Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats

Traveling with your cats should not be a stressful experience. Too often, moving around from one place to another would make our cats anxious. If they have been living all their life indoors, then it can be a challenge to them. Though there are cats that can manage traveling easily, there are others that can be nervous.

If you think that your cat will have a problem traveling, then you can look for best cat carrier for nervous cats as early as now. They can start up a commotion if not properly controlled by their carriers, so make sure that you will choose wisely.

Purchasing a sturdy and comfortable cat carrier can make a big difference on their cats. It can give them peace of mind, safety, and security. To have more assurances on your purchase, make sure to be guided and get started.

Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats Comparison Table

Product NameWaterproofAirline ApprovedWindowsSizes AvailablePricing
Sherpa Deluxe Pet CarriersYesYesYesSmall, Medium, LargeClick Here
Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier by Mr. Peanut'sYesYesYesOne size onlyClick Here
Petmate Two Door Top Load KennelYes Yes Yes19 inches or 24 inchesClick Here
SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat CarrierYesYesYesOne size onlyClick Here
Sleepypod Mobile Pet BedYesYesYesMini, Medium, 17 x 17 x 11.5 inches, One sizeClick Here
PetLuv SoothingNoNoYesSmall, Medium-LargeClick Here
Gen7Pets Pet Roller CarrierNoNoYesMedium, LargeClick Here
Pawfect Pets Pet Travel CarrierYesYesYesOne size onlyClick Here

If you are looking for a reasonably priced product, then you can check out the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier. It is one of the best on the market that comes with a good price and can offer the comfort that your cats would need. This is highly recommended and can carry pets up to 22lbs.

This is ideal for a cat as there is more space that they can use. It is capable of housing them safely and secured, and they can move a lot easier. It is known to be a spacious carrier being considered by many consumers and it makes cats calm. They can stretch out their limbs and sleep easily.

It is easier to also unzip the top and lower part of the carrier, and you are not going to have problems on this. This is easier as you don’t need to use the side doors. You would be able to save time and keep your cat on the right place!


  • It comes with a very fluffy and comfortable mat that can help in resisting spills.
  • It can be opened on top of the carrier, so it would be easier to carry your cats in and out of it.
  • It is spacious and ideal for most cats.
  • This is highly recommended by many cat owners.


Are you looking for a carrier that is efficient and useful for the needs of your cats? Well, there’s nothing to worry about that as Mr. Peanuts can be a great option to consider. This is very stylish with padded inside that is ideal for smaller cats. You can carry them whenever and wherever you go!

It should be able to accommodate your cats and leave extra room for them to move around. This is very comfortable and was made of high quality of materials. Aside from that, it is lightweight which makes it convenient to be brought with you during your travels.

However, because it is light, balancing your cat inside of it can be challenging. If you will carry it in your arms, then your cat might feel that it is not stable and cause them to worry even more. Make sure that you will add up a better base to support this.


  • It is a good space to use in keeping your cats.
  • It is comfortable and comes with good material.
  • There is a shoulder strap that you can use to easily carry it with your cats.
  • This is suitable for airline travels.


  • It is not ideal for big cats.
  • It won’t be as sturdy and durable as other brands.

There are some cat owners that would prefer plastic carriers to be assured that it is sturdy and durable enough for the needs of their cats while traveling. This is made of plastic and steel that is efficient and ideal to avoid having problems later.

It won’t be as fashionable as other option you have, but it is convenient and easier to use. It is secured, sturdy, and would allow for you to keep it for your needs. It won’t be hard to clean up spills from it and you can change the mats inside of it.

However, there are people that might feel the hinges to be not secure. Good thing, this is not something you’d worry about on this. It is very strong, and it won’t lose easily. You can trust this for a longer period.


  • It is strong and durable.
  • It is very easy to clean, and you can change it anytime.
  • There is a mat included on it that you can use in a shorter period.
  • It is easy to carry and is ideal for your travels.


  • Most airlines would not allow the plastic type of carriage.
  • This is not recommended for bigger cats.

One of the best things about SportPet Travel Cat Carrier is that it is convenient. It comes with a wide opening that makes it easier for you to put your cat inside.  It comes with a handle that is comfortable for you to use in carrying your cats.

It is ideal and recommended for all cat owners as it can be inviting for most cats. We know how much they love caves and boxes, so it would let them feel the same. This can be the biggest relief, so you would not have to worry about how you’ll put them inside.

It is super compact, and you can fold it easily. If you are someone who’d like to pack things neatly and save space in the car or in the house, then this would greatly help you on that.


  • It is highly recommended by many people out there.
  • It is compact and can be saved for your needs.
  • It is attractive for your cats and they would love to go inside of it.


  • It is only for small cats.
  • It is made of plastic and may have scratches and marks over time.

We always treat our cats as our babies, so why not get a carrier that is made based on the safety standards use for child safety? The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is a very fashionable option that you can have. It is a 3-in-1 product that can be used as a bed, carrier and a car seat.

It gives a personal space for your cats whenever you are going out and help them in being comfortable. It lets you save space as well as they can use this to take a rest and get the best relaxation they need while traveling.

It is also water repellant with safe paddings, the beddings are washable, and it comes with adjustable shoulder straps that you can use. This can be a very efficient carrier to help in transporting your cats from one place to another.


  • It works as a bed, carrier and car seat.
  • It is very durable and efficient for your needs.
  • It comes with an adjustable zipper to fit your cats.
  • It can carry cats no less than 15lbs.


