Best Cat Food for Cats That Throw Up

There are a ton of reasons why your cat may be throwing up – a sensitive tummy, hairball, or even worms, among many others. The first course of action you should take is consulting a veterinarian, especially when the vomiting is sudden and seemingly unprovoked by anything.

If, however, throwing up is just a normal thing that your cat does because of food sensitivity (the vet can confirm this), then a dietary change may very well be the best thing to do. To help you out, here is a list of the best cat food for cats that throw up.

Best Cat Food to Prevent Vomiting Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Halo Holistic Dry Cat Food, Chicken and Chicken LiverChicken, Eggs, Oats, Salmon, Fruits, Minerals, Supplements32%16%5%Click Here
Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Premium Cat FoodTurkey, Brewer's Rice, Corn Gluten, Soybean, Corn, Flavourings, Minerals, Vitamins34%13%4%Click Here
Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Cat FoodChicken, Turkey, Fish, Vitamins, Fruits43%19.5%3%Click Here
BLUE Basics Limited-Ingredient Grain Free Mature Dry Cat FoodChicken, Turkey, Fish, Vitamins, Fruits, Minerals, Chicken Heart30%14%3%Click Here
ROYAL CANIN FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION Special 33 dry cat foodChicken, Corn, Rice, Wheat, Egg, Minerals, Vitamins, Soya Oil33%20%3.1%Click Here

Cats that throw up may have weak digestive systems that are not capable of dealing with complex food matters. You need to help them get through by feeding them highly digestible meals such as the Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Cat Food. It doesn't have any rendered meat or by-product meals, only natural whole fish, grains, vegetables, and fruits – the kind of diet that cats with sensitive stomach needs. This pack contains a very balanced meal that supplies all your cats' nutritional needs.

Vitamins and minerals are added on top of the natural whole foods to supplement your cat's dietary needs since a cat that frequently throws up needs a lot of help to get by. Here's a little extra: for every pack of Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Cat Food, the manufacturer donates a bag of cat or dog food to pet shelters! As you feed your cats a healthy meal, so can the rest of the cats and dogs eat!


  • Comes from a company that has great social responsibility.
  • Great taste that’s good even for some picky cats.
  • Comprises of fiber that sensitive tummies need to stay clean and healthy.
  • Absolutely no preservatives.


  • Cats that have taken a liking to the taste of chicken may find this bland.

Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Premium Cat Food

Most cats with sensitive tummies lose the beauty of their coats to the wrong kinds of food, so you should look for the best cat food for cats that throw up, which also reverses the damages done to your cat’s fur coat because of allergies and such. The Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Premium Cat Food is exactly that – yummy food that’s gentle on your cat’s tummy and skin.

Its main ingredient is a real turkey, so you will not be short changed with the kind of nutrition your cat will get from every pack of this. 36 grams of protein is present in every bag, so that your cats may have the strong muscles they need for their everyday activities.

Upon feeding this to your cat, observe closely for any changes in your cat's attitude and throwing up episodes. If the vomiting stops, then you need not ask ‘why is my cat throwing up?' anymore.


  • Carefully formulated for cats with sensitive stomachs and those that throw up a lot.
  • Made from tasty turkey which also delivers your cat’s protein needs.
  • Even your cat’s dental health will greatly improve as this food helps get rid of plaque.


  • Letting your cat get used to the taste of turkey may pose problems in turning them into finicky eaters in the future.

Most of us may think that all-natural foods are naturally good for cats. Simply, this is not the case as grains and wheat are not suitable for cats' needs. Remember the case of the vegan couple who were penalized because they let the cat in on their vegan diet and it led to the poor animal's malnourishment? Do not make the same problem and go for grain and gluten-free foods such as Nature Variety's Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food.

Being high in protein yield, this food resembles best what your cat would be eating if it still roams the wild. Instinctively, your cat would surely enjoy the taste and smell of this protein-loaded pack of food. Healthy omega 3 and fatty acids are also abundant in the Nature Variety’s Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, so a healthy coat and a healthy heart could be expected after a few months of consistent feeding.


  • Hypoallergenic, gluten-free, grain-free.
  • Contains probiotics that help with proper digestion and reduces vomiting.
  • No artificial flavors, filler, additives, and preservatives. Perfect for cats of all ages.


  • Does not smell good for us humans (but as long as it keeps our cats healthy, right?)
  • Dangerous when ingested by dogs and other pets.

A good mix of turkey and potato provides your cat both the proteins it needs to grow up strong and the antioxidants that may help prevent throwing up. This is exactly the main formula present in the Blue Buffalo Basics Limited-Ingredient Dry Cat Food. Since it has minimal ingredients, the possibility of food sensitivity is narrowed down and reduced.

Cat owners who vary their cats' diets may have a difficult time pointing out which ingredient is causing alarm. At least, with this limited-ingredient diet, it is easy to pin down on one of the two main ingredients if vomiting persists.

A small amount of pumpkin is also present in the formula – these fibers help your cat digest and would cease the vomiting should indigestion be the main cause. Other variants include duck and fish, so you have a good number of choices for each of your picky cat best friends!


