Best Cat Carrier for Car Travel & Long Distance

Planning to travel with your cat? Don’t expect that it would go smooth sailing at first try. Many cats would be afraid of being traveled from one place to another, which makes it challenging for the owners. Good thing, it would be easier to manage your cat during travel with the help of the right cat carrier.

Whether you are going to have a quick trip to the vet or having a long vacation with them, it is important to have a safe and secured best cat carrier for car travel & long distance. A carrier would greatly help them in feeling secured and have peace of mind while traveling. It keeps them calm and avoids anxiety.

According to PetMD, there could be tons of cat carriers available, and the most important factor to consider is the type of cat you have. Each cat may be different from one another and may need a specific cat carrier that is ideal for their size, age, and needs.

With that, make sure to be guided and know things to keep in mind before making your new purchase.


Cat Carrier for Car Travel & Long Distance Comparison Table

Product NameWaterproofAirline ApprovedWindowsSizes AvailablePricing
Petluv’s Premium Soft-Sided Cat CarrierNoNoYesSmall, Medium-LargeClick Here
PetMate Two Door Top Load KennelYesYesYes19 inches or 24 inchesClick Here
AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel CarrierYesYesYesSmall, Medium, LargeClick Here
Ultra Light Portable Cat CarrierNoNoYesOne size onlyClick Here
AmazonBasics Two-Door Hard CarrierYesNoYes19 inches or 23 inchesClick Here
Petsfit Expandable Travel CarrierNoNoYes16"x10"x9"
Click Here
Pet Magasin’s Soft-Sided Cat CarrierYesYesYes18''x11''x10''Click Here
Oxgord’s Pet CarrierYesYesYes19"x10"x13"Click Here

The top of our list is the Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel. It is considered by many consumers because it offers easy access to your cats. It can be different from other carriers on the market, as it gives proper ventilation and good visibility, so your cat would feel safe while traveling.

It was made of heavy plastic, so you can be assured that it durable enough for your cats. The outside look can also be appealing and makes it a perfect carrier. The handle is also comfortable to use, and let you carry it anytime and anywhere.

The main feature of this carrier is that it comes with two doors, on top, and on the side, so you can easily get your pet out of it. It is also offered in two different sizes, so you are free to get one that is best for the size of your pet.


  • It was made of heavy hard plastic.
  • It comes with two doors for easy access to your cats.
  • The handle is very comfortable to use for your needs.
  • Your cat would not be able to easily get out of it.


  • This is not recommended for very playful cats.
  • It was designed for small cats.

A safe and secured journey with your cat is your main goal. With the help of AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier, you can manage to be assured that you can travel safely with your cats. It comes with soft-sided carriers that is very comfortable for your cats to use. This is recommended for different kinds of trips you’d like to have with your cats.

Whether you are just having a short trip to your vet or a long car ride, then it would be a perfect option to consider. It comes with a bed made of fleece which is very comfortable for the skin of your cat. It is also removable and easier for you to wash. It passed the standards of most airlines and you can use it for air travel as well.

It features two openings for easy access to your cats, proper ventilation to let them get enough air, and visibility, so you can check what they are doing inside the carrier. It is offered in different sizes, so it’s easier to get one according to your needs.


  • It comes with a comfortable cat bed.
  • It is very easy to remove and washable.
  • It provides safety and security for your cat.
  • It is available in different sizes.


  • There are pet owners that don’t like the style of it.
  • There are other owners that think it is not enough for large cats.

Another top carrier on our list today is AmazonBasics Two-Door Hard Carrier. It is one of the most recommended carriers because it is perfectly designed for comfort, security, and portability. It is a perfect choice that all pet owners should consider. You can use this in your long drive, mall shopping or anywhere.

The best feature of this product is that it comes with two openings. Just like the other products on our list, it gives easy access to you and our cats. It is easier for you to get your cat in and out the carrier. It is stress-free and comfortable for your cat. It is also secured to offer the best experience.

The handle is very accessible, so it would not be hard to move and carry it while you are traveling. The spring of the doors would close and open gently, so it would not startle your cats. It is made of high-quality plastic that makes it very durable, and perfect for your needs.


  • It comes with two doors opening for easy access to your cat.
  • It is very convenient and durable.
  • It is being offered in two different sizes.
  • You can use this for all kind of trips.


  • You’ll be required to assemble it on your own.
  • It is not recommended if you have large cats.

If you are looking for a cat carrier that can be fashionable, then this is what you need. It’s design was based on a duffle bag and is durable enough to fit your common needs while traveling with your cat.  One of the features of this product is that the side of the carrier can easily fold out and give more space for your cat.

This is convenient as it gives comfort to your cat, and let them move around easier. This extra feature makes it one of the best on the market today to consider, especially when it comes to long car drives. It is not greatly recommended for air travel, as they would not permit this kind of carrier.

This is being offered in three different sizes, so you can get one that is ideal for the size of your cat. It is also portable. If you are not going to use it, then you can simply fold it and save it in your closet or in any other place in the house.


  • It comes with an expandable side that helps in adding up space for your cat.
  • The mats are removable and easy to clean.
  • You can easily fold it to store.
  • It also features two openings for easy access to your cats.


  • It is not recommended for air travel.

If our cats will be the one to pick on the carriers they will use, they would love to get the Pet Magasin’s Soft-Sided Cat Carrier. It is loved by many because of the fashionable and sleek design that it offers. This is very durable and sturdy, so it would not cause problems with your cats.

