Best Cat Food for Skin Allergies

We have heard about a lot of people having allergies because of cats, but the thing is, they can have their own allergies as well. Cats can be allergic to different ingredients, and it is important to know about this so you ’ll know what to avoid. There are a variety of ingredients used in the production of their meals, and you have to check and spend the time to know if it is effective for your cats.

Our cats can easily become allergic to different ingredients that are not healthy or commonly part of their food in the wild. If your cats are starting to have itchy and dry skin, ear infections or any medical condition, then there is a chance that there must be wrong with the food they are eating. Their allergies can be different from us, and you have to be careful.

Allergies to cats are common and can be treated easily with the help of the best cat food for skin allergies. It was designed to provide the needs of your cat and may come with limited ingredients that would make them healthy, and avoid developing allergies. A simple change in their diet and can make a big difference, so it could be worthy of your time to do them a favor.

Cat Food for Skin Allergies Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient DietTurkey Meal, Peas, Tapioca, Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid), Turkey, Natural Flavor29%18%3%Click Here
Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diet – Chicken and Green Pea FormulaChicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Ground Peas, Pea Protein, Chicken Meal8.5%6%2%Click Here
Merrick Grain-Free Limited Ingredient DietDeboned Turkey, Turkey Broth, Turkey Liver, Natural Flavor, Pea Protein, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Alfalfa Meal9%5%1.4%Click Here
BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet for AdultsDeboned Duck, Duck Meal, Pea Protein, Tapioca Starch, Peas, Canola Oil (source of Omega 6 Fatty Acids), Pea Fiber,30%14%6%Click Here
CANIDAE Pure Limited Ingredient Diet Grain FreeCod, fish broth, vegetable broth, pea flour, dried egg product, natural flavors8%3%1.5%Click Here
Blue Buffalo Nature Evolutionary Diet for AdultsDeboned Duck, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Tapioca Starch, Peas, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)40%18%4%Click Here
Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Cat FoodSalmon, Eggs, Pea Protein, Trout, Oats, Pearled Barley, Vegetable Broth32%16%5%Click Here
Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats for CatsHydrolized Chicken Liver, Brewers RIce, Corn Starch, Soy Bean Oil, Powdered Cellulose, Chicken Liver Flavor20%12%5%Click Here

The first choice on our list comes from one of the most trusted brands on the market. Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet is a good option to consider if your cat is suffering from allergies. It comes with limited ingredients that would be able to help in maintaining and reaching the nutrients level that your cat would require.

There are different meals that are associated with this, and you are free to choose the one best suits your needs. The kibbles are easily digestible, so it would be easier for your cat to get the nutrients out of it. The meal would have a rabbit as the primary source of protein and it is recommended for cats of all ages.

It is being offered in different flavors such as lamb, turkey, duck, pork, and rabbit. It focuses on using one animal protein, so you’ll be assured of the nutrients that your cat would get. It is also grain-free and gluten-free which promotes an overall balanced nutrition.


  • It uses only one animal protein for premium results.
  • It is very safe and essential, so your cat would get what they need.
  • This is flavorful and would attract your cats.
  • The kibbles are small enough to be digested by cats of all ages.


  • It comes with plant protein.
  • It causes diarrhea to some cats.

Formulating the right meal for your cat, Natural Balance offers a variety of flavors that is efficient, so it would be easier for your cat to avoid getting allergies. One of the top flavors that are being considered by many consumers is the chicken and green pea formula. It comes with high level of protein that would be perfect for their need.

It is a grain-free cat food would be able to help in minimizing the ingredients that your cats would taste, so you can discover the reason behind their allergies. There are no artificial flavors and colorings added. Your cat would be able to get the right nutrients they need.

This is a wet canned meal that can be digested easily and recommended for all life stages of your cats. If you have senior cats in the house and worrying about their meals, then it can be a perfect option for you. They would surely love to have a taste of it!


  • It helps in minimizing the number of ingredients that your cat is eating.
  • It was made with the premium quality of chicken.
  • It can support healthier and shinier coat.
  • There are no artificial flavors and colors added.


  • There are cases of mixed pebbles and stones on the meals.
  • There are cat owners who are complaining about the smell of this diet.

Checking out different pet care companies can be overwhelming. All of them would claim to offer the best and right nutritional meal for your cats. Good thing, you just have to know more about their products and get started. Another diet meal on our list comes from a reliable company that has been trusted by many consumers over the years.

Merrick Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diet uses a single source animal protein to ensure the best quality of results from their meals. It uses real deboned turkey that is ideal for cats that have a sensitive stomach or having allergies. There would be no fish added to their recipes, which can easily avoid the risk of getting sick.

There are no gluten and grains added, so you can be assured that your cat would be able to digest the meal easily. This is convenient and would help in promoting a healthier skin or fur of your cats as well. It is highly recommended by many veterinarians and can be ideal for your needs.


  • It uses deboned turkey as the main ingredient.
  • There are no grains and gluten added for better digestion.
  • It is recommended by many veterinarians out there.
  • It is created for the specific needs of cats with a sensitive stomach.


  • There are cats that don’t like the taste of this.
  • The smell is unpleasant for some cats.

Blue Buffalo is among the best companies with regards to constrained fixing diet. It is a company that was trusted by many consumers in providing specialized meals for their cats, especially for those suffering from skin allergies.

One of the best recipes that they have is the BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet for Adults. This meal is formulated to help cats in getting enough protein from a single source. It comes with natural ingredients that could promote a balanced and healthier lifestyle for your cats.

It is being offered with additional plant ingredients such as pumpkins and pea fiber. These are responsible for promoting healthy digestion on your cats. The meal would also come with omega-6 fatty acids that are helpful in maintaining healthier and shinier coats.


