Badass Cat Names

Anybody can give a cat a cute name. Why not break the mold and give your cat a badass name? Or what about giving it a sassy name to suit its audacious personality? In this post, we will give you 50 ideas for badass & sassy female names and 50 ideas for male cat names.

From gangster cats to badass people from history, this list has a cat name for anyone looking for something a little bit different.

Badass Female Cat Names

Check out our list of badass and sassy female names for cats made up of strong women from fact and fiction:

  1. Angelina - Made a mean Tomb Raider.
  2. Artemis - Loves to go hunting.
  3. Athena - Is always on the warpath.
  4. Bader - Is ruthlessly just.
  5. Black Widow - Will protect you from harm.
  6. Beatrix - Kiddo of Kill-Bill fame is properly badass.
  7. Beauvoir - Loves a bit of drama.
  8. Betty - Knows how to organize.
  9. Blair Witch - Will strike fear into the hearts of others.
  10. Blaze - Has fire in her belly.
  11. Boudica - Is Was a badass Celtic warrior queen.
  12. Buffalo Calf - Always defends her territory.
  13. Cheeky - Will be so audacious.
  14. Chiyome - Has ninja skills.
  15. Cleopatra - Was famed for her sassy nature.
  16. Empress - Is such a smart-aleck.
  17. Frida - Demands to be appreciated.
  18. Greta - Bows to no man.
  19. Ida - Meows until her voice is heard.
  20. Ivy - Has a poisonous stare.
  21. Joan - Will conquer a large territory.
  22. Katniss - Has survival instincts.
  23. Kiddo - Is a stone-cold killer.
  24. Kinga - Is audaciously disrespectful.
  25. Liliha - Has quite a temper and needs training to stop hissing at new kittens.
  26. Luna - Won’t be messed with.
  27. Margaret - Has to be in control.
  28. Medusa - Is a sight to behold.
  29. Midnight - Finds nothing scary.
  30. Mochizuki - Struts like a ninja.
  31. Mrs. Connor - Is A wrecking-ball.
  32. Mulan - Is hard as nails.
  33. Naomi - Doesn’t waste time on male concepts of beauty.
  34. Oprah - Knows how to capture your attention.
  35. Pankhurst - Will fight for what is right.
  36. Pepper - Is proper spicy.
  37. Rita - Is rude about her food. Only the most special kitty cat food will do for her.
  38. Rogue - Demands things her own way.
  39. Rosa Parks - Will always get the seat she wants.
  40. Roxanne - Likes to rub people up the wrong way.
  41. Ruby - Loves to mess with people.
  42. Scarlette - Lives and breathes sassiness.
  43. Sheba - Is bold and vivacious.
  44. Sojourner - Will always fight for her rights.
  45. Tempest - Loves it when it is stormy.
  46. Tequila - Throws badass parties.
  47. Trinity - Kicks some ass.
  48. Venus - Can erupt with emotion.
  49. Vixen - Has quite the temper.
  50. Wonder Woman - Comes from a family of warrior women.

Badass Male Cat Names

Got a male cat? No worries, enjoy choosing from this list of classic badass and sassy names for cats:

  1. Ares - Is the Greek God of war.
  2. Arnie - Is a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Bane - Has a scary voice.
  4. Beast - Will turn a few heads.
  5. Benicio - After Benicio del Toro who is always badass.
  6. Blade - Is a fast runner.
  7. Bond - Is is a suave and sophisticated player.
  8. Bruce - From Bruce Willis to Bruce Springsteen and Bruce Lee, Bruce is always the boss!.
  9. Bryan - Will never let anything be taken.
  10. Capone - Has the respect of gangsters.
  11. Chuck - Can survive being left on his own.
  12. Creed - Fights like a champion.
  13. Crocodile Dundee - Knows the art of survival.
  14. David - Loves taking on people bigger than he is.
  15. Denzel - After the badass actor Denzel Washington.
  16. Diablo - Is a right little devil.
  17. Draco - Is a bad boy (from Harry Potter).
  18. Eagle - Loves pouncing on his prey.
  19. Gladiator - Is scared by no one.
  20. Hades - Has his demons.
  21. Hagrid - Is bigger than anyone.
  22. Hannibal - Has a dark side.
  23. Hero - will always put others before themselves.
  24. Honnold - Will scale unscalable heights (after the free solo climber Alex Honnold).
  25. Hulk - A badass name for a chunky cat.
  26. Indiana - Has lightning reactions.
  27. Jason - Is a secret agent.
  28. Jerod - Has razor-sharp claws.
  29. Joker - Has a piercing laugh.
  30. Koa - Means brave warrior in Hawaiian.
  31. Leo - Toys with everything he captures.
  32. Loki - Has lost his mind and loves chasing their tail.
  33. Lucifer - Acts like a devil.
  34. McClane - Is a diehard badass.
  35. Morpheus - Is truly badass.
  36. Neo - Jumps like a badass.
  37. Rambo - Will overcome insurmountable odds.
  38. Rocky - Always wins any fight.
  39. Rocky - Is fast and furious.
  40. Rooster - Is very impatient.
  41. Scar - Takes down the king.
  42. Soprano - Is the don.
  43. Takeo - Is a Japanese warrior.
  44. Terminator - Is proper badass.
  45. The don - Is a true gangster.
  46. Thor - Has impressive will-power.
  47. Titus - Can command the room.
  48. Tyler - The first rule about Tyler is that you do not talk about Tyler.
  49. Voldemort - Will have his name feared.
  50. Zeus - Is as fast and powerful as lightning.

Round Up 

For those looking for a cat name with a bit of pizazz, this is the list for you. No one will mess with you or your cat with any of these badass and sassy names. Whether you like fact or fiction, with this list of 100 cat names, we’ve got you covered.

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