  • Specially formulated for cats that frequently throw up due to indigestion and food sensitivity.
  • No corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or eggs.
  • Contains LifeSource Bits (the small, dark pellets) that contain vitamins and minerals crucial to your cats’ development.
  • Easy on the tummy even for cats who are seemingly allergic to everything.


  • An acquired taste for most cats – you would have to sneakily mix it with your cat’s old food to successfully transition to it.

Fibers are very important in promoting a healthy digestive system, which is exactly why it is highlighted in the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry Cat Food. Highly digestible proteins also make up the formula, so that unhealthy soft stool may be avoided.

You can read it all on the label how the manufacturers carefully studied the science behind cat diets to come up with this formula – it would be one of your best bets to finally relieve your cats of the horrors of frequently throwing up!

The balanced diet will even help restore your cat's fur. Variants are also available for cats with different needs – there's one for indoor cats, another for those that have hairball problems, etc. Multi-cat households are sure to find one that fits their criteria of the best cat food for cats that throw up


  • Highly palatable and smells great for cats (though not as much for us humans).
  • Boasts of a balanced diet that keeps your cat healthy (not just in the digestive aspect).
  • Effective in reducing barfing episodes.


  • You have to watch your cat's intake as the excessive feeding of this nutritional cat food may result in unwanted weight gain.

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach Vomiting

Cats that have sensitive stomach are very common. And so, it can be necessary to find the best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting that can help to prevent the problem and improve the overall condition of your cat.

The Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Gravy is a highly recommended product that put a balance on the quality ingredients you need and brings out the wholesome nutrition your cat requires. This has been designed for cats that are suffering from the digestive system and has a great ration of protein content. The fats, proteins, and carb are all equally balanced.

This is made to be highly palatable, so even if your cat is having a hard time with their appetite, this can help them to get back on track with their meals.


  • It is well balanced and complete.
  • It is formulated for cats with a sensitive stomach.
  • It comes with added moisture for better digestion.


  • Some cats don’t like this.
  • There are cats that can be messy when eating this.

From the name itself, the Blue Sensitive Stomach Chicken Cat Food is formulated for the special needs of cats with a digestive problem. If you are looking for a dry cat food for your cat, then it can be a great choice. This doesn’t come with grains and no by-product meals as well. It is made of high-quality protein and has complete vitamins and minerals.

Another thing is that there is antioxidants added that can support the immune system of your cat. There will be no corn, soy, and wheat from this recipe, so it is very safe and ideal for the needs of your cats.


  • It is made for cats with a sensitive stomach.
  • It is free from grains and additives.
  • It comes with high-quality protein.


  • There are cats that may need more moisture content.
  • This is not good for cats that don’t drink water often.

The Purina One Sensitive Systems is a great alternative when you are looking for cat food that is made for sensitive stomach. This is formulated to have a wide range of minerals and vitamins that can greatly help to boost the digestion and immune system of your cats. This allows you to get the quality nutrition that your cat requires.

There are many users that have commended this product to help their cats prevent vomiting and are also because it is offered for a more reasonable price.


  • It is well balanced and complete.
  • It helps to boost digestion of your cats.


  • There are cats that don’t like this.
  • It is not ideal for kittens.

How to Prevent a Cat from Vomiting?

The best cat food to prevent vomiting should come with natural and healthy ingredients. Fillers and additives might cause your cat’s stomach to go crazy. Artificial flavors and ingredients may also cause them to throw up. Make sure to properly check the list of ingredients and know more about the allergies of your cat as well. To be further guided, you should ask for other people’s recommendations on the best cat food to prevent vomiting.

Why is my Cat Throwing Up?

Again, there's a variety of reasons as to why your cat seems to barf up everything it takes in. Only a vet could tell you for sure, but these are the couple of reasons you may want to check:

  • Indigestion issues, you may need the best cat vitamins to helps
  • Sudden change in diet – while people crave variety, cats are better off eating the same good food all day for the rest of their lives. However, even if your cat has been eating the same food for years, they could still develop a disliking for it somewhere along the way
  • Pregnancy
  • Intestinal issues
  • Hairball problems
  • Lack of fiber in diet
  • Stress
  • Allergies – a lot of cats have allergies, so make sure you take the time to consult your veterinarian before any dietary change, no matter how healthy all those food we just talked about may seem
  • Stale food – a common reason that a lot of people tend to overlook. Remember that even dry treats have expiration dates, and may cause serious harm when ingested past it.
  • Access to food of other pets – dog food, bunny food, bird food, etc., may actually be harmful to the health of your cat, so make sure those other food are out of their reach.
  • Litter box problems – check the litter for any bugs and thoroughly clean your litter kit

Vet visits!

To end, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make the trip to the veterinarian with every worrisome observation you may have of your cat. Felines are proud creatures, and they could be in deep pain before they even let you in on it so obviously. Save you and your cat loads of trouble by going in for regular check-ups!

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