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Ticks and fleas are real problems especially since they pose grave threats to the health and wellbeing of any cat. For cat owners, it is especially tricky to get out of your cat’s system because most treatments involve you having to bathe your feline child. A lot of cats hate taking baths, though, so you have to look for the best flea treatments for cats.

One such alternative is for you to get the bets cat flea collar that could get rid of the pests and ensure an itch-free life you’re your cats. A lot of these flea collars are available in the market. To help you decide which one is best for your own cat, here is our cat flea collar reviews.

Cat Flea Collar Comparison Table

​Good for 8 months of continued use, the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar delivers all the benefits of the best cat flea collar discussed by MedicAnimal, without the risks warned against. It is ungreasy and also odorless, so your cats wouldn’t feel like they need to get it off.

The flea protection lasts for a solid 8 months, but the collar itself remains useful for a very long time. It requires little to no maintenance because of its water resistance. It can withstand rain, baths, intense sunlight, and even a few instances of swimming.

Another good thing: it has this quick release mechanism that if the collar should get hinged somewhere and renders your cat trapped, the brute strength of your cat is enough to release him/her from the collar itself. It is a very useful add-on that keeps your pet safe.

SOZO Safe Pet Flea Tick Collar - ProGuard Plus II

Pests like ticks and cats have the tendency to migrate upward, so a tick collar works great since it's basically gets rid of the pests before it reaches the head (and unsuspecting ears) of your beloved cat. While treatments like shampoos and pills have to be maintained or reapplied every so often, the SOZO Safe Pet Flea Tick Collar only requires you to put the collar on and the results can be noticed almost instantaneously.

Another thing about pills is that it is never a pleasant experience for you and your cat if you have to force-feed them anything. Collars like the SOZO Safe ProGuard Plus II are the best treatment that requires the least effort but with the same impressive effect.

This collar also has a lasting effect of up to six months – a longer effect time than most other treatments.

Chemical-based flea collars are not inherently bad, but they sometimes have mild side effects that may not be detrimental but still frustrating to experience for your cat. At the end of the day, all-natural products are still the best ones to use for your feline friends as these have very little chance of reacting badly.

Only Natural Pet's EasyDefense Flea and Tick Cat Collar lasts for three full months, which is shorter than the effectivity span of most chemical-based collars, but this one is still safer. It is also water and sun proof so it could last as a normal collar even after the three months and you are already sure your cat is safe from fleas.

Chemical treatments like drops could not be used at the same time with chemical-based cat collars as it may react badly and overwhelm your cat, but since the EasyDefense is made from all-natural ingredients, you can safely use it even when you are treating your cat with drops or shampoo.

Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea &Tick Cat Collar

Most cat flea collars that claim to be effective just take care of the large ticks but leave the eggs and larvae alive and ready to hatch anytime. This usually defeats the purpose of getting rid of the bigger ticks. Hartz Ultraguard Plus, however, promises to kill grown fleas and ticks while also preventing the eggs and larvae from ever hatching.

It lasts for a full seven months and is fully adjustable – you may cut it to a size appropriate for your feline. The Hartz UltraGuard Plus collar is also water resistant – rain, bath time, and even the occasional dip will not reduce the effectiveness in repelling pests.

Hartz is committed to fully eradicate fleas and ticks on your poor cat, so it takes into consideration the life cycle of a flea, and fully works to target them at every stage, making sure not even one stays alive to breed some more and repeat the whole process all over again.

Pet Guard Herbal Cat Collar

PetGuard has become a household name in terms of pet supplies, and now they even have a flea-repelling collar.  This one is not recommended for cats that have serious tick problems. From the name itself, this herbal cat collar never claimed to be able to kill ticks and fleas – it simply uses natural scents to repel fleas. Once they are already in, though, this collar does little to get rid of them. 

 All those things being said, prevention is still always better than cure. So if right now, your cat/s do/doesn't show signs of carrying fleas get them a collar that PREVENTS them from ever catching some. 

