Baby Food for Cats

It’s another wonderful day to learn more about our furry feline friends! The talk of the town right now is about baby food for cats. But can cats eat baby food? Oh, you will be surprised to know that: Yes, baby food is one of the particular human food that our pet cats can eat without being in danger.

Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

The answer to your question will be: it depends on the baby food that you have. Cats and babies are alike in many ways unimaginable, don’t you agree? If you think so, then you might notice that as your child hates onion and garlic, your cat hates it as much. Your cat is deterred by these ingredients because it can be lethal to them. Instead of having a happy cat, you might end up making multiple trips to the vet.

The best way to go is to meticulously check the label of the baby food at hand. Baby food is not tailor-fitted for your cat's needs, so there might be an ingredient there or two that may be harmful to your cat. This will really come in handy when you forgot to grab some wet or dry food for your kitten.

What’s in it for my Cat?

You might be wondering about the fuss over baby food for cats. Well, here is what it is about. Baby food made for babies contains special formulas that are beneficial and of high nutritional value to them. Having said that, it does not mean that the nutritional value that a baby may get from baby food will be the same nutritional value that your cat will get; what do we mean then? The answer is: you should not make baby food a substitute for cat food.

​To answer the question, it is only so that you have something to give temporarily to your feline friend since you've run out of cat food for them. Take note, ‘temporary', it is only to satisfy the hunger that your cat may be feeling at the moment. At least you won't resort to giving them Doritos or other junk foods (even if these furballs eat them anyway).

Will any Kind of Baby Food do?

We must keep in mind that our cats are not wired as humans are. And just like humans, there are substances that are harmful to us; there are also substances that may endanger your cat's life. It would be nice to really look at the label of the baby food you are planning to give your cat because not all baby food is for cats. We have already mentioned two ingredients may be harmful to your fur ball baby: onions and garlic (even in powder form).

To avoid ending up taking a trip to the vet, here are more ingredients that listed: crops that are close relatives to onions and garlic (stay away from most spices), avocados, raisins, sultana, macadamia nuts, chocolate, coffee (and caffeine). These may have harmful effects that may mean trouble for your cats. To give you an idea, one type of baby food that your cat will surely love: Meat! If you want to give your cat baby food, then choose the type which contains meat (minus the ingredients mentioned above)! Your cat will definitely love the bits of meat that can be found in this baby food and will probably gobble it down with gusto!​

Can I Just Give my Cat Baby Food all the Time?

Now that we know that cats can eat CERTAIN baby food, it does not mean that we should give our feline friend baby food all the time. Baby food is called baby food for a reason and so is cat food. Baby food is made for babies and cat food is made for cats. Cat food will always be better for your cat's diet. Baby food does not contain ALL the CORRECT nutrients (and amounts of it) that your cat needs for them to be healthy.

​Baby food is great when your cat is sick. If you notice that your cat is not as much of a big eater as usual, then maybe you can give the little fur ball some baby food. It can help to get your cat to get interested in eating again. Cindy Quarters suggested in The Nest that the baby food can entice your cat to eat when it does not want to touch most of the stuff you give it.

Again, keep in mind that you should not give your cat baby food all the time! Giving your cat baby food all the time may lead to malnutrition. You can give baby food to your cat, occasionally perhaps (when you forgot to grab some cat food in your local pet store or grocery) or during the worse-case scenario described here: when your cat has no appetite.​

What Should I Look at When Buying Baby Food?

Well first of all, before you look for some baby food to buy, you should remember that you should not intend to buy baby food to give to your cat. When looking for food to get your cat, baby food should not be the first thing that you’ll be thinking of.

But if you must, look for baby food that contains more of the nutrient taurine among other brands. This nutrient is really essential for your cat’s health. Unfortunately, compared to cat food, most baby food don’t contain as much taurine (and this is the reason why if you will keep giving baby food to your cat, he or she will end up in malnutrition). So if you are looking for baby food that will be a close TEMPORARY substitute for cat food, get baby food with a generous amount of taurine.


There you have it! From everything that you have read previously, you might think that forgetting that you already ran out of cat food and having a baby around is kind of going to be convenient now. Well, it is, just keep in mind to stay away from certain ingredients and your cat can go chow down that baby food!

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