. This is important, so it would be easier to achieve the main reason on why you are getting a new one.
  • Good Odor Control: We have to be honest, the cat’s stool is not really something you’d like to smell or see in the house. One common reason why there are people who would avoid getting a cat is that of the smell of their stool. It can linger around the house, and with that, the litter should have good odor control.
  • Budget Friendly and Reliable: Also, it should be budget friendly. If you have a lot of cats in the house, getting one pack of cat litter would not enough. It is still important to look for those brands that may be offered for a cheaper price to fit your budget.

What are the Different Types of Cat Litter for Allergies?

As you do research on the market, there are various types of cat litter that would be offered. Many would claim that it can be the one you need, and it is really overwhelming. All may claim that they can be the one you need and gives you a list of the benefits and services they are offering.

Good thing, there are few types to check out for, which includes the following below:

  • Pellet Litter – if you really want to invest in the best cat litter for allergies, then this should be on top of your list. It is completely dust free and let you avoid having trails while your cat is having a stroll inside the house. However, many cats would prefer the clumping litter and may require you to clean the box often.
  • Clay Litter – It is the nature of the clay to be dusty, so it would be impossible to find one that will totally offer a dust free solution. There is some of it that are made with lower dust formulas, which can be a better option to consider.
  • Silica Gel Crystal Litter – This would produce lesser dust compared to the clay ones and can be maintained easier. There are different kinds of it on the market, and you have to get one that is comfortable on the paws of your cats.
  • Other options – There is really a number of options available and you can find some made of walnut, woods, grass, corns, and others. This can be ideal, but you have to understand what your needs.

The Round Up

There are a growing number of people who are suffering from respiratory problems, and you don’t want to be one of them. With the help of the best cat litter for allergies, you’d be able to control the smell, dust and have total waste management for your cats. It gives you another way to survive the task and responsibility of having a feline friend with you!

With all allergy control products available today, the main importance is to have a relief on your allergy and it is worth trying out. When you are choosing the best cat litter for allergies, you can have peace of mind that you are providing your entire household and feline family a gift of health.

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