 After all, the PetGuard Herbal Cat Collar smells very nice. The natural smell calms the cat, which is very helpful in rehabilitating cats that have long suffered from fleas and allergies. If the skin has some damage because of previous contractions, this one will help your cat recuperate.

Bayer Seresto Cat 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention & Treatment for Cats  

Bayer flea collars are known to last and fully effect for 8 full months. The Seresto Cat 8 Month is a water resistant collar that is very easy to use and put on your cat. Three clip-on reflectors are also included, so you may have an easier time locating your fur babies even in the dead of the night.

One good thing about the Bayer Seresto Cat 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention & Treatment for Cats is that it poses no negative side effects to the wellness and health of your cat. If anything, it even helps them grow healthier by successfully getting all ticks and fleas out of your cat’s system.

If you are transitioning from other treatments such as soaps, shampoos, or drops, the Seresto Cat 8 Month should help your cat adapt quickly because of its common scent that is in no way overwhelming.

Sentry Calming Collar for Cats

For cat owners whose fur babies are plagued with the flea, you know very well how the physical repercussions of carrying such pets become secondary when you start to notice it taking the toll on your cat's behavior and overall mental state. There are lots of medicine to deal with the itch and the fleas, but you need something like the Sentry Calming Collar to truly bring your cat back to its prime.

The lavender chamomile fragrance in the Sentry Calming Collar for Cats does wonder to a cat’s predicament. Cats that are always in a sour mood would surely have a change of heart because this cat collar releases pheromones for up to 30 days. As an effect, they feel a little safer and a little more secure whenever they wear this Calming Collar. This good behavior technology is even patented!

Dr. Mercola Herbal Repellent Collar For Cats & Kittens

As mentioned before, it is always safest to go herbal if you are unsure whether or not a chemical-based supply would react negatively and do more damage to your cat than good. Natural oils adorn the active ingredients present in the Dr. Mercola Herbal Repellent Collar for Cats and Kittens, so you have no worries of chemical reactions that might damage your cat’s coat.

The effectivity of this flea/tick/mosquito/insect repellent lasts up to 4 months, too! That is long enough to kill a full cycle, so with enough manual help, you’ll get your feline fur baby out of its itchy agony in no time.

There is also a supplementary product available, the Dr. Mercola Spot On Topical Herbal Repellent. Together, these two products are sure to keep your cat safe and free from the struggle of fleas and allergies.

Things to Remember When Using a New Collar

1. Collars are definitely much less work than drops or cat shampoos fleas.Your job gets a little easier: just remember the exact date when you first put the collar on, and take note of the collar’s effectivity. Some cat flea collars are just good for a month, which is not enough time to kill a full life cycle. In cases like this, you have to promptly replace the collar to continue the work.

2. You would also do well to observe your cat closely when introducing them to new things such as a new collar. You have to watch out for unusual behavior or occurrences that could lead you to conclude that the collar is doing more harm than good. Nobody ever wants to harm their pets in the process of trying to make them better, so be very patient in observing. If anything looks out of place after you have put on a collar, stop use immediately and consult your cat's trusted veterinarian.

3. Also, be very careful not to use two chemical-based treatments at the same time. If you are currently subjecting your cat to a drop treatment, you may do well to settle for an all-natural collar so as to minimize reaction risks.

Signs to check for when introducing the cat to a new collar

1. Sudden changes in behavior – Whether to the positive or the negative, rapid changes in behavior can be an indicator of something wrong. Consult with the veterinarian about your observations and they should be able to tell you if the collar is causing something bad, or something good.

2. Lack of appetite – Unless your cat is diagnosed as obese, a sudden lack of appetite is something to bet worried about. If observed, discontinue collar use immediately.

3. Added itchiness and more scratch marks – This is the total opposite of what the collar is supposed to do, so you know this is a sign of something bad. Again, consult with your vet regarding these matters, especially if they are the one who recommended using the flea collar in the first place.

Final thoughts

Cats are very independent and may not look like they are in a lot of pain, but you as the pet's parent should know when the case is serious enough. Trust your instinct on this matter, and do not skimp on medicines and veterinary appointments, get only the best cat flea collar!

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