  • It does not come with chicken and there are no grains added.
  • It uses single animal protein source – duck.
  • It comes with plant ingredients such as pea fiber and pumpkins.
  • It is a complete meal to fit the requirement level of your cats.


  • This is only recommended for adult cats.

Many people have been talking about numerous limited ingredient diet meals that would be perfect for their cats, and if you are looking for the most reliable, then you would like to check out the one made by Canidae. It is best known to be a reliable source of protein for cats of all ages.

The product does not come with grains which makes it efficient in promoting overall development and healthy growth of your cats. The ingredients used are simple and something different from our list! The main source of animal protein from this product is Cod Morsels. It can be a new taste that your cat would love to try.

It is a premium ingredient that offers quality protein that your cat needs for their overall health. It promotes better digestion and is recommended for cats that have a sensitive stomach or can easily develop allergies from the normal cat foods out there.


  • It offers a new great taste that your cats would love.
  • It is being offered with a variety of recipes that you can try out.
  • It doesn’t come with grains and easily digestible.
  • It was designed to help cats with sensitivities.


  • There are some cats that would not taste the food.
  • Other cats would reportedly have allergies from fish content.

Cats are naturally carnivorous and may need a high level of protein to survive. They are eating raw meats in the wild, and this is the main reason why it is recommended to try a diet that was inspired by their natural habitat. The Blue Buffalo Nature Evolutionary Diet for Adults let them taste what they usually have in the wild, which makes it an ideal option for many cat owners today.

It is designed with vegetable, fruits and a single source of protein to offer the quality nutrients that your cat needs. The vegetables used include sweet potatoes that are responsible for providing complex carbs for a better digestive system. Other ingredients added on this includes cranberries and blueberries.

It doesn’t come with any additives that might irritate your cats such as wheat, soy, and corn. There are no colorings or artificial ingredients added to ensure the best results and quality of nutrition for your cat.


  • It is a healthy and reliable source of carbs.
  • It is free from grains and other additives.
  • It comes with additional antioxidants from fruits.
  • It uses duck as the main source of protein.


  • The packaging can be different or may vary.
  • There are cats that would not like vegetables and fruits.

Cats that are suffering from sensitivities may need extra care. We won’t be able to easily notice, but they can already experience itchiness on their skin and it can get worse. With Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Cat Food, it is easier to achieve a complete and balanced meal that they would need for their growth and development.

It comes with a variety of ingredients including, salmon, eggs, whitefish, and peas. It is not new for us to find cat foods that are being offered with potatoes and corn that might possibly reduce the level of protein of the meal. This can also be the main cause of the allergies of your cats.

The Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Cat Food would not come with any fillers and promotes healthier digestion. They even use the tagline, “the proof is in the poop”. The main purpose of this product is to help digestion and let the cat have the right level of nutrients and protein they need.


  • It is made with real whole fish.
  • It promotes healthy digestion of your cats to avoid the potential risk of sensitivities.
  • There are no artificial flavorings and colors added.
  • It helps to offer everything that your cat would need.


  • The kibbles can be small for some cat to digest.

We all know that we can’t resist our cats, especially when they are asking for treats. They deserve it and we need to provide it. If they are experiencing sensitivities, treats are not recommended, but the Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats for Cats made it possible for all cat owners! This treat is actually designed for cats that can easily develop allergies.

It was formulated to ease their sensitive stomach and can be a great addition to their meals. It is very easy to digest, so you would not have problems with their digestion and it would not cause allergies, just like any other treats available on the market.

However, it comes with a starch ingredient such as corn, that you have to be careful about. If your cat is allergic to corns, then it can be the best for you to not try this product, and look for an alternative that best suits the needs of your cats.


  • It is designed for the needs of the cats with sensitivities.
  • It is a perfect treat to be combined with their usual meals.
  • It offers antioxidants that can help in supporting healthier skin.
  • It is easily digestible, so your cat would be able to get the nutrients from it.


  • There are cats that have allergies from corns.
  • There are cats that would not want to taste this.

Important Points to Consider

The main task is to buy the best cat food for skin allergies. Skin allergies on cats can be normal as their reaction to the meal and treat you are giving to them. Too often, we don’t really notice it that much, until there are some serious symptoms showing up. It can be troublesome, especially if there would be additional medication needed. Good thing, you can change their diet as early as now and make a difference in their current condition.

  • Source of Protein: You have to check the main source of protein that was used on the product. This is important as cats would need a high level of protein to avoid allergies, and stay healthy.
  • Plant Ingredients: There are meals that would include plant ingredients for additional nutrition for your cat. It can be good, but some cats would develop allergies out of it. Make sure that you will check the kinds of plant ingredients added and do your research.
  • Price: If you are on a tight budget, checking out the price of the product would be important. There are different prices offered depending on the brand and the overall ingredients added on this.
  • Age of Your Cat: It is essential to get food that is highly recommended for the age of your cats. You have to check the label if it is safe for your cat and would be easier for them to digest.

How Do I Change My Cat’s Diet?

When you got the best cat food for skin allergies, you have to make sure that your cat would eat it. This is a common challenge for many cat owners as there are cats that can be picky or would not really be interested in eating their new meal. Make sure that you are going to have a proper transition on their meals, so it would be easier to keep up with their needs.

There is a specific plan that you can follow. According to PetSmart, you can try to have a small portion of their new meal on the current one on the first 3 days of their new diet. Every day, you need to add that portion until they are used on it. After a week, your cat should be following and eating the right meal for them.

In case that you notice something on your cat, it is always the best to talk it out with your veterinarian.

The Round Up

If your cat is suffering from an allergic reaction from their food, it is important to find an alternative and consider the best cat food for skin allergies. This kind of food is specialized formulas that were created to meet the dietary needs of your cat, and let them easily manage a better lifestyle.

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