Best Cat Harness

Whether you are taking your cat for a walk, or you have him/her in the car with you, it is essential that he/she has a harness on. Harnesses allow you to beloved feline to experience and explore the world safely.

Some of the best cat harnesses will ensure that your cat is safe at all times while an inferior one will leave your cat miserable and uncomfortable or worse still, allow your cat to escape from you. It is as such of great importance that you get the best cat harness that is well matched to your cat’s lifestyle and temperament.

Cat Harness Comparison Table

Product NameWaterproofMaterials made fromPricing
PetSafe Come With Me Kitty HarnessNoNylon harness and bungee leashClick Here
Kitty Holster’s Cat HarnessNoConstructed from non-abrasive soft cottonClick Here
Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with Adjustable NeckNoLightweight, soft, adjustable meshClick Here
LupinePet Originals H-Style Harness For Small PetsNoMade from jacquard woven nylon, with the pattern woven into the webbing (never printed or sewn on!)Click Here
Voyager All Season Pet HarnessNoMade using breathable mesh fabricClick Here
Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Harness and Leash SetNoMade from durable snag-proof nylon materialClick Here
Coastal Pet’s Cat HarnessNoSoft mesh materialClick Here

This cat harness has been constructed using a soft mesh material. This material does not interfere with your cat's movements, and it will not get stuck in its fur. Speaking of long hair, some tools like the FURminator Adjustable DeMatter and the Pet Neat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush will come in handy when grooming your cat.

This harness is designed to even out the pressure caused by the leash and can be used in any weather provided it is not too cold. It is perfect for all kitty breeds as it allows free mobility which is perfect when taking your cat for a walk.

However, this harness is designed for small cats. The loop only fits 10". Additionally, it secures cats weighing between 8 and 10 pounds. The straps are adjustable, and the mesh material provides comfort and breathability.


  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Made using a soft mesh which improves comfort and breathability
  • Evenly distributes the pressure
  • Perfect for all weather types
  • Is adjustable


  • Only used with small breed cats

This is yet another best cat harness for outdoor exploration. It is designed as a combination of a bungee leash and harness. It is perfect for the warm weather. Unlike the coastal pet harness which features a mesh harness design, this product features a thin lead.

The straps are thin which allows for balanced pressure on your cat’s upper back and neck resulting in improved freedom for movement. Also worth noting is that this harness features adjustable straps and thin straps perfect for small cat breeds.

The bungee leash measures 4 feet long and can stretch up to 6 feet. With this stretching option, your cat can explore the great outdoors safely and with minimal restrictions. Pet Safe's harness is designed to safeguard the cat's throat. No pressure is applied to the throat and on the other hand, your cat cannot wiggle itself out of the harness.


  • Features a stretching bungee leash
  • Has a thin, comfortable lead
  • The leash and lead do not apply pressure to the throat
  • It features adjustable straps


  • The harness is for small cats only. There are other sizes available though
  • Best for warm weather only

This is a vest harness. It is one of the best cat harness available. It is constructed from soft cotton which is non-abrasive to your cat’s skin and fur. Since it is made from soft cotton, many tend to interpret it as being perfect for cold weather only. On the contrary, it can be used in any weather.

Courtesy of the cotton, the harness is soft and breathable. Additionally, and in combination with other materials, the harness is lightweight.

Kitty's Holster's Cat Harness features Velcro closures which are wide enough to fit your cat comfortably. However, the harness is still well balanced and strong and will keep your cat safe and secure even in high-risk environments. This harness comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose your preferred size depending on the size of your cat.


  • Features Velcro closures for perfect fit
  • The vest design provides added safety and security
  • The harness is made from soft cotton, which improves breathability and comfort


  • Determined cats can wriggle out of this harness
  • The sizing can be tricky to figure out

While this harness was originally designed for dogs, more and more cat parents are using it on their cat – the large cat breeds though. The harness features a soft mesh. It is a step in harness, has a design that fits and works well for cats. This harness is popular with the outdoor explorers. It is lightweight, is soft, adjustable and offers moderate security.

The mesh is responsible for its lightweight and soft features. Also worth noting is that the neck closure comes with a hook and loop closure in addition to two buckles which add to its security.


  • Highly adjustable
  • It is breathable, soft courtesy of its mesh construction
  • Perfect for cats that hate having things slide over their heads
  • Distributes even pressure on your cat’s chest


  • Not designed for cats and as such may prove too bulky on the neck
  • The hook and loop closure may frighten cats (with some training your cat can get used to this though)

If you are a cat parent who prefers getting an H-style harness for your cat, the basic kind, then this LupinePet Originals harness is perfect. This harness is of high quality, is durable and is one of the beautiful harnesses. The harness features well-designed side release buckles on each adjustable strap. This improves its ease of use and also ensures that it is well fitting.

