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Overweight cats are just as much of a problem as malnourished ones! Cats that would eat anything and everything served are also as problematic finicky eaters! This is because maintaining an optimal weight is vital to a cat's healthy development, as thoroughly explained in this lecture by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Since our mighty felines have a liking for a fine life, you would do well to get an automatic feeder that will keep them satisfied, otherwise, the benefits mentioned earlier will simply not materialize as your cats may just altogether ignore the automated cat feeder and proceed to bug your precious naps just to be fed. Here are some things you should consider:


Automatic Cat Feeder Comparison Table

The things that are now possible because of technological advancement truly is awe-inspiring. Now, we can even program cat feeders and worry no more that our cat friends are not eating enough or otherwise eating too much when we are at school or at work. The Super Feed CSF-3 even comes with its own external analog timer!

It may even be controlled using most home automation programs and systems, including that of the iPhone. You could program it to release up to a maximum of 48 hours in a day. Of course, you could also adjust a number of treats it releases after a certain interval of time.

Additionally, the CSF-3 comes with a stand, but you could actually also mount it to a wall or to a cat furniture for utmost accessibility of your cat. The included feeding bowl is also dishwasher-ready, so no fuss in cleaning up and making sure everything is spotless.


  • Has a jumper that guarantees at least 45 minutes of the interval between feeding sessions (no extra meals even in times of power interruption!).
  • Easy assembly and programming – very user-friendly!
  • Comes with a cover that prevents cats from being able to steal food from the top.


  • Some cats may be inclined to chew on the electrical cord, and since the CSF-3 has a somewhat thin power cord, cats may get jolted.

No list of automatic cat feeder reviews guide would be complete without at least one product from Feed and Go. Now, the Feed and Go Smart Feeder for Cats and Dogs is such a wonder – it is Wi-Fi equipped, so it easily connects to most home automation and most mobile applications that could do the programming for the automatic cat feeder.

The built-in webcam is also a major plus for those of us mortals who cannot seem to spend a whole day without seeing our dear fur children! With this, you could check out how your feline friends are doing even when you’re out for the day. Just open the mobile application synced to the Feed and Go automatic feeder and you can check out how they’re doing at home!

Compared to other automatic cat feeders that work well only with treats, this one from Feed and Go actually works properly whether you're feeding your cat wet food, dry food, or treats. All 6 compartments could hold up to eight ounces of nutritious cat food! If you need help with what you cat can eat, we be sure to read our can cats eat guide.


  • Webcam helps with separation anxiety from pets!
  • Features a locking mechanism that prevents your cats from moving and relocating the feeders.
  • The feeding compartments are all dishwasher-ready.


  • Very low to the ground, may be vulnerable to contamination if there are vermin around.

Cat proofing is definitely a criterion for the selection of the best automatic cat feeder, and the WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder already has a huge advantage because of its stainless steel material. There is no way your beloved cats could break in and help themselves to an unhealthy serving of food!

The webcam, microphone, and speakers are also thoughtful additions as it helps owners cope with separation anxiety (even though cats could really care less, as proved by a study of animal behavior expert Professor Daniel Mills. We truly miss our cats much more than they miss us when we’re not together. Luckily, you could check up on them with a simple log in.

Additionally, with the automatic feeder, you could choose between pre-programming frequency and quantity of your cat’s meals or you could do it manually using your mobile programs and applications.


  • Does not require to be plugged in all the time, so less risk of our beloved cat munching on some highly charged power cords.
  • Sends you emails and notifications when food stored is running low.
  • Allows you to show your pets off to friends via the webcam.


  • If unsecured, it may tip over when a dog or a large cat tries hard. The food still wouldn’t spill, though.

The Hoison SmartFeeder is a Wi-Fi enabled automatic cat feeder that is completely controlled via mobile applications and such. The only button available for use in the actual body of the cat feeder is the power button. This may pose a slight problem for some people especially when you temporarily lose your gadget.

Installation only takes less than 20 minutes since you just have to sync with the HAPPYPET application so you may be able to maximize on the cat feeder’s features. Also, while most other automatic cat feeders have caught on the built-in webcam craze, Hoison has mastered the HD camera, so the video quality you'll get from this feeder is truly top-notch.


  • The camera quality is unparalleled.
  • Offline feeding available.
  • The weight sensor is accurate and tells you precisely the amount of remaining food in the compartment.
  • Quieter than most other automatic feeders.


  • It could be improved if the camera actually points to the direction of the food tray. What happens is that when your cat approaches the food tray and starts eating, he/she goes out of sight.
  • Not fully cat proof as a few bumps could cause it to dispense some treats more than programmed.

Another wonder that makes the list of our automatic cat feeder reviews is the Pet Feedster F-10. It has some cool innovations not yet witnessed in earlier automatic cat feeders. For instance, it allows you to pause the feeding without having to reprogram. This is useful when the cats are at your parents’ for the weekend, or have to stay at the vet. No hassle pausing everything!