It comes with soft and comfortable padding that can help and give them proper time to sleep during your trip. Even if your cat is heavy, you can be assured that they are not going to break it. It is very easy to clean, washable and convenient for your needs.

There is a shoulder strap that you can use to carry this properly. The windows are also helpful to provide proper ventilation for your cats, and easily give them a view of what’s happening outside of their carrier.


  • It is offered in two colors and sizes.
  • The paddings are soft enough to make it comfortable for your cats.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable, depending on your needs.


  • There are owners that complained about the bottom area of the carrier.
  • There are cats that would not like to go inside of this.

Traveling with your cat should be fun and not stressful. The Oxgord’s pet carrier is a great choice, not only in traveling through cars but also in having plane trips with your cats. It is airline approved and gives maximum comfort for your cats. It gives you a peace of mind about the safety of your cats during trips.

It offers great security, so your cat would not go crazy while you are away. The fleece travel bed is very soft and comfortable, so they can take a nap fast and easy. It is also removable and easy to clean.

The carrier features a safety belt strap that can restrain the carrier from sliding or moving while you are on the road. The zipper and overall quality of the bag are durable enough to be used for years to come!


  • The fleece pet bed is removable and washable.
  • It comes with safety belt buckle to avoid startling your cats.
  • There is a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It is very comfortable and safe for your cats.


  • The shoulder straps are not padded.
  • This is not recommended for large cats.

Extreme comfort is needed by your cat when you are traveling with them. They can be anxious and pee most of the time. With Petluv’s Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier, they don’t just feel that they are inside a carrier, but they are in a luxury home. It is big and designed to give bigger space for big cats.

It comes with a lock-up system that they can’t easily break, and there are four ways to remove your cat in and out of it. It is very convenient for traveling and makes your cat relax as well. It is portable and can easily fold when not in use.

This is very durable and was made of nylon canvas. Another feature that you’ll love is that it comes with a cat pillow that you can remove and clean. It would surely be a great investment and can be used as your cat starts to grow older.


  • It is highly recommended for long car trips.
  • It can fit large cats because of its size.
  • It is very durable and can last for years.
  • The bed is removable and you can wash it by machine or hand.


  • The stitching around the corners may need durability.
  • There are no descriptions about using it with a seat belt.

Are you looking for simple and easy trips with your cat? The Ultra Light Portable Cat Carrier would make it possible for you. This is not recommended for long car drives but is a perfect carrier if you are going out to the malls or taking a visit to the veterinarian. It is very easy to carry and use for your cats.

The carrier is portable enough to use it in short trips. It makes it easier for you to move around and use with your cat. It is big enough to let your cat have a proper ventilation and helps them in stretching out themselves inside of it.

The best thing about this is that you can fold it and keep it in your car for emergency use. It won’t take much space and you can use this anytime. Lastly, it was made durable and would be a perfect accessory you should get!


  • It is light and very easy to use.
  • It won’t take much space and is foldable.
  • It is durable against all kinds of weather.
  • It is portable and well-ventilated for your cats.


  • This is not recommended for owners that have large cats.
  • It won’t be a perfect fit for long trips.

Important Points to Consider

Traveling your cats through cars can be easier compared to traveling them by air. It gives them a personal space that can help them in taking a nap or be comfortable inside the car. To easily make your final choice and buy the best cat carrier for car travel & long distance travel, make sure to consider few factors including the following things below:

  • Ventilation: The top factor on your checklist is the ventilation. There should be enough ventilation that can help your cat to see other things, and also enjoy the ride. It is important to get enough air and for them to stay calm as well. Handle and Overall
  • Durability: You have to check the handle and overall durability of the cat carriers. The handle is important, so it would be easier to carry your cats inside the carrier, and the durability, so your cats won’t easily break out of it.
  • Softs vs. Hard Cat Carriers: The choice of soft and hard cat carriers would depend on the behavior of your cat. If your cat is usually calm, then getting soft carriers can be a great idea. However, for the first time, it is recommended to have hard cat carriers, so you will know how your cat would behave.
  • Weight Capacity and Size: Cat carries will be offered with different weight capacity and sizes. It is ideal that you would be able to check if your cat’s weight and size would fit in it.
  • Removable and Washable Parts: Our cats would tend to pee on their carriers while on the road, and it is important to have carriers that you can easily clean and with removable and washable parts.

How to Keep Your Cat Calm During Car Trips?

If this is the first time that you will have a car trip with your cat, you have to expect the worst. Most of them are not comfortable in moving vehicles. There are some that would become anxious, wild and you do not want to encounter more problems. To easily keep your cat calm, the first thing to do is get the best cat carrier for car travel.

This is ideal, so they would have a personal space in the car where you can play with them, give their meals, water and assure them about their safety. You have to get a cat carrier where your cat easily fit. You can check the label about the specification of the carrier and know if it is recommended depending on the size and weight of your cat.

If your cat can easily go crazy, it is best that you have a visit with your veterinarian before the trip. They may recommend some medications, meal suggestions and other tips that you can follow to have a smooth trip with your cats.

The Round Up

Traveling with your cats can be a great activity to have relaxation. Whether you are going to have a short visit to the vet, malls, parks or anywhere, there is a great need to invest in the best cat carrier for car travel. It gives comfort and security to your cats while they are in an unfamiliar situation. Take note that car trips can be frightening to them, so you need to make them calm and have peace of mind with the right cat carrier.

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