The unit combines elegance, function, and form. This unit harness is manufactured in the USA and is available in a variety of prints you are bound to love. This harness is perfect for calm cats that do not need extra security to keep them safe in the harness.


  • It features a range of patterns and colours
  • It is of high quality
  • It comes with matching leashes
  • Perfect for calm cats and parents who do not take long walks with their cats
  • It is machine washable


  • It is not for cats that are jumpy and hate restrictions
  • Some cats hate the feeling of webbing straps on them

This is yet another step-in harness. It is the best cat harness available on the market. This harness is lightweight courtesy of the soft mesh for maximum breathability and comfort. It, however, comes with limited adjustability.

You will be pleased to note that this is an all-weather vest. It is hassle-free as you will not have to struggle with putting the leashes and collars over your cat's head. With the Velcro closure and the metallic D-rings, the harness is secure and safe for your cat to stroll even in high-risk environments.

The harness comes in all sizes. But since it is a dog harness, the small sizes will work best for your cat.


  • Features wide straps that evenly distribute the pressure
  • It is breathable and lightweight making it perfect for all seasons
  • Perfect for cats that hate garments slipped over their heads
  • Has Velcro closures and D rings for added security


  • The hook and loop closures could be frightening for your cat
  • Limited adjustability of the arm and neck openings

The harness is available in colour black and weighs about 0.2 pounds. The leash measures 3/8 inches wide and is 4 feet long.

This is an adjustable cat harness come leash. It is one of the best there is on the market. The unit is snag proof which helps to prevent the harness from tightening when scratched or snagged. You will be pleased to note that this harness is easy to use and comes with some quick release straps which allow you to remove and put it on your cat fast and with great ease.


  • It is adjustable and lightweight
  • The leash is snag proof
  • Overall, the harness is easy to use


  • ​​​​It has no chest support and as such chokes the cat

Reasons You Should Walk Your Cat

If the goal is to enrich the life of your cat through the great outdoors, a harness will provide you with optimal freedom. Below are some of the benefits of taking your cat for a walk.


Like dogs, cats also need the exercise. And probably more than dogs do. If you have noticed, your cat spends most of its day asleep. Walking helps to exercise your cat and keep her in great form. Your cat will be fit and will remain slim. More to this, exercising tends to promote better health and vitality in cats even as they advance in age.

Increase Cat and Human Bond

I can testify to this. Taking walks with my cat has worked to enhance and improve our relationship. Exploring the great outdoors requires a combined effort. You will learn to listen to some of your cat's cues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, with time, you will learn what your cat is interested in and last, but not least, with some bit of training, your cat will learn to decipher how you communicate.

Mental Stimulation

You will notice just how your cat gets excited when they notice you are getting ready to explore the great outdoors (even if it is just your backyard). When outside, cats are surrounded by all kinds of smells, sounds and sights and they love it. When your cat has the opportunity to run while the wind blows through its whiskers, scratch on actual bark (not just a scratching post), and watch the bird roam free without being barred by the window. All these will stimulate your cat mentally which will translate to it being less bored.

Reduced Stress

This is yet another benefit for walking your cat. An active lifestyle helps your cat to release energy and chill. If your cat has issues like anxiety and aggression, spending some time outside will help take the edge off.

How You Can Leash Train Your Cat

In all honesty, it will take you quite some time before you land the best safety harness there is. Why is this you wonder? Well, most times, you will only know the safety harness is perfect for your cat after you have tried it on and seen how comfortable and effective it is.

Before you take your cat for a walk with the new harness, be like me – test it indoors first. This way even if your cat wriggles out of the harness, or somehow breaks free, it will not be in any danger. Also, you will have the opportunity to correct the mistake and get a new one if need be.

Now, if your cat has never been in a harness before, you should not put one on it suddenly. Given that it is something new and somewhat limiting, your cat might resist. Introduce it to your cat gradually. Below is how you should go about it.

First, introduce the harness to your cat. Place it in the cat’s environment. This way, it will see the harness on a daily basis and not be frightened by it when you decide to put the harness on it. The best place to put it is close to its feeding bowl. Here you will be sure it sees it and even interacts with it, even if it is for a few minutes on a daily basis.

If the harness you get sports loop and hoop closure, you should open and close them close to your cat so that it gradually gets used to the noise the mechanism makes. New sounds may be scary to your cat, especially if you have worked heaven and earth to provide a peaceful environment for your feline.

Once your cat can identify the harness, the next step is to drape the harness over the cat and offer them a treat. Every time you drape the harness over your cat and give it its favourite food will build a positive association with your cat harness.

You should repeat this process several times every day. This way, a habit will be formed, and your cat will be used to the routine.