Another innovation is what they call “Meal Confirmation.” Here, you will be sent a notification in your mobile whenever a meal is served so you can check if there aren’t any discrepancies in the frequency of food serving (in cases of power interruptions that may have a problem with your programming.

It also works on a direct power source, but backup batteries are placed so you need not worry about power outages or your cat playing with the power cord, unplugging it in the process. The cat feeder continues working through the batteries in such cases.


  • Answers the problem of ants and other pests getting in your pets’ food by securing the food with a water tray to keep ants out.
  • Could store up to 10lbs of food.
  • Comes with an impenetrable chute securing the food.


  • You may encounter problems with food jams.
  • Needs constant hardware readjustment when jamming happens.

While some of us have grown accustomed to feeding our cats two big meals in a day, Doctors Sarah Ellis, and Lizzie Rowe explain that it is actually better to feed cats multiple (about five or more) meals in a day, in smaller proportions. Fortunately, this is where the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder proves most efficient.

See, you could program the PetSafe to dole out up to 12 small meals in a day. Scientists say this is healthier and would help your cats develop better! This automatic cat feeder from PetSafe also allows you to feed in slow speed mode. Here, larger meals will be let out slowly to prevent quick gobbling down of food that eventually leads to more tummy problems.

Since a lot of the earlier automatic cat feeders have been reported for food jamming and such, PetSafe has patented a no-jam technology for this Simply Feed Automatic Feeder. The conveyor belt releases food in a regular manner, so no more food stuck-ups and what not!


  • Comes with a locking lid.
  • Stainless feeding bowl instead of a plastic one.
  • Innovations like the no-jam technology and slow feeding mode.


  • It is quite tricky to program and takes a while before it actually starts releasing food.
  • Loses its programming when both power and the batteries are out.

I know the name is kind of biased in favor of our canine brothers, but the Yaufey Automatic Dog Feeder works just as wonderfully for our cats, making it a candidate for the best automatic cat feeder currently available in the market.

The Yaufey automatic feeder features a clock, a speaker/microphone combo, and a LED display that promises ease of use. What's even more wonderful is that it can play recorded messages to your pets when it is time for them to eat. This is comforting since it has been studied by the University of Tokyo that cats do really recognize their owners’ voices and would respond to them from time to time.

Another sweet innovation is that of an ice or water chamber that helps keep your fur babies' food fresh – no more tummy problems because of stale food! The Yaufey Automatic Dog Feeder is perfect whether you want to feed your felines wet food, dry food, or even the occasional treat!


  • Has four large feeding trays that rotate for the four feedings in a day.
  • The food trays may also be used for water.
  • Plays a short recorded message when it is time for your cats to eat (helps them adapt to a new environment, too).


  • May only be programmed for a maximum of four feedings in a day.

Important Points To Consider

Some things to consider when choosing your litter box:

1. Is it cat-proof? Get one that has a locking lid or a chute. Keeping track of a cat’s food intake and weight becomes a lost cause when they can sneak in and get their paws on the stash anytime.

2. Are the power cords thick and safe? Cats are curious creatures, and electrical furniture such as automatic feeders always pose an electrocution threat. Just make sure that the power cords are thick enough to be bite-proof.

3. Are we sure it doesn't jam? Your cats will still end up starving if your automated feeder keeps on jamming and would not release food even when it's time! This is just no good.

4. Value-adding qualities like HD cameras and microphone speakers that allow you to speak to your pet and tell them it’s time for breakfast even when you’re out, or, you know, sleeping in and enjoying the peace!

Now, an excellent way to make sure your cat is getting just the right amount of food and nutrition, no more, no less, is to get an automatic cat feeder. In this article, we are reviewing some of the best automatic cat feeders. See if any of these would interest you and your fur baby!

Why Buy a Feeder in the First Place?

You might be thinking right now how you wouldn’t really need one since at least one family member is left at the house at any given time to feed the cats, but there are things you cannot foresee, and it would give you great comfort knowing that whatever happens, your cat will be kept well-fed and happy. Also:

1. Imagine never having to get up super early again just because your cat is begging you for food. You can sleep in on the weekdays! Yes, as a cat owner it IS still possible!

2. At times of emergency where no family member is left at home and nobody can bring the cat with them, your fur baby will not starve!

3. Helps you keep track of just how much they are eating – remember how we said overeating is just as bad as malnourishment? If you make everything programmed and automated, it will definitely keep track of kitty’s food for you. You will know if the cats have eaten enough, even when you’re not around to personally see it since most of these you could access with mobile apps anyway.

4. Avoids a messy house, too, since the food trays or bowls are almost always dishwasher-friendly and since the cats cannot move them away from the dispenser, less mess in the nooks and corners of the house where it’s hardest to clean!

Just always remember

Cats may be as independent as they seem, but it doesn’t mean they do not need intensive care and attention. An automatic feeder is just a simple way of taking care of them even when you cannot physically be there for them 24/7. If you travel a lot, this is one way you could still keep track of their growth and development. Remember: happy cat, happy life!

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