  • It is not certified to be used on airplanes.
  • It can be small for larger cats.

We know how hard it is when our cats are having anxiety. With the help of PetLuv Soothing Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier, then it would be easier to get rid of their anxiety. It gives them a very comfortable, airy space that your cats would love to have.

We always hate to see our cats being cramped in some of the usual carriers we have, but with this, it would become a lot easier for us. It gives more space that we can use, it is roomy and does not cause stress to our cats.

There is also an available privacy flap that you can roll down in case you want security, or your cats would like to take a nap. If you want the cats to get used to the traveling, opening the mesh windows would be a great help.


  • It is a perfect choice if you have large cats in the house.
  • It is very easy to store and durable enough for your needs.
  • All the zippers would come with locks, so it would be safe and secured for your cats.
  • This is recommended for big cats.


  • It is big and not ideal to stroll around bringing this with you.
  • It may not be the safest choice if you are going to travel by car with it.

Do you want to travel and bring your pet anywhere with you? The answer can be yes, and we found a good option to consider! The Gen7Pets Geometric Roller Carrier is one of the most reliable roller carriers that are convenient and efficient for your preferences and needs.

It gives you the best experience in taking your cat from the car, on the trail or even on the plane! This is a multifunctional carrier that also features a smart-level platform that would ensure a comfortable ride for your cats.

It can be transformed into a backpack, and you can carry your cat anywhere with you. There are an available top and front access, so it would be easier to get your cat out of it. It is stylish and convenient for your own needs.


  • It comes with a smart level platform, so your cats would not feel wobbly inside of it.
  • There are side storage pockets that can keep your different things safely.
  • You would be able to get your cat in and out from the top and front door.
  • This is approved by most of the airlines.


  • It is not machine washable and may require you to clean according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is not crash tested. This means that it won’t be the safest option to be considered for car rides.

The Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier is one of the top pet travel carriers today that was approved by airlines, secured and comfortable for your cats. It greatly helps your cat in staying comfortable and get rid of their nervousness easily. This is a convenient option to consider your needs and preferences.

It is snug that would be able to fit on most of the cabin luggage of the airlines but can still have enough space to use by your cat inside. It is also durable and won’t be able to cause problems even if your cat scratches it off. There are no tears, holes or any other risky areas.

The locks would have mini buckles that would ensure the safety of your cats. They won’t be able to escape easily and will stay comfortably until the last minute of the flight. It also comes with pads that easier to remove and clean later.


  • It is airline approved.
  • It is durable, safe and upgraded, so your cat would be safe inside of it.
  • It comes with 2 fleece padded mats for the comfort of your cats during the trip.
  • It is waterproof and would be able to handle any spills.


  • It is only ideal for small cats.
  • It is not recommended for cats that love scratching hard.

Important Points to Consider

A list of things to look for can be a great thing to do in buying best cat carrier for nervous cats. It helps you to know things to be compared and avoid on the market. It can be overwhelming to find the best for you, so check out the things to look for which are the following below:

  • Types of Carriers: There are three different types of carriers. The hard plastic, soft plastic, and rollers. Each of it would offer different benefits, and you must weigh the pros and cons to know the right option for your cat.
  • Easy to Clean: It doesn’t matter if it is made of plastic or cloth, it is important that it is easy to clean. It can be convenient, so you can easily clean the possible mess that can happen and manage it accordingly.
  • Doesn’t Slip: The carrier should be secured and sturdy. Make sure that it will be in place, won’t slip and will let your cat feel secured inside of it. It can be dangerous and can make your cat crazy.
  • Easy Access in and out: If your cats have already bad experience from traveling in the past, getting them into the carrier can be challenging. It is best that you would choose one that can let you have easy access in and out of it.
  • Sized to fit your cat: Lastly, the product should be able to fit your cat comfortably. They should be able to stand and walk a little, sleep properly and even play with their toys. It can be ideal, so they can keep their common activities and be distracted on traveling.

Calming Your Nervous Cat

A nervous cat would give you a hard time and leave them would surely make you guilty. It is important that you spend time in stroking them through their best cat carrier for nervous cats or ask them like a baby. They would surely answer you. We know how tempting it can be to remove them from the carrier, but some good attention would let them settle.

It can help if you are going to hold them close to your body and feel your cat from moving inside. It gives them an impression that you are there and would like to accompany them. They are not used in the new environment and it can be scary.

If things didn’t work, then you may have last resort and try medications. You can ask your veterinarian for possible medications you can try and easily calm your cats while traveling.

How to Deal with Accidents and Spills?

When your cat is nervous, they would tend to urinate often. It can have an unpleasant odor and it is important to deal with it properly. You can bring scented wipes that are efficient to get rid of the odor. There should be some suitable pads added on your carrier, so you can clean and change it later.

When you are buying the best cat carrier for nervous cats, it can be important that you are going to know the recommendations of other people. It is based on their own experience and can give you better knowledge on what you can expect. You may also consider the purpose of buying the cat carrier. Carriers that should be used on airplanes have certifications and was tested beforehand.

Also, you must check the size of your cat. Not all carriers are made to fit sizes of cats. There are some designed for specific breeds, size, and age, so be careful on choosing the right cat carrier.

The Round Up

No one said it was easy, but your cat would not do it without you. With the help of best wet cat food for weight loss, you can get started on following a diet plan for your cats. It gives you another chance to lose those extra pounds, making them a happy and loveable cat they used to be!

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