After several days, you can take a bold step of fastening the harness around your cat for several minutes on a daily basis. Each time, do not forget to reward your cat with treats. After a while, having a harness over its shoulders or neck will be a regular part of life, and you will experience minimal resistance from your cat.

In the event, your cat shows signs of discomfort or frustration while having the harness on, take it off gently for a break. With some fair share of patience and sufficient treats, your cat should get used to wearing harnesses, and you will be more than ready to venture the great outdoors with your cat.

Important Points to Consider

Of course not. If you are on the road or going to your vet for an appointment, a harness will help you control your cat. If your cat has a dream of being Houdini, pulling constant disappearing acts every time you let him loose, a harness will prove invaluable for you.

But why are we insisting on harnesses and not leashes? Well, cats tend to have extremely delicate tracheas. As such, tagging your cat along on a leash and collar is a disaster in the making. Aside from the danger of the collar snapping your cat’s neck (yes this can happen), there is also the risk of your cat slipping from the collar. Harnesses are designed to distribute the pressure of the force applied across the body of your cat and makes it all the more difficult to escape from it.

That said, let us get into the nitty-gritty of getting the best cat harness. The process though simple, can prove to be difficult courtesy of the numerous products available in the market. Below is a breakdown of how you should make this all-important decision.


It is imperative that you consider the sizing of the harness as provided by the manufacturing company. You need to ensure that the cat can fit into the harness perfectly. A harness that does not fit perfectly is uncomfortable. You can compare it to wearing shoes of a smaller size. The pressure applied to the pinkie and the big toe is unbearable especially when walking long distances.

The harness you choose should be snug but not squeezing the life out of your cat. You should fit two fingers between the body of your cat and the harness.


Most cat harnesses are made from either nylon webbing or cotton cloth. These materials are soft are naturally comfortable for cats. But be it as it may, bear in mind that cats are overly sensitive creatures. There are some that may be disturbed by the narrow harness straps and those that may find bulky harnesses comfortable. For comfort, you are looking for even distribution of pressure from your harness.


When getting your cat a harness, you want to consider its longevity as well. All harnesses that have a short lifespan and fall apart at the application of slight pressure are out of the question. 


When you are getting your cat a harness, you should consider its lifestyle and personality. Yes, all cats, like people have different personalities. Some feline Houdinis need secure harnesses while the explorers prefer added breathability and mobility. Below are some types of cat harnesses and which cat personalities and activities they are each best suited for.

Types of Safety Harnesses

  • Vest Style Harnesses

This is perfect for those cats that require extra security when they are taking long strolls. Vest style harnesses are also referred to as walking jackets as they are designed to look like jackets. Their design maximizes surface area which adds to their security. On the other hand, the wide straps add to their comfort as the pressure is applied to a wide area on the cat. From your high school physics, you know that the wider the area, the lower the pressure applied. While vest harnesses provide maximum security for your cat, you should be warned that they are heavy and may weigh down your cat. Also, it is important to note that this harness is secured using hook and loop closures. With long-haired cats, it might be tricky to get the fur safely out of the way when putting the harness on your cat.

  • Step in Harnesses

These harnesses are designed to ensure ease of use. They feature two arm holes through which your cat slips into before you fasten the harness. The harness is perfect for cats that do not like having things slipped over their heads. Yes, there are some cats that are feisty like that - my cat is one of them. While they provide lesser security owing to their large armholes, wide necks and reduced surface area, they provide improved mobility for cats. If you intend to take your cat outside for adventures, lightweight and mobility should be your priority. For this, the step-in harnesses are a perfect choice.

  • H-style Harnesses

These harnesses feature an H-shape which wraps around the cat's body. It wraps around front legs and has safety buckles in two places. This harness is lightweight. But for this, you sacrifice security. Additionally, the narrow straps may end up pressing painfully on your cat’s skin. On the bright side, they are well priced and are a perfect choice for the docile cats that only use the harness in environments with lesser risks.

  • Figure 8 Harnesses

This is a type of leash that gets tighter every time the cat lunges forward and tags on the leash. However, courtesy of the squeezing action and the narrow straps, these harnesses can prove to be irritating, especially for the sensitive cats. As such, they are not the most comfortable harnesses in the market. Nonetheless, some cats seem not to mind having them on. It is perfect for seasoned explorer cats and cam cats.


Every time you fasten a harness around your cat, you should ensure that you leave ample space between the harness and your cat. The ideal space is one finger. If it is tighter than this, your cat will feel uncomfortable in the harness, and if it is too loose, your feline will easily wiggle out of it.

Safety and comfort are paramount when dealing with harnesses. Countercheck the enclosures and security of the harness before you leave the house

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